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2 bad calls from Ohio - Alex in Cleveland (flamed) and Kurt in Ohio 06/29/17
2021 Smackoff - Call 16 - Benny in Wisco 06/25/21
2023 Smackoff - Call 02 - James in Portland 06/30/23
3 Philly callers try to respond to Kristian in Maine 01/23/18
3 worst calls ever 08/20/07
4 callers get run in a segment, Eric in Wisco, Fake Reggie in the OC, James in the D, and Justin in Phoenix 06/16/20
420 calls from Jerome in Houston, Irie Craig, Nick in Palm Desert, and Fabian in LA 04/20/21
420 calls from Ray in Idaho, Cameron in PDX, and Stoney Tony in Colorado Springs 04/20/20
420 Day - Dane in Kimberly reset, Matt in LA thinks the crew smokes during breaks 04/20/16
45gotFAT attempts to win a Golden Ticket, gets run, then mocked by Rome 06/16/15
5 year old junk caller 06/21/07
6 straight run calls - Parody Larry, Rex in ABQ, Liz in Falls City, Jason in Harrisburg, Kasey in Pensacola x 2 03/15/19
84-year-old Barbara in Desert Hot Springs reminsces on Mike Piazza and listens to a lot of sports radio, gets positive run from Clones, but Chad in LA wins Huge Call 07/28/16
911 Call (Operator: Want Us To Shoot Her?) 04/14/05
@Twelvewood calls to discuss his Friday night Periscopes 12/20/17
Aaron in Canton calls to follow up his Whats Your Beef call, gets run 09/14/23
Aaron in Canton gets run for Rick Astley parody, rhymes farmer with karma 10/27/09
Aaron in Corvallis - 50th birthday, sounded drunk, Rome lets him ramble 09/14/17
Aaron in Las Vegas says Eli Manning is not good, just got lucky a few times 11/30/17
Aaron in NoCal 01/20/05
Aaron in Northwest got run for being on a speaker phone 07/17/23
Aaron in San Bernardino takes Canelo over GGG, 3rd Aaron of the streak 09/14/17
Aaron in Youngstown asks why MJ is such a great person 04/21/20
Aaron Rowand 09/07/07
Abigail in San Diego got run for using her apparatus on the phone 06/29/23
AC in Joplin - Unedited with f-bomb 03/03/17
AC in Joplin calls about the Tonya Harding movie, gets run for f-bomb 03/03/17
Adam Hawk called in to talk about the birth of his son 01/22/19
Adam Hawk checks in from home, he's been sick for 2 days 01/08/19
Adam Hawk leaves the show to concentrate on small business, Nation Golf Co. 07/23/21
Adam in ABQ has no sympathy for New England Deflatriots fans, gets run 01/29/19
Adam in Indiana loved the interview with IU Coach Tom Allen, drops the 'brother' soundbite on his sons 11/14/19
Adam in Indy wants to make 9th and 10th place great again 06/16/20
Adam in London, ON - Doggystyle Caller 01/11/05
Adam in OKC set up a doctor appointment to get out of work so he could watch the tourney on Friday 03/16/21
Adam in OKC tells Silk Brah that snitching is lame, kook 06/12/20
Adam in Pittsburgh wonders if Hue Jackson is going to replace Marvin Lewis 11/26/18
Adam in Tulsa wants the Smackoff participants to be more original, likes Slam Man and Silk Brah 06/03/20
Adrian in Arkansas says Jets still have top 5 defense 09/12/23
Air Conditioner caller fools Rome 01/23/06
AJ in Green Bay responds to Joakim Noahs take, he enjoyed his vacation to Cleveland 12/04/20
Al in Indy with a really cool story about a tooth extraction 05/01/17
Al in Miami Beach - 18 game NFL Season 01/13/11
Al in Ontario is a new listener, took a run at the Canadian callers Trench and Shred 01/16/19
Al in Virginia thinks Fabian sells drugs, loved Denlesks poem 03/23/18
Al not Hal from Vancouver 06/20/08
Alan in Nashville 05/02/05
Alan in Pittsburgh, former XR4Ti 'the stache', calls to talk about WrestleMania 04/06/20
Alan in Sacramento says athletes that don't get the vaccine are irresponsible 09/01/21
Alan in Virginia wants Liz to be president, dropped his own Fat soundbite 11/12/18
Alan in West Virginia gets run for saying Alan, but apparently he said 'hey' 05/13/20
Alan in West Virginia tries to clarify his last call but made it worse 05/18/20
Alex in Cleveland has a message for the city of Boston, gets racked 05/17/17
Alex in Cleveland is sick of bandwagon Cubs fans, gets racked 10/24/16
Alex in Denver is a caterer at the Pepsi Center, blames Jungle Karma for the Nuggets loss 05/13/19
Alex in Key West with a story about an exploding toilet, run for an Imodium report 10/03/19
Alex in Louisville tells Rome that he did a great interview with Deion Branch before the interview took place 02/04/04
Alex in Salt Lake City (plus reaction) 01/12/11
Alex in Salt Lake City gets run for saying Falcoons 10/13/11
Alex in Vancouver 01/06/05
Alexi in St Louis on March Madness, watch out for Drake 03/13/23
Alexis in New Jersey is the mother of Monmouth basketball player George Papas, talked about his last second steal against Kansas 01/23/20
All Female Callers - 8 lady clones in a row, streaked snapped by Rosemary. Nezrin in Orange County (won invited to Smackoff), Jolene in Farmington, Connie in Lincoln, Jill in Cleveland, Rachel in Houston, Erin in LA, April in Austin, Liz in Lincoln, Rosemary in Houston, Kim in San Diego, Christine in Portland Maine 07/30/08
All Lady Callers including Becky in College Station's donger reference 03/24/10
Alpha in SoCal is a duck calling from Romes backyard, which he just took a crap in 05/06/16
Alvin's compilation of John in Little Rock's parodies to cheer Rome up following the Non-Hunter's death; John calls with a new parody 07/28/16
Amanda in Chattanooga calls out the dudes, email reaction 12/14/11
Amber in Portland responds to Gary in Corvallis, lays odds for Kathleens teeth 04/21/23
Amber in Portland responds to Methleen, smacks Johannes from Avatar, gets racked 04/07/23
Andi in Rocklin got run for trying to get her call reset from last year 10/18/18
Andi in Rocklin is a podcast voicemailer that tried a live call, didn't go well, but she likes basil 08/13/18
Andi in Rocklin is intrigued how Googling Andi and Jim Rome shows her calls 05/06/19
Andi in Rocklin tells a story about her friend hooking up with OJ, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/28/18
Andi in Rocklin wanted to continue the conversation about Joe Montana that never happened, still has basil 03/25/20
Andi in Rocklin wants Romes take on the NBA Finals 05/30/19
Andi in Rocklin witnessed John Denvers plane crash 01/16/19
Andre in Detroit follows the Lions and Raiders, rattles off old school players 12/16/19
Andrea in Baltimore calls to update the clones on Thomas Dolby's whereabouts 10/14/16
Andrea in Berkeley is a sports astrologer, wrote an Athletic column about Aaron Rodgers 09/12/23
Andrew in B-Lo on Bill Callahan 09/09/05
Andrew in Illinois is a nurse practitioner, worried about the older generation and lack of healthcare 03/12/20
Andrew in Madison reads his script, Rome asks him to start over and he does it word for word 08/29/14
Andrew in Omaha got run for literally answering Rome's salutation 'how are you doing?' 12/06/18
Andrew in Phoenix is a fan of Isiah Thomas, doesn't understand why he's making decisions for the Suns 06/20/23
Andy in Boise was a pit boss with insight on bet capping 03/06/19
Andy in Cleveland tries to compare Kaleb and Rick, gets run for Green Bay and Buffalo smack 06/13/22
Andy in Cleveland, not a native C-Towner, calls to bash Cavs, gets run for misreading his Hawk smack 05/17/18
Andy in South Carolina thanks Rome for all he does, wants Alvie back 05/07/20
Andy in the South Bay doesn't care what part of Wisconsin that Chris is from 10/15/21
Andy in West Hollywood still uses a Blackberry Curve, doesn't want to use something else because of all the pictures on it 02/17/20
Angel in Virginia Beach is hormonal as hell, likes Rammstein and hates Nickelback 08/23/19
Angry caller talks to Adam Hawk off air because he doesn't understand the show 05/13/19
Anthony in Indianapolis - Bad Read
Anthony in Indianapolis reads his take, gets run
Anthony in Pomona is a Dodgers fan, girlfriend is an Angels fan, wants Artie Moreno to let Ohtani go to the Dodgers 07/27/23
Anthony in San Francisco didn't like Romes take on Brock Purdy 09/22/23
Anthony in Tennessee has a bad connection, Hawk tells him 'screw you buddy', Rockies Kyle Freeland said he was glad that Hawk didn't yell at him 09/06/18
Anti-Tommy Tuberville political ad, calls from Mark in Palm Springs and Kevin in Tampa 10/05/20
Antoine in Grand Rapids got roasted by his girlfriend for buying a pair of New Balance shoes 11/29/18
Anton in Florida smacks Sam Bradford, gets run 03/02/16
Anton in Tampa calls about fans of Star Wars 12/17/15
Anton in Tampa calls while drinking, talks about a street hockey team from Fall River and how they will assault farm animals 10/16/15
Anton in Tampa gets hung up on for talking hockey 05/24/16
Anton in Tampa responds to Leff in Laguna 09/18/15
Antonio in Georgia doesn't like Vic in NoCal, thinks he should be suspended for that garbage 10/21/15
Anything goes for 2/22/22 Day, calls from Mark in Hollywood, Jeremy in Boise, Vic in NoCal, Dom in Erie, Benny in Wisco, Mr. Bugaboo, Sandwich in NoCal, Michael in Hollywood, Parody Larry, Brad in Corona, Fat Ass Scott in Wisconsin, Ol Trapper, Jason in Harrisburg 02/22/22
Arch in Pismo Beach calls the Matt Stafford deal the biggest trade in Rams history 02/01/21
Arch in Pismo Beach wants Rome to get checked out by a neurologist, more twitter reaction 03/05/20
Argell in Louisiana corrects the pronunciation of her name, talks about soy tabasco sauce 10/02/18
Argell in Louisiana is predicting the Saints to win the championship because the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras are on the same days as 2010 11/09/20
Argell in Louisiana wants Drew Brees to get more respect, gets run 06/25/19
Argyle Grant tries a Bill Cosby joke, then asks KB what it will take to play the Toby call 08/06/15
Arrogant Steve has advice for Dr. Dave in Chicago 12/14/17
Arrogant Steve in Aliso Viejo says Alvin is handsome, talks Duke basketball 03/20/18
Art in the Nati-Jenna Jamesons crotch 04/27/07
Arthur in Arizona's girlfriend in 1985 went to Calabasas HS and claims Rome went to a house party with him 05/21/20
Ashley in New Orleans says "hi" 03/15/05
Astros calls from Randy in Houston and Lou in Sacramento pretending to be Steve Elkington 11/01/17
ATP - Do your kids root for the Dodgers? Reset of David in Houstons UFC call 10/26/20
ATP - Pauly in Indy asks about Romes birthday dinner, then a call from Mike in Indy 10/14/16
ATP and call from Ken in Bay Area, office nap nation member 02/28/20
ATP's - Bacon 45, who is Stucknut, call from Matt in Alaska about Rogan in Colorado 04/26/23
Audio of Silk Brah and Rich Flores at Huntington Beach City Council, reaction from clones and call from Jake in Arkansas 05/21/20
Austin in Montana is a Chiefs fan, Patrick Mahomes behind the backwards pass, gosh darn 03/26/20
AVOID singer Benny Scholl butchers the National Anthem 03/08/21
Axl Rose does not lip sync, 3 callers impersonate Axl - Ryan in Fort Collins, John in Little Rock, Steve in Phoenix 02/06/14
Back to Back Callers suck 05/05/05
Barry in Long Beach calls about the Raiders 12/07/16
Barry in San Diego tries to smack Mona, gets run by Alvie for self gloss 07/09/18
Barry in San Diego wants Jeff in Richmond to know it's ok to be old, tries smacking Lebron and Mona 07/06/18
Batman Caller with emails
Beaks and Gerrit smack from emailers, call from Charlie in New York on the Kentucky Derby 05/06/19
Beaks in Studio City - you can't keep him down because fat floats 05/10/19
Beaks in Studio City answers the question 'who wants to walk with Jeff in Richmond?' 06/18/19
Beaks in Studio City claims that the Madden games have gotten worse over the years 01/03/22
Beaks in Studio City gets racked with a call about Irie Craig and Vic in Nocal 08/31/18
Beaks in Studio City is back to the Jungle after a few months 07/13/21
Beaks in Studio City is on vacation, enjoyed Rick in Buffalos call, plugged Romes HOF on other shows 06/19/18
Beaks in Studio City moved to the 805, gives shout-out to his former boss Adam Carolla, talks Hard Knocks, gets run 09/09/21
Beaks in Studio City on Mark in Boston, Jeff in Richmond, Jeff in Southfield, gets run 06/18/20
Beaks in Studio City reminisces on 2019, dedicates call to Randall 12/19/19
Beaks in Studio City talks about the Dodgers and Jacob in NorCal, gets red card 07/10/17
Beaks in Studio City talks about the upcoming CloneStock with Nooch 04/26/19
Beaks in Studio City thanked Rome for doing Woodscopes, Dodgers talk 09/12/18
Beaks in Studio City wants Dan in Denver to lose his Golden Ticket 05/02/19
Becky in Chicago tells Jim that he's banned from the city of Chicago and the airwaves 06/06/17
Bella Bee @SmileyYYC responds to Hannah and Mark in Barstow wants to call his exwife snagger 12/21/17
Bella in Calgary @SmileyYYC calls for the first time, chats with Rome about his family and Utah hockey 12/06/16
Ben Greenfield podcast recap, reaction, call from John in Philly 12/10/20
Ben in Beverly Hills calls out Chris in Colorado Springs about reassembling his Rolex 01/06/21
Ben in Boise gets run for Lou Williams clams blast 07/27/20
Ben in Buffalo thinks the Bills should be 10-1, not 9-3 12/08/20
Ben in Calgary calls to talk Tom Bradys book, smack Tyler in Edmonton, wins Huge Call 07/06/17
Ben in DC has a story about Shanny taking cheese from him at the supermarket 05/09/18
Ben in Little Rock corrected Rome when he was announced as Dan, got run 12/06/19
Ben in Orange County is a cyclist, responds to the Lance Armstrong doc 05/26/20
Ben in Pensacola wants to hear the lunch call again 05/20/05
Ben in San Antonio says the dynasty is coming back to the Spurs with Wemby, predicts Jeff from Richmond to win the Smackoff 06/21/23
Ben in Venice appreciates the show, doesn't like Jeff in Southfields voice 04/15/20
Benny in Iowa City border patrol smack 06/22/06
Benny in Ventura just wanted to call and congratulate Rome on the HOF 10/08/19
Benny in Wisco 06/21/22
Benny in Wisco aka Mr. Bell Ding with another cheesy call, wins Golden Ticket 06/23/17
Benny in Wisco breaks his own record for most rat references, Rome is tempted to bring the family back 03/13/17
Benny in Wisco calls as Charlie Ray in Jepson with a Call Me Maybe parody 07/26/19
Benny in Wisco calls to RSV-Brie to the Smackoff 07/19/18
Benny in Wisco closes the show with Danika in Jacksonville smack 08/18/17
Benny in Wisco has an early beef entry for Buzz McCallister from Home Alone 12/23/20
Benny in Wisco has another cheesy story, has Alvie 'rat' him 07/21/16
Benny in Wisco on Mark in Boston, Reggie in the OC, and Jeff in Southfield, urges Golden Ticket holders not to call 05/15/20
Benny in Wisco parodies a Matt in LA call, gets a delayed buzzer 02/28/19
Benny in Wisco responds to the Canadians, gets run for a D reference 06/27/18
Benny in Wisco roasts the new guy Vin Weasel, RSVP's to the Smackoff 04/29/19
Benny in Wisco RSVP's and takes a run at Adam Hawks side hustle 06/24/21
Benny in Wisco RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/18/20
Benny in Wisco RSVP's, declared Smackoff season, and takes a run at James in Portland 05/24/23
Benny in Wisco sings a Jewel parody about Najeh 11/28/17
Benny in Wisco smacks Kaleb in Green Bay, gets run for rectum blast 05/03/18
Benny in Wisco takes a run at Dan in Denver 03/15/18
Benny in Wisco takes a run at the fat Toronto Raptors 02/28/20
Benny in Wisco takes a run at the sponsors 06/20/19
Benny in Wisco takes a run at the XR4Ti for being really pale 01/05/18
Benny in Wisco tells a story with at least 15 rat family references 04/15/16
Benny in Wisco tells another story with many cheese references 06/10/16
Benny in Wisco weighs in on the Packers, Kaleb, then baits Leff with a riddle 04/18/18
Benny in Wisco wins a Masterbuilt smoker with a call about Vic using John in Little Rocks phone 08/23/18
Benny in Wisco with another rat family and cheese reference call 11/18/16
Bernie in LA calls with hockey take, over Alvies foghorn 10/09/14
Bernie in Vermont (Vic in Nocal) tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets, runs out of time 04/13/16
Best 911 Calls
Betto in Modesto 06/26/08
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for UFC 259 03/05/21
Bill in Baltimore lays out the entire Smackoff field 06/14/21
Bill in Harrisburg is stoked for the NBA season, loved the Randall tribute 07/25/19
Bill in Kansas is an old dude, remembers Super Bowl IV 02/03/20
Bill in Knoxville 01/14/05
Bill in Knoxville 02/10/05
Bill in Knoxville 03/16/05
Bill in Knoxville 04/07/05
Bill in Knoxville 05/20/05
Bill in Knoxville 01/10/06
Bill in Knoxville 01/17/06
Bill in Knoxville 04/19/07
Bill in Knoxville 02/24/05
Bill in Knoxville 04/25/05
Bill in Knoxville 04/27/05
Bill in Knoxville 12/14/04
Bill in Knoxville 11/11/04
Bill in Knoxville 11/16/04
Bill in Knoxville 11/23/04
Bill in Knoxville 11/30/04
Bill in Knoxville
Bill in New England calls to discuss the Patriots Texans game 09/23/16
Bill in Philly brings straight fire, 5 rimshot jokes 09/17/14
Bill in Portland bad call 08/06/07
Bill in Raleigh says Buffalo is a great place 03/10/21
Bill in Sacramento says Phil Mickelson is shadow banned from the Masters 04/07/22
Bill in Syracuse call - He doesn't want his daughter in porn
Bill in Tampa glossed the city Champa, asked Rome if Dodgers have home field advantage 10/22/20
Billy in Richmond is a trucker, loves Romes childhood stories, reminds Rick that he's not Jeff 05/13/20
Billy in Toronto responds to the Eli Manning interview about failed plays 01/30/23
Billy in Toronto thinks that maybe the Ravens don't want Lamar Jackson anymore, claims he's overrated 03/07/23
Billy in Toronto thinks that Rich Strike was juiced out of his mind 05/10/22
Bing in Akron 01/07/08
Blair in Denver rants about Phil Mickelsons weight 02/14/11
Blaise in Santa Cruz says Rex in ABQ should be Wrecks, wants a Golden Ticket, gets run 04/30/20
Blue in the Bay chuckled at the fact that the Dolphins hired a multi-racial head coach 02/07/22
Bo in Nashville doesn't like Rex in ABQ's childish takes 02/07/20
Bo in Nashville finishes off the Kasey feud, clones think he deserves a Golden Ticket 06/21/17
Bo in Nashville goes after Kasey in Pensacola, will smack him in the face with a Smashville catfish, gets on watchlist 06/14/17
Bo in Nashville got burned by the backdoor in the Browns Bengals game 09/18/20
Bo in Nashville is not going to allow Rex to call anymore, 2019 will be sucker-free 10/30/18
Bo in Nashville says Romes the best dressed on CBS pregame, wants Alvie to store his number on speed dial 12/20/17
Bo in Nashville shouts out to Bruce Bochy and George Kittle, wants to be the best caller in the Jungle, gets on the Watch List 06/16/23
Bo in Nashville wants the clones to pray for Trapper 01/08/18
Bo in Pismo Beach talks about the Stephen A. Smith podcast, Rome rants about the speaker phone connection 08/28/18
Boatie execution 03/12/08
Boatie in Pearland 03/04/08
Boatie in Pearland 04/23/08
Boatie in Pearland 09/16/09
Boatie in Pearland 12/18/08
Boatie in Pearland 10/30/09
Boatie in Pearland - Bubba Gives Bubba Watson Props 04/09/12
Boatie in Pearland - Goes Hubie Brown on the Rockets-Blazers game, tells Harden to drive 04/25/14
Boatie in Pearland - Mole Face Rock 12/19/07
Boatie in Pearland - working in movies, wants Texans to take Johnny Manziel instead of Jadeveon Clowney 02/28/14
Boatie in Pearland and reaction - Horse story 04/14/08
Boatie in Pearland and reaction - La Bamba parody 03/07/08
Boatie in Pearland apologizes for his Smackoff performance, chokes again 07/25/18
Boatie in Pearland Blasts James in Hattiesburg 11/02/11
Boatie in Pearland calls about the Astros, peacefully ejects 10/09/15
Boatie in Pearland calls KB with a riddle, trying to win a heefer 08/07/15
Boatie in Pearland calls out so-called legends, ends with his catchphrase 'suck it Brad' 09/25/14
Boatie in Pearland calls to respond emailer claiming Lamar Odom is a bad person 10/14/15
Boatie in Pearland has advice for Tanner and Irie, wants the smoker 08/30/18
Boatie in Pearland has been exploring alternative medicines, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/17/19
Boatie in Pearland has never liked James Harden. Rockets need a true point guard. 05/12/17
Boatie in Pearland likes the way that Twelvewood kid grinds 09/07/18
Boatie in Pearland preparing for the Smackoff, New World Order, and butchering basketball players names 06/10/15
Boatie in Pearland raps, chokes on his spit, wins a TV 12/09/11
Boatie in Pearland recaps the Super Bowl 02/06/17
Boatie in Pearland responds to Joe in Las Vegas 04/08/16
Boatie in Pearland responds to T Suggs comment on Tebow 01/06/12
Boatie in Pearland RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/16/12
Boatie in Pearland RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/08/16
Boatie in Pearland says Sum Bitch will be the name on the back of Cruz's car 07/19/18
Boatie in Pearland says TeamCanada is America's skidmark, Rome wonders why he didn't get run 07/13/18
Boatie in Pearland sets Denver straight about Manning 03/12/12
Boatie in Pearland talks about Zion Williamson and his shoes 02/21/19
Boatie in Pearland tells Irie Craig to 'pull your bootstraps up, boy!' 04/24/18
Boatie in Pearland thinks Brad in Corona has plenty of time to fix his Smackoff scheduling conflict 07/05/17
Boatie in Pearland thought Gino was trying to promote Rome's HOF competitors 06/04/18
Boatie in Pearland wants to bash the Texans but ran out of time 01/07/19
Boatie in Pearland with some Rich Ackerman personal appearance smack 06/10/19
Boatie in Pearland's cousin T-Boat checks in 06/29/16
Bob in Anaheim 04/05/96
Bob in Ann Arbor calls with ex-lax smack 09/04/12
Bob in Arkansas is upset about Saints game, want them to redo the game from the no-call 01/22/19
Bob in Calgary asks 'was that Trapper clearing his throat or SJP pulling her head out of a bag of oats' 12/21/17
Bob in Calgary asks if Elway and SJP had a baby, would Rome run it at the Derby 09/05/17
Bob in Calgary asks if SJP does heroin, would she be riding herself? 06/25/18
Bob in Calgary calls about Zeke Elliotts tattoo, compared to Justify getting a tattoo of SJP 04/23/19
Bob in Calgary doesn't see a problem with Drake, they let SJP on the track at the derby 05/23/19
Bob in Calgary gets run for another SJP blast 11/19/18
Bob in Calgary gets run for saying horses get depressed after a loss, like SJP when Sex and the City got canceled 05/04/18
Bob in Calgary gets run for SJP joke, Rick in Philly run for dropping F-bombs 02/05/18
Bob in Calgary guesses that the new guy is Dr. Evil 04/30/19
Bob in Calgary jokes that OJ can't go back to jail because his head is too big for the cell 07/20/17
Bob in Calgary wants Rome to interview SJP for the 100th podcast 07/23/19
Bob in Calgary wants to challenge SJP to a water trough competition, gets run 03/13/18
Bob in Calgary wants to start smoking weed so he can work his way up to heroin 10/19/18
Bob in Cocoa Beach doesn't like Washingtons new team name Commanders 02/02/22
Bob in Florida is a 20 time listener, people should feel bad for Aaron Rodgers 09/12/23
Bob in Idaho got through a Dodgers take so he could unwar RumChata 10/30/17
Bob in Iowa gets run for giving the technical term for eating poop 11/12/20
Bob in Iowa is a first time listener, thinks the Smackdown will be hilarious 03/08/19
Bob in Iowa is called the smokehouse because he has all this meat hanging 03/11/21
Bob in Iowa says Rex is a middle aged man making poop jokes, wants him to stop calling 06/08/20
Bob in Jacksonville is slabbergastered over the fixed fight, got run for a Max Baer take 02/24/20
Bob in LA doesn't watch the NBA because it's boring, intrigued by Miami Heat with undrafted players 05/24/23
Bob in LA gets run for singing a I Left My Heart in San Francisco parody 10/15/21
Bob in LA gives props to PGA for becoming the WWE, got run for saying DeChamblow 06/01/21
Bob in LA is fired up over the baseball cheating scandal 01/17/20
Bob in LA is pissed about the MLB deadening the balls 02/23/21
Bob in LA never cared for Tom Brady but now respects him 01/28/21
Bob in LA on the Lincoln Riley press conference and the suspended beat writer, spazzed out and got run 09/20/23
Bob in LA says the Lakers should keep playing LeBron for the fans, they should run his ass down 03/06/19
Bob in Los Angeles gets racked with straight fire on Matt Kuchar 02/15/19
Bob in Richmond gets run for a weird call about the smoker 08/23/18
Bob in Richmond gets run for Kenny Rogers parody 10/28/14
Bob in Wisconsin tells a story about drinking murder hornet infused sake in Japan 05/04/20
Bob Samuelson, bronze metal volleyball player in 92 Olympics, with a story about Charles Oakley 07/28/20
Bobby in Alhambra suggests that Rome's most famous callers (Terence, Fabian, Ray-Ray) are on drugs and wins Huge Call 05/19/14
Bobby in Boise was disappointed that the Lakers didn't win by double digits 05/03/23
Bobby in Brooklyn calls for 2nd day in a row, takes a run at Hawk 06/24/21
Bobby in Brooklyn calls for the first time in 21 years, gets a Golden Ticket 06/23/21
Bobby in Cleveland doesn't think that the Browns will ever win 07/16/19
Bobby in Des Moines gets run for glossing Jeff in Southfield 'The JiS' 04/20/20
Bobby in Des Moines says the Packers got Rodgers some help, with his game show hosting career, gets run 05/03/21
Bobby in Des Moines tries to smack Jeff in Southfield but gets run again 04/21/20
Bobby in Green Bay gets motivation by listening to the David Goggins podcast, lost 45 pounds in 3 months, about to run a marthon 05/18/18
Bobby in Green Bay made a joke about correcting the pronunciation of his name, got run 10/02/18
Bobby in Nashville wants us to know that his boys call him Cracker Jack, Alvie ran him for self gloss 06/06/17
Bobby in Newport Beach is a DA, give insight on Tiger Woods crash investigation 04/07/21
Boston Phinn returns after 16 years, gets run for rambling 02/02/15
Boxing referee Arthur Mercante Jr. calls on the listener line, talks about fights he reffed 04/16/20
BP in H-Town - Calls with blasts on John Denver and horses turning into Alpo 10/01/07
BP in H-Town - Gets credit for introducing bum smack to the Jungle 06/12/08
BP in H-Town Pam Anderson blast 06/20/08
Bracket Man 03/21/08
Brad in Corona 02/02/09
Brad in Corona 04/30/09
Brad in Corona 06/20/22
Brad in Corona and Reaction 06/19/09
Brad in Corona Blasts The Boatie in Pearland Radio Show 04/15/10
Brad in Corona calls after his profile to smack Leff 05/28/19
Brad in Corona calls at the end of the show to respond to Mark in Hollywood 01/04/16
Brad in Corona calls out Big Head for not pronouncing Bengals correctly, predicts the Bengals over the Rams in Super Bowl, gets run for Danny Tanner reference 01/21/22
Brad in Corona compares the Smackoff to a chili cook-off, pimps Cruz Pedregon's hot sauce 06/26/19
Brad in Corona cracks on several characters in the Jungle 09/24/14
Brad in Corona finishes off Matt in LA 10/31/19
Brad in Corona forgives Rome for picking the wrong Smackoff winner, hotel cleaning staff has their work cut out for them in NBA bubble, run for punching clown blast 07/02/20
Brad in Corona Gets Run 04/03/09
Brad in Corona gets run for talking about Greg Normans junk 11/25/20
Brad in Corona got run for a Robert Kraft wang joke 02/26/19
Brad in Corona is the first to RSVP, takes a run at Steve Carbone 05/21/21
Brad in Corona is trying to resolve a schedule conflict for Smackoff, takes a run at Leff's ears 06/30/17
Brad in Corona lets Grant Napear know that his wife is out of his league 10/17/18
Brad in Corona officially RSVP's to the Smackoff, has a message for Chad in LA 07/20/17
Brad in Corona on Doc Rivers oily face and uncircumcised Euros 06/17/08
Brad in Corona on Iafrate, Nick Caserio, and Sean the Cablinasian, RSVPs for Dong Day 06/20/23
Brad in Corona on Silk Brah's campaign and Ritt guest hosting 11/06/20
Brad in Corona on Vic in NoCal, XR4Ti without makeup, Rona routines 04/10/20
Brad in Corona reacts to Matt in LA's call, gets run for Dodger loving boobies blast 10/01/20
Brad in Corona responds to Leff in Laguna, got run for calling Rick a dildo 06/15/20
Brad in Corona responds to Mark in Hollywood and Smackoff Announcement 05/22/14
Brad in Corona responds to Mark in Hollywood, Mark had a great 2020 12/23/20
Brad in Corona responds to Matt in Vancouver, Stucknut odds, Tyler in Edmonton, Hawks tats, Jeff in Richmond, and RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/08/18
Brad in Corona responds to Tyler in Edmonton, got run for turtleneck schmeg reference 03/29/19
Brad in Corona responds to Tyler in Edmonton, thanks Rich Flores, spoils Leffs call with a cameo of Parody Larry 06/20/19
Brad in Corona responds to Vic 03/10/11
Brad in Corona rips the Guns-N-Roses tickets from Mike in Indy 04/08/16
Brad in Corona roasts guest host Brian Webber 11/02/18
Brad in Corona RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/11/13
Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff, reaction to his player profile 06/11/20
Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff, smacks Chad in LA, Mike in Indy, Kaleb, and Team Canada 07/13/18
Brad in Corona says Dong Day is a state of mind, Titanic sub, Jeff from Richmond, run for Dick Boogers joke 06/29/23
Brad in Corona says MLB hired Toobin to check pitchers, gets run, calls back to apologize but gets run again with another Toobs joke 06/24/21
Brad in Corona smacks Adam Hawk for his 2nd anniversary on the show 10/03/18
Brad in Corona smacks Matt in LA, Beaks and Kaleb weight loss challenge, gets run 10/30/19
Brad in Corona takes a run at Silk Brah for being a narc 04/30/20
Brad in Corona talks about meeting the owner of Nation Golf and the promo code he received 05/08/20
Brad in Corona talks Hawk, circumcisions, and Keiths bitchtits 01/24/19
Brad in Corona wants Jack Savage fired, compares Rick in Buffalo to Jackson Mahomes, declares the start of Smackoff season 05/05/23
Brad in Corona wants to renegotiate his contract, wants clones to update their location 05/27/22
Brad in Corona wins Huge Call, takes a run at Ackerman and Leff 01/04/18
Brad in Dana Point thinks Rick was calm from all the running he did, got his anger out 08/28/19
Brad in Detroit - Cal Ripken Sucks 07/12/05
Brad in Detroit tries to take down Gino with Texas sports smack, fails 12/08/11
Brad in Grand Rapids says Michigan loves the Lions no matter what 09/12/17
Brad in Lafayette goes Straight Fire on the Atlanta Fail-Clowns and wins Huge Call 10/08/13
Brad in Massillon says he played against Charles Woodson 02/23/11
Brad in Portland sings a parody 'My In-Laws are Coming to Town' 12/21/20
Brad in the Central Valley doesn't like when his students ask him spelling questions when they could easily Google it 05/13/21
Brad in Upper Marlboro takes a run at Vic but fails 04/07/16
Brad in Youngstown is a longtime Buckeye fan, wants Meyer fired 08/23/18
Brady in Costa Mesa wants to talk about Barnes but was too drunk 09/01/23
Brandon in Cedar Falls calls about the FAU game and unsportsmanlike dunk attempt 03/20/23
Brandon in East Lansing gets run for Harbaugh stained khakis reference 10/23/17
Brandon in Green Bay on the Packers, Jordan Love, and Matt LaFleur 04/30/21
Brandon in Harrisburg on 420 Stoner Christmas 04/14/11
Brandon in Montana mistakenly refers to Eagles owner as Jeffrey Curry and gets clowned 03/26/14
Brandon in New Jersey gets taken off the watch list after taking a run at John in NY and Dan in Denver 06/09/22
Brandon in New Jersey takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, bidet and duvet, Chris in SE Wisco's dynasty, gets on watch list 05/17/22
Brandon in Portland explains 'Portland Woman', reaction from Spencer in Boise and Ann in Portland 05/07/14
Brandon in Wichita is 4 years sober, loves the Reinvention Project 01/27/22
Bransen in Toledo warns Packers fans that the old Bears are back 05/16/23
Brantley in Eugene says Anthony Street Clothes Davis almost blew the game 04/12/23
Brendan in Wilmington Calls in as Barry in Philly 11/11/09
Brendan in Wilmington gets run for stereotypical impression of Tracy McGrady; Rome threatens to block him 04/23/09
Brendan in Wilmington was on hold 5 days 04/08/08
Brendon in H-Town (via the Nati) invited the Houston area clones to listen to Romeageddon from Toby's Lounge 09/28/17
Brent in El Centro wants to talk LeBron and MJ comparisons 04/20/20
Brett F in Mississippi is ready to go back and help the Jets lose again 12/22/20
Brett in SLO thinks the Dodgers are like the early 90's Bills 10/19/20
Brian from 590 clears up Omaha fiasco 01/17/06
Brian in Bakersfield took Rome's advice and put a bet on Patrick Reed 04/09/18
Brian in Bugaha announces the next Jungle Open June 12-14, breaks down the 49ers and Chiefs 01/24/20
Brian in Cleveland talks about Lamar Jackson, wants Alvie to queue Loving Every Minute of It 03/27/23
Brian in Harrisburg is a huge Bills fan, NFL is better with Aaron Rodgers playing 09/12/23
Brian in Maine is a 37 year martial artist with thoughts on the fight 08/22/17
Brian in Maryland does a Russ Wilson impersonation, says he deserves the large contract 04/16/19
Brian in PA - Conor retiring is either for more money or a bigger fight 06/08/20
Brian in San Diego is a paramedic, responds to the story about a sheriff taking pictures at the Kobe crash site 03/03/20
Brian in the ATL 02/07/05
Brian in the ATL on Nolan Smith and the Dawgs 03/03/23
Brian in Wisco says the Brewers are a helluva team 09/27/18
Brian Webber takes calls from Matt in LA, Parody Larry, and Logan in Green Bay 02/04/21
Brice in Charlotte responds to Rome's offer to give away his show and drops a Kaeper-Nickel blast but fails to call back next segment 01/22/14
Brice in Charlotte returns with Pinky and the Brain reset but gets run and clowned 01/23/14
Britton in Raleigh 05/12/05
Broadway Vic in NoCal gets run for cracking on KB 05/20/11
Brock in Tennessee wonders if Darius Slay's trade value was down because of his social media 03/20/20
Brodie in Houston on Chicago and wife slapping 10/25/05
Brook in Orange County - on the BYU Code 03/03/11
Bruce in Baltimore hasn't listened in 5 years, loves Romes recent takes 02/22/23
Bruce in Dallas wants to wish the crew happy holidays, Kevin Greene reminds him of Pat Tillman 12/22/20
Bruce in Detroit with Canada and Stanley Cup smack, gets run 05/02/19
Bruce in Louisiana had a take on Coach O but his phone died 09/07/21
Bruce in Michigan likes Matt Stafford, he never quits, but had bad coaches and receivers 02/01/21
Bruce in Ottawa fools the X4RTi into thinking he was John Niems 01/31/23
Bruno in Chicago 02/18/05
Bryan in Lincoln - no need to be nervous 01/17/18
Bucks reaction and calls from Vincent in Madison, Mike in Wisconsin, Craig in Fond du Lac, and Greg in Appleton 07/21/21
Buddy in North Carolina tells a story about a foul ball that hit a woman at Wrigley, wants more nets 05/30/19
Bugaha-call reaction
Byron in New Orleans talks about racism in sports, Russell Westbrook 03/12/19
Cal in the 906 invites Rome to Upper Michigan, Search Results Web results Yooper's are fat Canadians, stumbles on word and gets run 03/27/20
Cal in Vegas - Adam Hawk looked like he was break dancing instead of jogging, lays out the Smackoff field 03/28/19
Cal in Vegas bids for another Golden Ticket, falls short 01/18/18
Cal in Vegas calls about Conor McGregor, phone dies 08/19/16
Cal in Vegas calls about the Raiders possibly going to Las Vegas, gets run 02/18/16
Cal in Vegas calls and gets forgiven for his previous call 07/27/17
Cal in Vegas calls out tough guy Adam Hawk, smacks Mike McCarthy 11/10/17
Cal in Vegas calls to smack Conor McGregor 12/10/15
Cal in Vegas calls to talk about the Raiders and Charles Barkley 02/02/17
Cal in Vegas finally responds to Jeff Passan 10/14/16
Cal in Vegas on Sarah T, Rick in Buffalo, gets run for Matt in Van butt-chin smack 12/23/20
Cal in Vegas points out the irony that a soccer guy is hosting the Jim Rome show 05/26/17
Cal in Vegas responds to Jeff in Southfield, midwest women look like Popeye, Ritt flicking boogers 04/16/20
Cal in Vegas responds to Jeremy in Green Bay AKA Jere 08/28/20
Cal in Vegas says Rick in Buffalo is his clone, calls Matt - Fat in LA 10/04/18
Cal in Vegas screamed through a Lebron-esque take, got choppered 06/19/19
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Chael Sonnen and Mike in Indy 08/31/18
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Dan in Denver, Matt in Vancouver, and Shey from the Bay 03/02/17
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Kyle Brandt, Mark in Boston, and Matt in Vancouver. Still no Golden Ticket. 07/07/17
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Kyle in Green Bay, Matt in Vancouver, and Steve in HTown
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Mark in Boston and Chad in LA, does not get racked 05/24/17
Cal in Vegas takes a run at the stuttering idiots Team Canada 05/24/19
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Wells in the 360 03/26/21
Cal in Vegas takes another run at Conor McGregor, wins Golden Ticket 01/17/20
Cal in Vegas takes another run at Jeremy in Green Bay, Jere's bank roll is smaller than his penis 09/11/20
Cal in Vegas takes on the Canadian bros, gets run 06/20/19
Cal in Vegas tries calling as Stephen A. in Bristol, gets run 07/19/18
Cal in Vegas tries for a Golden Ticket, smacks the XR4Ti 07/13/18
Cal in Vegas tries to smack Leff but gets run 05/04/18
Cal in Vegas tries to take down the Hack Pack 06/03/16
Cal in Vegas tries to win a Golden Ticket, gets run for farting 07/26/17
Cal in Vegas wants a Golden Ticket, takes a run at Alvie and Notch in LR, run for KY jelly reference 12/07/18
Cal in Vegas wins Golden Ticket with call about what others will do with Smackoff prize money 06/22/15
Cal in Vegas wins his 2nd straight Golden Ticket 06/23/16
Cal in Vegas wonders if Romes crew is from a halfway house, talks about last Smackoff, Matt in LA, wins Masterbuilt smoker and Golden Ticket 01/24/19
Cal Ripken sucks reset 11/08/06
Caleb Cox in Indy, Cruz Pedregon's crew member and longtime Colts season ticket holder with thoughts on Andrew Lucks retirement 08/27/19
Caller Asks Jim What Do You Want?
