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Steve Elkington 06/11/19 - Stucknut Takebox - Jim Rome audio archive.

Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 28 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Kaleb in Green Bay, Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Leff in Laguna, James in Portland, Jeremy in Green Bay, Dan in Denver, and many more!

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 'Bruce Jenner' with the Sklar Brothers 05/28/12
 Aaron Rodgers interview 08/24/21
 Aaron Rodgers interview, Green Bay Packers Quarterback 07/31/12
 Aaron Rodgers interview, talks about bounty scandal and unfair criticism 10/22/12
 Aaron Rowand 08/22/06
 Adam Hawk gets formally introduced as an XR4Ti member 01/06/17
 Adam Sandler 05/24/05
 Adrian Moss-Florida 04/05/06
 Adrian Wojnarowski (NBA Reporter Yahoo Sports) 07/24/07
 AJ Pierzynski 04/08/08
 AJ Pierzynski 10/06/08
 AJ Pierzynski interview
 Al Michaels 09/16/08
 Al Michaels 04/17/09
 Alex Honnold interview - Free Solo Rock Climber 10/23/18
 Alfred Morris interview, Washington Redskins RB 10/15/12
 Alice in Chains Interview 10/16/09
 Alonzo Mourning only talks about kidney disease, Rome reacts 03/05/08
 Alvin Delloro in Studio 10/03/08
 Amobi Okoye reaction 03/02/07
 Amobi Okoye-Louisville 19 years old NFL prospect 03/02/07
 Andrew Bogut shouts out to Toby in Houston again 04/29/19
 Andrew Bogut Shouts Out Toby In Houston 12/17/10
 Annika Sorenstam and Dakota Dowd 04/06/06
 Archie Manning 09/11/06
 Arian Foster interview from Superbowl Radio Row 02/02/12
 Ariel Helwani interview, asks for Golden Ticket and gets it 07/26/19
 Ashley Fox-Philadelphia Enquirer 05/07/08
 Author Ben Mezrich on the pandemic, Billions, Bitcoin, his serialized novel in the Boston Globe, UFO's, and Toby in Houston 05/04/20
 Barrett Ruud 10/26/07
 Barry Sanders 01/31/06
 Barry Sanders 04/05/07
 Barry Switzer 11/29/07
 Barry Zito 09/11/08
 Bart Scott 09/08/08
 Ben Fransisco 05/16/08
 Ben Golliver interview - SI writer that covered Smackoff 23 01/18/18
 Ben Mezrich discusses his new book The 37th Parallel, clone reaction and conspiracy theories 09/07/16
 Ben Mezrich discusses his new book The Midnight Ride 02/22/22
 Ben Mezrich discusses new book, Sex on the Moon 07/25/11
 Ben Mezrich in studio to discuss new book Rigged: The True Story of a Wall Street Novice who Changed the World of Oil Forever 10/25/07
 Ben Mezrich in studio to discuss new book Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History's Most Iconic Extinct Creatures 07/19/17
 Ben Mezrich in studio to talk about his new book Bitcoin Billionaires 05/22/19
 Ben Mezrich interview about Busting Vegas: A True Story of Monumental Excess, Sex, Love, Violence, and Beating the Odds 09/18/06
 Ben Mezrich interview about his book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal 09/29/10
 Ben Mezrich interview for new book - The Antisocial Network: The GameStop Short Squeeze and the Ragtag Group of Amateur Traders That Brought Wall Street to Its Knees 09/07/21
 Ben Mezrich interview to promote new book Once Upon a Time in Russia 06/11/15
 Bernard Hopkins 05/17/06
 Bernard Hopkins 07/12/06
 Bernard Hopkins 05/22/07
 Bernard Hopkins 04/16/08
 Bernard Hopkins 04/05/11
 Bernard Hopkins interview 07/18/05
 Big Brown-with Chris McCarron interview 06/09/08
 Bill Cowher 09/04/07
 Bill Plaschke 01/29/07
 Bill Pollian-Colts GM 02/08/07
 Bill Romanowski interview about Junior Seau 05/03/12
 Bill Romanowski Interview and reaction 02/03/11
 Bill Romanowski Interview and reaction 02/04/10
 Bill Romanowski interview, Oakland Raiders MNF long snapper debacle 09/11/12
 Bill Romanowski on Radio Row 02/01/12
 Bill Romanowski on Radio Row 01/28/19
 Bill Romanowski on radio row, drops a new FAT soundbite 02/03/16
 Bill Romanowski talking about NFL bounties 03/06/12
 Bill Self 02/16/07
