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ATP - Who decides the bumper music? Alvin answers 12/04/23
College football playoff selection - Calls from Todd in Central Florida, Patrick in Alabama, Kevin in Hoboken, Logan in Montana, Ryan in Texas, Lee in St. Louis, Steve in KC 12/04/23
Matt in LA wants the Raiders to move forward with Antonio Pierce and not Chunky 12/04/23
Steve in Palm Springs gets warned for Jardiance Slump Buster mention 12/01/23
William in Foxborough (Vic in Nocal) gets run for too many JC blasts 12/01/23
Mike in Clearwater is stoked about the Orlando Magic 11/30/23
What's Your Beef? #160 - Calls from Cameron in Charleston, Craig in Indy, Jack in Michigan, Matt in Alaska, Anthony in Pomona, Mik? in SLO, Margo in Buffalo, John in Houston, Mike in Louisville, Ty in Boise, Clint in Birmingham, Jason in Portland, Ryan in Sactown, Tony in Idaho 11/30/23
CJ in Oxnard is a lifetime Raiders fan, gets run for saying ship but Alvie thought it was something else 11/20/23
Dave in Salt Lake City wants tweedle dum Mark Davis to bring Chucky back, has a beef with Disney 11/30/23
XR4Ti member Jack Savage failed to mention that his grandfather is Chris Ault, currently on the CFP Selection Committee 11/29/23
Rob in Wisconsin says its been cold enough to turn gas to jelly, days are short, wear adult diapers 11/28/23
Chris in Michigan City says Rome should sell his Wisconsin house 11/28/23
Rome will do Christmas in Wisco - Cross country skier has frozen pennis, Tom in Charleston suggest a Willie Warmer 11/28/23
Les in Indianapolis gets run for correcting the host 11/27/23
What's Your Beef? #159 - Calls from Drew in Bakersfield, Rich in Philly, Vic in Nocal, Will in Erie, Gino in San Francisco, Ken in Lindon, Glen in Spain, Ryan in Sactown, Max in Los Gatos, Victor in Fort Lauderdale, Max in Buffalo, John in Philly, Rick in Utah, Bart in Austin, Steve in Petaluma, Mark in Wisconsin, Mike in Provo 11/22/23
Logan Rome in studio 11/21/23
What's Your Beef? #158 - Calls from Jason in Harrisburg, Ed in San Antonio, Ty in Boise, Dom in Erie, Mike in Long Beach, Vince in Long Beach, Josh in Iowa, Jardy in North Carolina, Michael in Redding, Lane in Claremont, Steven in Michigan, Reggie in Cleveland, Douglas in Milwaukee, Chris in San Antonio, Terrence in Oxnard 11/16/23
James in Portland gets run for talking about Alvie's coitus hangover and fingerblasting 11/15/23
Todd in Cleveland is a longtime suffering Cleveland Browns fan 11/15/23
David in Orchard Park tears the Bills a new one, gets racked 11/14/23
Paul in Michigan is excited about the Lions, worries about the Vikings and their dynamic QB 11/13/23
V in the Fee says Bill Belichick found a slumpbuster 11/10/23
Silk Brah gives a shout out to Air Force vet Raider Mike for Veterans Day, gives advice for Romes Vegas trip 11/10/23
Ryan in the 805 talks F1 racing, has advice for Rome going to Vegas 11/10/23
MLB Gm Meetings canceled due to stomach ailment, Chan Ho Park diarrhea reset 11/09/23
What's Your Beef? #157 - Calls from Nooch, Mike in Boise, Mike in Vancouver, Mark in Toledo, Stew in Wisconsin, Boogerwolf in Phoenix, Chuck in Charleston, G in Austin, Parody Larry 11/09/23
Pete in Lake Michigan thinks the Michigan scandal blew up because its Michigan, wouldn't be an issue for Ohio State 11/08/23
Eddie in NYC with thoughts on Zach Wilson 11/08/23
Jay in Columbus was nervous about the Smackoff until he heard Vics last call, gets run and lost his Golden Ticket 11/07/23
Michigan scandal calls from Logan in Louisiana, John in Santa Barbara, Jay in Philly, and Gabe in Grand Rapids 11/07/23
Brody in Washington says the Raiders are the only thing keeping him going, gets run for dropping 4 letter bomb 11/06/23
Ron in Stockton says the Raider Nation is back 11/06/23
Carlos in Danville loves the future of Antonio Pierce and the Raiders 11/06/23
Greg in Oceanside on the Raiders culture 11/06/23
Matt in LA is jacked about Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce 11/06/23
James in Portland on how James Kelley met his wife 11/03/23
Justin in Melbourne talks about the shoutout he got from Sean Casey, asked for a Jim Rome shrine at a restaurant 11/03/23
John in Little Rock gets run for a bad phone connection 11/03/23
Eddie in NYC says the Jets are the Kings of New York 11/03/23
V in the Fee with thoughts on the NBA in-season tournament and Jardiance 11/03/23
Vic in Nocal on Tremaine Edmunds dreadlocks, Jaylen Waddle, gets run for Corky blast 11/03/23
Ken in SA has beef with the Jardiance commercial 11/02/23
What's Your Beef? #156 - Calls from Jay in Columbus, Ryan in the 805, Sean in ABQ, Michael in Oregon, Mike in Clearwater, Lane in Claremont, Vince in Maryland, Kyle in Texas, Anthony in Pomona, JJ in KC, Craig in Lake Forest, Ken in San Antonio, Denato in San Antonio, Matt in Colorado Springs, Reed in Indy, Ron in Omaha, Mark in Montana, Vince in ATX, Ty in Boise 11/02/23
Matt in LA on the Raiders firing Josh McDaniels 11/01/23
Reaction to Jay in Columbus' call 11/01/23