Caller Chris in Indy was a 2002 Louisville football recruit, knows for sure escorts were brought to parties 10/20/15
Caller does not know who Jay Stew is 05/25/05
Caller Gets Run (Silk like a Turd)
Caller Makes A Couple Of Predictions
Caller Talks About Batman
Callers can all get on the air 03/03/08
Callers from Detroit respond to Gino. Brad, John, and Eric. 09/08/11
Callers John in Windsor and Corey in Missoula get chased out by sharks 06/22/16
Callers not happy with the Bills, Mike and Luigi in Buffalo 11/20/17
Callers respond to Al in Ontario, Grandpa Pat in Vancouver and Grandpa Trench 01/17/19
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Nels in Denver (NBA officiating), Matt in LA (bad connection), Wells in 360 (prescription), Jared in ABQ (Pujols age) 03/04/21
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Rex in ABQ, Ryan in Sacramento (trading cards), Rip in Pittsburgh (UFC), Greg in Morin (Ray Liotta), Fabian in LA (all over the place), Margo in Buffalo (run for singing) 03/04/21
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Scott in Denver (congratulates Mike in Indy), Austin in Omaha (forgets to cancel subscriptions) 03/04/21
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Taylor in Wichita (Rome is a constant in his life), Geoff in British Columbia (Mr. Automatic), Gavin in Illinois (hockey talk), Mark in San Diego (won a 6-foot sub), Parody Larry (Michaels Dad) 03/04/21
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Todd in St. Augustine (run for repeating name), Michael in Oregon (new name for Indians), Tyler in Austin (JJ Watt), Ken in Washington (glad Canada is not calling), Alberto in Austin (Rome in Burning) 03/04/21
Calls about bad breakups from Ron in NY and Chris in Wisconsin 03/20/18
Calls about Daniel Cormier from JR in Oceanside and Matt in New York 08/17/20
Calls about football safety from Nate in Penn and Russell in the Bay Area 12/07/17
Calls about Kobe from Matt in LA, Johnny in Texas, and Jason in Atlanta 01/28/20
Calls about Kobe from Paul in San Diego and Rynell in Oakland 01/28/20
Calls about old tour stops from Blaise in Santa Cruz, Jared in Wisconsin, Jake in Wisconsin, Reggie in San Diego, and Terry in Ventura 04/22/21
Calls about the FInal Four from Aztec and Hurricane fans, Max in San Diego, John in San Diego, and Dave in Miami 03/27/23
Calls and dad jokes from John in Tucson, Fabian in LA, Rusty in Kansas City, Mike in Phoenix, and Andi in Rocklin 12/22/20
Calls from Alan in Virginia and Don in Portland about the origins of 'Pimp in the Box', music chat from Ron in San Antonio 04/13/20
Calls from Alex in Cleveland and Gary in Ponoma 01/02/18
Calls from Barbara in South Carolina, Christina in Grand Rapids, and Jerome in Houston 06/20/21
Calls from Billy in College Station TX (Johnny Manziel impersonator), Adam in Cincinnati (PacMan Jones impersonator), and Aaron in Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers impersonator); all get run 01/15/16
Calls from Blair in Green Bay, Matt in LA, Jacob in NorCal, Tim in Modesto 06/16/17
Calls from Brian in Portland and Eric in Riverside regarding the NBA boycott 08/27/20
Calls from Cliff in Wisconsin, Tracee in Phoenix, Rich in Copyright Hills, and Matt in Vancouver 12/16/19
Calls from Elvis in Miami and Boatie in Pearland 09/11/14
Calls from Fake Fabian (Parody Larry) and Lou in Sacramento 11/13/18
Calls from Frank in PA (enough basketball talk!), Mike in the Bay (Lakers and KCP), Bobby in Redding (wants to annihilate Tom Brady), Veronica in San Diego (stem cells for junk), Johnny in Texas (pimping WoodScopes), Rob in St. Louis (Raiders), Diane in Niagara Falls (Shared Belief) 12/03/20
Calls from Gary in Corvallis and Rob in Reno about fasting 01/21/21
Calls from Jah in Sactown and Nicole in Buffalo 01/02/18
Calls from James in Portland (got run), Scott in NoCal (got racked), and Mark in Lake Havasu 05/05/22
Calls from James in the Bay, Jason in Hawaii (run), Mike in Idaho (won GnR tickets) 06/09/17
Calls from John in Little Rock (bad phone) and Justin in Melbourne, taking a run at Gino in SA 06/02/22
Calls from Josh in Detroit (run), Matt in LA (won GnR tickets), Aaron in Denver, James in South Dakota, Larry in Ohio, Jacob in NorCal (won GnR tickets), Rob in San Diego 06/09/17
Calls from Josh in Detroit, Jacob in NorCal, and Matt in LA. All got run within 1:38 total (new record) 06/08/17
Calls from Josh in Detroit, Parody Larry, and Matt in LA turn into a mini-Hackoff 06/01/17
Calls from Kevin in Pittsburgh (good Nashville smack), Garbage Man Brad (took runs at Jacob, Josh, and James), Ian in Florida, Dylan in Eugene 06/09/17
Calls from Liz in Falls City and Josh in Detroit to close the show 09/28/18
Calls from Luke in Fort Collins, Mike in Little Rock, Rex in ABQ 01/03/18
Calls from Marshall in Newport Beach, Mike in Indy (Smackoff RSVP), Joe in Hollywood, and David in Buffalo 06/26/14
Calls from Randall in DC, Brandon in Tampa, and Mike in Clearwater about the Tampa tour stop 12/21/20
Calls from Sonny in Toronto (rhyme about Earl Thomas, choo choo), JJ in KC (hole in one), Logan in Green Bay (Bucks) 05/07/20
Calls from Spencer in SLC (Bisping podcast), KC in LA (OJ is looking for the real killers), and Dan in Michigan (wants Cam Newton on the Lions) 04/02/20
Calls from the Golden Baked Warrior, Zack in Wisconsin, and John in Shasta 11/17/17
Calls from unhappy Ohio State fans, Susan in Atlanta and Luke in Cleveland 11/06/17
Calls from Will in Richmond (self gloss Tow Truck), Matthew in Ramona (wants Hacksaw impression), and Art in Tennessee (LIV PGA) 06/06/23
Calvin in San Diego resets the San Diego tour stop with Tony Gwynn 12/22/20
Cameron in NYC Gets Run 11/03/09
Camille from Raleigh
Camille or Kamil in Raleigh calls, crew tries to determine if it was a man or woman 01/31/01
Carl in Atlanta is a basketball coach, has a history with the Musselmans 03/23/21
Carl in Rosemead gets run for 'boner in sweatpants' blast 10/05/07
Carter in Scottsdale calls his shot via email, but failed as a caller 04/12/16
Carter in Scottsdale goes too long, gets run 05/16/16
Casey in Green Bay says Mike McCarthy's firing was unprofessional 12/03/18
Casey in Lincoln was on the verge of tears talking about Nebraska football 08/14/18
Casey in Vegas 01/18/05
Casey in Vegas 06/19/08
Casey in Vegas 01/04/05
Casey in Vegas 07/22/05
Casey in Vegas 07/15/04
Casey in Vegas 11/24/04
Cathy in Long Beach 06/04/12
Cecilia in San Diego 04/05/96
Chad in Dove Canyon 04/05/96
Chad in LA apologizes for his last Smackoff call, takes a run at Kaleb, Benny, DLC, and Brad 06/14/19
Chad in LA calls about the Spurs/Thunder game and Brad in Corona 05/03/16
Chad in LA calls and gets racked, Phil in Sonoma calls and gets run 07/28/16
Chad in LA calls to respond to Brad, Rome interrupts with live coverage of the OJ parole hearing 07/20/17
Chad in LA calls with a story about Najeh in his dorm room closet 03/15/18
Chad in LA calls with a take on Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills 09/15/16
Chad in LA calls with his Christmas wish list; Rome promises to put his call into The Daily Jungle 12/16/16
Chad in LA doesn't want Romo in Denver, has ideas for Raiders players in Las Vegas 03/10/17
Chad in LA finally gets over the hump, wins a Golden Ticket 06/22/16
Chad in LA gets run for a bad phone connection 04/21/17
Chad in LA gets run with an early Dong Day call 06/21/23
Chad in LA gives the Golden Ticket another shot 05/11/16
Chad in LA is calling his shot for the next Smackoff 09/11/17
Chad in LA is not happy about his placement in the Stucknut odds 06/01/18
Chad in LA jumps in last second to respond to Mark in Hollywoods call 10/21/16
Chad in LA responds to all of the haters 06/09/16
Chad in LA responds to Brad and Leff, has a take on Brett Favre 06/30/17
Chad in LA responds to Cal in Vegas, gives him a taste of his own medicine, gets racked 05/24/17
Chad in LA RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Kaleb, gets dumped 07/13/18
Chad in LA smacks on Kaleb, does an impression of Kaleb's mom, sings Brian Adams parody, and it irritates Kyle Brandt 06/08/16
Chad in LA takes a run at a few clones, Herbert the pervert impression, won Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/15/16
Chad in LA takes a run at Leff in Laguna and Vic in NoCal 04/28/17
Chad in LA takes a run at Mark in Hollywood's giant head 10/20/16
Chad in LA takes a run at Tom Brady's jawbooty, gets run for saying Iafrate has low hanging fruit 01/19/18
Chad in LA tries to take a run at Brad in Corona 04/21/16
Chad in Lake Charles is asking for help after Hurricane Laura destroyed his city 09/03/20
Chad in Philly said he was Philly just to get on the radio so he could talk about Jordan Love 05/15/23
Chad in Portland 09/27/07
Chad in Portland 01/14/09
Chad in Portland 06/26/09
Chad in Portland - Alvin parody song 'One Shining Alvin' 03/17/09
Chad in Portland - It's Magic parody for Magic Johnson, looking to tap another hoe 05/22/08
Chad in Portland and reaction 07/16/07
Chad in Portland and reaction 10/26/07
Chad in Portland announces that he works for the Portland Jim Rome affiliate, gets run for calling Mike in Wichita a pedophile 07/25/08
Chad in Portland calls about Shanny and the Broncos, message for Stucknut losers, Milli Vanilli parody for Mike in Wichita, Sir Mix-a-Lot for J-Stew, Madonna for JD in Nashville 10/10/07
Chad in Portland calls before Jim Rome's Portland appearance 10/30/09
Chad in Portland calls out Mike in Wichita, Shania Twain parody for JD in Nashville 10/17/07
Chad in Portland smacks Brendan in Wilmington, JD in Nashville, and Stucknut - Color Me Badd parody for Kyle Brandt 04/15/08
Chad in Portland takes a run at the Dallas Cowboys 08/10/07
Chad in Portland talks about Brandon Roy, Jamie Lynn Spears smack, parody for Terence 12/19/07
Chad in Portland v Mike in Wichita 09/20/07
Chad in Portland wants the Patriots to go undefeated, Reggie Theus is Cheryl Miller, Toto - Rosanna parody 12/06/07
Chad in Portland with Prince reference 09/12/07
Chad in Portland, known emailer, calls for first time, gets racked 06/29/07
Chad in Virginia ran the LA Marathon in 4 hours even though he smoked, ended the Run Streak at 8 callers 03/18/19
Chael Sonnen calls to respond to CM Punk interview 12/18/14
Chael vs Mike Promo, Call from Mike in Indy 06/20/12
Charlie in Coronado Island is a longtime Chargers fan, compared them to Michigan 01/14/19
Charlie in Goochland is worried about his kids spying while he and his wife are wrestling 09/14/17
Charlie in Lawrence calls with a 14 second challenge 03/02/15
Charlie in Madison just got a new cable service and was really excited to see Jim Rome 02/18/19
Charlie in South Bend RSVP's to the Snackoff 06/08/20
Charlie no longer in South Bend calls about his favorite sport, competitive eating 07/21/16
Chase in Houston talks about the old H-Town tour stop at the horse track 07/26/18
Chino in Buffalo calls to let Jim know that it's Chino in Buffalo 04/14/16
Chip in Arizona is confused about the Smackoff, tried to RSVP for he and his wife 06/21/18
Chip in Ohio - Tom Brady made a big mistake, he'll be out of his comfort zone 03/17/20
Choda in Houston doesn't think Derek Carr will be ready for Mexico City 11/17/16
Chris from Cougar High 04/27/05
Chris from Cougar High 07/26/05
Chris from Cougar High - Doesnt Fall for J-Stews Trick 04/18/05
Chris from the North told the screener that he was winning the Smackoff today, says 'Jim' at least a hundred times 05/16/16
Chris in Arkansas talks about the Chiefs, wants them to face the Browns in the AFC championship game 12/07/20
Chris in Buffalo calls with a horrible poem 11/12/15
Chris in Cleveland - Meat Whistle
Chris in Destin has been listening since 2003, doesn't like Jeff in San Antonio, imitates Jim in Fall Rivers call 11/16/18
Chris in East Bay is a search and rescue guy calling BS on Curtis' story 06/27/19
Chris in Houston was inspired by the Eddie Olczyk interview 03/04/19
Chris in KC likes the Marcus Peters trade 02/26/18
Chris in KC self-glossed himself velvet, but Rome knew it was done on purpose 11/16/18
Chris in Michigan doesn't really like sports but loves the show 05/25/21
Chris in Missouri tells Dave Denholm a story about plunging a toilet with his hand, gets a red card 08/01/17
Chris in Nashville Wars Himself 05/17/05
Chris in New England waited on hold for 87 minutes, chowd talked about the Pats 01/22/19
Chris in Oshkosh gets run using a four-letter bomb in his call; Rome pulls the plug on All-Wisconsin Radio 11/17/14
Chris in Oshkosh wants Rome to shoot bottle rockets at the geese 07/12/21
Chris in Sacramento tries to win a Golden Ticket with a rap, gets on the watch list 06/07/16
Chris in San Diego wants an update on Jungle Racing 05/31/23
Chris in San Jose has a friend named Kenny Rogers, Antonio Brown has a connection with Bruce Arians 03/23/20
Chris in SE Wisco claims that Jeff in Richmond has been eating Jay Cutler's chickens, wins a Golden Ticket 06/29/20
Chris in SE Wisco doesn't like the Twitter trolls smacking Clayton Kershaw 10/13/20
Chris in SE Wisco finishes off Slurome in Houston 09/29/20
Chris in SE Wisco gets racked with a take about Hawk and Flight Deck fighting 02/15/21
Chris in SE Wisco is ready for the Smackoff, talks Aaron Rodgers 05/20/21
Chris in SE Wisco isn't happy that CBS preempts the TV show 09/28/21
Chris in SE Wisco on Aaron Rodgers 11/07/22
Chris in SE Wisco on Aaron Rodgers and the spoiled Packers fanbase 07/20/21
Chris in SE Wisco on clones name-dropping Rome, Silk Brah and Cal in Vegas 12/23/20
Chris in SE Wisco on Cowboys coach McCarthy not using the challenge flag, gets racked 01/04/21
Chris in SE Wisco on fans fighting in stadiums 08/24/21
Chris in SE Wisco on Jeff in Richmond, Silk Brah, and Brad in Corona 06/23/20
Chris in SE Wisco on local legend Tyler Herro's journey to the NBA 09/24/20
Chris in SE Wisco on Oscar De La Hoya and addictions, would like to watch Hawk vs Reiter play tennis 08/20/20
Chris in SE Wisco on Ricky in Tampa, throw hips - not hands, wins a Golden Ticket 04/27/22
Chris in SE Wisco on the JTP and Silk Brah 04/21/23
Chris in SE Wisco on the Packers loss to the Vikings, gets racked 11/02/20
Chris in SE Wisco responds to Brandon in New Jersey, RSVP's to the Smackoff and gets racked 05/20/22
Chris in SE Wisco responds to Johnny in Texas, gets run for gerbil smack 01/08/21
Chris in SE Wisco responds to Kathleen, wants Ritts kickball league on tv 01/13/22
Chris in SE Wisco says Cam Newton and the Patriots are going to shred the division 09/04/20
Chris in SE Wisco says Jeff in Richmond played the bugle at the Kentucky Derby, Cal in Vegas was supposed to be a jockey, gets racked 05/03/21
Chris in SE Wisco says the Packers are full of excuses, takes a run at Jeremy in Green Bay, gets racked 01/25/21
Chris in SE Wisco takes a run at everybody, gets run 06/17/20
Chris in SE Wisco takes a run at Jeff from Richmond and Eric in Orlando 05/03/23
Chris in SE Wisco takes a run at the CloneStock in HB, gets invited to the Smackoff 02/03/22
Chris in SE Wisco takes a run at V in the Fee, gets on the watchlist 05/22/23
Chris in SE Wisco talks about Tom Brady's meltdown after the pick 6 09/17/20
Chris in SE Wisco thinks the Lakers brass should cater to JR Smith 07/21/20
Chris in SE Wisco wants a player profile, feels disrespected, RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/07/21
Chris in SE Wisco wants Packer Nation to relax, Rodgers is not going to the Jets, gets racked 03/10/23
Chris in SE Wisco wants to put V's Golden Ticket in a wood-chipper 06/14/23
Chris in SE Wisco was passed down the curse of being a Bears fan from his dad, ready for them to clean the house 11/30/20
Chris in SE Wisco will free up time for Rome to interview him, gets racked 02/26/21
Chris in SE Wisco with thoughts on Ritt's segment 10/14/21
Chris In St. Pete 12/17/10
Chris in St. Pete says Tom Brady is an egotistical ass 04/21/20
Chris in Toronto calls to smack Cal in Vegas but gets run for going long, choppered 05/28/20
Chris in Toronto has a take on Leff's gimmicks 06/18/20
Chris in Toronto on The Last Dance, Cal in Vegas, Matt in Vancouver and Johnny Scabs appearance on the Stucknut Radio Smackoff Odds show, got chased by sharks 05/18/20
Chris in Toronto on the Washington Redskins and Paw Patrol, still on watch list 06/11/20
Chris in Toronto takes a run at Matt in LA, Leff in Laguna and Vic in NoCal, wins a Golden Ticket 05/14/20
Chris in Toronto thanks Rome for using his platform for change, says if you're uncomfortable with the topic, welcome to our world 06/02/20
Chris in Toronto with a take on the Last Dance, gets on the Smackoff watch list 05/11/20
Chris in West Virginia has a YouTube show, talked about Nick Diaz 09/23/21
Chris in Wisconsin talks Packers and Brewers, it's an amazing time in Wisco 10/16/18
Chris in Wisconsin witnessed an old dude win a push-up contest at a bar 09/15/20
Chris no longer in St Pete tries to call but flames. Rome suggests that he sticks to Twitter. 04/03/15
Christian in Maine and Fabian in LA get run back-to-back with GD blasts 03/10/20
Christian in Maine gets run for a take about the Cowboys and Patriots owners 11/21/19
Christian in Maine gets run for dildo reference (allegedly) 08/19/19
Christian in Maine got run for referring to Buffalos NFL as the Billdos 08/31/18
Christian in Maine is a tree farmer, has an idea for Rome's bird problem 09/22/21
Christian in Maine says the Red Sox are going to bring it like Hope Solo 10/19/21
Christian in Maine says there is no way the Canadian power couple Myler will win the Smackoff 06/27/18
Christian in Maine's 7 month year old nephew has seen more championships than the city of LA has seen in 17 years 02/04/19
Christine in Vermont didn't get the memo that all Canadians are fit and skinny, says they are fat slobs 06/12/20
Christopher in New England is not calling to gloat, the Rams will be back, he's taking his Jaguar to the casino to parlay his winnings 02/04/19
Christopher in Wisco wants Rome to stop promoting his state 08/16/18
Chuck in Phoenix 05/10/05
Chuck in Phoenix - Philly Women Have Hooves and Rebuttal 11/01/05
Chuck in Phoenix didn't like Javiers in Vegas 08/14/23
Chuck in Temple (Corky blast) 01/12/11
Chuck in Western New York thinks the dumacrats will squeeze Krafts genitals real hard to see the video, also talked Steelers 03/21/19
CJ in Oxnard had to let the clones know that Terrence doesn't represent the rest of Oxnard 02/23/17
CJ in Oxnard lays out the entire history of Guns-N-Roses and the Jungle, might be longest bad call ever 04/12/16
CJ in the Bay Area thinks the Dodgers are a cute little story but will choke 10/11/17
CJ in the Bay calls out the Smackoff circle of friends, loses his Golden Ticket 04/23/21
CJ in the Bay calls with facts on Silk Brah, Buffalo, and Chris in SE Wisco, gets his Golden Ticket back 05/05/21
CJ in the Bay coins the term Breff for Brad and Leff, gets run 06/23/21
CJ in the Bay goes after Rick in Buffalo, Silk Brah, and Brad in Corona 05/28/21
CJ in the Bay is annoyed that Gavin is on the Smackoff watch list, gives LA 3/4 credit for championships during Covid 04/02/21
CJ in the Bay is not quitting the show, apologizes to Rome, smacks Silk and Wells, gets racked 09/10/21
CJ in the Bay lays out the Jungle Mount Bitchmore, gets on the watchlist 04/09/21
CJ in the Bay on Gavin in Illinois, Chris in SE Wisco, and Silk Brah 06/09/21
CJ in the Bay responds to James in Portland's golden ticket call, gets run 07/23/21
CJ in the Bay says Dodgers have a half championship, hella smack on Buffalo 05/19/21
CJ in the Bay takes a run at Brad in Corona, Rick in Buffalo, and Matt in LA, gets choppered again 06/18/21
CJ in the Bay takes a run at Matt in LA and Silk Brah 04/14/21
CJ in the Bay wins a Golden Ticket with more Matt in LA smack 04/21/21
CJ in Wichita doesn't like the Marcus Peters trade 02/26/18
CL in SoCal - Jackass caller - Rudy Galindo Blast (Jason Stewart) 04/07/2000
Clark in Boston calls with a take on Big Papi, gets run 09/22/16
Claude in Texas is a USPS worker and is tired of bailing out other delivery services, blow it out your arse you Johnny-come-lately bitches 12/11/15
Clem in Chicago
Clem in Cleveland calling WKNR
Cleveland Browns fans react to the Kareem Hunt signing - Scott in Nashville, Daniel in Wichita, Corey in Youngstown, and Lou in Cleveland 02/11/19
Cliff in Los Angelas 05/10/05
Cliff in Wisco got run for repeating his name 01/04/22
Cliff in Wisco says the worst rule in sports was the tuck rule 01/18/21
Cliff in Wisco with a take on the Raiders 12/19/19
Cliff in Wisco with the first flameout of 2020 01/02/20
Cliff in Wisconsin - Frank Gore is a warrior 11/25/19
Clint in Bakersfield wants his Vikings to play like the Vi-Kings and not Vi-Queens 09/20/23
Clone reaction to Trapper's passing, call from Silk Brah 01/26/21
Clones' reaction to Madison Rising; Charlie in Kansas City wins Huge Call for suggesting that NASCAR fans should rush the stage and kill the band 02/25/14
Coby in Austin wants only Americans in the Smackoff, Rome removes him from the watch list 06/17/16
Colby in Austin says that Larry Brown is only known for that time in Houston, Rome corrects him 07/08/16
Colton in Boise wants to remind everyone that it's the Jungle, not the 'clones running the show' show 02/04/21
Connor in Dallas - stumbled through a parody call 10/19/18
Connor in San Diego gets run for bad Belechick impression 12/17/20
Conor in Philly with a question about McGregor and Pacquiao 10/15/20
Conor in San Diego talks about the Roger Lodge podcast, Dan Wetzel article, got run for Private Winslow blast 05/24/19
Conor in Vegas (Vic in NoCal) responds to Brad in Coronas call, gets racked 10/05/18
Conor in Vegas calls the new guy Snakeman and Phil Collins 04/30/19
Conor in Vegas checks in after the fight 08/30/17
Conrad in Houston thanks Rome for talking about social justice, murder shouldn't be politicized 08/25/20
Corey in Ann Arbor 06/04/07
Corey in Ann Arbor 11/16/07
Corey in Ann Arbor 07/22/08
Corey in Ann Arbor calls to talk Michigan and Big 10 football 11/20/18
Corey in Ann Arbor ERR Detroit 06/22/05
Corey in Ann Arbor has a Merkur story too 01/10/18
Corey in Buffalo Call and Reaction 01/05/11
Corey in Ohio wanted to talk about overrated Dak Prescott but Alvie dropped the hammer 09/30/19
Corey in Oregon is a Cowboys fan, Dak and Zeke got too much credit 11/06/18
Corey in Tampa played for Ricky's team when he coached the Tampa Turtlenecks 04/26/22
Coronavirus related calls from Mike in Vallejo, Shane in Iowa, and John in Las Vegas 03/12/20
Cory in Ann Arbor 04/18/08
Craig in Buffalo flames out 09/23/11
Craig in Omaha thanks Rome for keeping the conversation going, shares his experiences 06/02/20
Craig in Pineville 02/05/09
Craig in Vancouver talks NHL playoffs, Kraken and Bruins, debalacle 05/01/23
Crazy Charlie in Nashville calls on his way to the arena 06/05/17
Crowley in Buffalo said CJ's call was the most scripted call ever 04/23/21
Cruz Pedregon calls as possible 3rd guest, talks about upcoming races and Raiders 10/24/17
Cruz Pedregon calls to talk about the Antonio Brown trade, wants to defend Gruden 03/11/19
Cruz Pedregon checks in after winning the NGK Four-Wide Nationals 04/30/18
Crystal in S.F. - Boom. Outta Here 06/03/08
Curt in New Hampshire wants the NFL to be more violent like the old Raiders 01/05/21
Curt in Sacramento with hunger smack 06/22/06
Curtis in Morro Bay calls back to give more information about the rescue 06/27/19
Curtis in Morro Bay tells a story about being rescued at Big Sur after sending a message in a a bottle 06/26/19
Curtis Morro Bay wonders if Kyrie Irving will sign with the Lakers next season 01/17/19
Dalton in Sacramento has a story similar to Rome and his father 01/16/20
Damacio in ABQ called Kyle in Green Bay and Mark in Hollywood bums, got run 07/09/18
Damacio in ABQ tries to jump from Twitter to phone, gets run for sloppy seconds blast 06/22/18
Damian Lillard game winner reaction, calls from Lance, David, and Adam in Portland 04/24/19
Damon Amendolara @DAonCBS responds to Matt in LA 12/13/18
Damon Amendolara goes all in on Matt in LA again, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/31/19
Damon in Santa Maria says its not too late for the Dodgers 10/25/18
Dan from Crapchester-Bugaha blast 02/08/06
Dan from DC RSVPs for the Smackoff 06/26/14
Dan in Buffalo got run for asking Rome 'is this Jim?' 12/09/19
Dan in Buffalo responds to Vic in NoCal, claims that the Bills will beat the Patriots and win the division 12/19/19
Dan in DC 05/04/09
Dan in DC - Bison Dele True Story
Dan in DC RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
Dan in DC RSVP's to the Smackoff 07/26/17
Dan in Denver 06/21/22
Dan in Denver - Email, Call, Reaction. Remember the name. 04/10/14
Dan in Denver - Jon Lester can't throw to 1st, got run for Le Batard personal appearance smack 03/05/18
Dan in Denver - Keith is the tonsil of the XR4Ti, we can see him but don't know what he does 05/17/19
Dan in Denver calls about Kyle in GB, Luke in Fort Collins and the Golden Ticket holders, and Robinson Cano 05/15/18
Dan in Denver calls out Matt in LA 12/20/16
Dan in Denver calls to smack on Rick in Buffalo, Rome didn't like the wife smack 02/18/17
Dan in Denver calls with his Mount Rushmore of male unit slip pics, gets shame bell 08/06/15
Dan in Denver checks in with a call strong enough to keep his Golden Ticket 06/23/17
Dan in Denver committed Golden Ticket suicide with a Mike and Chael joke 07/16/18
Dan in Denver Gets Golden Ticket 04/20/17
Dan in Denver glosses himself the Wolverine, takes a run at Jacob in NorCal and Kaleb in Green Bay 03/22/17
Dan in Denver goes after Matt in Vancouver, has a take on Gold's Gym in Venice Beach 06/28/18
Dan in Denver has a rant on Iafrate and Trevor Pryce 11/06/18
Dan in Denver has thoughts on Joe Flacco joining the Broncos 02/13/19
Dan in Denver has thoughts on the Waltons wanting to buy the Broncos, gets on the watchlist 06/06/22
Dan in Denver is tired on Matt in LA, has a candy suggestion for him 11/04/16
Dan in Denver mocks Matt in Vancouvers 25 second masterpiece call 03/28/19
Dan in Denver on Cal in Vegas, Mark in Boston, and Chris in Toronto 05/15/20
Dan in Denver on ESPN corn hole, Chael Sonnen smack, gets racked 06/23/21
Dan in Denver on the NFL virtual draft, keeps Smackoff invite 04/23/20
Dan in Denver puts his Golden Ticket on the line 05/04/17
Dan in Denver responds to Cal in Vegas, gets racked 03/02/17
Dan in Denver responds to Kyle in Green Bay 03/15/18
Dan in Denver responds to Matt in Vancouver and Kaleb in Green Bay 05/02/19
Dan in Denver responds to Rick in Buffalo 10/09/17
Dan in Denver responds to Rick in Buffalo with old man smack 03/09/17
Dan in Denver responds to Sean's Smackoff profile, smacks Jeff in Southfield 06/10/20
Dan in Denver responds to Silk Brah, substitute teacher smack 01/07/19
Dan in Denver responds to the Cablinasians Smackoff profile 06/10/19
Dan in Denver responds to Tyler in Edmonton, gets another Smackoff invite 06/11/21
Dan in Denver runs smack at the XR4Ti crew members 06/16/17
Dan in Denver says Chaels call sucked, doesn't regret giving up his Golden Ticket 07/23/18
Dan in Denver says the Lakers can't even lose correctly 04/13/17
Dan in Denver smacks on Sam Darnold, gets run for saying Rick in Buffalo has a 2-inch pipe 08/24/17
Dan in Denver smacks the Oracle Arena, comes up short for Golden Ticket 06/01/18
Dan in Denver smoked the entire XR4Ti crew, won a Masterbuilt smoker 01/23/18
Dan in Denver takes a run at Adam Hawk 12/12/17
Dan in Denver takes a run at James in the Bay, interviews Joey Vendetta for Smackoff call cameo 06/09/17
Dan in Denver takes a run at Matt in Vancouver, reassures his Smackoff invite 05/13/20
Dan in Denver takes a run at Mike in Little Rock, the Nooch 02/06/19
Dan in Denver takes a run at the Browns, Sam Darnold, and TeamBake 01/04/18
Dan in Denver takes another run at Hawk and the XR4Ti crew 06/21/18
Dan in Denver talks about Brad's winning call, got run for saying war Woodscopes because you would need a scope to see that wood 07/24/18
Dan in Denver talks about not getting in the Smackoff, smacks Mark in Bostons call 06/22/20
Dan in Denver the Wolverine takes a run at the guest hosts and Adam Hawk, gets red card 07/10/17
Dan in Denver thinks Elway and his soft Broncos should sign Kaepernick 11/21/17
Dan in Denver tries to win a Golden Ticket, gets denied for too much personal appearance smack 05/31/18
Dan in Denver wants to talk basketball, gets run for calling Draymond a donkey 04/05/17
Dan in Denver wins a Golden Ticket, smacks Rick in Buffalo and Matt in Vancouver 02/21/19
Dan in Denver wins another Golden Ticket 07/11/18
Dan in Denver with Sam Darnold mole smack 04/27/18
Dan in Denver's unedited call about Stucknut and the Beatles that got dumped 09/12/18
Dan in Denver, the Wolverine, takes shots at soccer, gets a red card 05/26/17
Dan in Detroit gets run 05/20/05
Dan in Encinitas wants to wish Canadian clones a Happy Thanksgiving, gets run for using lame smack 10/05/18
Dan in Indianapolis gets high before climbing a ladder to trim trees 04/20/20
Dan in Indy took the day of for Smackoff, ready to listen to the show live 06/29/23
Dan in Madison says its a great time to be a sports fan in Wisconsin 09/25/19
Dan in Memphis calls to talk Urban Meyer and Earle Bruce, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/27/18
Dan in Michigan cannot believe that the Pistons dropped to the 5th pick after tanking, thinks its a conspiracy 05/17/23
Dan in Michigan doesn't believe that Carmelo's life would've been different if drafted by Pistons 03/30/20
Dan in Michigan has another issue with his neighbor that leaves his trashcans out 04/20/20
Dan in Michigan on Reggie in the OC, Kyle in Green Bay, and Cal in Vegas 05/18/20
Dan in Michigan on UFC 249 and Sarah T. 05/11/20
Dan in Michigan talks about the Udonis Haslem interview 04/06/20
Dan in Michigan with a breakdown of the NFL draft, grades the Lions and Jaguars with a B+ 04/27/20
Dan in Nocal asks about which colleges Rome's kids will be going to 05/21/18
Dan in Sacramento let his girlfriend borrow his Audi and she won't give it back 09/14/17
Dan in San Diego asks an ATP, best call ever, resets Terence in Sierra Madre 10/09/19
Dan in San Diego has 4 reason why the 49ers will beat Dallas 01/14/22
Dan in San Diego is an old school listener. says Rome is the soundtrack to his adulthood 10/07/19
Dan in San Diego questions how Tom Brady could let Antonio Brown stay in his house 09/12/19
Dan in Seattle tries to win a Golden Ticket 07/27/17
Dan in South Carolina with a take on the fat lady that smuggled a gun into a baseball stadium 08/30/23
Dan in Spokane is non-athletic, but good looking, wanted to be a guest. He got run. 10/24/17
Dan in Syracuse has a weird joke about Patton Oswalt and Monica Seles 01/18/18
Dan in Tampa plus reaction 04/18/06
Dane in Kimberly RSVP's for the 2012 Hackoff 05/07/12
Dane in Wisconsin - Called on 420 while high - Lorena Bobbitt blast 04/20/12
Dane in Youngstown - Defends Coach Sarkisian, tells Rome it must be a slow news day 08/25/15
Daniel in Houston wants to defend Matt Stanford's wife 08/31/23
Daniel in Wichita calls with job ideas for Silk Brah, gets run for stumbling on Drizzle smack 06/09/20
Danielle in Fort Collins and reaction 10/04/07
Danika in Jacksonville calls about the Jaguars Bills game 01/08/18
Danika in Jacksonville on Peyton Manning destroying the Jags, Blaine Gabbert so bad that the fans miss David Garrard 10/10/13
Danika in Jacksonville previews the Steelers Jaguars playoff game 01/12/18
Danika in Jacksonville says the tenderoni’s look for her now, never gave up on Trevor Lawrence 01/16/23
Danika in Jacksonville thinks Lebron should be the MVP 05/17/18
Danika in Jacksonville wants Minshew because he better represents the sinners of Duval, they drink beer, slam fireballs, and like to bump uglies - Wins Golden Ticket 12/03/19
Danika in Jacksonville was ruined after the draft in Cleveland, still has a couple of days to rack up her body count 04/30/21
Danika in Jacksonville will go to the games, get drunk, find a little Tinderoni for the night and ruin him, wins a Golden Ticket for 2018 Smackoff 08/18/17
Danika in Jacksonville wins a Golden Ticket with a call about Urban Meyer's firing 12/16/21
Danine in LA thinks Aaron Rodgers will be ok because Clay Mathews will protect him 12/13/17
Daphne in Las Vegas has a straight fire take on Jason Witten 02/28/19
Darin in Boise @MTBDarin talks about Cruz Pedregons bid for Bell Athlete of the Year, gets call dumped during his war 12/05/18
Darius in Tucson is a longtime Raiders fan, says they are done with Derek Carr 02/15/23
Darren in Green Bay with an awesomely awesome call about Aaron Freaking Rodgers 10/09/17
Darren in Illinois and his 'Kinda Weird' Huge Call 04/18/17
Darren in Illinois calls about the Bucks and more Giannis arm length smack 02/06/19
Darren in Illinois has thoughts on the Bucks firing Jason Kidd, more long arm smack 01/24/18
Darren in Illinois wants us to know that Giannis Antetokounmpo has really long arms 11/16/17
Darren part 2 04/24/06
Darrent Williams shot dead with Orrin in Denver call 01/02/07
Darryl in Lincoln in a Broncos fan, Elway needs to find a different quarterback 10/21/19
Dave in Amarillo is a long time caller, first time listener, bold prediction that series that will go to 8 games 10/31/17
Dave in Arizona wants Rome to start a female jockey college 07/20/23
Dave in Berea is a Clemson grad, hungover, compared Saban to Blanche from the Golden Girls 01/08/19