 Bill Self 01/25/08
 Bill Self 04/15/08
 Bill Simmons 01/29/07
 Billy Koch-Horse guy 10/01/07
 Billy Packer 04/04/06
 BJ Penn 08/06/09
 BJ Raji Interview after Packers - Bears Game 01/24/11
 Bo Jackson interview 09/01/11
 Bo Jackson interview and reset 01/12/07
 Bo Pelini 12/07/07
 Bo Pelini 08/28/08
 Bo Pelini reaction 08/28/08
 Bob Costas 05/16/05
 Bob Costas 01/18/06
 Bob Costas 07/12/06
 Bob Costas 08/03/07
 Bob Costas 09/19/07
 Bob Costas 10/24/07
 Bob Costas 11/28/07
 Bob Costas 09/30/08
 Bob Costas 07/13/09
 Bob Costas - Sandusky Interview 11/16/11
 Bob Delaney 04/04/08
 Bob Gibson 07/14/09
 Bob Huggins interview - West Virginia Mountaineers men's basketball coach 01/07/20
 Bob Lanier 05/30/08
 Bonnie Bernstein 02/02/07
 Boo Weekley 04/22/08
 Boo Weekley 09/23/08
 Boo Weekley email reaction - Make your butt-hole pucker up 04/17/07
 Boo Weekley Interview - Those last few holes will make your butt-hole pucker up 04/17/07
 Boo Weekley reaction 09/23/08
 Boomer Esiason drops another Toby in Houston reference; Rome resets the legend of Toby 09/26/14
 Boomer Esiason mentions Toby in Houston 09/19/14
 Boomer Esiason references Robin Thicke, for the clones 10/20/16
 Boomer Esiason starts interview with gas and crank reference, plus a shoutout to Lance in Topeka 11/06/15
 Boomer Esiason starts off his interview by talking about the Ratt Partnership Agreement 12/01/16
 Brad & John Hennegan-Horse Racing 05/01/08
 Brad in Corona Post Smackoff Interview 05/11/09
 Brad Lidge 05/19/08
 Brandon Lang-handicapper 07/25/07
 Brett Bielma 09/24/07
 Brett Favre 12/07/07
 Brian Banks interview - story of a wrongly convicted rapist who wants his shot at playing in the NFL 08/06/12
 Brian Cashman 06/18/07
 Brian Cushing interview 11/14/11
 Brian Giles 08/07/07
 Brian Urlacher NFL Interview 09/12/11
 Brian Wilson interview - San Francisco Giants 04/03/12
 Brian Wilson Interview and emails 10/15/10
 Brian Wilson Interview and emails 08/09/10
 Brock Lesnar 07/23/09
 Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield - Interview from Radio Row 01/30/19
 Bruce Bowen 06/15/07
 Bruce Jenner Parody - Sklar Bros 04/22/11
 Bruce Pearl 03/12/07
 Bruce Pearl 04/02/07
 Bruce Pearl 02/07/08
 Bruce Pearl 04/07/08
 Bruce Pearl-on Chris Lofton 05/02/08
 Bruce Weber 01/09/06
 Bubba Watson interview - 2012 Masters Champion 04/10/12
 Cal Ripken 10/10/07
 Cal Ripken 09/22/08
 Cal Ripken Jr 04/10/06
 Carlos Pena interview after the Dodgers beat the Rays in the World Series 10/28/20
 Carson Palmer 08/06/08
 Cato June 11/13/07
 CBS Sports Sean McManus talking about Jim Rome's new TV shows 01/11/12
 Chad Johnson 08/10/07
 Chael Sonnen in studio, talking Bellator 192 and the Smackoff 01/18/18
 Chael Sonnen talks about boxing and the Smackoff 06/11/12
 Chael Sonnen UFC 10/18/11
 Charles Barkley 02/17/05
 Charles Barkley 05/14/07
 Charles Barkley 06/01/07
 Charles Barkley 10/29/07
 Charles Barkley 11/29/07
 Charles Barkley 02/11/08
 Charles Barkley 04/22/08
 Charles Barkley 04/30/09
 Charles Barkley discusses the NBA lockout 10/20/11
 Charles Barkley Interview 04/25/11
 Charles Barkley interview - Some NBA fans should be shot 02/29/12
 Charles Barkley on LaVar Ball, Warriors, players resting, Grayson Allen, Boogie Cousins, and Zeke Elliott 03/14/17
 Charles Barkley reaction 05/14/07
 Charles Oakley interview and email reaction 02/21/12
 Charles Robinson (Reggie Bush story) 04/26/06
 Charles Robinson discusses The U of Miami scandal 08/17/11
 Charles Woodson 11/13/07
 Charles Woodson interview - Green Bay Packers Safety 09/14/12
 Charley Hoffman 01/14/08
 Charley Hoffman reaction 01/23/07
 Charley Hoffman-PGA tour pro 01/23/07
 Charlie Casserly 04/26/06
 Charlie Weis 05/17/07
 Chris Chelios 05/17/07
 Chris Collinsworth 02/03/09
 Chris Cooley 05/15/08
 Chris Fowler 01/03/06
 Chris Fowler 09/04/07
 Chris Kluwe interviewed by the Sklar Brothers 12/12/12