Jay in Columbus is an old school listener, OSU fan, has a message for Michigan man, wins a Golden Ticket 11/01/23
Alvie's Spooky Mix 2023 10/31/23
John in New York was mad that he sat through the Giants Jets game 10/30/23
Matt in Colorado Springs wants to call out all the KC fans and Swifties 10/30/23
Mike in New York talks about the Jets Giants game 10/30/23
Steven in Michigan doesn't think the cheating scandal is a big deal, everyone is doing it 10/27/23
Taylor in Lexington talks about cheating scandals in college sports 10/27/23
What's Your Beef? #155 - Calls from Will in Mill Creek, John in Oregon, Vince in Austin, CJ in Oxnard, Craig in Oregon, Nate in Grand Rapids, Matt in Alaska, Mike in Provo, Richard in Tennessee, Anthony in Pomona, Justin in Green Bay, Ernie in Tucson, Anthony in Tennessee, Jeff in Pittsburgh, Parody Larry 10/26/23
Pete in Lake Michigan explains Michigan Man 10/25/23
Ryan in Santa Barbara loved the Calais Campbell interview, gives wine tours 10/25/23
Ernie in Tucson is a bandwagon D-Backs fan, didn't realize they lost over 100 games a couple of years ago 10/25/23
Rich in Philly says it's quiet there now, COVID was louder, wins a Golden Ticket 10/25/23
John in San Diego is hurting, lifelong Philly fan 10/25/23
David in Austin on the Kendrick Bourne interview 10/24/23
Will in Baltimore says sex should be taken off the undefeated list 10/24/23
Damian in Dallas says its a good time to be a Dallas sports fan, resets Flamian 10/24/23
Joe in Myrtle Beach is another newer listener, got tired of local Gamecock shows 10/24/23
Trevor Hoffman reaction, SD Tour Stop, Ronnie in Austin reaction and another call to explain his first call, Johnny Scabs call reset 10/24/23
Ronnie in Austin talks about how he got hooked on the show 10/24/23
Mark in Hollywood talks about the reinvention of Philly fans, Penn State will beat Ohio State 27-17 10/20/23
Lane in Clairemont says that Ryan in Sactown calls make him dumber 10/19/23
What's Your Beef? #154 - Calls from Tyler in New Mexico, Stu in Richmond, Amos in Tennessee, Mark in Montana, John in Philly, Tony in Florida, Matt in Greenville, Ben in Driftwood, Pete in Phoenix, CJ in Oxnard, Dave in KC, Ryan in Sactown, Josh in Austin 10/19/23
Astros finally beat the Rangers, Rome blames Stucknut for the Astros being a better road team 10/19/23
For Denise, from Chad in Orlando 10/19/23
Matthew in Mission Beach is embarrassed by Thats What In, gets run 10/18/23
Reaction to Mike in New Yorks 'Tony' call 10/17/23
Buck in California is a Cowboys fan, wants Garrett back instead of Big Husky 10/17/23
Mike in New York gets run for calling Rome Tony 10/17/23
What's Your Beef? #153 - Calls from Tommy in Indy, Robert in Tampa, George in San Francisco, Blake in OKC, Russ in Houston, Fake Rex in ABQ, Drew in Idaho 10/12/23
Tim in Houston went to the OU Texas game, talks about the Sooners 10/11/23
Brian Webber tweeted that he tried Chick-fil-A for the first time 10/11/23
Clones try to guess what Janet texted Jim during the show 10/11/23
V in the Fee apologizes for his act, Kenford isn't his dad, agrees with Romes take on the Vikings 10/11/23
Scott in Nocal with a blah blah call 10/10/23
Matt in LA needs Jungle Karma for the Dodgers 10/10/23
Dan in Denver responds to Rick in Buffalo 10/09/23
Billy in Colorado Springs went to the Broncos Jets game, Sean Peyton is kind of a bag 10/09/23
Tommy in Michigan talks about the Lions, Goff should be in the MVP discussion 10/09/23
Sam in Toledo thinks the game has passed Belichick by 10/09/23
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Sean McDermott for losing to the Jags, Smackoff recap 10/09/23
Frisco Mario talks about the 49ers, get run for talking too much 10/09/23
John in Little Rock with a Skyrizi parody 10/06/23
Ed in San Antonio calls as Eduardo in Cabo San Lucas, speaks spanglish about the Dallas Cowboys 10/06/23
Dennis in Idaho is a Tampa Bay Bucs fan, thinks Baker will lead them to the playoffs 10/06/23
Abi got a War Lady Clones tattoo 10/06/23
What's Your Beef? #152 - Calls from George in San Francisco, Kenford in La Mirada, Ryan in Sactown, Ty in Boise, Brian in Detroit, Greg in San Diego, Mike in Charleston, Robert in New Mexico, Anthony in Pomona, Matthew in Mission Beach 10/05/23
John in New York tries calling but phone dropped 10/05/23
John in Tucson asks how Jim feels having a kid working in porn 10/04/23
Tony in Florida has been listening since he was skinny, compares Houston and Tampa 10/04/23
Jason in Whitefish MT talks about the real reason that strip clubs near The Trop distract Rays fans 10/04/23
Ryan in Tampa talks about his previous call, sticks up for Rays fans 10/04/23
Ryan in Ventura gets run for saying 'Rome wasnt built in a day' 10/03/23
Man crashes car into NJ police station while blasting Welcome to the Jungle 10/03/23
Ryan in Tampa defends Baker Mayfield 10/02/23
Matt in LA is back by popular demand, not happy with Josh McDaniels 10/02/23

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