Dave in Berea won the inaugural Jungle Open 07/22/19
Dave in Boise loves what Baker Mayfield is doing on and off the field 11/27/18
Dave in Cambridge - Pizza Union
Dave in Charleston 05/13/05
Dave in Chicago calls to discuss Russell Wilson's miracle water to prevent concussions 08/27/15
Dave in Chicago hurried through a call so he couldn't get run, but he got run 08/15/18
Dave in Denver calls about Fantasy Neckcar, Rome rants 02/12/97
Dave in Detroit is expecting big things from the Lions, calls out Gino in San Antonio 09/19/17
Dave in Green Bay talks about the watch party at his bar, walks back prediction 06/29/23
Dave in Greenville calls about the Clemson championship, gets racked for new errrr soundbite 01/11/17
Dave in Lake Tahoe heard Rome talking about BitCoin so he called to talk about coin collecting, clones react 06/04/19
Dave in Las Vegas AKA G-Money calls about the Nice Hockey League, sneaks in self-gloss at the end, Alvie takes a minute to react 05/29/18
Dave in Malibu wants a Niems reset of Michael's Dad 04/29/20
Dave in Michigan thinks Rome's prediction of Penguins over Capitals is a conspiracy. Claims Alvin edited the audio. 05/11/17
Dave in Orchard Park confirms that it really was Damar Hamlin at the game 01/24/23
Dave in Orchard Park works for the Bills, talks about how cold the game will be 01/14/22
Dave in Placentia 04/05/96
Dave in Placentia 02/18/05
Dave in Raleigh 03/15/05
Dave in Sacramento has a daughter playing basketball on scholarship, says she can break the clones ankles 02/14/17
Dave in Saint Louis 04/30/08
Dave in Saint Louis Non Hunter 10/18/07
Dave in Saint Louis-Non Hunter 06/21/07
Dave in Santa Barbara has only shed tears twice, when he married his wife and when the Chiefs won the AFC Championship 01/20/20
Dave in Seminole FL calls with crying baby in the background and gets run for Pinkhead blast on Peyton Manning 01/09/15
Dave in St Louis calls with opinion on Smackoff, Rome rants 06/01/12
Dave in St Louis calls, gets invited back to the Smackoff 05/09/13
Dave in St Louis Non-Hunter 04/27/11
Dave in St Louis Non-hunter calls with takes on Cardinals, Joe Torre, and Jim Harbaugh - Wins Huge Call 10/13/15
Dave in St. Louis (the non-hunter) announces that his daughter has recovered from her concussion, cracks on Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald 09/11/14
Dave in St. Louis (the non-hunter) doubtful for the Smackoff due to his daughter suffering complications from a concussion 06/19/14
Dave in St. Louis announces that he has his own radio show, identifies the members of the Midwest Mafia 03/06/14
Dave in St. Louis calls, gets invited to Smackoff 04/30/12
Dave in Tucson talks about the upcoming Patriots wildcard game 01/03/20
Dave in Vegas AKA G-Money run for self gloss, wins Masterbuilt smoker 08/30/17
Dave no longer in Albany calls SNR 06/05/08
Dave Who's No Longer in Albany 04/20/11
David in Appleton warns Rome about trying to eat healthy at taverns 06/24/21
David in Green Bay agrees on Space Jam 2, Milwaukee Bucks, gets run for being all over the place 04/25/23
David in Green Bay says the Lakers aren't flying under the radar, Giannis is more efficient 03/09/20
David in Green Bay was at Tour Stop #5, resets Bill Plaschke 05/03/21
David in Milwaukee listened to Rome while in prison, dropped some old school Jungle knowledge 09/03/19
David in Milwaukee responds to Trapper, wants to set the record straight 09/05/19
David in New Mexico has a beef with the Yankees and Brian Cashman 04/26/23
David in Santa Clara was embarrassed to be at the Oakland tour stop, says the Raiders suck, gets racked 12/18/20
David in Tampa is an Atlanta native that took the Bulldogs loss really hard 01/09/18
David in Wisconsin played celebrity softball with Favre and Rodgers 03/14/18
Dean in Hunington Beach 03/03/06
Dean in Maryland wanted to call out Joe Flacco for not helping Lamar Jackson's development 11/27/18
Dean in San Antonio on Coach Pop sticking around long enough to get another elite prospect 05/17/23
Deangelo in Berkeley hates the SF Giants so he's rooting for the Dodgers 10/25/17
Deangelo in Berkeley says Lavar Ball is a great dad, and if you disagree, you need to jump off a cliff head first 10/26/17
Deb in Melbourne watches the CBS pregame show because Rome is the life of the party 03/25/20
Dee in Queens is taking Clemson in the championship game 01/13/20
Dee in Sierra Madre calls after getting drunk at Starbucks 01/26/12
Deech in Oakland is a bar owner (The Miranda) calling from the parade. He also tells a story about legend Alvie. 06/15/17
Deech in Oakland is hosting a Smackoff watch party 05/16/18
Deech in Oakland is hosting a Smackoff watch party at Fort Green, talked about last years event 06/05/19
Deech in Oakland reminds the bay area clones to watch the Smackoff at his bar, Fort Green 07/18/18
Deech in Oakland talks about the old Sacramento Tour Stop 04/18/22
Demetrius in Oakland gets run for warring Ernie and Bert being gay; Rome goes off on a rant 02/24/05
Denlesks poem 'Very Merry Jungle Christmas Story' and a call from Trapper in Dana Point 12/21/17
Denlesks poem for World Poetry day followed by 3 run calls from Parody Larry, Matt in LA, and Doctor Dave in Chicago 03/21/17
Dennis in Madison
Dennis in Mass claims to be king of NY Giants football, the future is bright, clones get onto Alvie for not running him 01/16/23
Derek in Idaho weighs in on Russia allowing drugs at World Cup, gets run 03/02/18
Derek in North Carolina claims he will put the clones on notice, wants more hockey talk, gets run 09/25/19
Derek in Wisconsin offers to help Jake move 08/27/19
Derrick in Arkansas asks Rome about sports betting vs horse betting 03/12/21
Derrick in Boise says Baker Mayfield saw a sign from God that he is the messiah 03/04/21
Derrick in Green Bay says everyone is pumped for the new era of the Packers 10/21/19
Derrick in OKC says Thunder fans are starting to question Russ's antics 04/24/19
Derrick in Salem - Drake needs to respect the Warriors, Golden State in 5 06/03/19
Detective Dan in Buffalo says running sucks, Hawk should lift weights instead, got run 03/19/19
Devin in Boise 09/11/07
Devin in Boise - Going to listen to Rush Limbaugh 07/03/08
Devin in Calgary takes a run at the other Canadian callers, fails 05/15/18
Devin in Omaha-Nebraska tree is better 09/19/07
Devin in SLC doesn't like how Zach represents Utah 06/20/17
Devin in Windsor glosses himself Big Horn, gets run 12/07/11
Dexter in Kansas City sticks up for Huey Lewis, says The Who sucks 06/30/20
Diane in Niagara Falls calls back to talk about the Ritt incident and Shared Belief 12/04/20
Diane in Niagara Falls calls every time horse racing is mentioned 12/14/21
Diane in Niagara Falls calls to talk horse racing and hot walkers 02/19/21
Diane in Niagara Falls calls to talk Straight Up G 11/22/21
Diane in Niagara Falls has a take on the Bills, asks about Garoppolos future 01/17/22
Diane in Niagara Falls talks about Straight Up G winning the Mine That Bird Derby 02/28/22
Diane in Niagara Falls talks horse racing, Bob Baffert, and veterinarians 05/11/21
Diane in Niagara Falls wanted to wish Straight Up G a happy birthday 05/06/22
Diane in South Carolina watched Rome because it's the only sports station on her tv, asks for magazine suggestions 05/30/18
Dicky in Iowa wants a Smackoff Battle Royale for a Golden Ticket 02/21/22
Digger Phelps calls in to tell stories about the Bulls 05/15/20
Digger Phelps calls to talk about the Phoenix Suns new head coach Monty Williams 05/07/19
Dino in Vegas 06/21/22
Dirk in Irvine called to ask if Rome was bidding on the Newman Daytona Rolex 10/26/17
Dirk in Irvine thinks Sam Darnold will make up for USC's bad reputation, like OJ Simpson and Arrogant Steve 01/04/17
DJ in Pittsburgh says Antonio Brown is a primadonna and is replaceable 01/17/19
DJ Mark in Cleveland 06/01/07
Doc Mike DiTolla 02/05/08
Doc Mike DiTolla 04/28/08
Doc Mike DiTolla 05/02/08
Doc Mike DiTolla reaction 02/05/08
Doctor Dave in Chicago tries to take a run at Vic in NoCal, flames out, clones react 01/19/17
Dom in Erie got run for describing Alvie's party 06/07/22
Dom in Erie loves watching the Lakers melt down, got run for a Bob in LA kitty blast 02/28/22
Dom in Sacramento is calling an upset of 49ers over Eagles, Unwar wars 10/26/17
Dom in Sacramento wants Rome to get a tramp stamp that says Janets Property 06/01/18
Dom in Saskatchewan blames Ryan Grigson for Andrew Lucks retirement 08/27/19
Don Earl Jones in LA 06/19/08
Don in Austin 05/10/05
Don in Finger Lakes says Rick in Buffalo is Jeff's twin that was left behind, run for inflatable companion smack 06/26/18
Don in LA (Sterling) talks about his friendship with Hulk Hogan, fan of Chip Kelly and Riley Cooper, new film project with the Hulkster 08/06/15
Don in LA AKA Fake Donald Sterling calls Kyle Brandt to wish a happy Memorial Day 05/23/14
Don in LA sounds like James Earl Jones 10/31/07
Don in No Cal 04/11/05
Don in No Cal 08/02/07
Don in No Cal 11/26/07
Don in No Cal 01/09/08
Don in No Cal 03/22/05
Don in No Cal interupts Milk in the D 03/03/06
Don in No Cal via Vegas 09/10/08
Don in NoCal flames
Don in Sacramento wants the Astros championship stripped 01/14/20
Don in Wisco compares the Aaron Rodgers situation to Lazarus 03/28/23
Donald in Finger Lakes takes a run at Team Canada, gets run 07/24/18
Donald in Finger Lakes thinks Jeff in Richmond is confusing Rome's show for Rush 06/06/18
Donald in the District gets run, should've started with a joke 02/27/20
Dong Day calls from Brad in Corona and Leff in Laguna 06/23/22
Donnie in Georgia says Rome is a great character 06/12/20
Donnie in Venice has advice for Cutler, raccoons are like the sand people in Star Wars 07/02/20
Door Dash driver not happy with $8 tip, reaction and calls from Charlie on Long Island, Bobby in Texas, Dennis in Las Vegas, and Larry in Alabama 01/06/21
Doug in Berkley is a grumpy old man with thoughts on coaches resting players 05/26/17
Doug in Fullerton on "Ray" in Houston 01/13/06
Doug in Fullerton with 4 letter bomb 01/20/06
Doug in Indy 05/12/09
Doug in Indy - Horrible, Horrible Call 05/12/09
Doug in Indy reaction 05/12/09
Doug in New Hampshire thinks Brady didn't consider New England because he wants to prove he's the GOAT somewhere else 03/18/20
Doug in Vancouver (aka Dougler) gets run for self-gloss 06/13/16
Douglas in Green Bay is a fan of Al in Ontario 01/17/19
Dr. Bahdkramph at UCLA has advice for Rome's cramps, take a dump 11/01/18
Dr. Dave in Chicago asks DJ Delloro to play his hit, resets his Rudolph song 12/20/18
Dr. Dave in Chicago chimes in on DA v Matt in LA, mentions he's in the Jeopardy pool 12/13/18
Dr. Dave in Chicago gets run quickly for saying 'whats up doc' instead of Jim 03/06/20
Dr. Dave in Chicago gets run while trying to win a smoker 08/24/18
Dr. Dave in Chicago goes all in on Matt in Van-hoover, gets run 02/28/19
Dr. Dave in Chicago got run for talking about spewing smack and IBS 04/27/18
Dr. Dave in Chicago tries to respond to Vic, chokes and flames out 12/14/17
Dr. Saquib Rahim in Queens calls to discuss the coronavirus pandemic 03/26/20
Drew in Buffalo says the Bills will shut down the Ravens 12/06/19
Drew in Maryland got run for addressing Romey as Drew 09/25/18
Drew in Omaha-Is Jay Mohr FAT 01/22/09
Drew in San Diego endorses Rome as Hall of Fame broadcaster, then tells story about playing basketball with Alvin Delloro, crank in face 08/21/15
Drew in Wichita called 21 years ago as a kid but now he is a broadcaster 09/05/17
Drizzle in Wichita 06/21/22
Drizzle in Wichita address the self gloss, talks Cowboys and Raiders 09/06/19
Drizzle in Wichita checks in after losing his Golden Ticket, fell on hard times, gets ticket back 05/26/20
Drizzle in Wichita responds to John in NY, clones score the matchup 01/18/23
Drizzle in Wichita RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/15/20
Drizzle in Wichita RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/28/23
Drizzle in Wichita says Zeke is going to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl 09/04/19
Drizzle in Wichita takes a run at Matt in LA, brags about getting more YouTube views 09/23/19
Drizzle in Wichita touches on racism in NASCAR, Smackoff recap 06/22/20
Drizzle in Wichita tries to respond to John in NY, has a bad phone, gets chased by sharks 01/30/23
Drizzle in Wichita with a call about the Brian Flores lawsuit, wins a Golden Ticket 02/02/22
Drizzle in Wichita with a rant about the Denver Donkeys, wins Golden Ticket 09/10/19
Drizzle in Wichita with a take on Angel Reese and Lamar Jackson, gets interrupted for a guest 04/06/23
Drizzle in Wichita with takes on Skip Bayless, the Cowboys, and social injustice 09/17/20
Dwight Howard talks about the Orlando Magic and playing Call of Duty with fans 01/10/11
Dylan in Boise says that the Smackoff is not ready for his heat 06/06/17
Earl in ABQ calls to talk about Ryan Palmer 05/01/19
Earl in Wichita got run for a Rudolph parody hype call for Patrick Mahomes 01/16/19
Ed in Oregon goes way back with Rome, nice Hacksaw impersonation 09/27/21
Ed in San Antonio congratulates Amber for getting a Golden Ticket, gets run for personal appearance smack 04/18/23
Ed in San Antonio had a dream about a Jungle related horse race, gets run 06/08/21
Ed in San Antonio on Jerry Jones and Leslie Visser 03/11/21
Ed in San Antonio wants a welfare check on Kathleen in Omaha, worried about her acute medical condition 04/07/22
Ed in San Antonio with a take on Wells in the 360's chicken sandwich, gets runs 05/20/21
Ed in San Diego waits on hold for an hour to deliver a Stapp bomb 03/01/16
Ed in Stockton 01/19/05
Ed in Stockton 01/27/05
Ed in Stockton 02/14/05
Ed in Stockton 02/23/05
Ed in Texas tells a story about meeting OJ and Al Cowlings 02/04/22
Ed in Washington has advice for Kathleen in Omaha, gets racked 09/28/21
Ed in Washington takes a run at Ritt and Kathleen, gets run 09/24/21
Ed on the East Side says Sean Payton should've done more with the talent 01/25/22
Eddie in Boise 07/28/09
Eddie in Boise checks in for the first time in years, rambles about the Chargers, gets run 09/18/17
Eddie in Boise gets broken off and run for asking Rome to bring back the Hackoff 03/19/14
Eddie in Dallas is a Texas Tech alum, says Kliff Kingsbury is a good OC but horrible head coach 01/09/19
Eddie in NYC calls back after getting run the day before, talks about the Jets 06/01/23
Eddie in NYC gets run for self gloss 05/31/23
Eddie in NYC is a Jets fan, has Zach Wilsons back, keeping receipts on Rome 09/13/23
Eddie in NYC on the Madden ratings and Aaron Rodgers in a Jets uniform, meow meow 07/27/23
Eddie in OKC takes a run at Harry Caray 01/29/97
Eddie in Santa Barbara calls during a Vicodin bender 07/20/16
Edward 'John' in Little Rock calls to smack John in LR and Hugh Freeze 08/17/17
Edward 'John' in Little Rock calls to talk McGregor Mayweather and Odell Beckham 08/22/17
Eileen in Palm Springs 08/26/08
EJ in Sacramento is pumped about the Kings, they have something special 03/10/23
Eli in Santa Rosa recommends a book that will help Hawks back 09/17/19
Elias in Modesto wants to give Jason Licht props for bringing in Arians and Brady 03/18/20
Ellen in Medford OR flames out 06/18/14
Elliot in OC tells a story about J-Stew and 10 guys watching porn in a house together 05/18/05
Email from K Savage, call from Hannah in Denver, and Trapper reaction 12/21/17
Emailer and Uber driver Rich Flores in Newport (@thedickflowers) picks up passenger Dennis Rodman and they call the show 04/29/16
Emailer asked Rome if he would rather listen to the Cardinals rap or Parody Larry. Larry gets on air, sings 1 parody verse of a McDonalds commercial, gets run 09/30/15
Emailer Jeff in the 919 calls for the first time, takes a run at Smackoff participants, gets run 02/16/16
Emailer Marshall in Newport Beach tries calling, does not go well 10/05/15
Emails from Denlesks and StevePHX about Rio Olympics, call from Orion in Waterford about 49ers QB's 08/15/16
Emmitt in Fresno 07/29/09
Eric 'Hawks running guru' reads a list of marathon times, Hawk gives an update on his recent half marathon 10/14/19
Eric Cole respond to Mike in Edmonton 06/06/06
Eric Gilsenan responds to the Tim Grover podcast, encourages clones to exercise and help others 03/20/20
Eric in ABQ bidding for a Golden Ticket, takes a run at Brad in Corona errr Has Been, gets cut off for guest, reaction 08/18/23
Eric in Castelrock takes a run at V in the Fee, Leff, Brad, and Jeff from Richmond, gets run 07/21/23
Eric in Castle Rock gets dumped for circle jerk reference 06/26/23
Eric in Castle Rock takes a run at Nick Caserio and Brad in Corona, got run for Rachel dude smack 06/27/23
Eric in Castle Rock tries to finish his call, old school lady clones, Leff in Laguna, Silk, NBA mascots 06/28/23
Eric in Castlerock is a CU Buffs alum, rambles about the game 09/05/23
Eric in Covina is tired of the Lakers being flakes 03/05/19
Eric in Denver says Zach in SLC aka Silk the 3rd puts him to sleep 06/14/17
Eric in Escondido 06/22/22
Eric in Escondido on local affiliate on tape delay, gets run 06/29/23
Eric in Falls Church called to get his song Loser back 07/17/19
Eric in Houston wants more focus on the human trafficking than prostitution 02/22/19
Eric in Huntsville breaks down the Utah Florida football game 09/01/23
Eric in LA is tired of hearing Matt call everyday representing Los Angeles 06/26/19
Eric in Napa is Hawks running guru, talks about old school Jungle event, keep an eye on Sam Ehlinger 08/28/19
Eric in Orlando asked Rome what happened in New Mexico 04/18/22
Eric in Orlando asks if Jim will do any fishing in Wisconsin 07/27/18
Eric in Orlando called offshore from a 50ft boat 07/27/17
Eric in Orlando calls to discuss his email about James Kelley 05/21/18
Eric in Orlando calls to talk about fishing 08/24/18
Eric in Orlando gets run for talking about Florida strip clubs 04/22/20
Eric in Orlando glosses James Kelley the 'flight deck with legs' 06/07/18
Eric in Orlando has a tuna recipe, gets run for calling Ritt a foreskin with ears 12/04/20
Eric in Orlando has advice for fat Dodger fans going to Fenway, laughed at his own joke 10/22/18
Eric in Orlando invites Rome to a yacht party during Super Bowl week 01/24/20
Eric in Orlando is concerned about his pics on CBS, talks Patriots Chargers 01/11/19
Eric in Orlando is going to hang out by the yachts at the boat show with his Boston posse and some chicks 11/01/19
Eric in Orlando is having a Smackoff listening party on a yacht 06/20/19
Eric in Orlando is looking for Jungle Karma because the fish aren't biting 07/26/19
Eric in Orlando is taking a yacht to Boston, lost his phone connection 05/02/23
Eric in Orlando responds to Chris in SE Wisco, apologizes for phone disconnection 05/03/23
Eric in Orlando says Alvie is a creepy dude, gets racked 03/30/18
Eric in Orlando takes a run at California with lobster smack 09/19/18
Eric in Orlando talks about a trip he recently took on a yacht 12/19/19
Eric in Orlando talks about fishing in Wisconsin 07/03/20
Eric in Orlando thanks James Kelley for being a great sport 06/29/18
Eric in Orlando uses an airhorn to get rid of cats, thinks it will work with geese 07/16/21
Eric in Orlando wanted to know more about the yacht Rome was on in Mexico 04/10/19
Eric in Orlando wanted to share an amusing story about Flight Deck, reaction from clones 01/29/21
Eric in Orlando wants to set the record straight with Matt in LA, brags about his yacht, clones react 03/14/19
Eric in Portland Maine - Call about Kevin Youkilis gets dubbed the chowd version of Alvins mix 06/25/12
Eric in Portland Maine wants to dispel Bostons dominance 10/24/18
Eric in Portland ME calls again to troll Lance in Topeka and Parody Larry 04/24/15
Eric in San Diego - Crash the Paddock guy with a story from high school, gym teachers whip students with lanyards, sometimes it hit the donks 09/15/14
Eric in San Luis Obispo calls with a Pacman Fever parody 04/14/11
Eric in Savannah responds to Eric in Riverside's call 08/27/20
Eric in South Dakota calls Steph, KD, and Klay trash, predicts Blazers in 7, gets run 04/13/17
Eric in South Portland ME with a funny call 09/30/14
Eric in Texas follows up a previous call about James Harden, compares him to Terence in Sierra Madre 08/14/23
Eric in Texas on Hurricanes coach Rod Brind'Amour thinking that they did not get swept 05/25/23
Eric in Venice Florida, 1st call of 2017, says Carrie Fisher had a better weekend than Ronda Rousey 01/03/17
Eric in Whitefish Montana says the Bears will never find a good quarterback 03/19/20
Eric in Wisconsin talks about WoodScopes, Rome says that he will do the show some day 04/19/18
Eric near the Canadian Falls ATP, wife wants to name son Emerson, Rat family talk ensues 09/16/16
Erich in Texas is a Rockets fan and has Harden PTSD 05/15/23
Erin in Ottawa 02/17/05
Ernesto in ABQ stresses the importance of tipping 08/19/21
Ernesto in ABQ wants to talk Dodgers but his dog wouldn't stop barking, has a beef with CBS preempting the show 10/07/21
Ernesto in the ABQ talks about the Albuquerque tour stop 12/23/20
Ernesto in the ABQ talks old school Jungle 09/10/21
Ernie in Tampa on Ja Morant, he's a corporate entity 03/06/23
Erron in Diamondhead calls with a poem, repping the Gulf Coast Mafia 03/27/17
Erron in Diamondhead calls with his list of favorite candy 11/04/16
Erron in Diamondhead calls with thoughts on LA hosting the Olympics, gets run for cocaine and Russian whore reference 09/14/17
Erron in Diamondhead gets a red card for saying Benny in Wisco pitches from the bottom 06/16/17
Erron in Diamondhead gets run for moms basement smack, Rome goes on a rant 05/26/16
Erron in Diamondhead gets run for personal appearance smack 01/25/18
Erron in Diamondhead has a Nuthin But a G Thang parody then flames out 05/25/16
Erron in Diamondhead heard both yanny and laurel, freaks him out 05/16/18
Erron in Diamondhead is taking the Saints, says Ca Newton folded like a Bills table 01/08/18
Erron in Diamondhead piles on 1090 for dropping Rome 02/27/18
Erron in Diamondhead talking Saints, Drew in West LA resets Quinn Pitcock 01/04/18
Erron in Diamondhead's first call, wants to win Golden Ticket, repping the Gulf Coast 05/18/16
Esther in Manhattan Beach wants Mike Piazza back on the show 05/31/18
Ethan in Oregon says the ticket prices for the Colorado game went from $40 to $200 09/20/23
Evan in Oakland gets run for a Del Rio parody 01/03/18
Evan in Oakland has an explanation for Marcus Williams' whiff 01/15/18
Evan in Oregon says the NBA jersey colors suck, no Portland woman in his town, gets run 04/05/21
Evan in Oregon with rapid fire on several clones 05/15/20
Evan in San Diego thanks Rome for giving the Padres their due 02/26/21
Evil Kenevil call in 05/17/07
Extended Beef - Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Southfield, Dan in Michigan on the Detroit Patriots 03/31/20
Fabian - Whats up with Bosh's damn face? 06/06/11
Fabian in LA 12/28/10
Fabian in LA (aka Flamian) coined the term NEEP 02/16/11
Fabian in LA (aka Flamian) takes a run at Vic in NoCal, runs out of time, with reaction from the Clones 10/12/10
Fabian in LA - Complains about Rome not being in LA and the podcast not working 02/22/13
Fabian in LA - Hasn't smoked for 55 days 10/19/11
Fabian in LA - Official Jungle Olympic Correspondent 07/31/12
Fabian in LA announces that the Hackoff is back on, wants it on 420 04/15/20
Fabian in LA apologizes for calling soundbites annoying, gives props to Mike in San Diego 07/13/12
Fabian in LA calls about the Rams, I think, and ATP's Rome with question about his TV room 11/01/16
Fabian in LA calls about the X-Factor and gets run 12/20/12
Fabian in LA calls because he heard he was being talked about but didn't know why 12/15/17
Fabian in LA calls but doesn't have time to talk 11/29/17
Fabian in LA calls Romes soundbites annoying, pot calling the kettle black 06/29/12
Fabian in LA calls to talk about the BWW visit 12/17/18
Fabian in LA calls to tell the clones he's the #1 Smackoff champ, wins Huge Call 11/30/16
Fabian in LA checks in on 420 04/20/23
Fabian in LA checks in to make his presence felt 03/07/18
Fabian in LA didn't get invited to the CloneStock 04/29/19
Fabian in LA got a tweet from Elk before an interview and it was awesome, thinks Lakers will win championship, shouts out to Matt in the 805 for recruiting clones 09/11/20
Fabian in LA has a beef with spam calls 12/19/19
Fabian in LA has smoked weed for over 30 years and never thought about trying any other drug 01/25/19
Fabian in LA hopes he's around for Smackoff 50, gets racked 06/29/23
Fabian in LA is 51 years old, doesn't want to smack youngster Gavin, gets run for bad phone connection 04/15/21
Fabian in LA is complaining about getting cut off at bars 03/06/19
Fabian in LA is not going to the Escondido event 03/22/19
Fabian in LA lets everyone know that he might land a job from his last call 03/23/18
Fabian in LA makes an attempt to win a Golden Ticket, I think 05/16/18
Fabian in LA on Anthony Davis and the Lakers, wants to organize a Smackoff watch party 06/07/21
Fabian in LA on Penn State, sort of 11/16/11
Fabian in LA rambles through another call, cut off by end of hour 03/17/20
Fabian in LA responds to the Fake Fabian 11/13/18
Fabian in LA returns with a Tweet and call, drops new soundbites, didn't know he was on the air 09/19/16
Fabian in LA returns, gets run for rambling and dropping a 4 letter bomb 03/25/16
Fabian in LA says Stucknut is the hugest clone, got his money on Brad but doesn't have any money, run for f-bomb 06/18/20
Fabian in LA talks about smoking with Mike in San Diego, glossed James Kelley 'Head of the Class', run for GD blast 04/19/19
Fabian in LA talks about the LA Rams 01/23/19
Fabian in LA talks Dodgers, Lakers, Lavar Ball, finishes his call and gets racked 12/06/18
Fabian in LA updates Jim on the status of his drug test 10/11/18
Fabian in LA wanted to set the record straight about the Smackoff 25 watch party 07/19/19
Fabian in LA wants help getting more Twitter followers so he can write a book 05/28/20
Fabian in LA wants Rome to interview the Dodgers bullpen for karma, might attend the CloneStock 05/31/19
Fabian in LA wants to take a picture with Rome at the BW3's event 12/13/18
Fabian in LA was caught off guard like always, even though he's the one that called Rome 09/10/18
Fabian in LA with a Dodgers take, wants to drink less alcohol 07/18/23
Fabian in LA with an epic flameout, becomes known as "Flamian" (from a "Best Of" show)
Fabian in LA with last call of the year 12/21/11
Fabian in Los Angeles - The 420 Call 04/20/12
Fabian rambles, Rome drives Twitter followers 06/21/11
Fabian wants another CCA for loser of the year 12/16/11
Fake Brian Kelly in Lousiana called to defend his family, he identifies as a southern man, gets racked 12/03/21
Fake Brian Kelly in Lousiana gets run for not knowing which college he attended 12/06/21
Fake Cal in Vegas calls and gets run 03/17/17
Fake Cal in Vegas gets run with Canada smack 06/18/20
Fake Canadian Star Linebacker lays out odds for a non-existent Hackoff 07/10/17
Fake Irie Craig gets run for bum smack 10/02/20
Fake James in Portland gets run for following up the real James email about beaver tranquilizer 05/03/22
Fake Jeff from Richmond claims to be the real Jeff, gets run 05/22/23
Fake Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Mike in Indy and Brad in Corona 03/28/19
Fake Jerome in Houston takes a run at the nincompoop Bill O'Brien 09/11/20
Fake John in New York tries to kick off Smackoff season, gets run 03/07/23
Fake Johnny in Texas apologized for being a creep, gets run for being from Erectus 05/28/21
Fake Kathleen in Omaha has a message for Amber in Portland 03/30/23
Fake Kyle in Green Bay got run for being a Fake Kyle in Green Bay 06/24/21
Fake Leff calls to war Leff 06/29/16
Fake Luke Walton gets run for not knowing his middle name 02/26/21
Fake Parody Larry sings Gilligans Island 12/15/15
Fake President of DeVry making a pitch for Jake 12/19/18
Fake Randy Moss calls in, doesn't know his middle name or birthday 10/30/12
Fake Reggie in the OC gets run, but not for the circumcision smack 06/23/20
Fake Rex in ABQ with a weird call about Vic in NoCal, Jeff from Richmond, and Silk 06/28/23
Fake Rex in the ABQ gets run with growler reference, bats #2 in softball lineup, reset of fake callers 08/13/21
Fake Rex in the ABQ gets run, looking forward to Sex and the City movie with Kalama Jessica Parker 09/13/21
Fake Ritt calls to brag about his vacation activities, gets run 12/23/20
Fake Silk calls as Eric in Maine to talk about Tom Bradys book 07/06/17
Fake Silk calls as Tim in Portland Maine, come on 05/12/15
Fake Silk calls to apologize for Silk's lame train story 06/24/21
Fake Silk calls to remind Jim that it's been 3 years since he broke into the Jungle 07/25/17
Fake Silk calls with a knock knock joke 10/25/18
Fake Silk checks in from Maine, gets run 06/15/17
Fake Silk claims that Larry Parody's call was one of the greatest calls he ever heard 07/06/18
Fake Silk doesn't like Jerome's catchphrase 'come on man' 08/18/20
Fake Silk encourages everyone to vote, like he did 4 times 11/03/20
Fake Silk gets run for a blowup doll joke 06/18/18
Fake Silk has 2 questions for Rome, if you drive a clean car through a carwash backwards, does it come out dirty, gets run 06/08/21
Fake Silk is catching some gnarly waves, practicing social distancing 03/19/20
Fake Silk likes a nice dry rub on his balls, gets run 06/17/21
Fake Silk loves that Mike's Hard Lemonade 04/23/21
Fake Silk offers to give Alvin a vasectomy 06/05/18
Fake Silk picked up Tom Brady's new diet book and dropped 75 pounds c'mon! 08/22/17
Fake Silk RSVP's and says Melissa sounds smoking hot 05/24/21
Fake Silk RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/31/18
Fake Silk RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/12/20
Fake Silk thinks Josh Gordon on the Patriots will be phenomenal 09/19/18
Fake Silk wants a Peloton to help with his weight gain 11/26/18
Fake Silk wants to introduce Rome at the Hall of Fame 08/21/19
Fake Silk with a bad Tom Brady - Micheal Jackson joke 01/19/18
Fake Silk with advice on how Hawk can lose weight 10/04/19
Fake Silk's girlfriend got bitten while surfing, needed duct tape and fix-a-flat as first aid 08/23/17
Fake Zach in SLC 06/30/17
Faye in South Carolina asks Rome if likes blues music, has a busted bracket and wants Jungle juju for Alabama 03/21/23
FBI Mike in Toledo calls but gets run for being boring 06/17/16
FBI Mike in Toledo calls with his thoughts on Vin Scully 09/30/16
FBI Mike in Toledo gets run for making reference to Jamal Anderson exposing himself 12/15/16
FBI Mike in Toledo gets run for saying the Dodgers bullpen is shakier than a washing machine with Marty McFly sitting on it 08/17/18
FBI Mike in Toledo wants the Vikings to pump the brakes 01/19/18
Felix in San Diego is an old school listener, wanted Chargers to be SoCal instead of LA 12/05/17
Feuding between Erron in Diamondhead and John in San Antonio 07/11/16
Fig in Stockton calls Rome a Dodgers homer 10/19/20
First calls of the year, Dave in Boise (run for stumbling) and Cliff in Wisconsin (run for self gloss, Red Dog) 01/02/18
Flight Deck reaction and calls from Jerome in Houston (car-nap), Gary in Florida (Flight Deck sounds like Gary Sinise, and Robert in Oklahoma (car-nap) 02/28/20
Ford in Sacramento smacks Cris Collinsworth's broadcasting abilities, got run for Hitler blast 12/03/18
Four consecutive calls from Utah Jazz fans 04/26/17
Frank Gore makes NFL All-Decade Team, call from Jerome in Houston 04/08/20
Frank in Brooklyn is Mets fan, Calloway was responsible for at least 5 losses 10/03/19
Frank in Brooklyn loved the Deep Dives, wants Alvie to produce Elk's 'I saw cat mate' with Joe Exotic 04/06/20
Frank in Brooklyn thinks the Raiders and Chargers will tie to get into the playoffs 01/07/22
Frank in Buffalo calls about nap nation, Rome introduces his call with summary from call screener, Frank responds with 'thats it', and gets both run and racked 09/01/16
Frank in Santa Clara talks Chargers/Patriots, wants to know why Jake isn't interested in UCSB 01/10/19
Frank in the 209 takes a run at Cal in Vegas, gets run 11/04/16
Frank in the 209 takes a run at Dan in Denver, Rick in Buffalo, and Leff in Laguna 05/26/17
Frank Novak call in 12/07/07
Frank on Long Island was an All-American track and field athlete in college, says Hawk can injure himself 03/04/19
Fred in C-Town - Jeff in Richmond crack
Fred in Moorpark thanks Rome for the Javiers recommendation 07/26/19
Fred in Temecula sings What Did John Fox Say, gets run, but wins Huge Call 10/14/13
Gabriel in Orlando calls with a fake Boston accent, gets run 05/02/23
Gabriel in Raleigh 05/03/05
Garbage Man Brad in Minnesota gets run for self gloss 02/14/17
Garrett in Wisconsin gets run for reading his take about Aaron Rodgers 12/20/17
Gary in California doesn't want Marc James to interview LaVar Ball, plus Twitter reaction 03/24/17
Gary in Detroit run for self-gloss, G-Man in Motown 09/21/17
Gary in New Jersey talks about Shared Belief 01/09/19
Gary in Omaha and romes reaction 11/06/07
Gary in Seattle talks about horse racing and the Kentucky Derby 05/11/22
Gary in Vegas calls his shot 04/06/06
Gavin in Illinois gets run for a terrible take about Frank Vogel and the Lakers 02/25/21
Gavin in Illinois lights up the boomer army of clones, gets racked 02/26/21
Gavin in Illinois on old boomer drivers, Gavin v Ritt showdown 04/01/21