 Chris Lowery 02/22/07
 Chris Osgood on JRIB 06/12/08
 Chris Peterson - Boise State coach 01/02/07
 Chris Pronger 04/28/09
 Chris Scelfo Tulane head coach 08/28/06
 Chucky Brown 04/12/07
 Chyna 06/28/07
 Chyna reaction 06/28/07
 Cleveland Indians in Studio Hour 2 09/07/07
 Cleveland Indians in Studio Hour 3 09/07/07
 CM Punk interview, he calls Rome Mike twice 12/18/14
 Coach John Thompson tells his 9/11 story 09/12/11
 Colt Brennan 09/10/07
 Cooper Brannan reaction 03/08/07
 Cooper Brannan-Marine in Padre system 03/08/07
 Craig Biggio 05/21/07
 Craig Robinson-Ore St coach-brother of President Obama 01/22/09
 Cris Collinsworth 09/30/08
 Cruz Pedregon - NHRA Interview 11/03/16
 Cruz Pedregon in studio, talks Raiders, NHRA Finals, Smackoff, and Brad in Corona 11/14/19
 Cruz Pedregon interview 02/07/18
 Cruz Pedregon interview 11/23/22
 Curt Schilling
 Curtis Granderson Interview 02/25/11
 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Interview 06/19/12
 Dallas Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons on free agency, the Rockets, Dirk, Dwight, and Twitter 07/23/14
 Dan Shannusey 03/25/05
 Dan Shaughnessey 12/06/06
 Dan Shaughnessy 04/05/07
 Dan Shaughnessy 10/18/07
 Dan Shaughnessy 05/20/08
 Dan Shaughnessy 07/31/09
 Dan Wheldon Indy 500 Last Jungle Interview 05/31/11
 Dana White 07/13/09
 Danica Patrick 05/03/07
 Danica Patrick 04/21/08
 Danny Granger 02/05/09
 Darth Vader
 Daryl Morey - GM of Houston Rockets 06/03/11
 Daryl Morey interview about Rockets playoff matchup with Blazers 04/17/14
 Daryl Morey interview, talks about disappointing opening night loss, Dwight Howards positive attitude 10/29/15
 David Duval 10/16/06
 David Feherty 01/23/08
 David Feherty 04/14/08
 David Feherty interview 08/22/05
 David Feherty reaction 08/22/05
 David Ferehty 04/07/06
 David Stern 11/06/06
 David Stern interview - Ends awkwardly after Jim Rome asks about lottery being fixed 06/13/12
 David Stern interview - Rome asks to shut down the WNBA 11/02/07
 Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott interview 08/17/12
 Del Demps - NO Hornets GM 04/27/11
 Delonte West interview 04/27/12
 Demetrius Hook Mitchell 02/25/05
 Deontay Wilder interview 06/02/15
 Derek Fisher 05/14/07
 Derek Fisher reaction 05/14/07
 DeSean Jackson 09/19/07
 Diana Nyad 02/13/09
 Dick Vitale 11/15/06
 Dick Vitale 01/15/08
 Dikembe Mutombo 03/11/08
 Doc Emrick interview - retired NHL broadcaster 10/29/20
 Doctor Harry Edwards 11/28/07
 Don Cherry 02/26/08
 Don King pre Johnson - Ruiz fight
 Dr Harry Edwards 08/24/07
 Dr. Celine Gounder interview on the coronavirus pandemic 03/13/20
 Drew Brees Interview 01/24/11
 Drew Rosenhaus and the king 02/01/07
 Drew Rosenhaus-lifesaver 07/20/05
 Duff McKagan interview - Discusses Guns-n-Roses and new book It's So Easy: and other lies 03/22/12
 Dwight Howard does the interview while playing NBA Jam, then does a Charles Barkley and Stan Van Gundy impression 04/15/10
 Earnest Graham 09/23/08
 Earthquake during John Calipari interview 07/29/08
 Eric Byrnes 10/16/06
 Eric Byrnes 06/19/07
 Eric Byrnes-Hour 3 10/24/07
 Eric Cole 10/04/06
 Eric Cole - Hurricanes 06/20/06
 Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry - Harvard Park documentary 04/11/12
 Eric Winston Interview (NFL) 05/17/11
 Eric Winston interview - War Stucknut explanation 11/16/10
 Eric Winston interview on Houston Texans and Cedric Benson 12/05/11
 Eric Wynalda responds 04/04/07
 Erik Compton Interview 06/29/11
 Ernie Johnson 05/12/09
 Ernie Johnson interview promoting his new book: Unscripted 04/07/17
 Evil Kenevil
 EvilKenevil - Full interview
 Fay Vincent 03/08/06
 Fay Vincent 05/23/07
 Fay Vincent 04/21/08
 Floyd Mayweather Jr 02/02/07
 Floyd Mayweather Jr 05/18/09
 Floyd Mayweather Sr and reaction 04/30/09
 Floyd Merriweather 05/02/07
 Forrest Griffin 07/17/09
 Frank Thomas 07/17/07
 Fred Couples 02/26/08
 Fred Couples-Elk deer reset 02/26/08
 Freddie Kitchens interview - Cleveland Browns head coach 01/18/19
 Gary Pinkel 11/26/07
 Gary Vaynerchuk interview - entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internet personality 06/19/17
 George Brett 02/10/09
 George Brett interview and corresponding email
 George Brett pt 1
 George Brett pt2
 George Brett pt3
 George Brett pt4
 George Dorhmann-Michael Vick 07/18/07
 George Lopez (Comedian)
 George Lopez Interview
 Gilbert Arenas 10/04/07
 Grant Napear NBA Interview 04/14/11
 Grant Wahl Interview and Beckham Reaction 07/21/09
 Grant Wistrom 09/13/07
 Greg Hetson 08/24/07
 Greg Oden 06/28/07
 Gregg Doyle 05/13/08
 Gregg Doyle 09/29/08
 Gus Johnson NCAA Announcer 03/24/11
 Harvey Levin recalls the 1994 slow-speed chase involving O.J. Simpson 06/17/14
 Heath Evans on the Penn State scandal 11/10/11
 Herm Edwards 10/23/07
 Hines Ward Interview and Jim Romes bottle collection 10/13/11
 Holly Robinson Peete 01/31/07
 Holly Robinson Peete interview 05/07/10
 Hour 2-Pacman Jones an Cal Ripken 04/20/07
 Hour 3-Cal Ripken 04/20/07
 Hour 3-Jim Abbott 09/11/08
 Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander 09/20/19
 Houston Cougars QB Case Keenum 10/26/11
 Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale interview 02/10/12
 Houston Texans Connor Barwin interview 11/29/11
 Houston Texans QB TJ Yates 12/13/11
 Houston Texans RB Arian Foster interview 01/13/12
 Howie Long Interview 01/03/11
 Howie Long NFL Interview 10/11/11
 Hunter Pence Interview 06/17/11
 Iafrate in studio - Discusses Whitey's dad, his nickname, history of the Jungle 07/13/16
 Ike Taylor 02/05/09
 Interview with Alabama-Birmingham coach Jerod Haase 03/18/15
 Interview with Ariel Helwani, gets another Golden Ticket 07/30/20
 Interview with Ben Golliver; Rome's microphone falls during interview and prompts Twitter reaction from Clones 04/03/15
 Interview with Benny Scholl of rock band AVOID 03/09/21
 Interview with Bill Self 11/15/13
 Interview with Bill Self - Kansas opens against Rome's UCSB Gauchos on 11-14 11/12/14
 Interview with Boomer Esiason - Boomer trolls Rome with more crank references and a Jamal Anderson dirty bird reference 12/16/16
 Interview with Cleveland Browns running back Terrell Watson, with reaction from Clones, including Tweets from Sarah T in Providence and Mike in Indy 07/12/16
 Interview with Eastern Washington coach Jim Hayford, who confidently predicts an upset of Georgetown 03/18/15
 Interview with Guns-n-Roses band member Duff McKagan 05/11/15
 Interview with Indians manager Terry Francona 04/16/14
 Interview with Jeff Passan - Passan denounces "The Wave", prompting e-mail reaction from the Clones 06/09/15
 Interview with Jerry Stackhouse, reminiscing over the late Dean Smith 02/09/15
 Interview with Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford 12/15/16
 Interview with Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy 07/26/16
 Interview with Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self 12/16/15
 Interview with Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self 11/30/16
 Interview with Kansas Jayhawks senior forward Perry Ellis 03/21/16
 Interview with Landry Fields 06/13/14
 Interview with Mayura Dissanayake - gas station clerk & MMA fighter who saved co-worker from being robbed 07/29/14
 Interview with Nate Boyer, decorated Green Beret and former walk-on at U of Texas; followed by Clones' reaction on e-mail, Twitter and phones 04/21/15
 Interview with new UConn football coach Bob Diaco 12/18/13
 Interview with Paul Bragiel - Cross country skier 01/06/14
 Interview with Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman 01/29/16
 Interview with Southern Methodist coach Larry Brown 03/17/14
 Interview with Texans GM Nick Caserio, tells a story about Sean the Cablinasian 02/15/22