Gavin in Illinois tries to take another run at Ritt, flames and gets taken off the watch list 04/08/21
Gavin in Illinois with more old people smack, Rick in Buffalo, CJ in the Bay 06/07/21
Gavin in South Bend wants everyone to calm down after the Lions win, caller reaction from Nate in Detroit, Mark in Indy, and Bob in LA 09/08/23
Gene in Dayton wants to enlarge romes take 05/20/05
Geo in NoCal is going to the Oakland watch party with his electric lettuce 06/20/19
Geoff in BC brings up the fact that Tom Tolbert's Dr. Boudreaux story was the first crank call 06/25/20
Geoff in BC piles on Toronto, loves the US more than Toronto 05/15/20
Geoff in BC says Matt in Vancouver has the entire weight of Canada on his shoulders, channel your inner Gretzky, sings Oh Canada 06/18/20
Geoff in Detroit Calls Mike Ditka
Geoff in Lincoln calls with a Matt in LA parody, gets run 07/17/19
Geoff in Lincoln calls with Eddie Money Shakin parody for Gerrit Ritt 10/14/19
Geoff in Lincoln gets run for a Nose Dusters parody 08/15/19
Geoff in Lincoln gets run for correcting Rome on how to pronounce his name 03/19/20
Geoff in Lincoln gets run for responding to Parody Larry, another beef that nobody wanted 03/31/20
Geoff in Lincoln gets run for trying to get Rome to wish him happy birthday 09/17/20
Geoff in Lincoln gets run, asked Alvie to put him out of his mystery 05/14/20
Geoff in Lincoln is going to take a big dump in his pants on the 1st tee box 06/12/20
Geoff in Lincoln states that if Julia Roberts is old enough to buy bread, she's old enough to be bred 03/11/21
Geoff in Lincoln wants Silk Brah to run against Tito Ortiz for HB city council, instead of voting, they should drop to the ground and hump each other 07/30/20
George in Burbank tries to gloss himself George of the Jungle, gets shut down 02/10/97
George in Houston has a message for Mike in LA, tired of Raider fan talking about championships 01/07/22
George in Ottawa calls with a Sandstorm - Careless Whisper remix on the kazoo 08/03/12
George in SA aka Pooldoc calls to pimp the Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-up Show 06/21/22
George in Tampa - Sells Steak on Air 08/29/07
George in Tampa checks in after hearing his original call being reset 03/06/18
Gerrit in Fayetteville says Jimmy G is going to Vegas to be another Hugh Hefner 03/13/23
Gerrit in Toledo hates cats but wants a serval after hearing the take on Ezekiel Elliots dad 12/18/19
Gerrit Ritt hosts a segment for his birthday again, calls from Paul in Buffalo's dog and Susie in Wisco, interviews Thomas Dolby 10/14/21
Gert in Tampa Gets Run 03/03/11
Gina in Indy Excited About Rome Coming To Indy 12/13/11
Gina in Indy is now living in Napa, her mom wants to send Rome her homemade biscotti 12/19/18
Gino and Israel back-to-back 12/09/11
Gino in Boise - Matt in Cleveland parody call 03/02/12
Gino in SA called his shot about the Cowboys, Dak is horrible, takes a run at San Francisco 01/23/23
Gino in SA had problems getting through Choc, Tom Brady and AB, Bombas sock reviews 01/03/22
Gino in SA listened to his local radio station for Wemby coverage but it was PGA fantasy talk 05/18/12
Gino in SA lost a bet with a 49ers fan, thought the Cowboys would outplay McCarthy's bad coaching 01/17/22
Gino in SA on Celtics fans booing Kyrie, mixes in Hall and Oats references, wins Huge Call 03/07/22
Gino in SA on Chuck Klosterman, greatest pop culture writer of our generation 02/17/22
Gino in SA on the horrific NBA All-Star Weekend, gives Juwan Howard a pass because he lives in Michigan 02/21/22
Gino in SA on the PGA tour announcers trying to be clever, Tom Brady, Hope Solo 03/15/22
Gino in SA responds to the Josh McDaniels interview 02/07/22
Gino in SA says Jack Savage is full of crap 03/17/23
Gino in SA says that he say Scottie Pippen at a liquor store and his Jungle Tourettes made him yell 'no tippin Pippen' 05/19/22
Gino in SA says the Cowboys are horrible, Longhorns are a conundrum, Spurs are tanking 01/09/23
Gino in SA's Oscar bracket is busted, thoughts on Will Smith and Chris Rock 03/28/22
Gino in San Antonio 01/05/05
Gino in San Antonio 05/11/05
Gino in San Antonio 09/24/07
Gino in San Antonio 02/06/08
Gino in San Antonio 04/24/08
Gino in San Antonio 04/28/08
Gino in San Antonio 02/10/09
Gino in San Antonio 10/01/98
Gino in San Antonio 04/03/09
Gino in San Antonio 05/11/09
Gino in San Antonio - Huge call of the day - Penn State 11/09/11
Gino in San Antonio 1998
Gino in San Antonio Breaks Down the Smackoff 04/11/11
Gino in San Antonio calls about father and son bonding 09/21/12
Gino in San Antonio calls back for 2nd day in a row to talk Spurs/Warriors 05/16/17
Gino in San Antonio calls for 4th day in a row to talk Spurs and Warriors 05/18/17
Gino in San Antonio calls for the 3rd straight day to take a run at the Warriors 05/17/17
Gino in San Antonio calls to not RSVP into the Smackoff 06/24/15
Gino in San Antonio calls to rip on Detroit in effort to win a trip there, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/11/16
Gino in San Antonio calls to talk about the Spurs, Jordan Spieth, and Parody Larry 05/16/16
Gino in San Antonio discovered why Rome takes bad calls, not happy with Kawhi Leonard 05/31/19
Gino in San Antonio finishes off Detroit 09/14/11
Gino in San Antonio is glad that Wemby is going to the Spurs and not the armpit of Texas, Houston 05/17/23
Gino in San Antonio lays out Detroit for 2nd straight day 09/09/11
Gino in San Antonio likes Suh, hates Detroit 09/08/11
Gino in San Antonio loved Vic's Mutt parody, talks about David Stern 01/03/20
Gino in San Antonio on Detroit - attempts to win TV for racked call 12/08/11
Gino in San Antonio on Detroit again 10/04/11
Gino in San Antonio on Mike in Indy and the PGA/LIV 06/07/23
Gino in San Antonio only called because he thought Alvie was leaving the show 05/17/19
Gino in San Antonio recaps the Smackoff 07/23/18
Gino in San Antonio recaps the Smackoff 06/22/20
Gino in San Antonio responds to best caller ever, nominates Raider Mike 07/22/15
Gino in San Antonio responds to Guido, takes a run at the Midwest Mafia 06/24/21
Gino in San Antonio responds to Jeff in Southfield, gives props to Kawhi Leonard 06/14/19
Gino in San Antonio responds to Justin in Melbourne, smacks Florida 04/17/19
Gino in San Antonio RSVP's to the Smackoff, smacks Knicks fan and Rick in Buffalo 05/16/19
Gino in San Antonio talks about Draymond Green and Steven Adams 05/23/16
Gino in San Antonio talks about Romes HOF competition 06/04/18
Gino in San Antonio talks about the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard, gets chased out by sharks 07/05/18
Gino in San Antonio tells a story about getting a job offer from a radio station based on the strength of a Smackoff call 06/17/20
Gino in San Antonio understands why he was left on hold during the Smackoff 06/24/19
Gino in San Antonio wants to offer the Golden Ticket callers help, takes a run at Jeff in Buffalo 06/18/19
Gino in San Antonio will not participate in the Smackoff this year, but took a few minutes to smack the competition 07/18/18
Gino in San Antonio with a bad cell phone 05/19/05
Gino in San Antonio with thoughts on the Smackoff, underwhelmed 06/29/15
Gino in San Antonio with thoughts on Zaza Pachulia and Kawhi Leonard 05/15/17
Glenda in Alabama says Rick in Buffalo's voice makes her sick to her stomach, got run by sharks, Hawk hit his head on the camera while bringing Twitter reaction 02/19/19
Goat man gets run for self gloss and being a horrible caller 05/31/22
Golden Ticket D-Day 06/22/22
Gonzo and Pooldocs Roadie to HTown 11/15/10
Gooch in Tampa is a trucker looking for a Golden Ticket, says Mark in Boston is the best caller 05/19/16
Graham in Indy doesn't want Phillip Rivers, he has never really done anything 03/25/20
Graham in New Jersey is fed up with the Mets 06/24/19
Grant in Anchorage tells a story about Double Dippin' Pippen at a club in Portland 02/14/19
Grant in Tulsa wants to buy Iafrate a house, got confused with Irie Craig 02/12/19
Greg in Austin-bad parody 01/06/09
Greg in Ft Wayne - Gambling Degenerates and Ellen Degenerates
Greg in Houston told Tom that he had a good take, asked for more JD in Nashville resets, got run 01/21/22
Greg in KC doesn't understand radio delay 01/18/19
Greg in Louisville says Eric Church is this generations Johnny Cash 03/31/22
Greg in Marin County jokes about Rome being at parties with him in the 60's 05/21/20
Greg in Medford is a former radio monkey, talks about old school callers, gets chased by sharks 06/04/21
Greg in Mountain View calls about USC, Clay Helton can't recruit 12/05/19
Greg in Oceanside brings up the Evel Knievel interview as favorite Jungle moment 09/13/23
Greg in Oceanside is a Raiders fan, glad the Chiefs lost 09/08/23
Greg in San Diego talks about the brawl at Mr. B's Sports Bar, back when Rome was doing a night show 10/15/18
Greg in South Carolina asks if Rome has ever been on celebrity Jeopardy 11/12/20
Greg in Sun Valley 01/26/11
Greg in Sun Valley - Challenges Luke Walton for deepest voice 10/01/12
Greg in Sun Valley calls in his support for Mike in Indy 06/21/12
Greg in Sun Valley responds to Sarah T, gets run for going on too long 12/22/14
Greg in Sun Valley-portable buzzer 07/14/09
Greg in Tahoe is tired of primadonna athletes demanding trades when they lose 09/18/19
Greg in Tennessee - as a Chargers fan he hated Brady forever but now Tom's his man 02/15/21
Greg in Vegas 01/27/05
Greg in Vegas 02/08/05
Greg in Vegas 07/12/04
Greg in Vegas 10/01/04
Greg in Vegas 10/19/04
Greg in Vegas 08/16/04
Greg in Vegas 05/05/05
Greg in Vegas 01/17/06
Greg in Vegas 08/16/05
Greg in Vegas 08/21/06
Greg in Vegas 11/13/06
Greg in Vegas 07/18/07
Greg in Vegas 10/30/07
Greg in Vegas 12/06/07
Greg in Vegas 03/05/08
Greg in Vegas 05/03/07
Greg in Vegas 05/14/08
Greg in Vegas 06/20/08
Greg in Vegas 03/14/05
Greg in Vegas 08/13/08
Greg in Vegas 10/06/08
Greg in Vegas 05/16/05
Greg in Vegas 07/13/05
Greg in Vegas 02/26/09
Greg in Vegas 12/02/04
Greg in Vegas 06/26/09
Greg in Vegas 2002
Greg in Vegas (Schiavo Blast) 03/22/05
Greg In Vegas Beats the Buzzer
Greg in Vegas questions Mike Franzese 05/13/09
Greg the Cockroach 04/05/96
Grum in Portland calls to crack on Peyton Manning, I'm flaming I'm out Reaction! 02/12/15
Guido in Iowa is upset that 22 names were mentioned before Mike in Indy 06/24/21
Guido in Iowa wonders what happened to Mike in Indy, claims to be the new don of Midwest Mafia 07/15/21
Gus in KC (Self Gloss) 02/03/05
Hal in Las Vegas Ex-Lax blast 01/03/05
Hank in Detroit responds to Micah Parsons dissing the Lions on Twitter 02/21/23
Hannah in Denver takes a run at Ken in Sacramento and the KC Chiefs 10/04/17
Hans in Pennsylvania heckles the Canadian hockey team 02/23/18
Harold in Calgary says Tyler is barely a Smackoff caller, takes a run at Edmonton 03/14/19
Harrold in San Jose calls to crack on the Oklahoma City Thunder, gets racked 05/31/16
Harry from Fremont err Dr Harry Andrews 07/03/07
Hawk finished the LA Marathon in under 5 hours, call from his trainer Eric Gilsenan 03/09/20
Hawk is taking his family to a golf tournament, thinks having his kids there will increase his chances of meeting Tiger 02/14/20
Hawk talks more about the marathon, James Kelley had a bad weekend for picks, call from 'Suzie' in Santa Monica 03/09/20
Hayden in Loomis asked if Adam Hawk had a girlfriend because he sounded unhappy 09/10/20
Hedstrom Bacon calls to hype the Smackoff, plugs an orthopedic surgeon, gets reamed by Rome 03/08/23
Hedstrom calls to promote the Smackoff Wrap-up show 06/23/21
Heidi in Wichita was really excited to talk to Rome, proud of the Chiefs community 01/18/19
Henry in Springfield Missouri - Clueless in Seattle 09/28/12
Henry in Tennessee is a cardiologist talking about the 80-20 rule, eat good 80% of the time 02/08/19
Holly in Buffalo feels pretty good about the Bills Patriots game, Pats haven't seen a defense like the Bills yet 09/26/19
Hookland Josh in Detroit compares Blake Griffin's injury to NHL players, gets run 04/25/17
Hope Solo was partying with Donovan, gets red card 05/26/17
Horrible Nebraska caller 09/10/07
Horse racing talk - Calls from Bobby in Maine, Brian in Florida, Darren in Cali, Julie in Ohio, Corey in Toronto, Dave in Tucson 04/16/21
Horsie talk and a call from Diane in Niagara Falls 10/11/21
Huey's Burgers in Memphis shows Rome on tv, calls from Adam in Mississippi and Matt in Memphis 03/03/20
Huge Call-Donald Trump 01/09/07
Huge Call-Jeff in Vancouver 02/26/07
Huge Call-Matt in Denver 01/23/06
Huge call-Terence in Sierra Madre 01/19/07
Iafrate calls about the Kansas City Chiefs, gets cut off 02/27/13
Iafrate calls to talk about the Kansas City Royals championship 11/02/15
Iafrate checks in for the first time since 2016 Smackoff 01/03/18
Iafrate compares Dave Roberts to Marty Schottenheimer 10/10/19
Iafrate drops an updated version of Michael's Dad for Patrick Mahomes 01/30/23
Iafrate grew up in Kansas City, talks about how much the win means to him 02/03/20
Iafrate has a take on who the real GOAT is between Brady and Belichick, Rome talks about waterbeds 11/05/18
Ian in Venice rambles through a call, asks Stucknut to verify that he never had an email read 10/07/16
Ian in Venice shares how to beat the rap for falling asleep behind the wheel while intoxicated, gets run for suggesting Draymond Green's heckler dangled his package in front of him 07/12/16
Iggy in Springfield (Tape)
Iggy in Springfield Taped Call
Impromptu Hackoff with Jeff in San Antonio, Ryan in Sactown, Fabian in LA, Irie Craig, John in Little Rock, and John in Philly - Fake Jeff in SA gets a Golden Ticket 02/17/23
Interview with mystery guest Richard Sherman delayed by technical difficulties; Rome takes two bad calls and is in a bad mood 01/29/16
Irie Craig 02/16/05
Irie Craig 06/29/07
Irie Craig 06/22/07
Irie Craig 10/29/07
Irie Craig 03/20/08
Irie Craig 04/08/08
Irie Craig 04/05/96
Irie Craig 04/15/08
Irie Craig 03/11/05
Irie Craig 03/17/05
Irie Craig 03/25/05
Irie Craig 10/03/08
Irie Craig 10/08/10
Irie Craig - Partied with Piazza & Is Joe Maddon's Neighbor 11/16/11
Irie Craig alleges that Tiger Woods still has a drug problem 02/14/18
Irie Craig announces that his book is done and on Amazon, reflects on Randall 07/26/19
Irie Craig asked Rome if he will be at the Pegasus World Cup in Florida, but Rome reminded him about the Super Bowl 01/24/17
Irie Craig bet $25 on Rome's horse, won $5k, reaction from the clones 04/11/22
Irie Craig call leads to Dodger reset 11/09/07
Irie Craig called and said he is homeless, clones react with bum smack 08/15/18
Irie Craig called with a bad connection, got run 12/03/18
Irie Craig Calls about Diamond Geezah 02/25/11
Irie Craig Calls about His New Band 10/04/11
Irie Craig calls about the Kentucky Derby, says Iggy Pop shouted out to Rome at a concert, gives us a new soundbite (arggg I don't think so) 05/03/16
Irie Craig calls and sparks a horse discussion 05/19/17
Irie Craig calls from a funeral to talk about Shared Belief and Scott Weiland 12/04/15
Irie Craig calls to discuss his autobiography 01/09/18
Irie Craig calls to discuss his new book 'When Every Day Is Friday Night' 04/20/18
Irie Craig calls to give the correct GoFundMe information 04/24/18
Irie Craig calls to recap the flameouts 12/15/17
Irie Craig calls to talk about American Pharaoh's Triple Crown and talk straight fire about horseracing 06/09/15
Irie Craig calls to talk about the SI photo shoot from 1996 05/12/16
Irie Craig calls to talk Dodgers but ran out of time, but Rome went on with the segment for 5 more minutes 09/14/18
Irie Craig calls to talk horses, again 08/18/16
Irie Craig checks back in, now living at a Marriott in Long Beach 08/27/18
Irie Craig checks in after game 1 of the World Series 10/25/17
Irie Craig checks in from the train to Del Mar 07/19/17
Irie Craig chimes in on the Miami Dolphins coach that took a video snorting coke 10/09/17
Irie Craig clarifies a few things from his previous call, lives with girlfriend 08/17/18
Irie Craig compares Tom Brady to Fonzy 02/15/17
Irie Craig gets run 02/18/11
Irie Craig has some medicine for Adam Hawk, lost connection 04/09/18
Irie Craig in Long Beach gets in an argument with Grant Napear over Clayton Kershaw 10/17/18
Irie Craig is begging fans for a World Series ticket, doesn't answer Jim's question 10/23/17
Irie Craig is doing over fine, wants to party with Robert Kraft 02/22/19
Irie Craig is living with a couple of dancers in Huntington Beach 01/04/19
Irie Craig is working on an autobiography 08/22/17
Irie Craig on Board with the Jets 01/21/11
Irie Craig rambles on about Shaq and the Lakers 12/19/17
Irie Craig says Zack Greinke took a big dump in his pants 10/10/17
Irie Craig shoutouts the Stones 02/01/06
Irie Craig talks about Conor McGregor and horse racing 11/14/16
Irie Craig talks about John in Little Rock, Tiger Woods, Dodgers, and horse racing 05/30/17
Irie Craig talks about the good old days hanging with clones, suggests the Smackoff callers should be nicer to each other 06/16/16
Irie Craig talks Dodgers and horse racing 10/25/18
Irie Craig talks Dodgers, has advice for Hawk but runs out of time 10/12/18
Irie Craig trips on the word adrenaline, notices Jose Altuve for the first time 11/01/17
Isaac in Oakland is disappointed with Gruden 09/11/18
Ish in Memphis call and email reaction 04/30/12
Israel calls to smack on Gino via rap 12/08/11
Israel in LA - Cracks Boston and guarantees 2012 Smackoff win 08/30/11
Israel in LA - Talks and raps about Mike in San Diego 07/09/12
Israel in LA calls about Lakers, Clippers, and Peyton Manning. Huge call 01/27/12
Israel in LA calls about the greedy NFL officials 09/26/12
Israel in LA calls from Borders Books, raps about Jeff in Middletown 06/10/11
Israel in LA raps about Boatie ripping his TV 12/16/11
Israel in LA RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
Israel in LA tries to win a TV 12/06/11
Israel in Los Angeles Calls from the Mall 12/21/10
Israel in Los Angeles Calls His Shot 02/17/11
Israel tells story about his mother 12/07/11
Ivan in Indio takes a run at Leff, Silk, and Cleveland 06/05/17
J-Turtle Call 07/11/05
Jack in Arizona talks about Wisconsin being a great party school 10/02/19
Jack in Medford is a lifelong Bills fan, talks about their history and the city of Buffalo 01/24/22
Jack in Sacramento watched Alex Honnold's documentary with his father, a former rock climber 10/23/18
Jack in San Francisco blasts SoCal, parodies the Brad in Detroit Mace call with Clayton Kershaw 10/29/18
Jack in Ventura has a cool story about sharing Jack in the Box tacos with Tony Gwynn 01/05/17
Jackie in Wichita 07/12/04
Jackie in Wichita with Grandpa
Jackie in Wichita with Grandpa and Casey in Vegas 121004
Jackie's Mom Calls
Jacob in NorCal calls about March Madness, gets run for Giraffe Family reference 03/13/17
Jacob in NorCal calls about the Yankees beating the Indians 10/12/17
Jacob in NorCal calls to smack Zach in SLC, gets a red card 05/26/17
Jacob in NorCal calls with a rap, gets racked 03/07/17
Jacob in NorCal is tired of Marcus 'Narcus' in Seattle's calls, brings up Lance in Topeka's throat cancer 04/06/17
Jacob in NorCal raps for World Poetry Day, gets racked 03/21/17
Jacob in Norcal responds to Dan Wetzel's interview about Larry Nassar 01/25/18
Jacob in NorCal responds to San Antonio with: I'm about to go to your river so I can drain my snake 05/17/17
Jacob in NorCal rushes through his first call talking about Bay Area sports 02/24/17
Jacob in NorCal takes a run at Dan in Denver 07/10/17
Jacob in NorCal takes a run at Dan in Denver, Cal in Vegas, and the Raiders 03/29/17
Jacob in Norcal talks Jungle Periscopes 01/18/18
Jacob in NorCal thinks LeBron is a huge bag, gets run 04/11/17
Jacob in Toronto responds to Graham, he likes the Phillip Rivers acquisition 03/25/20
Jacques in Quebec calls to talk about his Rays 10/09/19
Jade in Cincinnati - Compares Miami Heat to a coked-out stripper 06/06/12
Jaime in Houston Gets Run 04/28/05
Jake (Jason) in Vegas gets run for correcting the host, calls back because he didn't know the rules, gets racked 01/23/23
Jake in Buffalo calls for 2nd time to respond to Matt in LA 06/09/20
Jake in Buffalo compares Johnny in Texas to a hotdog, gets run 05/20/20
Jake in Buffalo compares Matt in LA to the MLB, gets racked 06/09/20
Jake in Buffalo gets racked with a take on the Hawk vs Ritt fight, Hawk talks about thrift store cardigans 11/23/20
Jake in Buffalo gets run for talking about Kyle in Green Bay's road trip 05/19/20
Jake in Buffalo has a take on the fat Super Bowl coaches 02/08/21
Jake in Buffalo on Benny in Wisco, Phish, and the Buffalo Sabres 06/10/21
Jake in Buffalo on deGrom, CJ in the Bay, and Chris in SE Wisco 04/26/21
Jake in Buffalo on the Syracuse - Houston matchup, got run for take on Tan Smack 03/25/21
Jake in Buffalo responds to CJ in the Bay, San Francisco is a dump, Hawks beer, gets taken off the watchlist 05/27/21
Jake in Buffalo responds to Gavin, takes a run at Rick in Buffalo, but Rome was still focused on Gavins call 02/26/21
Jake in Buffalo responds to Rick in Buffalo, gets a delayed run 12/11/20
Jake in Buffalo says Florida is ruining the MLB, takes a run at Silk Brah haters, gets run 07/27/20
Jake in Buffalo says the entire fan base is TRL level schmammered, Bills will be a premiere organization for a long time 11/12/20
Jake in Buffalo takes a run at 49er fan and the bay area, has a haiku, gets racked 12/08/20
Jake in Buffalo takes a run at Cal in Vegas 05/28/20
Jake in Buffalo takes a run at James Kelley's wardrobe, gets on the Smackoff watch list 01/11/21
Jake in Buffalo wants in the Smackoff to win 5k for Save-a-Clone charity, gets run 06/12/20
Jake in Grand Rapids doesn't like Rome endorsing Hope Solo running for US Soccer President 12/08/17
Jake in Grand Rapids has a bone to pick for ripping Jeff's Golden Ticket, Rome talks about Gender Reveal parties 10/20/17
Jake in Peoria call - Rather get hit in face with urine soaked tennis ball than listen to Chael 06/21/12
Jake in Peoria call - Takes another run at Chael Sonnen 07/09/12
Jake in Peoria calls about John in San Diego 08/20/12
Jake in Peoria gets racked despite a poor job of reading his take 07/30/12
Jake in Peoria gets run after calling his shot on Twitter 09/11/12
Jake in Peoria gets run for smacking NBCs Olympic coverage 08/06/12
Jake in Peoria tries to take a run at Mark in Hollywood but gets run for reading 09/28/12
Jake in Tampa is upset with decision to pull Snell after strucken out 55% of the batters 10/28/20
Jake in Wisco had a nice rhyme about the Calgary stampede 12/10/18
Jake in Wisconsin invites Rome to a rodeo and Badgers game 09/09/21
Jake in Wisconsin says Matt in LA looks like a stinky Uber driver, got run for a manual rim shot 09/27/19
Jake in Youngstown - AB and the Killer B's killed Pittsburghs football culture 01/02/19
Jake Rome calls (Jake in Spring Valley) 10/14/05
James in ABQ is celebrating 25 years of the Sports Animal 08/15/19
James in California got run for self glossing as Bruin James twice 08/29/23
James in Detroit wants a Golden Ticket, calls out Dino in San Antonio, bad phone connection, gets run 06/09/20
James in Hattiesburg on Boxing and the SEC 11/02/11
James in Houston calls while Kyle Brandt is guest hosting 02/20/12
James in North Carolina says the Michigan Ohio State rivalry is overrated 11/20/18
James in Portland 06/22/22
James in Portland calls to RSVP but gets run and loses his Golden Ticket 06/09/23
James in Portland calls with a straight sports take, wants Coach Lanning on the show 04/22/22
James in Portland compares Tiger Woods to Mark in Hollywood, gets run for while smacking off about his RSVP 05/19/22
James in Portland gets run for mention of Alvie, Pitino, and Shawn Kemp at an orgy 03/24/23
James in Portland gets run for self gloss 06/21/23
James in Portland gets run for talking about Ritt and Alvie's side hustles 06/14/22
James in Portland gets run for trying to answer Brads ATP about the XR4Ti 02/22/22
James in Portland goes in on James Kelley 09/14/23
James in Portland has a take on the guy that lost his pennis after injecting blow into it, warns Alvie that it's booger sugar, not shaft sugar 03/31/22
James in Portland has a theory why Alvie is missing 06/06/22
James in Portland on Alabama basketball, Dame and Blazers, gets run for Delloro Thunderstick 02/27/23
James in Portland on Jeff from Richmond and Kaleb in Green Bay 06/16/23
James in Portland on Kaleb, Dong Day, gets another Golden Ticket 06/28/23
James in Portland on KD's beard, rubber band wallet, Alvie's a magnum man, gets run 06/17/21
James in Portland on Mark in Bostons weight, Rogan in Boulder 09/01/23
James in Portland on Sean the Cablinasian's low T, gets run 06/29/23
James in Portland on the Kraken, Shawn Kemp, and the XR4Ti, wins a Golden Ticket 07/22/21
James in Portland on the Masters menu and Alvie's meat rub 04/07/23
James in Portland on the Super Bowl, turf, refs, Alvie 02/13/23
James in Portland reenacts the Bill in Syracuse call 01/11/23
James in Portland responds to Jeff in Richmonds pictures, has a beef with the Merkur 10/01/21
James in Portland roasts the XR4Ti, Alvie impregnated socks 06/04/21
James in Portland says Vic in NoCal is a liar 04/06/22
James in Portland takes a run at BJ in the Bay, Kim in Sacramento, Matt in LA, gets run 06/22/21
James in Portland takes another run at the XR4Ti, gets choppered 06/08/21
James in Portland talks about Alvie's reactions during What's Your Beef 03/16/22
James in Portland wins a Golden Ticket 08/31/22
James in Portland wins a Golden Ticket, CJ McCollum is a shark 06/03/21
James in Portland with a take on MLB cheating, Alvie's drywall towel under his bed 06/10/21
James in Rochester gets run for repeating his name and city 09/23/23
James in San Diego calls to talk NHL Finals, trips on his script, gets run 06/08/18
James in Santa Maria says that he sold Tommy Armour III cocaine in 1984 06/11/19
James in SLO says that LeBron wrecks teams, pissed about the Caruso trade 04/12/22
James in Texas claims that he's an alien, they are going to breed a horse for Rome, gets run 06/09/21
James in the Bay takes a run at Dan in Denver, gets run 06/07/17
James in Tucson announces a Smackoff watch party at the Tap & Bottle 06/23/21
James Kelley breaks down UFC 249 05/08/20
James Kelley calls to discuss NFL draft prop bets 04/23/20
Jamie in Santa Barbara tells a story about being a high school basketball referee 02/28/19
Jared in ABQ doesn't like his neighbors borrowing his tools, gets run 04/29/21
Jared in Florida talks about the rollercoaster of emotions of being an outside salesman 09/25/19
Jared in Iowa went to radio row, says Hawks stache is even better in person 02/06/18
Jared in Kalamazoo 05/12/09
Jared in Kalamazoo 10/07/09
Jared in Kalamazoo takes a run at Trapper 05/12/09
Jared in Maine wanted to talk Boston sports, got run for belching 02/04/20
Jared in Sconsin takes a run at Ryan in Sacramento 09/02/21
Jared in Wisconsin is concerned because he say a pic of Rome with Wells, Kyle sent him the cardboard cutout 09/09/20
Jason in ABQ gets run for sleeping on a Serta mattress 11/30/17
Jason in Boulder works at a spa and wants to take care of Rome and DJ 08/17/23
Jason in Dallas is getting married this weekend, asking for advice on where to go in New Orleans for honeymoon 06/03/21
Jason in Dallas says Tom Brady is a quitter, wants Sean Payton in Dallas 02/01/22
Jason in Fullerton (J-Stew) RSVPs to the Smackoff 06/16/14
Jason in Fullerton RSVP's to the Smackoff after 18 year hiatus - J-Stew 06/11/13
Jason in Harrisburg can't get down with the NFL draft, Gronk smack 04/22/19
Jason in Harrisburg compares Tyler in Edmontons calls to wrestling with an ugly chick, very forgettable 03/13/19
Jason in Harrisburg cracks on MMA fights lasting less than a minute, run for bologna pony reference 01/23/20
Jason in Harrisburg enjoys watching the Lakers implode, nobody wants to play with LeBron, more Tyler smack 04/12/19
Jason in Harrisburg foreshadows Rick in Buffalo's SoCal trip 08/15/19
Jason in Harrisburg gets run for D battery joke directed towards Matt in LA's chubby girlfriend 10/02/20
Jason in Harrisburg gets run for Will Brinson smack 12/04/20
Jason in Harrisburg gets run trying to smack Tyler and Matt 04/08/19
Jason in Harrisburg gets run with a take on fat gym guy 03/04/20
Jason in Harrisburg gets run with yeast smack for Wells in the 360, taken off the watch list 06/12/20
Jason in Harrisburg got run for a limerick 04/17/19
Jason in Harrisburg got run for comparing Bob Kraft video to Jurassic Pork 08/22/19
Jason in Harrisburg has a beef with Bob in LA's beef, got run for muff reference 02/23/22
Jason in Harrisburg has a beef with Portland woman at Cabo pools 05/18/22
Jason in Harrisburg is putting his money on the BIC 06/20/19
Jason in Harrisburg on old Trapper beef jerky, smacks fat Canadian chicks 09/26/19
Jason in Harrisburg recaps the Smackoff, wants Bob Krafts video to be called Jurassic Pork 06/28/19
Jason in Harrisburg says Leff in Laguna is the Jungles jocksniffer 06/25/18
Jason in Harrisburg says Matt in LA makes him laugh more than Tyler in Edmonton, agrees that Americans are fat 03/04/19
Jason in Harrisburg smoked Tyler out of hibernation, got run for moose knuckle reference 03/15/19
Jason in Harrisburg takes a run at Jeff in Southfield, self-publishing smack 10/23/19
Jason in Harrisburg takes a run at Leff, gets run and taken off of the watchlist 05/29/19
Jason in Harrisburg takes a run at Matt in Vancouvers personal appearance 02/12/21
Jason in Harrisburg takes another run at Tyler, gets on the watchlist of the watchlist 05/07/19
Jason in Harrisburg takes another run at Tyler, gets run 05/10/19
Jason in Harrisburg talks about plant based diets, big meat, call James Wilks a dumbass 09/18/19
Jason in Harrisburg targets Eric in Orlando, gets run for a tuna blast 04/24/20
Jason in Harrisburg wants a Golden Ticket, talks Little League, Tyler is a future coach 05/02/19
Jason in Little Rock bids to get into Smackoff 2014 and gets run and clowned 06/03/14
Jason in Los Angelas - Cantaloupe Rebuttal 06/01/09
Jason in Ottawa - Caller Says Rape Isn't Worth It
Jason in Ottawa gets run for Ron Jeremy reference, Rome gets mad at Hawk for not letting him know it was the Canadian Star Linebacker 10/05/17
Jason in Portland calls with a rap, stumbles on his script, gets run 06/01/18
Jason in Redding - First time caller, gets hooked by Rome telling him his connection was bad, reads his script again 06/29/15
Jason in San Antonio welcomes Rome back, likes the energy 08/14/23
Jason in Santa Cruz has a suggestion for Rome's MacBook 08/12/19
Jason in SLC - Silk smelling like turd on the curb2
Jason in South Jersey is fired up for the Kelce Brothers, talks horse racing, gets run for stalling on his war 01/31/23
Jason in the LBC really appreciates everyone on the show 06/09/20
Jason Stewart calls Travis Rodgers Now 04/24/13
Jason Stewart RSVP's to the Smackoff, might call back as Rex 07/17/18
Jason Stewart RSVP's to the Smackoff, talks Blind Date and R. Kelly 06/14/19
Javier in San Diego doesn't like the Dodgers complaining, Padres don't need to spend money 04/26/21
Jay from Okinawa 01/20/06
Jay in Buffalo defends his city, responds to CJ in the Bay 05/28/21
Jay in Florida doesn't think Jeff in Richmonds calls have progressed, talks NBA Finals, chased out by sharks 06/08/18
Jay in Florida takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, run for rambling 06/25/18
Jay in Houston wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'Banana Nut Up in the Tailpipe Man' 09/27/19
Jay in LA on the NBA Negotiations 11/03/11
Jay in OC gets run 01/03/05
Jay in Providence 03/24/05
Jay in Providence 01/04/06
Jay in Providence 08/24/05
Jay in Providence 08/23/06
Jay in Providence 01/11/05
Jay in Providence 01/19/05
Jay in Providence 02/28/05
Jay in Providence 03/14/05
Jay in Providence 04/05/05
Jay in Providence 04/11/05
Jay in Providence 04/26/05
Jay in Providence 05/03/05
Jay in Providence 05/12/05
Jay in Providence 07/15/05
Jay in Providence cracks the Mom 05/12/05
Jay in Providence Gets Run 04/15/05
Jay in San Diego says Fabian is slow and has a screw loose 12/17/18
Jay in Wisconsin calls with gossip about Jimmy Butler and KAT 09/25/18
Jay Mohr 07/26/07
Jay Mohr 02/28/08
Jay Mohr 04/23/08
Jay Mohr 06/06/08
Jay Mohr 09/03/08
Jay Mohr 01/22/09
Jay Mohr 04/17/09
Jay Mohr 2003
Jay Mohr call in 12/06/06
Jay Mohr calls his shot 05/03/07
Jay Stew new car part 2 05/31/05
JC in Alaska - Trying to smack bad callers, gets run - Beep Beep 04/18/12
JD in Nashille second call with reaction 04/07/08
JD in Nashville - Huge Enema 03/24/09
JD in Nashville takes down Chad in Portland with incredible Michael Jackson parody and wins Huge Call 10/03/07
JD in Nashville-Jacko-Chad in Portland parody 10/03/07
JD in Philly is happy with the 1st round pick the Eagles got for Wentz, don't sleep on the Villanova Wildcats 03/30/22
JD in Philly is not worried about the Eagles losing their coaches, takes a run at Frisco fan 02/14/23
JD in Philly on the Nets 76ers game and James Hardens performance 03/11/22
JD in Philly on the Phillies and 76ers, he's a Duke grad 05/03/23
JD in Philly questions Leff as a bully 06/22/21
JD in Philly rants about Doc Rivers and the 76ers 05/02/22
JD in Philly says it's like Christmas because the Eagles get to face Wentz twice a season and Ben Simmons visits as a Net 03/10/22
JD in Philly says the Eagles will stomp the 49ers 27-16 01/27/23
JD in Philly says there isn't any Doc that can fix the 76ers dumpster fire 05/13/22