 Interview with UCSB Gauchos baseball Andrew Checketts - Rome's alma mater advances to its first-ever College World Series 06/13/16
 Interview with UFC president Dana White; says he will never allow weapons in MMA in response to Zach in San Jose, followed by Jim Rome and Kyle Brandt reading e-mail response from Joaquin in San Diego (Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row in Arizona simulcast on TV) 01/28/15
 Interview with Wake Forest coach Danny Manning 04/14/14
 Interview with Washington Wizards small forward (and former Kansas Jayhawk) Kelly Oubre Jr 07/12/16
 Irie Craig 10/11/07
 Jacobi Ellsbury 11/05/07
 Jake Rome in studio
 Jake Rome in Studio and reaction 09/05/07
 Jalen Rose 03/27/06
 Jalen Rose 02/08/08
 Jamele Hill 08/22/07
 Jamele Hill 09/24/07
 Jamele Hill reaction 08/22/07
 James Cameron 10/30/09
 Jane Slater interview - NFL Network reporter and fan of Toby in Houston 01/07/20
 Jason Gore 09/30/05
 Jason Gore reaction 09/30/05
 Jason McElwains mom 03/02/06
 Jason Peter 07/22/08
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 1 11/09/06
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 2 11/09/06
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 3 11/09/06
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 4 11/09/06
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 5 11/09/06
 Jason Stewart In Studio 10/03/08
 Jason Stewart Interview - Weighson Sherbert Reaction 02/25/11
 Jason Whitlock 02/08/07
 Jason Whitlock 07/20/07
 Jason Whitlock Interview 05/05/09
 Jason Whitlock reaction 04/13/07
 Jason Whitlock reaction 2 04/13/07
 Jason Whitlock reaction 3 04/13/07
 Jason Whitlock-on Don Imus situation 04/13/07
 Jay Mohr 02/02/06
 Jay Mohr Interview 06/18/09
 Jay Onrait with the Sklar Brothers 05/28/12
 Jay Williamson call in 07/31/07
 Jeff Bagwell interview - 2017 MLB Hall of Fame inductee 01/20/17
 Jeff Banister interview - Texas Rangers manager 06/11/15
 Jeff Francouer 04/02/08
 Jeff George 07/30/09
 Jeff Gordon on Wrigley stadium 02/07/06
 Jeff in Vancouver 04/11/07
 Jeff Passan interview - references OJ, Bartolo being fat, clones ask if he can be invited to 2017 Smackoff 07/19/16
 Jeff Passan responds to Cal in Vegas' call during an interview 10/17/16
 Jeff Passan returns to the show, Smacks clones and Pauls Dog, reaction and Vanilla Ice reset 03/01/22
 Jeff Passan talks about baseball and his Smackoff experience 08/28/17
 Jeff Pearlman 09/17/08
 Jeff Pearlman in studio to discuss his new book 'Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL' 09/17/18
 Jeremy Lin Interview - Houston Rockets PG 07/27/12
 Jermaine Taylor 07/18/05
 Jerry Kramer Radio Row Interview 02/02/11
 Jerry West Interview 02/18/11
 Jim Boeheim interview 12/20/12
 Jim Harbaugh 10/08/07
 Jim Harbaugh 10/09/07
 Jim Johnson-Jim McElwain coach 03/01/06
 Jim Kelly interview 11/02/17
 Jim Lampley discusses Mayweather vs Ortiz 09/19/11
 Jim MacLaren full hour 01/25/07
 Jim Maclaren Part One 11/02/05
 Jim Maclaren Part Three 11/02/05
 Jim Maclaren Part Two 11/02/05
 Jim Mora Sr 02/01/06
 Jim Nantz 05/30/08
 Jim Rome and Dennis Dodd on the 10th anniversary of Pat Tillman's death 04/22/14
 JJ Hardy 06/01/07
 Joba Chamberlain 07/29/08
 Joe Borowski 10/16/07
 Joe Buck 01/10/08
 Joe Mauer 07/14/06
 Joe Montana 05/20/08
 Joe Talamo Interview 02/25/11
 John Amechi 02/10/07
 John Calipari 04/01/08
 John Calipari 02/04/09
 John Calipari hour 2 04/29/08
 John Calipari interview 12/07/11
 John Calipari part 1 04/29/08
 John Cook 06/14/05
 John Cook 08/06/07
 John Cook 01/08/08
 John Daly 02/13/06
 John Feinstein 03/31/05
 John Feinstein 04/11/05
 John Feinstein 01/25/07
 John Feinstein 08/25/06
 John Feinstein 03/29/07
 John Feinstein 05/08/07
 John Feinstein 06/14/07
 John Feinstein 02/06/08
 John Feinstein 05/07/08
 John Feinstein Part 1 02/10/06
 John Feinstein Part 2 02/10/06
 John Kruk 06/13/07
 John Smoltz 12/17/07
 John Smoltz 02/19/09
 John Wooden 12/05/07
 Johnny Football Manziel interview 11/30/12
 Johnny Miller 05/25/05
 Johnny Miller 06/19/06
 Johnny Miller 06/18/07
 Jon Miller 07/31/07
 Jon Suchon (Mr. Automatic Song Creator ) 06/06/05
 Jonathan Stewart 11/02/07
 Jonathon Vilma interview, talks about bounty accusations, Greg Williams, cart-offs 10/22/12
 Jose Canseco interviewed by Kyle Brandt 11/02/12
 Jose Lima
 Josh Hamilton 04/16/07
 Josh Hamilton 06/02/08
 Josh Hamilton 10/31/08
 Josh McDaniels 01/20/09
 Josh Sitton interview - Green Bay Packers guard with thoughts on replacement refs 09/25/12
 Judge Andrew Napolitano 02/12/08
 Junior Seau 09/17/09
 Justin McBride 11/08/07
 Keegan-Michael Key interview 04/27/20
 Keith Foulke interview 09/28/05
 Keith Jackson interview 12/12/06
 Kelvin Sampson 04/06/06
 Ken Rosenthal 08/06/07
 Ken Shamrock 10/01/08
 Kenny Smith 09/09/05
 Kent Desormeaux 06/02/08
 Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara 07/28/07
 Kevin Durant interview, ends with a shout-out to Toby in Houston 11/11/10
 Kevin Hart interview 05/20/19
 Kevin Love 01/20/07
 Kevin Martin of the Houston Rockets 03/01/11
 Kevin Sumlin - Head Coach University of Houston 11/17/11
 Kevyn Adams - Hurricanes 06/20/06
 Kirk Herbstreit 11/13/06
 Kirk Herbstreit 11/16/07
 Kobe Bryant 04/07/08
 Kobe Bryant 01/08/09
 Kobe Bryant interview 02/21/07
 Kobe Bryant interview 09/28/12
 Kobe Bryant on JRIB 09/17/08
 Kobe Bryant on Odom trade, failed CP3 trade, and new coach 12/12/11
 Kurt Suzuki 04/16/08
 Kurt Warner responds to Sarah T's tweet 01/31/18
 Kyle Brandt In Studio 10/03/08
 Kyle Brandt in Studio 07/27/09
 Kyle Brandt in studio talking about life in New York, his tv show, transportation, and the clones 11/11/16
 Kyle Brandt interview - New show on NFL Network 'Kyle Brandt Football Experience' 09/14/18
 Kyle Brandt interviews Fabian in LA 07/18/12
 Kyle Brandt interviews Steve Carbone, who runs a Bachelor spoiling website RealitySteve.com 01/13/16
 Kyle Brandt Snipes Himself 03/21/11
 Kyle Brandt Trip Recap 01/24/11
 Kyle Busch Interview NASCAR 09/08/11
 Kyle Kingsbury full interview ended with shout out to Toby in Houston 08/31/11
 Kyle Wittingham 01/05/09
 Lance Armstrong 03/31/05
 Lance Berkman Interview - Talks about origin of Big Puma nickname, Jeff Kent, Stretch Suba, Brad Lidge, and eating a Twinkie during a game 05/15/08
 Larry Bowa 03/11/05
 Larry Bowa 04/16/08
 Larry Holmes called on listener line, Adam Hawk didn't know who he was, Jim Rome interviewed him 02/22/18
 Larry Merchant 06/12/06
 Larry Merchant 12/12/07
 Laurence Jackson-USC 09/12/07
 LaVar Ball interviewed by Marc James 03/24/17
 Lee Corso 11/28/07
 Lendale White 09/12/08
 Lendale White reaction 09/12/08
 Les Miles 11/14/07
 Lloyd Carr
 Lucas Glover 06/23/09
 Mack Brown - Coach of Texas Longhorns football 10/04/12
 Manti Te'o interview - Notre Dame linebacker, story about losing girlfriend to leukemia 10/17/12
 Mark Cuban 02/26/08
 Mark Cuban interview 12/11/20
 Mark Fainaru-Wada 12/14/07
 Mark Grace 04/06/06
 Mark Grace interview, how to get with big ol gals in Bugaha, discusses his free agency, Bulls and Blackhawks, Rome introduces him to the Rat Family 02/23/96
 Mark Hoppis of Blink 182 interview 09/23/11
 Mark Kriegel interview - Author of The Good Son, Ray Mancini book 09/19/12
 Mark Sanchez 09/15/08
 Mark Schlareth 10/10/07
 Mark Shapiro - ESPN producer
 Mark Shapiro and Rome discuss the Jim Everett incident 02/04/11
 Mark Shapiro-6 flags former espn producer 02/21/08
 Mark Texiera 05/31/05
 Martin Gramatica 02/02/07
 Mary Tillman 05/09/08
 Matt Barkley - NCAA Football - USC Quarterback 11/16/11
 Matt Holliday 10/08/07
 Matt Holliday 10/09/07
 Matt Millen Interview 12/16/10
 May 29 2007 - Hour 1 (Roy Mlakar) 05/29/07
 May 29 2007 - Hour 2 (Roy Mlakar) 05/29/07