JD in Philly talks about the train-wreck 76ers, disappointed that they didn't make it to the finals so they could lose 07/18/23
JD in Philly wants Ben Simmons to get traded to the Pacers to be closer to Mike in Indy, who also comes up short in big events 10/19/21
JD in Winnipeg calls to inform us about CFL challenge rules 01/22/19
JD in Winnipeg can't stand Matt in LA's schtick, gets racked 03/07/19
Jeannie Buss 03/30/05
Jeff from Richmond 05/21/04
Jeff from Richmond 04/11/07
Jeff from Richmond 02/24/04
Jeff from Richmond 10/01/19
Jeff from Richmond and email reaction 12/19/19
Jeff from Richmond brags about the success of his business 04/27/23
Jeff from Richmond gets run 04/06/05
Jeff from Richmond has a take on the dude Hank Huckabee Sanders, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/29/18
Jeff from Richmond has more Matt in LA smack, wants to be part of Smackoff 25 03/28/19
Jeff from Richmond humbly acknowledges that he only gets positive reaction, clones react 06/06/18
Jeff from Richmond is ready to start a dynasty, Canada loves him 06/15/23
Jeff from Richmond lays out a plan for Jeff in San Antonio to win the Smackoff 10/02/20
Jeff from Richmond reaction 04/11/07
Jeff from Richmond returns to the Jungle, Rogan Lome 05/03/18
Jeff from Richmond RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/10/20
Jeff from Richmond RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/10/21
Jeff from Richmond shouts out the CBS suits, smacks Matt in LA, reaction 04/15/22
Jeff from Richmond takes a run at Al Roker, gets racked 10/01/21
Jeff from the 919 calls to talk about meeting Danika at the Jaguars game 08/25/17
Jeff in Butte calls to smack Vic and Silk, says they are no longer edgy, got run 05/31/18
Jeff in C-Town thanks Rome for having doctors call in, thinks NFL season might get pushed back, he likes Matt in LA 03/26/20
Jeff in Chapel Hill 01/09/06
Jeff in Chapel Hill - UNC produced game changers in 2 sports, MJ and LT 04/20/20
Jeff in Cleveland is a lifelong Browns fan, they're the most undisciplined team in all sports 11/15/19
Jeff in Columbus 120604 12/06/04
Jeff in Columbus and detroit emails 01/26/06
Jeff In Columbus calls on his way to the Big House, predicts score 27 Buckeyes, 27 Ann Arbor Wolverines 11/18/05
Jeff in Houston has been listening since the Big Fax, thinks Astros will win 11/01/17
Jeff in Lakeland
Jeff in Lincoln 09/13/07
Jeff in Louisville with take on UK-UL Sweet 16 matchup, wins Huge Call 03/26/14
Jeff in Miami is a newly retired, bought a new car with SiriusXM and found the show for the first time in 13 years 09/12/19
Jeff in Middletown - LeBum James and Israel in LA 06/10/11
Jeff in Middletown calls for the first time in seven years, complains that Mike in Indy has turned the Jungle into a petting zoo - with Clones' reaction 04/26/17
Jeff in Middletown calls to respond to Mike in Indy, gets chased off by music 04/27/17
Jeff in Middletown has a take on Terrible Pryor, takes a run at Israel in LA and Mark in Boston 07/01/11
Jeff in Middletown lost his Golden Ticket with yo mama smack 04/12/19
Jeff in Middletown talks Lakers and LeBron, wins a Golden Ticket 03/08/19
Jeff in Middletown tells Israel in LA I'm HIV, you're Erv and I'll make you retire 06/22/11
Jeff in Milwaukee responds to Benny in Wisco's Smackoff call, gets run 07/17/23
Jeff in New Orleans likes the DeMarcus Cousins trade, but loves the Sacramento fan meltdown 02/21/17
Jeff in NoCal glosses himself Mole-doggy in East Bay, gets run, Rome resets the self gloss reel 09/29/15
Jeff in North Carolina doesn't like how NFL players skip out on interviews 10/26/17
Jeff in Phoenix 01/25/05
Jeff in Phoenix 04/11/05
Jeff in Phoenix 08/31/06
Jeff in Phoenix 04/24/07
Jeff in Phoenix 05/02/07
Jeff in Phoenix 12/07/07
Jeff in Phoenix 12/19/07
Jeff in Phoenix 03/07/08
Jeff in Phoenix 01/11/05
Jeff in Phoenix 04/27/05
Jeff in Phoenix 05/17/05
Jeff in Phoenix (Relic Hunting) 03/14/05
Jeff in Phoenix - Kordell Stewart and Jeff Garcia
Jeff in Phoenix calls for first time in a long time to smack Hawk, carphone dies 06/18/20
Jeff in Phoenix calls Jay Mohr as 'Esteban in Glendale' 04/18/11
Jeff in Phoenix calls out Vic in NoCal 01/11/07
Jeff in Phoenix gets run 02/22/05
Jeff in Phoenix gets run 01/06/06
Jeff in Phoenix Has An Announcement 06/22/05
Jeff in SacTown on the Loss of the Kings 04/14/11
Jeff in San Antonio (@acuralegend) wins Huge Call 08/01/06
Jeff in San Antonio calls back on the 1 week anniversary, gets his Golden Ticket taken away 10/20/17
Jeff in San Antonio calls from Buffalo Wild Wings, thinks he's Smackoff material instead of Hackoff 12/07/18
Jeff in San Antonio calls from the hospital as his fiance was about to give birth to Jordan 01/25/18
Jeff in San Antonio claims that he is definitely a bad ass 02/23/18
Jeff in San Antonio claims to be Smackoff material, wants to offer a Baby Jordan email address as a prize 05/29/19
Jeff in San Antonio fights back tears throughout his call, clones react 10/13/17
Jeff in San Antonio invites Rome to his wedding, started crying again 05/18/18
Jeff in San Antonio is getting ready to launch Baby Jordan, talks about sexual abuse 03/26/19
Jeff in San Antonio set the date for his wedding, October 6, anniversary of Michael Jordans first retirement 09/21/18
Jeff in San Antonio talked about the anniversary of his call and getting dissed by Hawk 10/18/18
Jeff in San Antonio talks about a new clothing line he's launching for Baby Jordan, cries again 11/16/18
Jeff in San Antonio wanted to wish Rome a Happy International Women's Day 03/08/19
Jeff in San Antonio wants everyone to know that he's still a badass 01/25/19
Jeff in SoCal - Nooch is malnourished, WNBA on CBS, got run for crank blast 05/10/19
Jeff in SoCal breaks down the viral video from the Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt women's basketball game 02/07/19
Jeff in SoCal breaks down the WNBA, gets run 10/05/17
Jeff in SoCal called to talk about the WNBA draft with more womens basketball smack, ran out of material because he thought he would get run 04/14/17
Jeff in SoCal calls about the Bears draft, Rick in Buffalo, and Leff in Laguna 04/28/17
Jeff in SoCal calls as Dan in Houston to push his fattest city agenda 11/01/17
Jeff in SoCal calls as Fake Mona in Knoxville, gets run 06/19/19
Jeff in SoCal calls from a bad phone connection, run for too many Fat Andy references 12/14/18
Jeff in SoCal calls to crack on Warriors fans, gets run for saying they smell their own farts 05/17/16
Jeff in Socal checks in after the Seattle Storm won the WNBA Championship 09/13/18
Jeff in SoCal claims that Bills fans are drug addicted alcoholics with learning disabilities 01/15/21
Jeff in Socal compares the McGregor Mayweather fight to other sports competing against each other 08/22/17
Jeff in SoCal gets choppered for a Kellen Winslow - Mona blast 06/14/19
Jeff in SoCal gets on the Smackoff watchlist for taking another run at Nooch 05/15/19
Jeff in Socal gets run for Popovich face smack 05/10/17
Jeff in SoCal gets run for saying that Rex in ABQ is leaking oil in his tighty whities 06/22/18
Jeff in SoCal gets through an entire call, gets on Smackoff radar 06/30/17
Jeff in SoCal gives odds on the NCAA Women's Final Four, gets run for mentioning their short haircuts 03/31/17
Jeff in SoCal goes all in on San Diego, gets racked 09/15/17
Jeff in SoCal got run for womens basketball haircut smack 03/29/18
Jeff in SoCal has a short call about his long call 05/15/20
Jeff in SoCal has a take on 'womens basketball gal', gets run for cankle reference 03/15/17
Jeff in Socal has moved on to womens curling, gets run, Alvin has to explain delayed buzzer - glass houses man 02/09/18
Jeff in SoCal is a Dolphins fan that trusts their process, gets run for Beaks smack 09/23/19
Jeff in SoCal is glad that the train wreck NBA season is over, smacks adult fans that wear full Laker uniforms 10/12/20
Jeff in SoCal is going to golf with clones next week, smacks Rich Flores and Brad in Corona, and Dan in Denver, still on the watch list 06/12/20
Jeff in SoCal is looking forward to Rick in Buffalo's visit 08/19/19
Jeff in SoCal is not a fan of the Jungle Open in Omaha 07/10/19
Jeff in SoCal is sad about the J-Lo / A-Rod breakup, records his longest call 06/03/21
Jeff in Socal is waiting for Leff to get his Oprah moment, gets run 01/05/18
Jeff in SoCal just started golfing to give him a reason to day drink 07/29/20
Jeff in SoCal makes a final attempt to win a Golden Ticket, Bugaha smack, gets run for bad phone connection 06/17/20
Jeff in SoCal mentions the straight fire from the debate, invites Hawk to a party in Scottsdale, gets run for warring the coronavirus 02/20/20
Jeff in SoCal mocks UConn womens basketballs 100th straight win 02/14/17
Jeff in SoCal on Chris in Canada, Cal in Vegas, Sarah T, and the Last Dance, stays on watch list 05/28/20
Jeff in SoCal on NFL Draft, commish butchers Tua's name, 2 reasons Jeff in San Antonio would need tissues while watching the Last Dance 04/30/20
Jeff in Socal responds to Matt in Vancouver, gets run for calling Matt and Tyler the Canadian Bert and Ernie 03/02/18
Jeff in SoCal says Rome dodged a bullet by postponing the tour stop, Rick in Buffalo looks like a thumb 03/27/20
Jeff in SoCal switches gears to talk womens softball, gets run 06/02/17
Jeff in SoCal takes a run at the Bills and Rick in Buffalo 12/21/20
Jeff in SoCal talking about the Nuggets parade, fat Smackoff participants 06/16/23
Jeff in SoCal talks about a WNBA record, then says LiAngelo Ball should play in WNBA because he already has a short haircut 07/18/18
Jeff in Socal talks about Houston last championship in 2012, Americas Fattest City 10/27/17
Jeff in Socal talks about the Canadian besties Matt and Tyler 02/23/18
Jeff in SoCal tells the story of Fabian getting drunk outside the Smackoff party, suggests cheddar cologne for Jake to attract women in Wisco 12/19/19
Jeff in SoCal tries for a Golden Ticket, gets chased out by sharks 06/23/16
Jeff in SoCal tries to establish his brand as the womens basketball caller 02/24/17
Jeff in SoCal tries to solidify his spot in the Smackoff club 05/31/19
Jeff in Socal tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker with a call about Last Chance U's Jason Brown 08/21/18
Jeff in Socal tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker, 2 week fan of the Rams, doesn't care if they win the Super Bowl 01/24/19
Jeff in SoCal trolls San Diego by pretending to like the Chargers 12/11/17
Jeff in SoCal wants a Golden Ticket, takes a run at Mark in Boston, Kaleb in Green Bay, and Canadians, runs out of time 05/14/20
Jeff in SoCal weighs in on college basketball, gets run for layup smack 03/03/17
Jeff in SoCal with a Mark Mangino update, says he looks like a giant plump meatball on Iowa State sideline 09/24/14
Jeff in SoCal with a terrible Toby in Houston impression 03/18/15
Jeff in SoCal won a Golden Ticket 05/17/19
Jeff in South Carolina questions Jungle Karma, doesn't want Rome to interview Atlanta Falcons Brian Poole 01/24/17
Jeff in Southfield - Give peace a chance, gets run for Leff and Sarah T smack 07/28/20
Jeff in Southfield calls as Gordon in London, gets run 06/22/21
Jeff in Southfield calls as Trapper in Dana Point 11/05/19
Jeff in Southfield calls out Cal in Vegas for using Rodney Dangerfield jokes, parodies Bitchin Camaro as Bitch in Corona 06/23/20
Jeff in Southfield calls with a John in New York impersonation 09/20/19
Jeff in Southfield calls with Stephen Hawking jokes, gets run 03/21/23
Jeff in Southfield compares the oversized strawberries from Shari's to Beaks in Studio City 05/10/19
Jeff in Southfield does a tandem call with Fake John in NY 02/13/20
Jeff in Southfield goes all in on fat Wisconsin, not proud of American cheese 03/26/19
Jeff in Southfield goes all in on Paul's dog 12/11/20
Jeff in Southfield has an issue with Kyle in Green Bay's road trip during a pandemic 05/14/20
Jeff in Southfield imitates Mike in Indy, Rick in Buffalo, and Mitch Hedberg wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/31/18
Jeff in Southfield on Benny, Wisconsin, rednecks, and riding lawnmowers 05/26/21
Jeff in Southfield on Irie Craig, spends his royalty money at 7-11, aspires to work at Guitar Center 10/22/19
Jeff in Southfield on Johnny in Texas and porn for millennials 10/30/20
Jeff in Southfield on Paul in Buffalo's dog Bo Jackson, Steve Carbone might lose the worst job ever, Hawk sounds like a Hallmark card, Midnight Oil parody, Trapper smack 04/27/21
Jeff in Southfield on Wells in the 360, Silk Brah, trailer parks, gets racked 06/08/21
Jeff in Southfield on Wisconsin, Kaleb in Green Bay, and Brad in Corona 06/28/19
Jeff in Southfield responds to a Kyle in Green Bay tweet, questions his marketing strategy 10/09/19
Jeff in Southfield returns with takes on Michigan weed laws and Rick in Buffalo 12/18/18
Jeff in Southfield RSVP's for the Smackoff, gets run for too many Brads small junk references 06/23/22
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Adam Hawk, Mark in Boston, James in Portland, Drizzle, Pauls dog, and Brad 06/29/23
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Cal in Vegas 04/15/20
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Gino, talks about the differences between Detroit and San Antonio 06/14/19
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Matt in LA 03/31/20
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Mike in Indy with a documentary 'The Lost Dunce' featuring cameos from Cal in Vegas, John in NY, and Rick in Buffalo 01/28/21
Jeff in Southfield talks about clones movie roles, takes a run at Mike in Indy, Rick in Buffalo, and Dan in Denver 06/05/20
Jeff in Southfield wants to apply for Keith Arnolds job, brings more Beaks fat smack 05/17/19
Jeff in Southfield wants to go first in the Smackoff, calls out tandem callers 06/20/19
Jeff in Southfield wins a Golden Ticket in his first call, takes a run at Mike in Indy and Arthur Fonzarelli 07/25/18
Jeff in Southfield with a take on Patriots, Malcolm Butler, Matt Patricia, and the Same Old Lions. Gets run for Harvey Weinstein joke. 09/25/18
Jeff in Southfield with another weird call, this time targeting the Detroit Lions 11/24/20
Jeff in Southfield withs takes on Brad vs Napear, Matt & Tyler, Rick, and Cal 10/23/18
Jeff in Southfield's 2nd call, lost Golden Ticket with Special Ed smack 08/21/18
Jeff in Tampa wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'Yeast Infection' 09/27/19
Jeff in the ATL has suggestions for things to do in Boulder 08/17/23
Jeff in Vancouver 04/07/05
Jeff in Vancouver 05/24/05
Jeff in Vancouver 02/07/07
Jeff in Vancouver 02/23/07
Jeff in Vancouver 06/08/07
Jeff in Vancouver 08/24/07
Jeff in Vancouver 10/23/07
Jeff in Vancouver 10/31/07
Jeff in Vancouver 12/05/07
Jeff in Vancouver 01/17/08
Jeff in Vancouver 02/07/08
Jeff in Vancouver 05/13/08
Jeff in Vancouver 01/05/05
Jeff in Vancouver 01/12/05
Jeff in Vancouver 02/17/05
Jeff in Vancouver 03/30/05
Jeff in Vancouver 05/09/05
Jeff in Vancouver 06/22/05
Jeff in Vancouver 07/15/05
Jeff in Vancouver 07/28/05
Jeff in West Va (Cracks Rachael) 03/25/05
Jeff Passan RSVP's to the Smackoff during his interview 06/26/17
Jeff T. in NYC got run for wanting to punch the clown on a Zoom call 02/08/21
Jen in Canton compares the Packers situation to a man picking up a 3 at the bar when he has a 10 at home 05/05/21
Jen in NY with a very incoherent call 01/16/17
Jenna in Wisco is traveling to Sheboygan, eating macadamia nuts out of her fanny pack 10/10/18
Jeremiah in Colorado has 2 solutions for Rome's cramps, go to a dispensary or get some tree from Hawk 11/01/18
Jeremy in Green Bay 06/22/22
Jeremy in Green Bay calls Rick in Buffalo an idiot, gets run for a Rick impression 04/14/21
Jeremy in Green Bay gives an unbiased review of Silks campaign 11/04/20
Jeremy in Green Bay goes all in on Ariel Helwani, gets run for nose smack 01/21/21
Jeremy in Green Bay is hyped in the Packers, LaFleur frontrunner for coach of the year 09/21/20
Jeremy in Green Bay jumps in on the Matt in Vancouver vs Rick in Buffalo feud, gets on watch list 12/11/20
Jeremy in Green Bay keeps the Cal in Vegas feud alive 09/01/20
Jeremy in Green Bay officially launches Smackoff season, takes a run at Chris in SE Wisco and Matt in Vancouver, gets racked 02/11/21
Jeremy in Green Bay on Jake in Buffalo, Chris in SE Wisco, and Jeff in Richmond - wins Golden Ticket 05/27/21
Jeremy in Green Bay on Leff's Twitter brand, gets run by Alvie 10/23/20
Jeremy in Green Bay on Sean the Cablinasian, CJ in the Bay, Smackoff profile, Mark in Boston, gets choppered 06/09/21
Jeremy in Green Bay on the hated Roger Goodell and doughey Mac Jones, stays on watch list 04/29/21
Jeremy in Green Bay responds to Rip in Portland, Silk Brah, and Matt in Vancouver 02/12/21
Jeremy in Green Bay smacks Chris in SE Wisco for finally getting run 01/08/21
Jeremy in Green Bay takes a run at Cal in Vegas, Silk Brah, and Pooldoc 08/26/20
Jeremy in Green Bay takes a run at Wells in the 360 and Smackoff callers that call once a year, stays on watch list 05/20/21
Jeremy in Green Bay wins another Golden Ticket with a tandem call with Fake Silk 06/23/21
Jeremy in Melbourne FL gets run for talking about soccer players flicking testicles and sticking thumbs in players' butts 05/29/14
Jeremy in Richmond 07/12/05
Jeremy in Sconny bids for a Golden Ticket, gets run for toilet paper smack, Rome advises he will never get another chance 05/28/15
Jeremy in Sconny tries to run smack at Mark in Boston, gets run again 06/11/15
Jeremy in SLC has a take on Urban Meyer but lost his train of thought 08/22/18
Jerome in Houston (as Jim in Pearland) calls local show with a slumpbuster reset - Clint Stoerner & The Show on 610am KILT 08/10/20
Jerome in Houston believes Hawk will run the marathon in under 5 hours 03/06/20
Jerome in Houston calls for 2nd time in the show, asks for a Golden Ticket and gets one 04/14/20
Jerome in Houston calls to redeem himself but has a bad phone connection 09/24/20
Jerome in Houston calls to respond to Chris in SE Wisco, got run for being wasted, loses Golden Ticket 09/18/20
Jerome in Houston can't wait to see the Slam Diego Padres and Astros series 08/21/20
Jerome in Houston doesn't like the Chris Paul trade, gets run 07/07/17
Jerome in Houston gets racked with a take about Joe Kelly's 8 game suspension 07/30/20
Jerome in Houston gets run for old Smacktionary references 06/02/17
Jerome in Houston grew up in the Denver area, calls to talk AFC West 12/18/20
Jerome in Houston has a poem for Chrisco in SE Wisco, gets run 06/23/21
Jerome in Houston has a take on Tommy La Russa, tells story about tripping on stairs 11/10/20
Jerome in Houston has seen Pistol Pete, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, and Bird, and nobody is better than Jordan, gets run for stumbling 05/12/20
Jerome in Houston is a pissed off Houston sports fan, claims the Rockets game was the 2nd worst day in his 40 years in Houston 05/12/17
Jerome in Houston is aggravated with the Texans, Bill O'Brien is a horses ass boob 01/13/20
Jerome in Houston is an old geezer, poopoo'd at the coronavirus last week, now wants to make sure everyone is prepared 03/13/20
Jerome in Houston is now a fan of the Tampa Bay Bucs, the Texans screw up so much that he doesn't even care anymore, they are run by a kook and boob 04/24/20
Jerome in Houston is still afraid of the Washington Nationals 10/23/19
Jerome in Houston is thrilled that the Chargers beat the Raiders, Urb is an idiot, gets run 10/05/21
Jerome in Houston is upset with Houston sports, they all suck 01/16/20
Jerome in Houston is watching the simulcast, tried to guess the crew members 03/24/20
Jerome in Houston lost his train of thought after Scotts call, Washington Nationals scare him 10/15/19
Jerome in Houston loves being involved with the show, had to go back to work, gets his Golden Ticket back 06/11/20
Jerome in Houston loves JR Swish's swag, doesn't understand why he needs a blanket in Florida in July 07/21/20
Jerome in Houston on NBA Playoffs, unwritten baseball code, and Nolan Ryan vs Robin Ventura 08/18/20
Jerome in Houston really wants to see Texas get beat up by the SEC, gets racked 07/22/21
Jerome in Houston recaps the Dodgers and Rays game 7 victories 10/19/20
Jerome in Houston says it sucks being an Astros fan, Hinch is to blame 02/14/20
Jerome in Houston says the Astros are full of killers, they're on a collision course with the Dodgers 10/03/19
Jerome in Houston says the Texans loss was devastating and amusing, run for singing 12/09/19
Jerome in Houston sings Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Clones 09/04/20
Jerome in Houston soberly comments on Bill O'Briens firing 10/06/20
Jerome in Houston started listening to the Reinvention Project, decided to turn his life around 01/27/22
Jerome in Houston talks about getting his mouth washed out with soap, breaks down how the Denver Nuggets got their name 09/15/20
Jerome in Houston thanks Rome for the Golden Ticket, gives Trapper a shout-out, smacks Stucknut Steve in HTown 04/17/20
Jerome in Houston thinks Harden and Paul are making the city look bad 04/30/19
Jerome in Houston tries to encourage Johnny in Texas to quit calling 06/01/21
Jerome in Houston urges clones to drive their cars so the shafts don't bow 04/14/20
Jerome in Houston uses a Padres take to jab Bill O'Brien 09/01/20
Jerome in Houston wants Rome to use black pepper to get rid of the geese 08/12/21
Jerome in Houston wants to know what's more dangerous, coronavirus or Bill O'Brien 03/17/20
Jerome in Houston was excited for baseball but MLB screwed it up, left Rome speechless after a take on chipmunks and nuts, wins Golden Ticket 07/27/20
Jerome in Houston with a take on Silk Brah's campaign, shouts out to Trapper 11/04/20
Jerome in Nashville 04/20/05
Jerome in Nashville - BOHICA Call 07/26/05
Jerry in Cleveland gets run for a Huey Lewis parody 07/22/20
Jerry in Green Bay gives a weather report for northern Wisco 07/02/20
Jerry in Green Bay wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'The Pinched Loaf' 09/27/19
Jess in Humboldt County says Rome should take it easy on Trent Williams 09/22/23
Jessie in Eugene wants to know how Alvie plays the soundbites so quick 01/15/21
Jesus in Chicago 03/12/08
Jesus in Chicago 04/16/08
Jesus in Chicago 05/28/08
Jesus in Chicago (Dead Air Call) 11/23/10
Jesus in Chicago - J-Stew the Jungle Phoneslap 12/19/08
Jesus in Chicago Pimps The Jungle Mixtape Vol. 2 12/24/10
Jill in Sacramento (Weed Smoking Teacher)
Jim Boeheim 03/01/07
Jim in Arizona went to college with Bob Baffert, doesn't think he's a cheater 05/14/21
Jim in Buffalo compares drinking Keystone Light to an old song called Beans Taste Fine, Rome breaks down the song 09/22/15
Jim in C-Town - What If 09/02/08
Jim in Crapchester 04/05/96
Jim in Fall River Call from 2002
Jim in Fall River on baseball
Jim in Green Bay thanks Rome for the phone, hopes the warm Florida sunshine softens Tom Brady 01/18/21
Jim in KC got run for saying it's Tom Brady's last game, he can go home and make out with his kids forever 01/18/19
Jim in Maine says if Josh Gordon is a success in New England, winna winna chicken dinna 09/19/18
Jim in Maryland was disappointed with Pauls Dog in the Smackoff 07/28/23
Jim in PA is a retired cop with a vasectomy story 03/11/21
Jim in Philadelphia 11/01/05
Jim in Portland gets run for self-gloss, the Octopus 11/09/18
Jim in Portland-exploding in the endzone 01/10/06
Jim in Seattle 10/04/07
Jim in Tampa the Bowling Ball gets run for self-gloss 10/10/13
Jim in Templeton wants to talk about the Phantom in the Thunderdome 07/02/20
Jim in Washington is sad because once again Canada has no teams left in the playoffs 05/16/23
Jim in Youngstown thinks Mason Rudolph should get all the blame in the Myles Garrett fight 11/15/19
Jimmy in Illinois on the NBA playoffs, debalacle and Dillon Brooks 05/01/23
Jimmy in Portland sings and plays harmonica, ZZ Top parody 05/27/22
Jimmy in SLC talking the tourney, Gonzaga and BYU 03/10/21
Jimmy in Windsor Ontario - Drunk poetry 10/08/15
JJ in KC breaks down the Arizona Cardinals draft 04/30/19
JJ in KC calls to pitch the Jungle Open, clone golf outing in Omaha 07/09/19
JJ in KC is a proud Chiefs fan who is tired of the refs 01/22/19
JJ in KC is fired up for the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl for the first time in over 50 years 01/20/20
JJ in KC is tired of Tyler in Edmonton and says he stinks 03/14/19
JJ in KC previews the AFC championship game, Chiefs 33 Bills 27 01/19/21
JJ in KC recaps the Super Bowl, would've called sooner but had a hangover 02/04/20
JJ in KC says Kelce's comments weren't about Big Head Bets because they got it right 02/14/23
JJ in KC says Silk Brah deserves a lifetime achievement award, run for Tide pod reference 06/28/18
JJ in KC talks about the Jungle Open, reminded him of a Tour Stop 07/22/19
JJ in KC took a deep dive on the Rome podcasts 09/09/20
Joan in Visalia - 80 year old lady 09/17/09
Joaquin in San Diego calls the show and gets run, with reaction from Clones 07/17/14
Joe in Acton with a take about Jalen Ramsey 09/18/19
Joe in Akron is hyped after the Browns playoff win 01/11/21
Joe in Bugaha 1st Call 09/01/06
Joe in Bugaha 2nd call 09/27/05
Joe in Bugaha-JD call 11/14/07
Joe in Gardena is an old man with poor credit, talks Kawhi and Clippers 11/21/19
Joe in Harrisburg PA cracks on Redskins with Turdville blast, says their moral compass came from McDonald's Happy Meal 12/10/14
Joe in Hollywood 10/01/08
Joe in Hollywood 01/22/09
Joe in Hollywood 05/12/09
Joe in Hollywood 06/25/09
Joe in Indianapolis calls with a story about being at the gym with his buddy Tob, crank in the face 07/27/15
Joe in Las Vegas tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets with a sob story about his old lady 04/08/16
Joe in Lemon Grove 04/05/96
Joe in Minneapolis 04/28/05
Joe in Minneapolis calls, he's angry, takes run at Kaleb, mentions the odds, Rome runs down the top 5 odds 06/02/15
Joe in Minneapolis on the Timberwolves choking 04/22/22
Joe in Minneapolis says Kaepernick is the most toxic individual in the country 06/28/17
Joe in Minneapolis says that kneeling during the National Anthem is worse than burning the flag 09/25/17
Joe in Minneapolis with thoughts on Kaleb, Conor McGregor, and Andrew Luck 09/05/19
Joe in New Jersey AKA the Tree Frog gets run for self gloss 01/25/18
Joe in NYC 02/07/05
Joe in NYC 01/14/05
Joe in NYC 03/22/05
Joe in NYC 04/05/05
Joe in NYC - Coach Boyardee
Joe in NYC Cracks on Joe in Bugaha
Joe in NYC Journey call
Joe in Overland Park gets run for reading his take and a Miami Mild blast 06/16/14
Joe in Penn doesn't like how JJ Watt used the Browns for leverage 03/04/21
Joe in Pittsburgh got run for self gloss - horse monkey 01/17/18
Joe in San Antonio has an ATP, what flavor protein bar does Rome eat 02/02/22
Joe in San Diego 04/05/96
Joe in South Dakota has thoughts on the Mookie Betts trade 02/05/20
Joe in South Dakota is a Red Sox fan and still loves Mookie 11/23/20
Joe in the OC 02/14/05
Joe in the OC 08/30/06
Joe in the OC 10/23/07
Joe in the OC 10/30/07
Joe in the OC 11/13/07
Joe in the OC 04/14/08
Joe in the OC 05/07/08
Joe in the OC 08/19/05
Joe in the OC 10/19/04
Joe in the OC 09/27/04
Joe in the OC 08/07/09
Joe in the OC 11/12/09
Joe in the OC - Huge Call 10/19/04
Joe in the OC - Lollipop guild 07/07/08
Joe in the OC 11204 11/02/04
Joe in the OC call - The friction caused by Tebow and Lolo Jones dry-humping could power Vegas 06/21/12
Joe in the OC calls Kyle Brandt about the Smackoff 05/25/12
Joe in the OC gets run 01/30/05
Joe in the OC gets run 10/19/04
Joe in the OC gets run for happy ending blast 01/06/06
Joe in the OC run in error 02/09/05
Joe in the OC-Naval Semen 03/03/06
Joe in Wisconsin was driving to his lake house to check on it, mentioned he could check on Rome's too 02/22/21
Joel in Florida doesn't understand the Joe Judge hire for the Giants, they are buffoons 01/08/20
Joel in Minneapolis loved how Pat Beverly got revenge on his former team 04/13/22
Joel in New Jersey wants to talk about how great horse racing is but ran out of time 03/14/19
Joel in San Bernardino is a Saints fan, says the better team didn't win 01/21/19
Joey in New Bedford 10/04/05
Joey in New Bedford 01/21/05
Joey in New Bedford 02/01/05
Joey in New Bedford 02/17/06
Joey in New Bedford 08/17/05
Joey in New Bedford 04/05/05
Joey in New Bedford 04/27/05
Joey in New Bedford 10/27/04
Joey in New Bedford 10/21/04
Joey in New Bedford - Recepted 10/27/05
Joey in New Bedford - Sex on the mole 10/07/04
Joey in New Bedford Breaks Down the Clone Civil War 05/11/05
Joey in New Bedford calls for the first time in 11 years, talks Spurs, Predators, Stucknut 05/15/17
Joey in New Bedford Gets Run 07/11/05
Joey in Omaha talks about the Luke Fickell podcast 07/27/23
Joey Vendetta calls and ask if the MLB is more compelling than the NFL 10/12/16
Joey Vendetta calls to talk about Toronto sports, Odor-Bautista fight 05/16/16
Joey Vendetta recaps Oilers Ducks game 7 05/11/17
John 'Sterling' in Toronto - checks in before opening day, gets run 03/29/18
John Cook calls to defend golf 12/29/05
John Feinstein Part 3 02/10/06
John in ABQ is celebrating 20 years of listening to the Jungle 03/11/21
John in Annapolis is a pilot that enjoys a good power nap 08/19/20
John in C-bus on SBC Mich-OSU
John in C-Town 07/02/08
John in C-Town 04/22/05
John in C-Town 09/16/08
John in C-Town
John in C-Town + dance remix
John in C-Town call with emails
John in C-Town calls to talk about the Browns 10/14/20
John in C-Town is fired up about the Cavs and Cleveland sports 04/27/23
John in C-Town loves the Lunch with the Monkey resets 11/02/21
John in C-Town returns to talk about game 7 of the World Series, wins huge call 11/02/16
John in Cleveland - LeBron will always be known as a Judas, traitor, trench coat 06/20/12
John in CTown Blasts CTown Monkey 01/26/11
John in Escondido has been listening since early 90s, remembers the Tortollo brothers 09/15/17
John in Green Bay on the Aaron Rodgers / Packers feud 04/18/18
John in Houston guesses Hawk will run the marathon in 5:20 03/06/20
John in Houston is a 63 years old marathon runner, warns Hawk that runners die 03/20/19
John in Illinois kept asking Rome questions, got run 10/02/18
John in Kansas City is blind, thanks Rome for being a bright spot 11/13/18
John in Little Rock becomes first caller ever to get Smackoff Golden Ticket despite flaming and getting run 05/08/15
John in Little Rock calls at the end of the show, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets with G&R reset 04/04/16
John in Little Rock calls from a new smartphone, parodies Land Down Under again 04/25/17
John in Little Rock calls with a Devo Whip It parody called Rip It, for Dan in Denvers Golden Ticket 06/23/17
John in Little Rock calls with a Jingle balls song 12/20/16
John in Little Rock calls with a Ratt parody about the NCAA Championship game called 'Kick Their Ass' 01/09/17
John in Little Rock calls with Men At Work reset for Parody Larry and gets run for three gorilla balls blasts 04/10/15
John in Little Rock calls with Scott Stapp parody 12/01/14
John in Little Rock calls with What Does The Fox Say parody - suck-suck-suck-suck - and gets run 02/03/14
John in Little Rock does a Fat Boys cover, Rome gives him a Golden Ticket 06/06/17
John in Little Rock freestyle raps and beatboxes, gets run (4th run caller in a row) 03/21/17
John in Little Rock gets run again 01/05/18
John in Little Rock gets run for a bad song with bad content 11/21/17
John in Little Rock gets run for cracking on Lamar Odom's crack addiction with Boomtown Rats parody (Up All Night) 04/17/15
John in Little Rock gets run for incoherent parody of song nobody knows 06/03/15
John in Little Rock gets run with a Bang Your Head parody 11/27/19
John in Little Rock gets run with a parody song that nobody recognized 06/26/18
John in Little Rock got run for a Frosty Sasquatch song 04/25/19
John in Little Rock has a Smackoff song 06/29/23
John in Little Rock has a Sugar Ray parody for Larry 03/15/22
John in Little Rock keeps his pipes warm with a Godsmack parody 07/24/17
John in Little Rock parodies Ballroom Blitz with Monkey Ass Bitch, gets run 08/17/17
John in Little Rock parodies Der Kommissar again, with Penn State vs Ohio State theme, gets racked 10/24/16
John in Little Rock parodies Outkast Sorry Ms. Jackson for Lamar Jackson 11/28/16
John in Little Rock parodies Van Halens Jump with 'You Need a Lawrence' 01/08/19
John in Little Rock remixes Odom's on the Pipe for Tiger Woods 05/30/17
John in Little Rock responds to Eddie in Boise with a Copa Bohica remix 09/18/17
John in Little Rock responds to Jimmy in Windsors poetry 10/08/15
John in Little Rock responds to Parody Larry 12/21/17
John in Little Rock responds to Will in Milton's song with a Mission Impossible parody 06/23/21
John in Little Rock reworked his hit song Odom's on the Pipe 05/20/19
John in Little Rock reworked his Odom's On the Pipe song for Johnny Manziel 06/27/16
John in Little Rock screams through a song about the Michigan Wolverines 11/14/16
John in Little Rock sings a Ratt Round and Round parody for the Patriots, gets run 01/24/19
John in Little Rock sings a Safety Dance parody for FSU QB DeAndre Johnson, gets run 07/17/15
John in Little Rock sings a song about Brad in Corona with a meth pipe 12/21/20
John in Little Rock sings a song about Kaleb in Green Bay 06/09/16
John in Little Rock sings a Welcome to the Jungle parody about tacos 10/25/18