 McElwain reaction 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 2 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 3 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 4 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 5 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 6 03/01/06
 Michael Connoly-Hour 2 07/27/07
 Michael Franzese 07/25/07
 Michael Franzese hour 2 07/27/07
 Michael Franzese Interview 05/14/09
 Michael Mandt - Ice Sculpture 03/03/11
 Michael Oher part 1 11/29/06
 Michael Oher part 2 11/29/06
 Michael Strahan 10/07/08
 Mike Batesell-Fresno State coach 06/27/08
 Mike Bell 02/01/07
 Mike Belotti-oregon coach 09/21/06
 Mike Ditka 02/01/07
 Mike Evans interview with short answers 05/20/14
 Mike Flynt and Adrian Wojnaroski hour 2 09/17/07
 Mike in Indy interview with Kyle Brandt 05/25/12
 Mike Krzyzewski - NCAA - 903rd Victory 11/16/11
 Mike Krzyzewski in the Jungle 04/29/09
 Mike Piazza 02/10/06
 Mike Piazza interview 03/18/20
 Mike Sweeney 07/11/05
 Mike Tyson interview + reaction 04/04/11
 Mike Utley 02/02/06
 Ndamukong Suh Interview 09/08/11
 NHRA legend Cruz Pedregon in studio 11/07/18
 Nick Faldo 09/12/07
 Nolan Ryan 06/19/08
 Nyjer Morgan Interview 07/01/11
 Nyjer Morgan interview 10/04/11
 O'Shea Jackson Jr. interview discussing his new movie Straight Outta Compton 08/07/15
 OCHOCINCO 01/31/07
 Oregon offensive line 11/09/07
 Oregon Offensive Line reaction 11/09/07
 Orel Hershiser 06/06/06
 Oscar De La Hoya 02/02/07
 Oscar Robertson 05/21/08
 Paul Azinger 06/14/05
 Paul Azinger 09/24/08
 Paul Goydos 05/14/08
 Paul Shirley 06/15/07
 Pete Carroll 08/01/07
 Peter Jacobsen 09/05/07
 Peter King 04/30/07
 Phil Coke interview - Detroit Tigers pitcher 10/26/12
 Phil Simms 02/06/07
 Philadelphia Eagles QB Mike Vick 01/20/12
 Quinn Pitcock interview talking about his video game addiction 06/12/12
 Randy Couture-Andre Wadsworth-Mark Teixeira interviews 08/23/07
 Ray Buchanan 06/23/08
 Ray Ferraro 07/14/05
 Ray Ferraro 06/19/06
 Ray Ferraro 02/23/07
 Ray Ferraro 02/13/08
 Ray Mancini-Boxer Full Hour 11/27/07
 Ray Ratto 06/30/08
 Reggie Miller 12/11/07
 Reset of Evel Knievel interview - Do you know who the hell I am? 2001
 Rex Brown of Pantera Interview and Reaction 03/06/09
 Rex Ecarma-Rex #11 02/26/09
 Rex Hudler 02/13/09
 Rex Hudler Interview 08/26/04
 Rex Hudler Oct 1998
 Rich Rodriguez 01/08/08
 Richard Jefferson 11/05/07
 Rick Pitino 10/01/08
 Rick Reilly 02/02/07
 Rick Reilly 06/21/07
 Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin talking about his new band 08/29/05
 Rollie Masavino 03/31/05
 Rome offers to interview Clones who have achieved anything athletically, takes calls from Jake in Green Bay and Shannon in Wichita; Rome ultimately gets interview with Robert Lusetich instead 05/11/15
 Rome thanks Michael Jordan for being in his movie 08/07/96
 Ron Cey 03/18/08
 Ron Zook 11/14/07
 Ross Tucker 12/06/07
 Roy Milakar 03/04/08
 Roy Williams 03/08/06
 Roy Williams 11/02/07
 Roy Williams 11/09/07
 Roy Williams 01/09/08
 Roy Williams - North Carolina Head Coach 03/03/11
 Ryan Braun 06/18/08
 Ryan Garko 05/16/07
 Ryan Garko 10/10/07
 Ryan Garko 08/11/08
 Ryan Garko Interview 07/30/09
 Ryan Leaf Interview Part 1 10/06/11
 Ryan Leaf Interview Part 2 10/06/11
 Ryan Reeves can make a siren sound with his mouth, Denny Neagle train whistle reset 03/07/18
 Ryan Spillborg 08/10/07
 Ryan Spillsboro 10/05/07
 Sam Carchidi-Brett Myers reporter 07/02/08
 Sam Keller interview and reaction 09/12/07
 Sammy Hagar interview 03/23/11
 Scott Boras 06/14/07
 Scott Brooks References Toby in Houston 12/16/10
 Seg 10-Rex Grossman 12/04/06
 Seg 11-Lee Corso 12/04/06
 Seg 5-UCSB and Karl Dorrell interview 12/04/06
 Selena Roberts Interview 05/05/09
 Seth Greenberg discusses conference realignment 09/21/11
 Seth Greenberg-Head Coach VT 04/17/07
 Shannon Sharpe - Man Cave 10/07/08
 Silk Brah 10/11/07