John in Little Rock sings A-ha's Take on Me from a bad phone connection 01/27/16
John in Little Rock sings an Eddie Money parody 2 Tickets to the Smackoff, still has a bad phone connection 05/26/16
John in Little Rock sings Sugar Ray's hit 'I Just Want to Smack' 06/19/19
John in Little Rock tries to act like Cal but got run 10/04/18
John in Little Rock tries to win another Golden Ticket but gets run before getting to the chorus 05/06/20
John in Little Rock wins a Golden Ticket with an Eddie Money parody Run These Clones Tonight 05/06/16
John in Little Rock wins a Golden Ticket with Smackoff Fever song 03/22/19
John in Little Rock with a bad parody of Michael Jackson's Bad 07/09/18
John in Little Rock with a horrible John in NY impersonation 01/18/23
John in Little Rock with a Hot Blooded parody called Shaft Sugar 03/31/22
John in Little Rock with a Safety Dance parody, ran out of words so he beatboxed 09/23/15
John in Little Rock with a Shaft Sugar sequel 06/03/22
John in Little Rock with a Smackoff Fever song, gets run 12/19/19
John in Little Rock with an Outfield parody, plus reaction 05/19/17
John in Long Island says the Celtics lack mental toughness 05/18/23
John in LR tries to respond to Vic in Nocal 05/05/17
John in Memphis brought heat on Bryson DeChambeau, compared Leff to Dane Cook 06/15/21
John in Memphis says Leff isn't funny, compares him to Eli Manning 09/23/20
John in Memphis wants Jay Cutler to help him with a flea problem 07/01/20
John in Michigan tells a long story about getting picked up for DUI in Ohio and telling everyone he's from Michigan 11/20/18
John in New York - Eli Manning is like the guy at work that doesn't wear deodorant 10/12/18
John in New York anticipated a call from Rick in Buffalo after the John Beilein news 05/13/19
John in New York calls about the Matt in LA vs. Damon Amendolara beef 06/03/19
John in New York calls to recap his experience at the Hall of Fame induction 11/22/19
John in New York checks in from the hospital after his hip replacement surgery 07/29/20
John in New York gives Rome credit for his NHL prediction 04/17/19
John in New York has an issue with his toe, takes a run at Leff in Laguna, gets his Golden Ticket ripped 04/11/23
John in New York on Rick in Buffalo, Jeff in Richmond, and Jeff in Southfield 03/29/19
John in New York responds to Jeff from Richmonds Smackoff prediction video 05/30/23
John in New York says Rick in Buffalo talks like he's taking hostages 03/19/18
John in New York says the Buffalo Bills remind him of Silk's campaign, gets run for stumbling 11/17/20
John in New York shows more love for Rome, responds to Jeff in Southfield 09/20/19
John in New York takes a run at Rich Ackerman, wins Golden Ticket 06/29/18
John in New York takes a run at the Mets, Trey in Louisiana, and Rick in Buffalo 05/10/18
John in New York thinks Canadians should get fat, since they want to be like the USA 11/09/18
John in New York thought Leffs call during the Mazmarack interview was funny 05/23/19
John in New York wants to go to Jim Rome's HOF induction 09/05/19
John in New York with a take on Mike in Indy and Cal in Vegas 05/29/20
John in New York with a take on the Mets, gives props to WoodScopes and Stucknut Radio 06/24/19
John in NY 06/22/22
John in NY announced that he is getting a hip replacement, needs Jeter to be better 07/27/20
John in NY calls with Super Bowl prediction - New England is going to take it 31-20, Tom Brady MVP 01/30/19
John in NY compares the last segment of the Smackoff to a heavyweight fight, didn't like Mark in Bostons call 06/22/20
John in NY explains why radio works on tv, wins a Golden Ticket 11/11/21
John in NY gets run for pretending to be Drizzle in Wichita 01/12/23
John in NY is disgusted with clone participation 05/11/22
John in NY likes Denver in the Finals, sick of Lakers and LeBron, gets his Golden Ticket back 05/23/23
John in NY likes Harden on the Nets, basketball is back in New York 01/19/21
John in NY on the Brooklyn Nets, takes a run at Mark in Hollywood 02/24/23
John in NY s hyped about St. Johns hiring Rick Pitino, wins a Golden Ticket 03/21/23
John in NY says Kawhi's legacy is on the line with the Clippers/Nuggets game 7 09/15/20
John in NY says Mike in Indy and Jeff in San Antonio should start the first annual bitch-off 07/09/18
John in NY says New York sports are great then brings Parody Larry on, gets run 05/24/21
John in NY says the Giants are going to regain their prominence 03/13/19
John in NY says the studio stays cool so Ritt's corpse won't rot, mentions Rick's appearance on Stucknut Radio 05/15/20
John in NY takes a run at Kaleb in Green Bay and Gino in SA 06/07/22
John in NY takes a run at Rich Ackerman for being a sellout 05/01/18
John in NY takes a run at Sean the Cablinasian for not promoting the Smackoff while talking to Nick Caserio 06/19/23
John in NY takes a run at the Canadian callers and other Smackoff participant, gets to keep his ticket 05/27/22
John in NY talks about the Christy Martin podcast 08/26/21
John in NY thinks Rick in Buffalo should apologize for using the scripted garbage in Hawks cat box, got run 06/21/18
John in Oakland thinks Zaza is a clumsy moron 05/18/17
John in Omaha explains lamb castration 01/29/08
John in Omaha is no longer embarrassed by the Browns 12/21/20
John in PDX has a Christmas vacation suggestion for the Rome family 12/13/18
John in Philadelphia figured out that Rick in Buffalo's problem is that he's constipated 01/06/20
John in Philly compares a V in the Fee call to being in the restroom without toilet paper 05/25/23
John in Philly gets run for a Police 'King of Pain' parody about Silk Brah 06/04/21
John in Philly has a problem with Philly fan 02/13/23
John in Philly has a problem with texters and emailers 08/15/23
John in Philly has Hawks back, no way fat slob Ritt is gonna make it in the ring 11/24/20
John in Philly is disappointed with the Phillies 05/28/21
John in Philly is mad at V for dissing his city 06/16/23
John in Philly is not happy, thinks the XR4Ti is bringing Rome down, gets on watch list 02/21/23
John in Philly is tired of V in the Fee 09/05/23
John in Philly says Kathleen sounds like a rat 10/01/21
John in Philly says the year long Smackoff season is brilliant 07/28/23
John in Philly takes a run at Brad in Corona and Rick in Buffalo, gets run for midget smack 05/15/23
John in Philly wants to know why CBS doesn't fly Rome on a private jet 01/21/22
John in Philly was disappointed with Chris' call, takes a run at V in the Fee, wants more Smackoff energy 06/14/23
John in Portland says Hawk needs to do a better job screening, got run 03/29/19
John in Rochester on A-rod-leads to sales take 09/21/06
John in SA calls for the first time, takes a run at Chad in LA 05/23/16
John in San Antonio calls about the Spurs destroying the Rockets 05/12/17
John in San Antonio calls with thoughts on the Warriors/Thunder series 05/25/16
John in San Antonio cracks on the Golden State Warriors 06/01/16
John in San Antonio wins a Golden Ticket with more Golden State Warriors smack 06/03/16
John in San Antonio wins the Golden Ticket back! Emkcar backwards is rack me. 06/17/16
John in San Antonio with a bad Smackoff RSVP, gets run; Rome revokes his Golden Ticket 06/14/16
John in San Diego 05/03/11
John in San Diego @jseggy wants to get a Jungle inspired tattoo, takes suggestions from the clones 01/11/18
John in San Diego calls about Melky Cabrera 08/20/12
John in San Diego calls about the Lakers and Dwight Howard 08/10/12
John in San Diego calls with old school knowledge, gets on Smack-off bubble 08/13/12
John in San Francisco wants to make a bet with Rome on the Dodgers Giants series 09/30/21
John in SD says that 1090 dropping Rome isn't that bad because Matt in LA can't listen now 02/27/18
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) calls to thank Rome for the healthy distraction, Rome shouts out to Stucknut Radio 03/26/20
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) has a horrible phone connection and gets run within seconds 06/15/16
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) pimps the Post-Smackoff Show on Stucknut 07/16/18
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) suggests Golden Ticket wannabe's to practice on Stucknut Radio, gets run for Dak Prescott joke 10/23/20
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) teases his next call, Rome said he doesn't make the show better 06/06/16
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) updates Jim on the Smackoff Wrap-up show numbers 07/25/18
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) wants to rep Canada in the Smackoff, has a message for Vic 05/18/16
John in Syracuse is a Star Wars freak, watched episode 6 1481 times, doesn't have a social life 10/17/08
John in Tampa is upset that UCF didn't hire Deion Sanders 09/06/23
John in Tucson tried to bang a trashcan during a take on Joe Altuve 02/19/20
John in Utah thinks Andy Reid is distracted with family issues 10/26/21
John in Wisconsin hyperventilates through a Dallas Cowboys take 11/19/19
Johnny in Pittsburgh asks Rome about Jimmy G's winning completion percentage 03/13/23
Johnny in Texas appreciates the Jungle during the pandemic and the show within the show 12/18/20
Johnny in Texas called to pimp the 2020 San Antonio CloneStock 01/07/20
Johnny in Texas didn't have a good call and Rome let him know 02/05/20
Johnny in Texas doesn't think Wells in the 360 is a good caller 02/26/21
Johnny in Texas gets run for calling Rome Joe 05/15/20
Johnny in Texas got run for an 'everything is bigger in Texas' reference, call dumped 05/27/21
Johnny in Texas has advice for Gavin, refers to himself as the new Josh in Detroit 04/09/21
Johnny in Texas loved the Jon Dorenbos interview, makes a public apology for a Tweet 11/06/19
Johnny in Texas loves how the Jungles clones are family 07/25/19
Johnny in Texas ran into a clone that uses Big Head Bets, got run with a skit about Alvie and Rome pitching the show to ABQ 01/21/21
Johnny in Texas says Johnny Scabs should be put on the Do Not Block list 05/04/21
Johnny in Texas tries to redeem himself, addresses the mean clones on Twitter, get off of me, Rome mentions it was Hackoff worthy 05/19/20
Johnny in Texas tries to smack Chris in SE Wisco, gets run 01/05/21
Johnny in Texas wants to wreck Jerome in Houston, gets run 06/08/21
Johnny in Texas was moved by the Coach Moten interview 06/03/20
Johnny in Texas with a cool story about a girl he met that thought Jim Rome was cute 02/16/21
Johnny in the PDX - Damian Lillard is in Russ's head 04/22/19
Johnny Scabs gets run for saying I bet Leff can hear a mouse pissing on a piece of cotton 12/14/20
Johnny Scabs gives a sincere apology to Mark in Humboldt, claims to be the diabetes smacker and will go after blind people next 05/11/21
Johnny Scabs goes all in on Mark in Humboldt and his father, gets run and taken off the watchlist 05/04/21
Johnny Scabs in Detroit gets back on the Smackoff watchlist 05/08/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit gets removed from the Smackoff bubble 04/11/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit got run for Cal in Vegas hooker smack, removed from the watch list 05/29/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit got run for insinuating that Matt and Tyler sleep in the same bed 05/02/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit has a take on the Smackoff reaction, takes a run at Jason in Harrisburg 06/28/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit Lays Out Gino 10/04/11
Johnny Scabs in Detroit loves taking stoners weed 04/20/21
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Chris in Toronto, Sarah T, compares Kaleb to Silk 06/12/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Dave in Berea, Mark in Hollywood, and Kaleb in Green Bay 04/13/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Kaleb in Green Bay, Hawk, Matt in Van, Cal in Vegas, Liz in Falls City, gets on the watch list 03/29/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Kaleb in Green Bay, Sarah T, and Mike in Indy 06/16/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Matt in LA and Silk Brah, still on the watch list 04/30/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Matt in Vancouver, Bella, Vic in NoCal, Matt in LA, James Kelley 06/09/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Matt in Vancouver, Dan in Denver, and Matt in LA 05/14/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Silk Brah's city council campaign 11/05/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on the Rick vs Kaleb beef, got taken off the watchlist again 05/14/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Tyler in Edmonton, NFL Draft, Silk Brah, and Cal in Vegas 04/24/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit rambles through a Michigan take just so he could call Pete in Detroit an idiot 11/27/18
Johnny Scabs in Detroit takes a run at Good Brother Karl Anderson 09/25/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit takes a run at Matt in Van, he's not paying to watch the bitches at fight island 12/23/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit talks about the personal appearance of the clones at the SoCal CloneStock 04/30/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit wants a Smackoff on Zoom 05/07/20
Johnny Scabs responds to Chris in Toronto, gets out before getting run for Magic Johnson smack 05/18/20
Johnny Scabs says the NBA All-Star game was more painful than stapling his testicles to his leg 03/08/21
Johnny Scabs says Tyler in Edmonton looks sick and skinny, Matt in LA needs the 5k for child support 06/11/21
Johnny the Exterminator in Vegas 02/14/11
JoJo in Maine called but all we remember is his laugh 11/17/17
Jolene 02/05/09
Jolene in Farmington - Debut call - 'Dressed up like your mom' take 07/29/08
Jon in Huntington Beach jumped off emails to call, talked about knowing Justin Turner at CSF when he was a 25 year old student 10/26/17
Jon in Omaha 05/29/09
Jonathan Dwyer calls from Joy in St Louis and Mark in Eureka 09/18/14
Jordan in San Antonio thinks they deserve an NFL team, should move one from LA 08/15/23
Jordan in the OC works outside sales, played golf with Chase Claypool 12/03/20
Jordan in Vista 04/05/96
Jose in Carlsbad is feeling great after the Padres win, Dodgers who? 09/15/20
Jose in El Paso - Fury isn't afraid of anything 02/24/20
Jose in San Diego gives Rome advice on tequila 07/22/20
Josh in Arizona is tired of clowns calling for inflated stats at Coors Field, wants to hear royalty free techno for the Rockies 09/06/18
Josh in Detroit - Rome asked what he thought about Mike in Little Rocks smack, Josh responded with 'it was good, it was good' 04/14/17
Josh in Detroit calls to crack on Wes Clements dome, gets red card 07/10/17
Josh in Detroit checks in on the anniversary of his hookland call, Rome runs out of time 04/06/18
Josh in Detroit chimes in on the tattoo discussion, gets run 01/11/18
Josh in Detroit claims to be the Greatest Ever, Rome disagrees 12/18/17
Josh in Detroit compares himself to Verlander, begs for a Golden Ticket, gets run 10/30/19
Josh in Detroit congratulates Rome on getting into the Hall of Fame, takes the credit 08/12/19
Josh in Detroit doesn't understand how quarterbacks land color commentator jobs. What is that? 05/09/17
Josh in Detroit emailed his script before calling, Rome reads along with him, gets run 12/01/17
Josh in Detroit gave Rome an offer that he could refuse 02/15/18
Josh in Detroit gets a red card for saying 'why dont you go dunk on these' after suggesting Zach's next call will be from Dunkin Donuts 06/16/17
Josh in Detroit gets run for saying percific instead of pacific 12/21/17
Josh in Detroit gets run for smacking Rex too hard, Rome grades his call an F 03/05/18
Josh in Detroit gets run while trying to get a Golden Ticket again, Rome says he's terrible 06/28/19
Josh in Detroit gets through an entire call but doesn't win a smoker 08/22/18
Josh in Detroit gets through an entire call, talking about the tv show, boring NBA, and war lady clones 10/18/17
Josh in Detroit glosses Las Vegas 'Hookland' because of all of the hooker cards being handed out, wins huge call 04/06/17
Josh in Detroit goes after Tyler in Edmonton, gets a red card for hook reference 05/26/17
Josh in Detroit got a leaked version of the podcast, hosting a mini-Clonestock at the Red Wings game 11/21/17
Josh in Detroit got run for recycling Twitter jokes that Rome read 2 minutes prior 01/25/18
Josh in Detroit got run for saying that Rome would ask him for an autograph to have it tattooed 02/05/19
Josh in Detroit got run for using a weird announcer voice 03/14/19
Josh in Detroit has a new phone but same horrible takes 11/13/17
Josh in Detroit is sick of the Lions, claims his call is a touchdown, gets racked 09/12/17
Josh in Detroit is the most polarizing figure in the Jungle, got run for a Jingle Bell parody that didn't rhyme 12/18/18
Josh in Detroit lights up everyone, still gets run 01/17/18
Josh in Detroit likes good ol' North American hockey 11/17/17
Josh in Detroit only waited 2 weeks on hold this time, still got run 07/06/17
Josh in Detroit rambles about the pump fist Michigan fans, tells a store salesman I'll take it 12/04/18
Josh in Detroit screams some smack towards Cal in Vegas 04/12/17
Josh in Detroit shows off his Smackoff grind versatility, gets run; Rome warns Dan in Denver that his emails and Tweets can get his Golden Ticket revoked 06/22/17
Josh in Detroit smacks on Michigan, brags about going yard then gets run 09/25/19
Josh in Detroit stepped his game up, gets racked 05/30/18
Josh in Detroit stumbles through a take about the Detroit Lions, gets run 08/17/17
Josh in Detroit takes a run at John in NY for his HOF appearance 11/14/19
Josh in Detroit takes a run at Rick's height and socks, claims to be Americas Caller 08/23/19
Josh in Detroit talked hockey playoffs, asked for a Golden Ticket, got run 05/10/18
Josh in Detroit talks hockey, basketball, Dodgers in 4, podcast, didn't get run 10/25/17
Josh in Detroit thinks it would be an honor to have his mugshot on Brads bahana hammock 10/18/18
Josh in Detroit took Rory McElroy to win The Open, got run for singing the Golden Ticket song 07/18/19
Josh in Detroit tries to respond to Rick in Buffalo, gets run 06/20/18
Josh in Detroit tries to take a run at Rick in Buffalo, gets dumped 10/30/18
Josh in Detroit tries to use 'no thanks' as a joke punchline, gets run 04/11/19
Josh in Detroit waited on hold for 3 weeks, tried to push his Hook brand, got run 05/23/17
Josh in Detroit wants the first Golden Ticket of the season, claims his smack hits so hard that it might blow car speakers 06/25/19
Josh in Detroit wants to put Rick in a bodybag, gets run 03/27/19
Josh in Detroit wants to talk about going to the Chiefs Lions game, gets run 09/30/19
Josh in Detroit with a last-ditch effort to win a Golden Ticket, fails 07/25/17
Josh in Detroit with straight fire for the UFC 10/10/18
Josh in Grand Rapids 05/04/09
Josh in Houston calls in response to a Tweet he sent to Mike in Indy, gets run 06/22/20
Josh in Nashville says Rome gave a Master Class on how to cover the PGA news 06/07/23
Josh in Nashville tells a story about crashing his truck into a house while drunk 09/02/21
Josh in San Diego is happy about the Chargers losing 09/12/17
Josh in San Diego likes the Chargers again 11/09/20
Josh in the Nati-Dirty Lincoln 01/06/06
Josh in Washington - Former Gaucho calls with take on Jonathan Dwyer, women shouldn't deny their men sex 09/18/14
JP in Riverside has advice for Lady Clones, does a Jeff in Southfield impression, gets run 05/27/21
JR in Scottsdale on Brooks Koepka, all he does is wins majors 05/20/19
JT in Buffalo says Josh Allen is the GOAT 01/04/21
JT in Omaha got run for bragging about Creightons win over UCSB 03/22/21
JT in San Antonio is hyped that Rome is back, mentions old school callers 08/14/23
JT in Southfield - KD is not good with the media because he speaks his mind 09/11/19
JT in Southfield says Matt Stafford is a good quarterback, but he's injury prone and will let you down 02/01/21
JT the Brick calls for first time in 25 years, talks about his book 'The Handoff' and radio career 06/17/20
Julie in Orange County calls and says she listens to Rome because of his hot voice and is awarded Huge Call; some Clones suggest she was catfishing like Creepy Ronnie T 01/19/16
Julie in Palm Springs 07/23/07
Julie in Palm Springs and reactio 06/19/07
Julie in Portland wonders why trainers don't get blamed for player injuries 02/27/20
Jungle Jeopardy - NFL player accused of stabbing 2 people then writing a book about it, Slash in Brentwood guesses incorrectly 10/21/15
Jungle Open Recap - Calls from Brian in Omaha and Jeff in Omaha 07/22/19
Jungle Open recap, call from Kyle in Green Bay 06/15/20
Justin in Austin 05/13/05
Justin in Boise 03/14/05
Justin in Boise 03/28/05
Justin in Boise 04/18/05
Justin in Boise 04/28/05
Justin in Boise 11/01/05
Justin in Boise 06/17/05
Justin in Boise 05/16/05
Justin in Boise 08/17/05
Justin in Boise-Brokeback Mountain 01/27/06
Justin in Cleveland CFO of Car Nap Nation wants an XR4Ti tattoo 01/17/18
Justin in Cleveland has HOF demands: Take a car nap together or Rome can get a tattoo of Hawk 05/22/18
Justin in Florida got run for correcting his name 07/25/23
Justin in Green Bay chimes in on toad tripping, mushrooms changed his life 11/17/21
Justin in Green Bay talks Milwaukee Bucks, but sparks the Tom DeLonge gained weight topic 10/19/17
Justin in Huntington Beach claims to have played golf with O.J. Simpson and his new girlfriend after the trial; with e-mail and Twitter reaction 06/17/14
Justin in Melbourne finishes his wrestling story from the voicemail, gets chased out by sharks 06/27/18
Justin in Melbourne FL bashes the city of Ottawa 05/24/17
Justin in Melbourne is looking forward to Big Heads podcast, wants to have dinner with Romes family 09/24/21
Justin in Melbourne is taking credit for Gino in SA calling the show again, thinks Gino will win the Smackoff 06/19/19
Justin in Melbourne lays out reasons why the Penguins will repeat 04/27/18
Justin in Melbourne responds to Gino's profile, shouts out to PoolDork and ButtNuts 05/31/23
Justin in Melbourne says Gino in San Antonio is the Tony Romo of the Smackoff 04/16/19
Justin in Melbourne takes a run at Tyler and Edmonton 05/18/20
Justin in Melbourne tells a story about meeting Terry Bradshaw 07/25/19
Justin in Melbourne tried to respond to Gino in San Antonio, got run 04/24/19
Justin in Melbourne tries to one-up Jeff in Richmond, gets run 10/20/20
Justin in Nocal loves to vacation in northern Wisconsin, drinks PBR 08/09/21
Justin in Phoenix - Silk Brah wants people to stay at home because it helps Mrs. Silks business 06/11/20
Justin in San Antonio-Bad Call 01/15/08
Justin in San Diego offers that bum Kyle in Green Bay a shower 05/09/18
Justin in Utah calls about Tony Romo, says the Hall of Fame won't take someone with 'crap down your leg' 04/04/17
Justin in Utah says the Clippers are a bunch of crybabies 04/25/17
JW in Boise has an issue with Antonio Brown calling Mayock a cracker 09/09/19
K Savage with a take on Cam Newton, call gets dumped 10/05/17
Kal-El in Krypton - Leff in Laguna and Mark in Hollywood tandem prank call, Leff does a Mike in Indy impression 08/07/15
Kaleb in Green Bay "The Walrus" ripped the Golden Ticket that wasn't even available yet 03/12/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls about the Ducks Blackhawks game 7, lays out his Stucknut Smackoff odds 05/29/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls from In-N-Out in Austin 03/15/18
Kaleb in Green Bay calls to RSVP, does a double audio bit 06/08/22
Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Kentucky, Rome praises his progress as a caller 04/01/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Mary Kay Letourneau's divorce, gets run 06/02/17
Kaleb in Green Bay discusses Seahawks at Packers, takes a run at Vic in NoCal 09/17/15
Kaleb in Green Bay gets called out by Rome, he responds during the same segment 06/09/16
Kaleb in Green Bay gives an infomercial for the Smackoff watch party at Lorelei 05/23/19
Kaleb in Green Bay goes after Mike in Indy, criticizes Jim Rome's Twitter avatar 07/24/15
Kaleb in Green Bay has advice for the Golden Ticket holders 05/03/18
Kaleb in Green Bay is excited about the Brewers, run for Vic gets smokers from strip club smack 01/26/18
Kaleb in Green Bay on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers taking their act to Canada 08/22/19
Kaleb in Green Bay on prize taxes, Aaron Rodgers, and Smackoff kickoff 04/19/12
Kaleb in Green Bay on the Stucknut Smackoff odds, Rick in Buffalo personal appearance smack 05/14/19
Kaleb in Green Bay responds to Jeff in the 919's call 02/17/16
Kaleb in Green Bay responds to Rick in Buffalo, gives an update on the weight loss contest 10/17/19
Kaleb in Green Bay returns with a 3 point plan to end Jungle bullying, wins Huge Call 01/09/18
Kaleb in Green Bay roasts the new guy 05/01/19
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff 07/13/18
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff with a Silence of the Lambs inspired take about Leff 06/21/17
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff, calling as Jeff from Richmond 06/22/23
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Grandpa Brad 06/12/20
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's, announces a watch party at the Lorelei, thoughts on Trapper 06/17/21
Kaleb in Green Bay takes a run at Leff in Laguna and Jeff Passan, wins huge call 04/17/18
Kaleb in Green Bay takes a run at Vic in NyQuil 11/07/14
Kaleb in Green Bay talking NFL schedule release, responds to Leff and Benny, won huge call 04/19/18
Kaleb in Green Bay talks about a weight loss competition with Beaks, proceeds go to charity 07/11/19
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) accuses Lance in Topeka of plagiarism and roasts him 07/18/14
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) cracks on Leff in Laguna Beach and wins Huge Call 09/23/14
Kaleb in Indiana brags about his 100 degree fever, thinks the Pacers are cursed, gets run 01/24/19
Karen in Tampa 02/25/05
Karl Anderson's mother calls after his interview, talks about the Cincinnati tour stop 02/15/19
Karl Andersons mother checks in again after the interview 10/04/19
Kasey in HTown
Kasey in Pensacola - Robert Kraft was just trying to get his balls deflated like Tom Brady, got run 02/22/19
Kasey in Pensacola aka the Jim Beam Bandit welcomes Rome back from vacation 08/17/16
Kasey in Pensacola asks - was that Rick in Buffalo or Macho Man Randy Savage trying to pinch off a deuce? 02/19/19
Kasey in Pensacola calls and flames out 05/10/13
Kasey in Pensacola calls back for 2nd call of day, even more drunk than before, lets the callers on hold know he was on twice 07/17/15
Kasey in Pensacola calls from a boat, lets callers on hold know he didn't wait, takes a shot of Jim Beam, dedicates it to Ish 07/17/15
Kasey in Pensacola calls in drunk from work, where he makes seeing glasses 02/26/16
Kasey in Pensacola calls to crack Parody Larry with an Aerosmith reset and gets run; Rome regrets running him 04/10/15
Kasey in Pensacola gets run for a Kardashian peter-cillin porcupine blast 08/13/19
Kasey in Pensacola gets run for a rubba donga reference 10/16/19
Kasey in Pensacola gets run for Bob Kraft rub and tug reference 02/27/19
Kasey in Pensacola gets run for Challenger explosion smack 06/13/17
Kasey in Pensacola gets the 5th and 6th consecutive call run, wonders why Aunt Becky didn't get kids into school the old fashioned way by banging the principal 03/15/19
Kasey in Pensacola is a drug expert and has a take on Tiger Woods 08/15/17
Kasey in Pensacola referred to James Kelley as a cracker, got run 04/25/19
Kasey in Pensacola responds to Becky in Chicago 06/06/17
Kasey in Pensacola responds to Bo in Nashville, gets run for Manti Te'o catfish joke 06/20/17
Kasey in Pensacola tries for a Golden Ticket, old video game system smack, brags about his boat 06/18/15
Kasey in Pensacola wants Parody Larry to know that Costco has 30 gallon buckets of macaroni and cheese, run by Flight Deck 01/11/19
Kasey in Pensacola, drunk again, calls to brag that he's going to be on Alvin's podcast 09/19/16
Kasey in Pensacola, the Jim Beam Bandit, calls yet again while drunk 04/07/16
Kathleen in Omaha calls to explain her email about Sean Payton 02/01/23
Kathleen in Omaha calls to pimp the band Avatar, loses Golden Ticket - fastest ripped ticket ever 09/27/21
Kathleen in Omaha confirms that she is not an old hag 12/03/21
Kathleen in Omaha doesn't understand how Mad Bum didn't get a win when he left the game while scoreless 06/28/18
Kathleen in Omaha fires back at Kim in Sacramento, gets racked 06/14/21
Kathleen in Omaha flamed out during What's Your Beef 01/19/22
Kathleen in Omaha gets racked with a mean call about Tom Brady 09/10/21
Kathleen in Omaha gets racked with a take on meaty guys 08/10/21
Kathleen in Omaha is a metalhead, loves when Nebraska football is bad 08/31/21
Kathleen in Omaha is taking the Penguins in the NHL playoffs 04/10/19
Kathleen in Omaha is unphased by the ripped Golden Ticket, pimps Avatar again 09/28/21
Kathleen in Omaha likes Bryson DeChambeau because he's thick and meaty 07/20/21
Kathleen in Omaha reads a list of 75 songs that she thinks Rome likes, can't email it because she doesn't have internet 08/18/21
Kathleen in Omaha recorded Romes NHL prediction, tried to play it on air 04/17/19
Kathleen in Omaha responds to Ed in Washington, refers to Tom Brady as 44 year old turkey vulture earthworm, wins a Golden Ticket 09/24/21
Kathleen in Omaha responds to Susie errr Boozie in Wisconsin 05/25/21
Kathleen in Omaha says the Chargers are wasting Herberts career 01/10/22
Kathleen in Omaha says Tom Brady is the luckiest QB of all time 01/13/22
Kathleen in Omaha talks about the Giants beating down the Dodgers 10/01/21
Kathleen in Omaha tries to call out Rome on his NHL prediction, turns out to be the kook from voicemails, dating an inmate 05/11/18
Kathleen in Omaha wants Aaron Rodgers to leave Green Bay 01/27/22
Kathleen in Omaha wants Jordan Love to fail, gets racked again 08/11/21
Kathleen in Omaha wants the 100th podcast guest to be Sidney Crosby 07/23/19
Katie in Newport Beach-Nebraska fan 09/13/07
Kay in Portland is excited to meet clones at the Smackoff watch party 06/10/19
Kay Savage in Texas calls to let the clones know that she's real 09/08/17
KB in Bakersfields debut call - Not the next big thing 03/06/12
KC in Appleton is sick of hearing about Favre. Like's Rodgers because he doesn't need pain killers or slumpbusters. 01/16/17
KC in KC says the last time he was in Tampa he saw a woman walking a man on a leash 02/03/21
KC in LA calls to talk about the Odor-Bautista fight 05/16/16
KC in LA gives props to Rome for addressing the social issues 06/11/20
KC in LA on Dave Roberts pulling Kershaw during a perfect game 04/14/22
KC in LA on successful NBA coaches that get fired, he wants that gig 05/16/23
KC in LA on the Lakers disastrous season 04/12/22
KC in LA on the Lakers, wants Jeanie Buss to sell the team 05/14/19
KC in LA on the TCU Georgia championship game 01/11/23
KC in LA says Donald Sterling cursed the Clippers, wins huge call 04/25/17
KC in LA says the whole city of Oakland should move, talks about Don King 04/21/23
KC in LA talking about the Lakers, LeBron, and Anthony Davis 02/07/19
KC in LA talks about all the products the Rome pimps, Deion can run for President right now, annual State of the Dodgers address, wins a Golden Ticket 09/18/23
KC in LA was at the Dodgers Giants game 5, Wilmer wouldn't get a hit anyways 10/15/21
KC in LA wins a Golden Ticket 10/27/22
Keanon Lowe interview reaction, call from Gino in San Antonio 05/21/19
Keith in Singapore 01/18/06
Keith in Wichita says Jalen Ramsey needs to shut his mouth til he gets to a Super Bowl 08/16/18
Kellie in Fairfax calls with a take on LeBron James and Dan in Denver, remember the lame 04/21/17
Kellie in Fairfax has thoughts on Dustin Pedroia and Manny Machado, has a message for Jacob in NorCal 04/24/17
Kellie in Fairfax takes a run at THE Mike in Indy 05/10/17
Kelly in Nashville calls on his 53rd birthday, he's heading to LA and wants to hang with Rome 10/19/17
Kelly in Pittsburgh is looking forward to the Steelers facing Baker Mayfield 08/22/18
Kelly in Pittsburgh tells Rome to rent dogs to get rid of the geese 07/12/21
Kelly in San Diego calls about the Chargers move, agrees with Silk 01/13/17
Kelvin in Orlando thinks pitchers that bean hitters should lose game checks 08/16/18
Ken in Sacramento 08/23/07
Ken in Sacramento 09/30/08
Ken in Sacramento agrees with Joe, weighs in on NFL discussion 09/25/17
Ken in Sacramento called Rex diarrhea boy and a failed comic, thinks baseball needs a MeToo movement for the code 08/17/18
Ken in Sacramento calls about the DeMarcus Cousins trade, followed by 2 run calls, Larry and Michael in Sacramento 02/21/17
Ken in Sacramento calls about the NBA violence, wins Golden Ticket 01/17/18
Ken in Sacramento calls with a take about Ray McDonald 05/28/15
Ken in Sacramento calls with his thoughts on former Smackoffs 06/13/17
Ken in Sacramento calls with thoughts on Buffalo Bills fans and the sex toy 11/01/16
Ken in Sacramento claims that LeBron James is the best player ever 05/08/17
Ken in Sacramento comments on Charles Barkley, Raptors and Cavs 05/02/18
Ken in Sacramento has a take on Rajon Rondo, spitting is a 'go to the trunk' moment 10/22/18
Ken in Sacramento is a Raiders fan that is scared of the Chiefs 10/03/17
Ken in Sacramento is a UCLA fan, they did every thing they could do to win 04/05/21
Ken in Sacramento is not a fan of LaVar Ball 04/07/17
Ken in Sacramento on Shaq's bullying 02/27/17
Ken in Sacramento says that Nick Saban is the greatest coach in all sports 01/09/18
Ken in Sacramento talks about Clemson and the National Championship game 01/08/19
Ken in Sacramento talks about how great Jalen Hurts character is, unlike Kareem Hunt 12/03/18
Ken in Sacramento talks about KD's efficiency, Brad Stevens, and responds to Dan in Denver 05/16/18
Ken in Sacramento talks about the differences in eras of basketball 06/07/17
Ken in Sacramento talks about the NBA Finals 05/30/18
Ken in Sacramento with a take on NFL coaching 10/03/18
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on Aqib Talking and Michael Crabtree 11/28/17
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on Lamar Odom 10/15/15
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on Muhammad Ali 06/06/16
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on the Charles Oakley confrontation at the Knicks game 02/09/17
Ken in Seattle is excited to have Adrian Peterson on the Seahawks, just like Jerry Rice and Franco Harris 12/02/21
Ken in Washington chokes and gets run 11/14/18
Kenny in Albany called his shot that he'd get racked, but got run for speed reading his script 11/12/20
Kenny in Albany gets run for Wells in the 360 fat smack 02/19/21
Kenny in Albany has a take on Alex Smith, gets run for stumbling on script 08/18/20
Kenny in Albany is jacked for the Syracuse vs San Diego game 03/19/21
Kenny in Albany on Jets Jamal Adams trade, gets racked 07/27/20
Kenny in Albany on Nark Brah, Reggie, Hawk, Alvie, and Rogan, gets run 05/14/20
Kenny in Dallas is sick and tired of soccer, compares it to ice hockey 06/17/21
Kerwin in Riverside Huge Call 1998
Kerwin Riverside 2000
Kevin in Appleton says if there is video evidence of Robert Kraft, he'll make it disappear 02/22/19
Kevin in Columbus 01/07/08
Kevin in Columbus 01/08/08
Kevin in Compton talks about getting drunk on Amtrak, goes to handicapped car to wrestle 08/07/15
Kevin in Florida is a Bears fan but can't stand Nick Foles anymore 11/02/20
Kevin in Florida responds to David in Tampa 01/09/18
Kevin in Florida says Rome reminds him of his father, loves the show 11/12/20
Kevin in Indy is a SoCal native breaking down the difference between an LA 10 and everywhere else, mentions he was at the Clonestock Riot, Romey talked about old Tour Stops and Clonestocks 09/01/17
Kevin in Kansas City thinks there is more buildup for Romeageddon than the Smackoff 09/28/17
Kevin in KC has been listening since the Oilers drafted Steve McNair, predicts Oilers drafted McNair, Chiefs 30-24, Sammy Watkins MVP 02/04/21
Kevin in Los Angeles is a Falcons fan, says Dan Quinn sucks 10/08/19
Kevin in Madison on the Packers, they aren't keeping players 05/03/21
Kevin in Maine has a beef with New England fans 02/04/20
Kevin in New Orleans wants Rome to get back to the old days, these new guys suck 06/23/20
Kevin in Philly gets choked up over the Super Bowl win, clones ridicule him 02/05/18
Kevin in Tampa-Tom Bradys butthole 01/07/08
Kevin in the Bay sings a parody named 'Larry the Red Faced Moron' 12/22/20
Kevin in Twin Falls ID bids for a Golden Ticket to Smackoff XXI, gets run for "whipped cream on horse turd" blast 05/11/15
Kim in Sacramento responds to Kathleen in Omaha, gets run 06/18/21
Kim in Sacramento takes a run at Cal in Vegas, Lady Clones, and Johnny in Texas, gets on the watch list 06/14/21
Kim in Sacramento wants more Lady Clone representation 06/04/21
Kim in Sacramento, a front-line worker, calls with a bumsmack parody of 12 Days of Christmas, gets racked 12/17/20
Kim in Texas is a physical therapist, understands Andrew Lucks decision 08/27/19
Kirk in Omaha talking Nebraska and Scott Frost 08/23/19
Kirkland in New Orleans tries to take a run at Silk Brah, run for being breathy 06/15/20
Kobe and Chair Blast 01/14/05
KP in New Mexico calls with a Merkur story 01/10/18
Kristian in Maine - Malcom Butler didn't play in the Super Bowl because he was impregnating Robert Krafts girlfriend 03/01/18
Kristian in Maine calls out Philadelphia for not calling the show 01/23/18
Kristian in Maine compared Aaron Judge to a jack-o-lantern 10/19/17
Kristian in Maine gets run for Aaron Judge teeth smack 10/03/17
Kristian in Maine gets run for comparing the Buffalo Bills to Miss Congeniality 01/02/18
Kristian in Maine gets run; jump in audio due to f-bomb being censored out 10/28/14
Kristian in Maine got run for wanting to throw Oreo's at Panda Sandoval 02/27/18
Kristian in Maine has a bad joke about Danika and Jerry Jones, gets run 08/21/17
Kristian in Maine responds to Rich and Bills fan about the Patriots 09/07/17
Kristian in Portland ME calls to earn Golden Ticket to Smackoff XXI, gets run for horrible phone connection 05/11/15
Kristian in Portland ME gets run for horse meat with Swedish meatballs blast 06/09/15
Kurt in Michigan got run for self gloss, the Muscle Shark 07/09/19
Kyle Brandt calls in drunk from Wrigley Stadium. Malted hops frenzy. 07/24/09
Kyle Brandt's dog attack story reaction and call from mailman James in Carbondale 03/03/15
Kyle Brandt's dog attack story reaction from Greg in Sun Valley, David in Portland, and Gary in Detroit 03/03/15
Kyle in Albuquerque tries to guess what KB did the last time he was in town, Rome asks him a question and he keeps rambling 11/19/15
Kyle in Arkansas talks about Georgia State over Tennessee 09/03/19
Kyle in Green Bay called en route to the Jungle Open 07/19/19
Kyle in Green Bay calls Matt and Tyler the real life version of Bert and Ernie 11/30/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls on the 1 year anniversary of his first call, gets interviewed by Rome 11/15/17
Kyle in Green Bay calls on the 2 year anniversary of the Drew the Jumpman Gillett call, talks about his next road trip to Buffalo 11/15/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls to discuss the CloneStock 09/26/17
Kyle in Green Bay calls to pimp the Green Bay CloneStock 09/22/17
Kyle in Green Bay calls to redeem himself 12/01/16
Kyle in Green Bay calls to talk about the Green Bay Clonestock 08/13/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls to update his current status 05/15/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls while en route to the Buffalo CloneStock 12/18/18
Kyle in Green Bay can't get Jim's name out, gets run 11/15/16
Kyle in Green Bay checks in from the Packers tailgate and CloneStock, he got bread 09/26/19
Kyle in Green Bay got a Jungle tattoo, TwelveWood scoped it 01/16/18
Kyle in Green Bay got tour stop tickets, Airbnb, and pimped the next CloneStock 02/24/20
Kyle in Green Bay is a Giants fan worried about Odell Beckham's ankle 08/22/17
Kyle in Green Bay is already planning his 2018 Clonestock 01/11/18
Kyle in Green Bay is pimping the next Packers CloneStock 09/18/19
Kyle in Green Bay lays out his CloneStock tour schedule 05/10/19
Kyle in Green Bay met Jim Kelly and got his jersey autographed 12/20/18
Kyle in Green Bay recaps the CloneStock 09/11/18
Kyle in Green Bay recaps the CloneStock, wants to be glossed 'Bread Man' 09/27/19
Kyle in Green Bay talks about his #MeetACloneTour, he's heading to Javier's 05/08/18
Kyle in Green Bay talks about his experience at the Jungle Open 07/22/19
Kyle in Green Bay talks more about the upcoming Green Bay Clonestock 09/05/18
Kyle in Green Bay tries to smack Kaleb in GB and Dan in Denver, gets run 06/01/18
Kyle in Green Bay waits on hold for the entire show, smacks the Jungle Twitter Bags, gets run for saying In-N-Out sucks 03/14/18
Kyle in Green Bay wants to have a CloneStock at the Bengals/Packers game 09/11/17
Kyle in Green Bay wants to team up with Mike in Indy for the Smackoff 05/21/19
Kyle in Green Bay with thoughts on Eli Manning's benching 11/29/17
Kyle in Salt Lake City calls to suggest Utah Jazz were paid to not defend Kobe Bryant in his final game and denies moon landing; response from Clones, including rebuttal by Orion in Waterford 04/19/16
Kyle in Winnipeg is taking the Jets 04/11/18
Lafitte in Canada is a first time caller with a strong French Canadian accent, gives Vic in NoCal props, wins Golden Ticket 05/12/16
Lakeshore Dave - JP Losman/Juiced Up Pimples 10/05/05
Lance in ABQ - Don't let that idiot Rex represent us 05/02/18
Lance in ABQ is fired up over Rex's calls 07/05/18
Lance in Cleveland - Nic Sheridan with Jeff Garcia 11/18/04
Lance in Fairbanks Alaska 11/30/07
Lance in Iowa is a runner, says Hawk has no chance to complete the full marathon at the end of the month, he should give his bib to somebody else 03/04/19
Lance in La Costa 04/05/96
Lance in Louisville accepts Romes Sedaka Challenge, gets run for another song parody 09/24/13
Lance in Louisville calls with Sedak-Attack (Neil Sedaka parody), gets invited to Hackoff 05/13/13
Lance in Louisville drops a Macarena bomb on Brad in Corona and wins Huge Call 09/06/13
Lance in Louisville fails Rome's Sedaka Challenge and gets run again 10/01/13
Lance in Louisville gets run for Connie Francis parody 08/08/13
Lance in Louisville protests the demise of the Hackoff, gets run for suggesting a Karaoke Guy Invitational as its replacement 06/18/13
Lance in Louisville RSVP's to the Hackoff 05/29/13
Lance in Louisville tries to smack Vic in NoCal with another Sedak-Attack (Neil Sedaka parody) and gets run with Whisper Buzzer 07/25/13
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) flames out while singing Sedak-Attack about Trapper in Dana Point 04/18/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) gets run and chewed out by Rome for saying he wants to fart in Parody Larry's face; Rome awards Lance and Rob a Huge Call 11/05/15
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) gets run for Shania Twain parody about Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus 08/31/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) helps Kyle Brandt answer two Ask The Pros questions; gets Shame Bell for saying he wants to fart in Aaronthal's face; Kyle is terrified of spending 12 hours with Lance. 06/24/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) sings a 12 Days of Christmas parody and gets run, with Clones' reaction 11/30/16
Lance in Topeka (formerly Louisville) calls with Robin Hood parody about Mark in Hollywood 03/19/14
Lance in Topeka attempts an Italian style Sedak-Attack (Neil Sedaka parody) on Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) but gets run 10/03/14
Lance in Topeka bids for a Golden Ticket with a Petula Clark reset as the Smackoff theme song 06/12/14
Lance in Topeka fires a Frank Mills missile at Jason in Little Rock 07/16/14
Lance in Topeka gets run before he can start a Platters parody about Leff in Laguna Beach 11/05/14
Lance in Topeka returns to Fresh Coast Kliq, sings banned Four Tops reset about Parody Larry 11/22/15
Lance in Topeka sings Soul Man parody, Rome tries to get him to switch to Locomotion, ends up getting run 06/03/16
Landon Donovan calls with a very enthusiastic take on soccer, gets a red card 05/26/17
Lane in South Carolina doesn't like how the Redskins handle their players 11/01/19
Larry Brown in Philly calls to confirm that he did have his crank in Toby's face, shame bell 08/06/15
Larry in Detroit-Rome on video solitaire 01/26/06
Larry in Florida - ticked off about the Giants, run for self gloss - The Z Man 09/17/18
Larry in Hillsboro is a longtime Packer fan talking the Aaron Rodgers situation, ham and egg heaven 03/29/23
Larry in Houston tells a story about his son with leukemia and his interaction with the Texans 01/06/20
Larry in Indiana, RadioShack employee, with indignant call accusing Rome of doctoring Nick Saban audio to fool audience; provokes e-mail and Twitter reaction and calls from Steve in San Jose and John in Waterford; Larry gets Huge Call 07/16/15
Larry in Knoxville 03/16/05
Larry in Knoxville 02/25/05
Larry in Knoxville 04/15/05
Larry in Knoxville 04/25/05
Larry in Pittsburgh tells a story about a lady that skied down a slope with her pants down 11/20/19
Larry in Santa Maria calls and gets run for talking about Sarah T's corroded panties 06/29/16
Larry in Santa Maria cracks on Chael Sonnen and Grandpa Vic in NoCal, cracks Rome up. Thank you and I'll take my ticket. 06/03/16
Larry in Santa Maria gives Rome a new Jackass Manual Buzzer; Rome uses it to run Parody Larry as he starts a Gilligan's Island parody 03/06/15
Larry in Santa Maria recaps the McGregor Mayweather fight, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/28/17
Larry in Santa Maria talks about Rome being on crack 06/06/22
Larry in the OC calls to talk about the podcast 12/12/17
Larry in Virginia tries to explain Tom Brady's Lets Go Lake! 02/09/21
Larry the False Wanker 04/05/96
Last minute calls from Jacob in Boise and Spencer in SLC 03/05/21
Last segment - Singing calls from Dustin in Portland, Pauly in Indy, Alan in Raleigh, Johnny in Portland, Irie, Brad in Corona; Tweets from Drew in West LA, USC Holmey, Stucknut, Sarah T 06/04/15
Lauren in Naples called from the yacht club, got run for 4 letter bomb 05/31/19
Lauren in Naples doesn't seem happy with the result of the Michigan basketball game 04/04/18
Lauren in Naples is a Barry Sanders fan, got run for her cheek hitting the dialpad multiple times 08/27/19
Lauren in Naples is going back to the yacht club 04/06/18
Lauren in Naples loves her job but is ready to get to the yacht club again 05/17/18
Lauren in Naples rambles about Mona after an insincere apology 07/05/18
Lauren in Naples talks about her surgery, Rome drops her for being gory 04/17/19
Lauren in Naples talks Michigan basketball, likes to get frisky at the yacht club 03/23/18
Lauren in Naples with an incoherent call 03/21/18
Lauren in Naples with one of the worst calls in the history of the show 06/14/19
Lauren in Tempe - Mechanical engineering student calls from her lab shmammered while working on a 3 wheel car, hopes her dad is listening 02/26/16
Lauren in Tempe checks in after a couple of years, still likes to party 03/22/18
Lauren in Tempe's dad calls to tell the clones that she's getting married 08/24/18
Laurie in Houston surprised her husband and took him to the Tampa tour stop 12/21/20
Lavelle in Oakland - Accused Rome of racism over Mike Vick 07/18/07
Lawrence in Michigan says Jim Harbaugh reeks of failure 10/01/19
Lawrence in Michigan wanted to let Rome know that Yandy Diaz killed it for the Rays, gets run 10/03/19
Lawrence in Michigan wants to point his sword at East Lansing, gets run 10/02/19
Layne in Claremont responds to Ryan in Sactowns WYB call 05/26/23
LB in ABQ called out the clones for clowning Irie Craig 08/15/18
LB in sacramento 12/07/07
LC in Kentucky calls about the Browns, Stefanski is the right guy 12/10/20
LD in Indy doesn't understand Kawhi's decision, wants Melvin Gordon on the Colts 07/11/19
Leanne in Tucson was a softball player at Nebraska when Scott Frost played there 08/14/18
Lear in Annapolis 02/08/08
Leb in Grayling calls about the Packers Cowboys game, gets run for using a fake voice 01/13/17
Leb in Grayling struggles through a script about the Spurs 05/06/16
Lee in Fairfax with a super duper call about women's soccer 07/11/19
Lee in Los Angeles-Joe McDonalds bitch 07/18/07
Lee in Oxnard says Laker fan sucks 05/05/23
Leer in Annapolis 06/05/07
Leer in Annapolis 08/23/07
Leer in Annapolis 03/14/08
Leer in Annapolis 04/14/08
Leff in Laguna Beach (aka the Laguna Beach Bully) cracks on Alvin Delloro and earns a spot in the Week That Was 09/12/14
Leff in Laguna Beach (the Laguna Beach Bully) goes too long and gets run 09/23/14
Leff in Laguna Beach - Took a run at Smackoff callers, Glossed the Laguna Beach Bully 08/27/14
Leff in Laguna Beach calls and gets run for Train-Bombing Rome 01/29/16
Leff in Laguna Beach calls drunk from the Oakland airport, talks about what kind of travel mate Lyle is 02/27/15
Leff in Laguna Beach calls out Brad in Corona for being a snitch 05/16/19
Leff in Laguna Beach calls with smack on Kaleb in Green Bay and Mike in Indy, gets a shot off before getting run 04/01/15
Leff in Laguna Beach cracks on Irie Craig and Vic in NoCal and wins Huge Call 03/11/15
Leff in Laguna Beach earns a Golden Ticket to the Smackoff 06/19/14
Leff in Laguna Beach gets run for saying that Vic should of checked his prom date for an adams apple 04/07/16
Leff in Laguna Beach impersonates President Barack Obama (Barry in DC) making his NCAA Tournament picks 03/18/15
Leff in Laguna Beach responds to Brad in Corona, calls his wife a hog 05/28/19
Leff in Laguna Beach RSVP's to Smackoff 25 05/10/19
Leff in Laguna Beach RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Chael Sonnen 06/28/17
Leff in Laguna Beach takes a run at Klay Thompson's nose 05/01/15
Leff in Laguna Beach takes a run at Lavar Ball's yellow teeth 05/05/17
Leff in Laguna calls as Barry in DC to talk about his bracket, Donald Trump interrupts 03/15/16
Leff in Laguna calls Kyle Brandt as Donald Trump 02/12/16
Leff in Laguna calls to discuss Bruce Arians hat and Kaleb in Green Bay 12/11/15
Leff in Laguna calls to smack Kaleb in Green Bay, wins Huge Call 02/25/16
Leff in Laguna calls to tell Rome to watch out for his RSVP later in the show 07/18/18
Leff in Laguna compares his profile to Brads, gets run for a Dick Flowers blast 06/22/21
Leff in Laguna compares Kobe's last game to Smackoff callers, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/14/16
Leff in Laguna crushes Brian Cushing 09/11/15
Leff in Laguna gets in on the Raider talk 12/08/16
Leff in Laguna gets interviewed by Rome about the planning of his Smackoff call 07/01/15
Leff in Laguna goes after Kaleb, Vic, Mark in Hollywood, Mike in Indy, Brad, then gets run 10/16/15
Leff in Laguna is calling to bookend the week, gives Brad in Corona a choice 06/15/20
Leff in Laguna on Adam Hawk and his golf clothing company Nation Golf, gets run for Richard Gere blast 05/08/20
Leff in Laguna responds to Kaleb in Green Bay 04/17/18
Leff in Laguna responds to Rick in Buffalo 04/16/18
Leff in Laguna RSVP's to the Smackoff, being recruited by Sand Smack in Saudi Arabia 06/17/22
Leff in Laguna RSVP's with smack on Brad in Corona, Fabian in LA, Mark in Hollywood, and Swing Lube 06/09/21
Leff in Laguna RSVPs for Dong Day and the Smackoff, takes a run at Jeff from Richmond and Nick Caserio 06/20/23
Leff in Laguna smacks Tampa 09/18/15
Leff in Laguna takes a run at Ice Cube's Big 3 League, answers Benny's riddle 04/18/18
Leff in Laguna tries to out-bore the Vic and Mark calls 08/07/15
Leff in Laguna weighs in on Mike in Indy's retirement, fires his writers, and promotes another video 07/19/18
Leff in Laguna with a take on Little League moms, goes after Kaleb and Mike 08/21/15
Leir in Annapolis 03/26/07
Leir in Annapolis 04/06/07
Lenny in Cincinnati defends the Royal Wedding 04/28/11
Leon in Arizona wanted to talk Bills but wasn't ready, got run 01/11/21
LeRoy in Albuquerque drops old school Rome references, mentions Dude and Fabio guest hosting the Jungle in 1996 11/19/15
Lester in Mobile says Eric Church's music helped him get through tough times like when he broke up with his sister 03/31/22
Levi the Trashman gets run for self gloss 11/06/12
Link in NY ordered ranch for his wings while in Buffalo 01/02/19
Lisa in Cleveland-greco roman wrestling 02/10/09
Lisa in Green Bay returns to predict a Wisconsin victory over Duke, gets broken off for not bringing heavy smack as she did in previous call 04/06/15
Lisa in Green Bay thinks Wisconsin can beat Kentucky, wins Huge Call for cracking on Michigan State coach Tom Izzo 03/31/15
Lisa in Indy checks in for first time in years, chit chats with Rome, tells him about how her friend Gina can be the next great Lady Clone 09/01/17
Lisa in Indy wants Rome to try lemon ricotta pancakes, asks for support for rileykids.org/tyler 12/20/18
Lisa in Tucson finally checks in for 420 04/21/17
Lisa in Tucson has a take about the tournament and her Arizona Wildcats, Rome resets her 420 call, she calls back to talk about it 03/15/17
Lisa in Tucson talks about how she is highly functional while baked 03/31/17
Lisa in Tucson wants to smoke but has to visit her parents, provides new laugh soundbyte 04/20/16
Liz in Falls City calls about the full voicemail, gets on Smackoff watch list 12/20/17
Liz in Falls City calls as Ricks wife, gets run 06/03/19
Liz in Falls City calls out another fat ass, Jerry Jones 12/01/17
Liz in Falls City calls to reminisce about the old Austin Tour Stop 05/17/18
Liz in Falls City calls to talk about Koepka's girl swooning over Tiger 08/13/18
Liz in Falls City cracks back at Dan in Denver 12/12/17
Liz in Falls City destroys Kawhi by glossing him Coward Leonard 04/17/18
Liz in Falls City doesn't understand how people still hate the Cowboys 11/20/17
Liz in Falls City is ashamed of being from the same city as Jeff in San Antonio 01/25/18
Liz in Falls City is glad that Ritt is a Tiger Honk 05/16/19
Liz in Falls City likes Matt in Vancouver, hates Dan in Denver 03/28/19
Liz in Falls City responds to Lauren the Lush and Marlboro Mona 05/31/19
Liz in Falls City responds to the Box of Chaos results 06/04/18
Liz in Falls City says she was trolled on the ATP, loves TeamBake 05/02/19
Liz in Falls City says the Canadian twins look like celery sticks 06/22/18
Liz in Falls City says the clones are a dysfunctional family, has advice for HOF speech 11/07/19
Liz in Falls City says there is too much drama in the JTP 11/12/18
Liz in Falls City still doesn't like Jeff representing San Antonio 02/23/18
Liz in Falls City talks about the fighting on Twitter 07/16/18
Liz in Falls City talks about the XR4Ti crimewave 10/24/18
Liz in Falls City thanks Rome for being on the WoodScopes 09/10/18
Liz in Falls City thinks Jeff in Southfield is Vic in Nocal 12/18/18
Liz in Falls City thinks the Astros deserve the championship more than the Dodgers 10/23/17
Liz in Falls City thinks the Astros will win game 7 11/01/17
Liz in Falls City wants a Leaving Neverland-ish documentary for Toby in Houston 03/15/19
Liz in Falls City wins huge call with Blake Shelton fat smack 11/15/17
Liz in San Antonio - GD blast 03/14/11
Logan in Cincinnati will personally take Joe Burrow around the city until he loves it 02/06/20
Logan in Green Bay asked if Romes cabin is winterized, loved the Adrian Amos interview 10/27/20
Logan in Green Bay doesn't like how the Packers are drafting for the future 04/24/20
Logan in Green Bay doesn't want Rome to interview any Bucs players and give them karma 01/19/21
Logan in Green Bay is 26, doesn't mind the canceled sports because he wants to see the next 50 Super Bowls and March Madness tourneys 03/13/20
Logan in Green Bay warns Rome that it's hot in Wisconsin, dew point vs temperature 06/30/20
Logan in Portland claims to have a Smackoff call, does a Fake Paul's dog impression, stumbles on a Leff and Brad joke, gets run 11/02/21
Logan in Vancouver told the screener he had the first good take the show has ever heard, doesn't like callers that read takes 05/17/17
Lon in San Vuis LaPisto tries to finish the Jay Stew song 05/20/05
Lorne in NoCal - 9 days sober, might have to turn off the radio because of the Busch beer talk 07/18/17
Lorraine in Denver wants Denver to get a new affiliate 05/31/18
Lou in Connecticut is a Giants fan, Beckham is frustrated 11/06/18
Lou in Connecticut thinks Eli Manning is done in New York 01/03/19
Lou in Denver is a 49ers fan and he's tired of their fans 09/22/23
Lou in Iowa wonders why the Bears can never get a good quarterback 03/19/20
Lou in Las Vegas respects Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett 08/15/17
Lou in Sacramento calls about the US Men's soccer blemish 10/11/17
Lou in Sacramento calls with a story about Demarcus Cousins smoking all of his friends weed at a party, self-absorbed mother scratcher 03/31/17
Lou in Sacramento congratulates America for finally getting into the Royal Family 05/23/18
Lou in Sacramento got run for calling Clayton Kershaw Catherine 11/09/17
Lou in Sacramento recaps the Boogie Cousins dope smoking story because he's coming back to town 10/26/17
Lou in Sacramento, the British caller, responds to Gino smacking San Francisco. Says San Antonio 'The so called River Walk, urine filled stream that goes through the city' 05/16/17
Louis in Kansas is not a clone, talks about the Masters, clones react 04/10/23
Louis in LA calls Clark James with thoughts on Pete Rose and the Olympics 08/11/16
Lucas in Cleveland - Cantaloupe Frenzy 06/01/09
Lucas in Poway loves the atmosphere in San Diego 04/26/21
Luke in Fort Collins called to maintain his Golden Ticket, got choppered 06/21/18
Luke in Fort Collins called to pimp his new album, got run 07/19/18
Luke in Fort Collins calls about the Broncos Bills game, gets run for going too long 09/21/17
Luke in Fort Collins calls about the tourney, SDSU, Duke, and the Denver Broncos 03/15/17
Luke in Fort Collins calls Dan in Denver a poor mans Mike in Indy 04/21/17
Luke in Fort Collins calls to smack Rick in Buffalo, gets on Smackoff watch list 01/10/17
Luke in Fort Collins can't wait to see Philly fan go Philly fan after Tom Brady beats them 01/26/18
Luke in Fort Collins gets one last chance to win a Golden Ticket, fails 07/06/17
Luke in Fort Collins has a suggestion for Goodell if the Patriots win, has advice for Doctor Dave 01/19/17
Luke in Fort Collins is picking the Rockets over Thunder, takes run at Tyler in Edmonton and Marcus in Seattle 04/14/17
Luke in Fort Collins responds to Rick in Buffalo 01/31/17
Luke in Fort Collins smacks his affiliate, Coach K and Grayson Allen, wins a Golden Ticket 03/14/18
Luke in Fort Collins takes a run at Zach in SLC 06/16/17
Luke in Fort Collins takes on Marcus in Seattle and Cal in Vegas 03/07/17
Luke in Fort Collins talks about Cam Newton signing with the Patriots 06/29/20
Luke in Fort Collins talks about the Rockies, tries to win Golden Ticket, comes up short 05/25/17
Luke in Fort Collins talks NFL playoff predictions during a mini-Smackoff 12/21/17
Luke in Fort Collins thinks the Smackoff will be boring because of the bad Golden Ticket callers 06/19/17
Luke in Fort Collins tries to win his Golden Ticket back with Denver sports takes, Rome wasn't impressed 07/05/18
Luke in Fort Collins trusts John Elways process 11/14/17
Luke in Fort Collins wanted to give the Rat and Giraffe family some love 05/26/17
Luke in Fort Collins with takes on Darrelle Revis, Magic Johnson, and John in Little Rock 02/22/17
Luke in Virginia fast-talks through a Conor McGregor take 08/18/17
Lynn in Davis CA still has the tickets from a tour stop, talks about Janets pants 04/18/22
Mac in Indiana talks about the Colorado TCU game, war's Alvie twice 09/05/23
Mac in Wisconsin tips his cap to Deion 09/05/23
Malcolm in Jacksonville rants about Jeff in Richmond, runs out of time 06/21/18
Malcolm in Jacksonville takes a run at Jeff from Richmond 04/18/23
Malcolm in San Francisco is a huge 49ers fan, wants to know whats wrong with the team 12/22/20
Manny in Bakersfield was listening on the radio delay, got run 01/08/19
Manny in LA liked the John Lynch interview, excited for next season 06/13/19
Manny in LA, former Trubisky honk, called to apologize because Rome was right 09/28/20
Manny in Oxnard on Jim in Fall River's calls, Wells in the 360, and Kaleb in Green Bay, wants a Golden Ticket 05/16/23
Manny in Oxnard on the history of the Smackoff, Kaleb in Green Bay, Warriors/Kings 05/01/23
Manny in Oxnard takes a run at San Antonio, has a theory about Logans cell phone 08/15/23
Manny in Oxnard wonders why people keep crapping on his city 02/02/23
Manny Johnziel in Hollywood calls to clear up a few things 04/15/16
Marcus in Alaska talks for a really long time about coronavirus 03/10/20
Marcus in Seattle butchered his Draymond Green war, gets run 04/03/17
Marcus in Seattle calls about the Chargers move to LA. Gets racked. 01/12/17
Marcus in Seattle doesn't like the new smack talkers, gets on Smackoff watchlist 03/03/17
Marcus in Seattle is fed up with the Clippers 04/25/17
Marcus in Seattle is pissed about the Clippers trading Chris Paul 06/28/17
Marcus in Seattle lost his voice, questioned an earlier call that Rome racked, got run 06/05/17
Marcus in Seattle tries to respond to Luke in Fort Collins, gets run 04/14/17
Marcus in Seattle war'd and unwar'd a lot of things, dancing on Bo Jacksons hip replacement grave, got run 10/05/21
Marcus in Seattle with a take on the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight 08/30/21
Marcus in Seattle with another lackluster call, tries to take a run at Luke in Fort Collins 04/05/17
Margo in Buffalo gets run for stumbling on a work boots joke, still added to the Watch List 06/14/23
Margo in Buffalo gets run with an incoherent call 04/30/21
Margo in Buffalo gives a history lesson on rock music for Kathleen in Omaha 09/30/21
Margo in Buffalo has a beef with Rome for thinking about Fat! soundbites 08/11/21
Margo in Buffalo responds to CJ in the Bay 06/14/21
Margo in Buffalo responds to Johnny Scabs, wants to send him cigarettes 05/11/21
Margo in Buffalo says the local brewery is running a promotion to get a vaccine and free beer 04/28/21
Margo in Buffalo says Tom Brady needs to stop crying about uniform numbers 04/23/21
Margo in Buffalo talking Brandon Beane and Bills vaccinations 05/14/21
Margo in Buffalo tried to take a run at CJ in the Bay, gets run 05/21/21
Margo in Buffalo wishes the Chiefs gave the Bills the same effort a few weeks ago 02/08/21
Marie in Denver loves the new Reinvention Project podcast 09/28/21
Marie in Lynchburg calls to tell Rome she loves his TV show 02/09/18
Mario in San Francisco wants the Kings to beat the Warriors in the playoffs and end their dynasty 03/30/23
Mark in Barstow calls the NBA No Balls Association 01/16/18
Mark in Barstow got run twice in 1 show, Hour 2 for restating his name and city, Hour 3 for melting down and ejecting 07/19/16
Mark in Barstow hyperventilates a call about Rex and J-Stew 05/21/18
Mark in Barstow is a pool tech that got his son hooked on the show 04/06/18
Mark in Barstow says the MLB Hall of Fame voters are stupid, wants to make a case for Fred McGriff 01/23/19
Mark in Barstow still uses Jeff in Richmond catchphrases 05/03/18
Mark in Barstow wants to buy a Walkman with AM radio but his phone doesn't work 06/18/19
Mark in Boston 06/22/22
Mark in Boston - Huge Call of the Day 07/02/11
Mark in Boston - Huge Call of the Day 06/23/11
Mark in Boston - post Michigan/Michigan State call 10/19/15
Mark in Boston call 05/04/11
Mark in Boston calls about Aaronthal, wins his 2nd Golden Ticket 05/27/15
Mark in Boston calls about Mike in Indy claiming to be best caller ever, sparks debate 07/22/15
Mark in Boston calls about Notre Dame, SI Photo Shoot, Matt Stafford, and Aaron Rodgers 08/31/17
Mark in Boston calls about the Smackoff, Leff, and sings Bryan Adams for Canada Day 07/01/15
Mark in Boston calls for 2nd day in a row, responds to Kaleb, gets run for tube sox parody 05/14/19
Mark in Boston calls from hospital tipsy, announces the birth of his daughter, takes a run at Mike in Indy 07/24/15
Mark in Boston calls out Brad in Corona for narcing on Silk Brah 05/01/20
Mark in Boston calls out Dan in Denver and Jeff in Southfield 06/16/23
Mark in Boston calls to discuss Tom Brady, also talks about a procedure he had done so he can wrestle with no pads 09/03/15
Mark in Boston calls to roast Keith Arnold 05/17/19
Mark in Boston calls with a straight take on Michigan basketball 03/20/17
Mark in Boston calls with a take on Calvin Johnson's retirement 03/08/16
Mark in Boston calls with a take on Kobe, tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets for his dad 04/13/16
Mark in Boston calls with thoughts on Flip of Flop, Creed-bombs and still gets racked 02/23/16
Mark in Boston cracks back on Romes horse 07/28/11
Mark in Boston cracks KB, then gets run 04/15/11
Mark in Boston destroys Michigan State 10/16/15
Mark in Boston disses Ohio State 07/27/11
Mark in Boston goes after Jim Nantz and his picture of burnt toast 04/14/16
Mark in Boston got run for a Michael J. Fox shake joke 07/16/18
Mark in Boston has a take on Ed Hochuli's guns, Kaleb in Green Bay is a food blogger that doesn't blog, gets run 03/16/18
Mark in Boston is channeling his anger from being left on hold last year 05/15/20
Mark in Boston is really bummed that Ohio State can't play in the Big 10 championship game 12/08/20
Mark in Boston is teasing that a 'show stopper' will join his Smackoff call 06/20/19
Mark in Boston lets Jeff in Middletown know that he is recycling takes from 7 years ago 04/27/17
Mark in Boston on Coach Beilein, Stucknut odds, Karl Anderson, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/13/19
Mark in Boston on Jim Harbaugh's suspension 07/25/23
Mark in Boston on NFL bounty and snitches 03/06/12
Mark in Boston on the deep Smackoff field, recaps the event, gets run for Michael J Fox blast 06/22/20
Mark in Boston pays homage to OJ's Silver Anniversary 06/12/19
Mark in Boston recaps the Smackoff, takes a run at Kaleb in Green Bay 06/24/19
Mark in Boston responded to Rick in Buffalo 11/19/18
Mark in Boston responds to Alex in Cleveland 05/17/17
Mark in Boston responds to Cal in Vegas, tells him to fight himself in a Target parking lot, gets run 07/07/17
Mark in Boston responds to Israel. Gets run for Shake Weight blast 08/30/11