 Sir Charles Andrews - Ultimate Jouster 03/02/11
 Skip Bayless 02/16/05
 Skip Bayless 02/01/06
 Sklar Brothers in studio to talk about their new show Nosebleeds 08/17/22
 Sklar Brothers interview Jerry Jones, possibly 07/03/16
 Slash 11/30/07
 Snake from Skid Row 1
 Snake from skid row 2 05/12/09
 St. Louis Cardinals David Freese interview 03/20/12
 Stan Brooks-Jay Stews agent 07/20/07
 Steve Elkington 02/16/05
 Steve Elkington 01/11/06
 Steve Elkington 08/15/05
 Steve Elkington 06/19/06
 Steve Elkington 02/15/07
 Steve Elkington 04/05/07
 Steve Elkington 02/12/08
 Steve Elkington 06/11/19
 Steve Elkington (Golf)/Resets 08/15/05
 Steve Elkington discusses bourbon, gives Silk Brah a shoutout 01/30/17
 Steve Elkington interview 02/16/11
 Steve Elkington interview 07/17/19
 Steve Elkington interview 08/22/19
 Steve Elkington interview 03/10/20
 Steve Elkington interview on Steve Williams 08/08/11
 Steve Elkington interview to talk US Open at the Oakmonster 06/15/16
 Steve Elkington interview, US Open, muff/hippie hair, new show on SiriusXM 06/12/17
 Steve Elkington on the Masters 04/12/16
 Steve Elkington Part 1 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington Part 2 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington Part 3 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington Part 4 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington reaction 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington reaction 02/15/07
 Steve Elkington reaction 02/12/08
 Steve Elkington reaction 1 01/11/06
 Steve Elkington reaction 2 01/11/06
 Steve Fisher - San Diego State Basketball Coach 02/22/11
 Steve Fisher - SDSU Basketball Coach 03/21/11
 Steve Orr NYFD 09/11/06
 Steve Smith 10/17/07
 Steve Spurrier interview 11/30/11
 Steve Wyche-Atlanta newspaper 07/18/07
 Stevie Johnson's Killin' Like a Holocaust 02/03/11
 Stewart Cink 07/22/09
 Terence in Sierra Madre 01/28/08
 Terence Moore 12/12/07
 Terry Bowden 09/19/06
 Terry Francona 11/01/07
 Terry Francona-11-18 11/18/04
 Tex Winter 01/22/07
 The Rock-Interview 09/15/06
 Theo Epstein 12/07/04
 Tiki Barber interview and reaction 01/05/07
 Tim Grover Interview 07/20/09
 Tim Van Patten interview, Salami from The White Shadow 03/25/16
 Tino Martinez 05/15/07
 Todd Helton 03/21/05
 Todd McShay 12/03/07
 Todd Zeile and reaction 09/11/06
 Tom Brokaw 07/23/07
 Tom Crean 04/03/08
 Tom Herman interview - Peach Bowl recap, new grill from Paul Wall, Kyle Allen recruitment, Elk 01/07/16
 Tom Izzo Interview 11/10/11
 Tom Osborne 10/17/07
 Tom Osborne reaction 10/17/07
 Tom Rothman - Die Hard Yippee Ki Yay Mr. Falcon 08/18/11
 Tom Tolbert interview from the station event in San Francisco 09/12/16
 Tom Verducci 06/25/07
 Tom Verducci 04/01/08
 Tom Verducci 10/06/08
 Tom Verducci 02/10/09
 Tom Verducci interview 01/08/07
 Tom Watson 07/21/09
 Tommy Lasorda 03/13/08
 Tommy Lasorda interview about baseball player Michael Jordan, reaction from Dave The Mayor of Poway 02/10/94
 Tommy Zbikowski 03/29/06
 Tommy Zbikowski 04/24/06
 Tony Dungy 10/08/07
 Tony Dungy 10/09/07
 Tony Dungy 02/04/09
 Tony Dungy and Adam Sandler in hour 3 07/17/07
 Tony Gonzalez 10/19/07
 Tony LaRussa 04/18/06
 Tony Romo 10/04/07
 Torii Hunter 11/30/07
 Torii Hunter MLB 12/08/11
 Travis Rodgers in Studio 10/03/08
 Ty Law 08/24/06
 Tyler Hansborough 01/24/08
 Vince Young 05/01/06
 Warren Bell-According to Jim 03/03/06
 Warren Sapp 07/16/09
 Warrick Dunn 03/13/08
 Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, interview with Kevin Frazier 03/28/22
 WWE Good Brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in studio, responds to callers and emailers 10/04/19
 WWE tagteam Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in studio, plus tandem call from Matt and Tyler 02/15/19
 Zac Johnson-Masters champion 04/09/07
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