Mark in Boston responds to Jeff in Richmond with personal appearance smack 06/10/20
Mark in Boston responds to Jeff in Southfield, takes a run at Houston’s John McClain, run for hard in the taint reference 06/29/23
Mark in Boston responds to Rick in Buffalo about the Jim Harbaugh smack, gets run for saying Jack Del Rio means 'going Private Winslow next to a river' 12/20/16
Mark in Boston responds to the Canadian takeover 04/20/18
Mark in Boston returns after winning the Golden Ticket and gets racked with good call 06/09/15
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/13/17
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff and describes 'Indy Man' 06/16/16
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff, loved getting roasted during the profile 06/04/21
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff, says Mike in Indy calls every podcast but not the Jungle 06/29/18
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Jeff from Richmond 06/03/22
Mark in Boston says Tyler won't make Alvies Smackoff promo, responds to Vic in NoCal and Silk Brah 04/23/20
Mark in Boston smacks Cal in Vegas, bummed about Flip or Flop 05/31/17
Mark in Boston smacks on Rich Ackerman and Graham in Indy 03/25/20
Mark in Boston takes a run at DA and Rich Flores 05/31/19
Mark in Boston takes a run at Israel in LA 12/09/11
Mark in Boston takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, gets racked 04/02/18
Mark in Boston takes runs at Vic in Nocal, Mark in Hollywood, and Keith Arnold 01/26/18
Mark in Boston talks about meeting Cruz Pedregon and Michigan basketball 03/19/18
Mark in Boston tells Gino not to call during the Smackoff, talks about the Pistons getting the 5th pick 05/17/23
Mark in Boston tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets so he could give them away on Twitter 04/08/16
Mark in Boston wants the prize money in small bills due to strip clubs in Tampa, smacks on Kaleb in Green Bay and Chris in Toronto, Rome talks about Canadas Smackoff record 05/14/20
Mark in Boston wasn't impressed with Jeff in Southfields newest impression 06/22/21
Mark in Boston wins the 2011 Golden Ticket 03/22/11
Mark in Boston with Adam Hawk smack 01/04/18
Mark in Boston with fat smack on Jeff in Richmond 03/29/19
Mark in Boston with thoughts on Robert Kraft, OpenFlyGate 02/22/19
Mark in Boston wonders if Bill Romanowski goes into hibernation when he's not on Radio Row, do Kansas players still get paid during suspension? 01/24/20
Mark in C-Town 12/01/04
Mark in C-Town rips Skip Bayless
Mark in Chicago asked if Fabian collected cans so he could Uber to San Diego 12/17/18
Mark in Chicago asks about Rome's plans once he takes the Detroit Lions head coaching job, run for bum smack 01/04/18
Mark in Chicago calls about the Grump and Mark in Hollywood, gets run for fart smack 12/18/15
Mark in Chicago calls to respond to a video Grump posted about him on Youtube 12/03/15
Mark in Chicago erected a Dong Day pole, run for too many dong reference 06/29/23
Mark in Chicago gets blocked with a call about Kaleb and Mark in Hollywood 05/29/19
Mark in Chicago gets run for a Brad in Corona foreskin joke 06/22/21
Mark in Chicago gets run for asking Rome if he watched Wimbledon 07/13/21
Mark in Chicago gets run for John Elway rodeo reference, giddy-up horsey 01/27/16
Mark in Chicago gets run for saying that Hawks tattoo is of Mark in Hollywood 01/15/18
Mark in Chicago got run for asking if Rome watched the French Open 06/06/22
Mark in Chicago has a straight take on Wimbledon, gets run for not being kooky 07/15/19
Mark in Chicago on Rick in Buffalo and Kaleb in Green Bay, got run for OJ reference 06/19/19
Mark in Chicago takes a run at Nick Faldos phone, Rex Ryan foot fetish smack 01/26/18
Mark in Chicago wants to remind Rome that adult bookstores still exists 07/02/20
Mark in Chicago wants to talk tennis and Rafael Nadal 06/17/21
Mark in Chicago went to Wisconsin and it smelled like b.o., sheep, and cow manure 10/25/19
Mark in Chicago with a Smackoff Eve poem 06/20/19
Mark in Chicago's first call, takes a run at the Grump 11/13/15
Mark in Corona has a scotch recommendation 02/12/21
Mark in Corona saw Ritt on GSN's America Says 01/28/21
Mark in El Paso gets on the watch list with an 'Afternoon Delight' parody about Alvie 06/13/22
Mark in Georgia took his family to Javiers 07/21/23
Mark in Green Bay talks about how junk food is hard to resist 02/08/19
Mark in Hollywood - first call since the Smackoff 06/11/12
Mark in Hollywood after the Eagles won the NFC Championship - Tell me how my ass taste! 01/22/18
Mark in Hollywood announces a Video Hackoff as a gift to Rome at markinhollywood.com 06/24/14
Mark in Hollywood announces Smackoff party 05/22/14
Mark in Hollywood breaks down Man of Steel to troll Vic in NoCal's call about Point Break 08/07/15
Mark in Hollywood call about Penn State 07/12/12
Mark in Hollywood call, Lakers are Phil Jacksons booty call, goes after Fake in Peoria 11/15/12
Mark in Hollywood calls about Kobe's last game, then smacks Brad, Mike, and Vic 04/13/16
Mark in Hollywood calls about New Years, takes a run at Brad in Corona 01/04/16
Mark in Hollywood calls as Tommy in Foxborough, gets run 09/11/15
Mark in Hollywood calls in opening segment, gets put on hold, finishes call later 09/21/12
Mark in Hollywood calls in the show open with a 'All I Want for Christmas' parody 12/23/20
Mark in Hollywood calls out a few clones, including Ugly Paul Rudd Mike in Indy 01/05/18
Mark in Hollywood calls to talk about Penn State, responds to Roland in Pittsburgh's email 12/02/16
Mark in Hollywood calls to try to win the BLEEPING gift card 12/22/14
Mark in Hollywood calls with a treat for KB, Toby in Houston spoof 10/31/14
Mark in Hollywood calls with thoughts on Magic Johnson, Rick Pitino, Jameis Winston, and the Dan in Denver vs. Rick in Buffalo feud 02/24/17
Mark in Hollywood congratulates the Chiefs and Andy Reid, takes a run at Rick in Buffalo 02/07/20
Mark in Hollywood Creed-bombs Rome on radio row 02/01/16
Mark in Hollywood discusses the atmosphere at Big Wang's and his mindset during the Smackoff, with reaction from Clones 07/01/14
Mark in Hollywood gets run for Nick Foles junk references 10/23/20
Mark in Hollywood gets run for too much innuendo 03/04/16
Mark in Hollywood has a take on Coach Sarkisian, Chris Carter, and Curt Schilling, goes after Mike in Indy and Vic, tells us why he's known as chocolate thunder 08/28/15
Mark in Hollywood has beef with NFL owners 10/27/17
Mark in Hollywood has takes on Aaron Hernandez and Mike in Indy 04/21/17
Mark in Hollywood hypes the Eagles, takes a run at New York 01/20/23
Mark in Hollywood invites the crew to his birthday party, lays down a rap Smack God 11/15/13
Mark in Hollywood on Dana White's Fyre Fest island 04/10/20
Mark in Hollywood on Hulk Hogan, Ashley Madison, and Mike in Indy 07/24/15
Mark in Hollywood on Ohio States silence Tweet 09/28/18
Mark in Hollywood on the Eagles draft, takes a run at Jeff in Southfield - thinks he's Mike in Indy 04/30/21
Mark in Hollywood on Urban Meyer getting fired by the Jaguars, great Kathleen impersonation 12/16/21
Mark in Hollywood on Urban Meyer's retirement from Ohio State 12/04/18
Mark in Hollywood on Wisconsin/Michigan, Gardner Minshew, and the Patriots 09/20/19
Mark in Hollywood reads an open letter to Kellen Winslow and wins Huge Call 01/17/14
Mark in Hollywood recaps the Super Bowl, passed out before post-victory wrestling session 02/05/18
Mark in Hollywood responds to Chad in LA 10/21/16
Mark in Hollywood responds to his stalker Rick in Buffalo 02/21/19
Mark in Hollywood responds to Jim Rome trending on Twitter, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/11/22
Mark in Hollywood responds to Mark in Boston with Michigan smack and a Fresh Prince parody, wins huge call 04/03/18
Mark in Hollywood responds to Matt in LA and John in NY 05/13/22
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/23/17
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Brad and Mike, gets run for human centipede blast 06/22/18
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff, what if Saudi Arabia was the sponsor? 06/09/23
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff, wonders why people get mad about the race conversation, shares stories about getting pulled over by cops 06/02/20
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's, what happened to Leff? Spin Doctors parody 05/28/21
Mark in Hollywood says Rome brings chaos, the Face Snatcher is a punk bitch, Jeff Passan smack 03/25/22
Mark in Hollywood somehow sneaks a call into a Rome rant about Darren Sharper, then gets run abruptly 08/19/16
Mark in Hollywood take a run at Rick in Buffalo 12/19/18
Mark in Hollywood takes a run at Mark in Chicago 12/04/15
Mark in Hollywood takes a run at Vikings fan and Tom Brady, wins Masterbuilt smoker 01/26/18
Mark in Hollywood takes credit for Rome's HOF, doesn't like the reverse karma for PSU, sneaks in a Diggler reference 11/15/19
Mark in Hollywood wins the Golden Ticket 05/16/12
Mark in Hollywood with a take on Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes, calls out Vic for being predictable 10/09/15
Mark in Hollywood with takes on Penn State, Leff in Laguna Beach, gets run for long call 09/19/14
Mark in Hollywood's take on Chip Kelly's off-season moves 03/13/15
Mark in Humboldt says his sick father only eats Old Trapper 05/03/21
Mark in LA calls with a story about how he told Tommy Lasorda to get Kirk Gibson from Detroit 07/27/15
Mark in Las Vegas-bad call 02/06/09
Mark in Louisiana is Shared Beliefs greatest fan 12/03/18
Mark in Michigan is a Vikings fan but Cousins will never lead them to a championship, run for Greg Louganis blast 09/17/19
Mark in Mississippi says that the NFL trying to protect the players is getting crazy 08/20/18
Mark in North Carolina is 58 years old, told SIRI to set a reminder to listen to Romeageddon 09/28/17
Mark in Palm Springs really liked what Paul in Buffalos dog said 03/11/21
Mark in Sacramento doesn't like how the clones are getting bribed 06/07/18
Mark in San Diego has suggestions for baseballs unwritten rules 05/20/21
Mark in San Diego thinks the Colts would've been better off with Cam Newton than Philip Rivers 09/14/20
Mark in San Francisco is proud of the 49ers and fans, thinks they'll win the Super Bowl 12/09/19
Mark in Savannah wants to share his earliest memory of Jim Rome plus has tips for a good caller, gets racked 02/26/21
Mark in Stockton chimes in on Lakers vs Clippers, LeBron should be MVP 03/09/20
Mark in Vegas is a Golden Knights season ticket holder, wasn't expecting success 05/21/18
Mark in Wisconsin is laughing at Aaron Rodgers wish list 03/14/23
Mark Kriegel interview - Calls and email reaction 09/19/12
Martin in Pasadena has a friend that knows Mark Shapiro, wants to know why Rome's not on the air in LA 04/29/20
Martin in Pasadena wants Romes to do more deep dives 06/29/20
Martin in Sunset Beach calls his shot on Twitter, talks about Stevie Carbone, gets run by sharks 06/27/16
Marty call and reaction 06/10/08
Marty gets some love 03/26/07
Marty in Dallas gets BANNED FOR LIFE from show for racist call - Ichiro Suzuki "Engrish"
Marty in NoCal and reaction 11/21/06
Marty in NoCal calls about John Scott, email reaction 02/18/16
Marty in NoCal cracks Larry Mandt 01/12/07
Marty in NoCal is excited for his buddy getting the Hall of Fame induction 08/12/19
Marty in NoCal loves the Raiders more than he loves Jim Rome 03/28/17
Marty in Nocal sets the record straight that Jacob was not the first Jungle Scope 01/18/18
Marty in Norcal can chug beer and has a Scope to prove it 03/13/18
Marty in NorCal will follow the Raiders wherever they go, resets Quentin Groves segment on JRIB 03/09/17
Marty in Norman talks about Jungle tourette syndrome and how it controls his life 08/18/21
Marty in Norman with a heat check call, tried to take a run at Smackoff participants, gets run 08/25/21
Marty in Phoenix reminds the Dodgers that they haven't won anything in a long time 10/10/17
Marvin in Tulsa Oklahoma - Pacman Jones, we know what he went to eat BZZZ 08/10/07
Mary in PA is steamed up over the Steelers situation, AB is acting like a child 01/02/19
Mathew in Mission Beach asks if there is a bigger enigma than Kevin Durant and Aaron Rodgers 03/14/23
Mathew in Ramona says it's a great time to live in San Diego 04/03/23
Matt in LA takes a run at the St. Louis Cardinals, wins huge call 10/06/21
Matt in Alaska has a beef with Johnny in Green Bay 02/02/22
Matt in Alhambra calls to talk about the Dodgers, thinks Kenley Jansen should stop taking heart medication 05/02/19
Matt in Anchorage wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'Skid Mark' 09/27/19
Matt in Arkansas is a publisher that wants to help Irie Craig 08/16/18
Matt in California Huge Call 04/20/17
Matt in Clearwater 09/13/07
Matt in Cleveland - Hackoff - Val Kilmer, Kirstie Alley, Global Warming 04/01/11
Matt in Cleveland is not a fan of LeBron's free throw shooting 05/17/23
Matt in Colorado has a theory of why everyone hates the Jazz 03/05/21
Matt in CTown AKA Tarzan RSVPs 2011 Hackoff 03/21/11
Matt in Dallas made too much noise after the Luka Doncic shot, neighbor called the cops 08/24/20
Matt in Dallas says Dak Prescott needs to cut the ish 04/15/20
Matt in Dallas wants everyone to know that he's on vacation 09/08/20
Matt in Dallas wants more hockey talk, Dallas Stars 09/15/20
Matt in Dallas wants to get unbanned from the show for Christmas 12/22/20
Matt in Dallas wants to represent the millennials, tries smacking Cal in Vegas but gets run 05/27/20
Matt in Denver 07/20/05
Matt in Denver 2002
Matt in Denver on Joel Embiid, thinks Jokic should have 3 MVP awards 07/18/23
Matt in Denver welcomes Boston to the Jungle 07/25/05
Matt in Denver-Huge Call 02/10/06
Matt in Detroit hates Mike in Orlando
Matt in El Cajon is pumped after Joe Musgroves no-hitter for the Padres 04/12/21
Matt in Fort Worth talks NFL then gets run Rex in AB-Poo blast 07/01/20
Matt in LA - I have no idea what he was talking about 09/06/19
Matt in LA - like 2 hands on a DD rack, your boy is feeling it, gets run 10/01/20
Matt in LA - The Dodgers are back after snapping their 11 game losing streak 09/13/17
Matt in LA addresses Brad in Corona's spoof fitness video 06/03/20
Matt in LA bashed San Diego for dropping the show 02/26/18
Matt in LA before game 4 of the Dodgers Giants series 10/12/21
Matt in LA called during Mark in Hollywoods call to respond 05/13/22
Matt in LA called from his timeshare in San Diego, says Chargers fans aren't welcome there anymore 09/10/18
Matt in LA called the voicemail 19 times, blames it on the tree 12/18/17
Matt in LA called to hype up Jim Rome, loved the Mike Daniels interview 11/05/20
Matt in LA calls about Arian Fosters retirement, gets on Smackoff bubble 10/25/16
Matt in LA calls about Bag Harper, the Rams, and the Raiders 12/06/16
Matt in LA calls about Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers 07/10/17
Matt in LA calls about the Dodgers moving on to the NLCS 10/10/17
Matt in LA calls about the Dodgers Red Sox trade, even though the emailers didn't want him to 02/05/20
Matt in LA calls about the Raiders 11/22/16
Matt in LA calls about the Raiders win at San Diego 12/19/16
Matt in LA calls about Tony Romo, the Padres mediocre lineup, and Roger Goodell 04/04/17
Matt in LA calls in after the Dodgers game 7 victory over the Braves, predicts Dodgers in 6 for World Series 10/19/20
Matt in LA calls out CJ for his bad reading 04/21/21
Matt in LA calls out Fizzle in Omaha for being a Cowboys fan and jumping on the Chiefs bandwagon 09/10/19
Matt in LA calls to congratulate Rome on getting into the Radio Hall of Fame 08/13/19
Matt in LA calls to respond to Jake in Buffalo because he's the automatic clap-back 06/09/20
Matt in LA calls to talk about meeting Kyle in GB, warred Uncle Hawk 05/10/18
Matt in LA calls with a bunch of old resets 07/21/16
Matt in LA calls with Smackoff predictions 07/27/17
Matt in LA calls with thoughts on Josh Brown and the Dodgers vs Cubs 10/21/16
Matt in LA calls with thoughts on the Cubs and Durant vs Westbrook 11/04/16
Matt in LA calls with thoughts on the Raiders and SF Giants 03/10/17
Matt in LA calls with thoughts on Tommy Lasorda 01/08/21
Matt in LA chimes in with a Jungle haiku 04/17/19
Matt in LA claims that the Grump caller was a fake 10/12/17
Matt in LA claims that the IRS will be after Mike in Indy for not paying taxes on the $5001 06/20/19
Matt in LA comparing Juan Soto to Andruw Jones and Miguel Cabrera, Expos in 5, wins huge call 10/25/19
Matt in LA congratulates Washington, takes a run at Clayton Kerosene Kershaw 10/10/19
Matt in LA doesn't like the World Series umpires 10/30/19
Matt in LA doesn't want Roger Goodell to eliminate kickoffs 04/17/18
Matt in LA doesn't want the Raiders taking Kyler Murray, responds to JD in Winnipeg 03/07/19
Matt in LA gets on to talk Dodgers during the show open, gets racked and a Golden Ticket 10/22/21
Matt in LA gets run for answering Romes question about what a baseball player can get from J-Lo, a full palm of rumpelstiltskin bootycheek 08/17/17
Matt in LA gets run for asking Rome 'how was Wisconsin?' 07/15/21
Matt in LA gets run for Big Bopper voice imitation 02/12/15
Matt in LA gets run for comparing the Smackoff to Jimmy G's MILF 07/24/18
Matt in LA gets run for talking for too long, got choppered 05/29/20
Matt in LA gets run within seconds for a bad phone connection 12/18/20
Matt in LA gives credit to NY suits for showing his pics, even though they never do, and Dodgers talk 10/16/18
Matt in LA gives more props to the podcast 12/21/17
Matt in LA gives props to Boston, takes a run at unethiCal in Vegas 02/05/19
Matt in LA gives props to Gabe Kapler and the Giants 07/22/20
Matt in LA gives props to James Harden 01/24/19
Matt in LA gives props to the Rams, wants to see Rome on Gas Station TV 03/27/18
Matt in LA goes all in on Belicheat, Rome didn't mean to take his call 12/11/19
Matt in LA goes off on CBS Sports Network for not replaying the Smackoff 07/26/18
Matt in LA got run for calling Jeff in Richmond a Virginia vaginal swab 06/06/18
Matt in LA has a beef with speeders in metroplex traffic 04/07/20
Matt in LA has a problem with adults that wear Uggs, glossed LiAngelo Ball Jello Testicle 11/16/17
Matt in LA has HVAC advice for Rome's cold studio 12/20/18
Matt in LA has Romes back on the NCAA tourney, going with Duke 03/19/19
Matt in LA has takes on the NHL Playoffs and Zach in SLC 05/10/17
Matt in LA honking the Dodgers 10/24/17
Matt in LA hypes the Smackoff, responds to Lee in Oxnard about the Lakers 05/05/23
Matt in LA hypes the upcoming appearance of Gary Payton on the podcast 11/07/18
Matt in LA informs the clones about a SoCal CloneStock benefiting Luis in Palmdale 01/11/19
Matt in LA is a proud member of plumber nation, takes a run at Belichick 10/04/19
Matt in LA is calling a Jaguars upset of the Patriots 01/19/18
Matt in LA is calling his shot early, Dodgers championship and Walker Buehler Cy-Young, avoids the chopper 03/04/19
Matt in LA is embarrassed by the Raiders, gets run 12/17/19
Matt in LA is happy for Tom Flores getting into the HOF 02/12/21
Matt in LA is not happy with the Raiders 12/12/17
Matt in LA is not worried about the Padres trades, still thinks its the Dodgers year 09/01/20
Matt in LA is not worried, Dodgers can get it done at home 10/30/17
Matt in LA is one of the blessed to still be working, went down rabbit hole of Rome podcasts 03/26/20
Matt in LA is planning a get-together, run for SJP joke 03/12/21
Matt in LA is planning to call the Smackoff with serious smack, just like Silk Brah 06/19/19
Matt in LA is proud of the bald Lakers, won't be at Buffalo Tour Stop 02/26/20
Matt in LA is surprised that Tony LaRussa is doing a good job managing the White Sox 04/02/21
Matt in LA is taking MSU in the tourney 03/14/18
Matt in LA is taking Villanova 77-65, gets run for growler reference 04/02/18
Matt in LA liked the Peter Berg interview, wants Rome to interview a Dodger for karma 08/16/18
Matt in LA liked the Reggie Wayne and Dave Roberts interviews 09/23/21
Matt in LA likes Dave Roberts, talks Raiders football 09/27/18
Matt in LA likes the offensive-minded NFL coaches, runs out of time 01/09/19
Matt in LA made multiple threats to Jeff from Richmond 06/16/23
Matt in LA on Brad in Corona, Mike in Indy, and Johnny Scabs 04/30/20
Matt in LA on Bryce Harper, Scott Boras, and Phillies - Wins Golden Ticket 03/01/19
Matt in LA on Kawhi going to the Clippers 07/09/19
Matt in LA on Lakers losing game 1 to Blazers 08/20/20
Matt in LA on the fat family 06/23/20
Matt in LA on the trio of assclowns that run the LA Rams, gets racked 04/29/21
Matt in LA on Tiger and his kid hitting the links 11/24/20
Matt in LA piles on the Clippers after another choke-job 09/16/20
Matt in LA predicts that Darvish is going to shut down the Astros 11/01/17
Matt in LA recaps game 2 of the World Series 10/26/17
Matt in LA recaps Ricks SoCal trip, has a take on Andrew Luck 08/28/19
Matt in LA respond to Eric in LA, Rome talks about selling Toshiba phones 06/26/19
Matt in LA responds back to Damon Amendolara with more dental smack 12/13/18
Matt in LA responds immediately to Zach, Rome says it's not the best clone-on-clone crime 05/25/17
Matt in LA responds to a Matt in Vancouver email 09/06/18
Matt in LA responds to Brad in Corona 10/31/19
Matt in LA responds to Cal, gets run for calling him a girls name, plus Cal in Vegas reaction 10/04/18
Matt in LA responds to CJ in the Bay and Ryan in Sactown 09/10/21
Matt in LA responds to CJ in the Bay, got run for saying 'you can Google search deez nuts' 04/14/21
Matt in LA responds to DA with more teeth smack 05/31/19
Matt in LA responds to Damon Amendolara's Smackoff call 06/24/19
Matt in LA responds to Dan in Denver 12/20/16
Matt in LA responds to Drizzle in Wichita 05/26/20
Matt in LA responds to Fizzle, smacks the Cowboys and honks the Raiders 09/23/19
Matt in LA responds to Geoff in Lincoln, gives warning that he may call more 07/18/19
Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Richmond 05/03/18
Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Richmond 03/28/19
Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Richmond with fat smack 10/01/19
Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Southfield 12/18/18
Matt in LA responds to John in New York with Knicks smack 07/09/18
Matt in LA responds to Mark in Hollywood 12/04/18
Matt in LA responds to Mike in Tampa 04/14/22
Matt in LA responds to Orion in Waterford 02/13/18
Matt in LA responds to San Diego caller about the Padres beating the Dodgers 09/06/17
Matt in LA responds to the Chicken Man 11/24/21
Matt in LA responds to the heaviest player in the game 06/03/22
Matt in LA responds to Vic in NoCal 01/03/20
Matt in LA returns with a normal call, resets old school Jungle moments 02/19/15
Matt in LA says Ballsy needs to blow up the Clippers, gets run for referencing Romes sister hanging their cat 04/24/17
Matt in LA says Brad in Corona is jealous of him, gets run, didn't take Romes advice about staying down 11/01/19
Matt in LA says CJ needs JC in his life, glosses him BJ 04/12/21
Matt in LA says Gruden needs to sack up 09/19/18
Matt in LA says he got SiriusXM to listen to the show, Sirius is blowing up like Kirstie Alley's waistband 03/05/18
Matt in LA says he has sports takes but talks about Gerrit Ritt instead 05/07/19
Matt in LA says Jeff in Richmond is that loser who peaked freshman year of high school and has been chasing ever since 08/29/18
Matt in LA says Matt Kuchar needs to pay El Tucan 150 grrr, or don't go back south of the border 02/14/19
Matt in LA says Roger Goodell sucks, likes the Martavis Bryant trade 04/27/18
Matt in LA says the Chicken Man is underrated, don't drag out the MLB lockout 12/09/21
Matt in LA says the Dodgers are going to Fenway like a buzzsaw 10/22/18
Matt in LA says the Dodgers have awakened and have Jungle karma, wins huge call 10/07/19
Matt in LA says the plumber is coming back into the Jungle, wins a Golden Ticket 06/10/21
Matt in LA says the Raiders are stockpiling talent, Chucky is the anti-O'Brien 03/19/20
Matt in LA says Will Smith is a fake tough guy 03/28/22
Matt in LA smacks Sean the Mayonnaise-man, wins a Golden Ticket 05/13/20
Matt in LA starts his call with a Tina Yothers reference, gets worse from there 11/27/19
Matt in LA takes a run at Damon Amendolara and Ray Liotta 12/12/18
Matt in LA takes a run at Johnny Idiotface 04/05/18
Matt in LA takes a run at Johnny Wideface in Texas, talks about the passing of Cal in Vegas 02/15/22
Matt in LA takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, gets cut off for an interview 05/12/22
Matt in LA takes a run at Mike in Indy 05/24/19
Matt in LA takes a run at Rob Manfred 02/12/20
Matt in LA takes a run at the other Matt and Tyler 05/23/18
Matt in LA talking Dodgers and Raiders 10/20/17
Matt in LA talks about Andy Reid and CJ Anderson wanting the same White House meal 01/15/19
Matt in LA talks about the history of the Nationals / Expos 10/16/19
Matt in LA talks about the Padres, Machado, and Don Newcombe's passing 02/20/19
Matt in LA talks about the Raiders and responds to Cal in Vegas 02/08/17
Matt in LA talks about the SoCal CloneStock 04/29/19
Matt in LA talks about the Tony Hawk podcast and upcoming interview with Michael Imperioli 04/14/20
Matt in LA talks Big Ben, gets run for an interview but instead of a guest it was a dial tone 01/03/19
Matt in LA talks Brewers, calling his shot - Dodgers Indians in the World Series 08/31/17
Matt in LA talks the Nate Boyer interview on the podcast 11/10/17
Matt in LA thanks Rome for changing sports radio, announces a mini-CloneStock 11/18/19
Matt in LA thinks Lebron should man up 02/21/22
Matt in LA thinks OKC blew it by firing the Munster kid 09/09/20
Matt in LA thinks the Dodgers are finally going to win the World Series 09/27/19
Matt in LA thinks the steroid users should be in the HOF 01/26/18
Matt in LA told Choc that his call was a masterpiece, lost his Golden Ticket 01/26/22
Matt in LA tries to get Mike in Indy out of the basement 05/14/19
Matt in LA tries to respond to Johnny in Detroit, runs out of time 04/11/19
Matt in LA wanted to beg Amy Trask to come back to Oakland 11/27/18
Matt in LA wants Jerry Jones to use his money on players instead of plastic surgery 09/19/19
Matt in LA wants karma for the Raiders receivers 12/15/17
Matt in LA wants karma for the Raiders, predicts a win 30-24 over the Bengals 01/14/22
Matt in LA wants the 2 day Year in Review, Weis fat smack 02/08/19
Matt in LA wants the clones to step their game up for the Smackoff 06/06/23
Matt in LA wants the legends to call more, gets run for unwarring Lebrons hairline pubic stubble 06/01/18
Matt in LA wants the Raiders to pay Josh Jacobs 02/13/23
Matt in LA wants to give props to the pooch for getting a Golden Ticket 12/08/20
Matt in LA wants to hear Don MacLean or Robert Plant on the podcast 04/12/18
Matt in LA wants to help Hawk brush up on sports history 02/23/18
Matt in LA warns Rome about eating a habanero pepper 01/22/18
Matt in LA weighs in on Hell Week 01/07/22
Matt in LA weighs in on the NASCAR noose topic 06/26/20
Matt in LA weighs in on the Silk vs Alvin feud 07/24/20
Matt in LA weighs in on what the Browns should do in the draft 04/25/18
Matt in LA welcomes Rick to the west coast, Canada is an inferior sports nation 08/23/19
Matt in LA wins a Golden Ticket 10/10/22
Matt in LA with a perfect post-Dodgers championship call 10/30/20
Matt in LA with a take on Rams, Dickerson, and the Raiders 12/01/16
Matt in LA with a take on the Ball family 12/05/17
Matt in LA with an off topic call, about the WBC and how its hard to find on tv 03/13/23
Matt in LA with another Raiders call 01/11/18
Matt in LA with more DA personal appearance smack, tried to give away a Golden Ticket 02/26/19
Matt in LA with old school Charger smack 01/17/23
Matt in LA with personal apprearance smack for Jeff in Richmond 03/29/19
Matt in LA with thoughts on the NBA lottery, gets chased off by sharks 05/18/17
Matt in LA with thoughts on the Raiders and Jon Gruden 01/04/18
Matt in LA wonders how is Sean is so pale while living in Houston, Brad talks about circumcisions, gets his Golden Ticket back 06/12/20
Matt in Los Angeles doesn't realize he's on the air, he's having a conversation about plumbing 01/05/16
Matt in Louisville says Pitino will have St. Johns back in the final four 03/21/23
Matt in North Carolina has a straight take about the Masters 04/11/19
Matt in Omaha 09/13/07
Matt in Omaha eviscerating fools while drunk, Wizard of the Windmill 05/10/17
Matt in Pasadena - BYU Code vs Slutty Girls and Chron 03/02/11
Matt in Portland wants his money back because he bet on SJP and Nancy Kerrigan in the Kentucky Derby 05/06/19
Matt in Rancho Mirage hasn't called since 1994, likes Ross Tucker calling games 12/14/20
Matt in Reno likes the 49ers trade, says they are a QB away from being back in the Super Bowl 03/26/21
Matt in Salt Lake City hyperventilates and gets run 04/27/17
Matt in San Diego has a bad call, Rome gets onto Hawk for letting him through 04/03/17
Matt in San Diego is currently battling cancer, he's in Houston for the championship game 04/03/23
Matt in San Diego was a ball boy for SDSU, talks SD sports, melts down 03/28/23
Matt in Santa Cruz quizzes Rome on veganism 03/06/18
Matt in Tucson got dumped for doing 'Epstein stuff' 11/11/19
Matt in Van is a big fan of Oral and the Beavs 03/23/21
Matt in Van takes a run at Cal in Vegas and Dan in Denver 06/02/17
Matt in Vancouver appreciates Rome bringing it, not talking rasslin and rodeo 04/02/20
Matt in Vancouver attempts a call, phone dies 06/22/18
Matt in Vancouver baits Matt in LA to call, he does, gets chased out with royalty free techno music 11/13/18
Matt in Vancouver checks in for 2nd day in row, takes a run at Karl Anderson 05/02/19
Matt in Vancouver compares Rick in Buffalo to a mall cop, says Drizzle is a stupid name 09/23/19
Matt in Vancouver cracks on Edmonton and its dirt people 10/13/16
Matt in Vancouver cracks on Edmonton, they wear construction uniforms to clubs 04/13/17
Matt in Vancouver doesn't want that crappy player Manziel in his crappy league 05/21/18
Matt in Vancouver follows Dan's call to smack on Cal in Vegas 03/02/17
Matt in Vancouver follows up Tyler's call with Smackoff combine results 04/20/18
Matt in Vancouver gets his call dumped with a take about Rick in Buffalo 02/14/20
Matt in Vancouver gets run for being belligerent towards Rick in Buffalo 04/28/17
Matt in Vancouver has a message for Lovehandle Loaf in Laguna 11/16/18
Matt in Vancouver has a message Jeff in SoCal 02/28/18
Matt in Vancouver is taking the Canucks over the Golden Knights 5-0 09/04/20
Matt in Vancouver jumps in on the Jeff in Southfield and Kyle in Green Bay beef 10/10/19
Matt in Vancouver just broke up with Tyler in Edmonton 05/31/19
Matt in Vancouver on Jeff from Richmond, Cal in Vegas, and Iafrate 06/11/21
Matt in Vancouver on Tristan Thompson, responds to Rick in Buffalo 02/20/19
Matt in Vancouver responds to Cal about teaming up with DLC, got run for taint reference 05/24/19
Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Denver 01/04/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Denver, calls him a punk bitch 02/22/19
Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Encinitas, accepts the Smackoff loss from Brad in Corona 10/05/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Gino in San Antonio and the Laguna Beach Belly 07/18/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Jeff in Richmonds return 05/03/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Jeremy in Green Bay 02/11/21
Matt in Vancouver responds to Rick in Buffalo, called him alcoholic Brad Childress 10/19/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Rick in Buffalo, he's been icing up since the Smackoff 08/14/19
Matt in Vancouver responds to Rick in Buffalo, wants Rome to ask Dana White to add them to a card 12/10/20
Matt in Vancouver responds to the garbage from Tyler in Edmonton 06/20/19
Matt in Vancouver says he and Rick in Buffalo are finalizing the fight island event, 2021 will be the year of Matt in Van 12/22/20
Matt in Vancouver says he will win Mona over, quick hit on Dan in Denver 07/11/18
Matt in Vancouver smacks on America, gets on the Smackoff watch list 06/03/16
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Adam Hawk for calling the Canadian Smackoff stats pathetic 05/18/20
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Dan in Denver, wins Golden Ticket 06/23/17
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Jeff in Richmond, then Stucknut for the odds 06/08/18
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Kaleb in Green Bay and Dan in Denver 06/12/20
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Rick in Buffalo, says he looks like an angry screaming human penis 03/27/19
Matt in Vancouver talks about the Vic and Dave feud, calls Americans muffintops 12/15/17
Matt in Vancouver tries to get on the Smackoff radar but fails 11/22/16
Matt in Vancouver wants to with Keith Arnold good luck as he goes to a lesser job 05/17/19
Matt in Vancouver with another America smack call, needs 1 more good call to get into Smackoff 06/10/16
Matt in Vancouver with personal appearance smack of Leff and Cal 05/13/20
Matt in Vancouver with personal appearance smack on Matt in LA and Rick in Buffalo, RSVP's for Smackoff 05/01/19
Matt in Vancouver with the first call of 2020, Houston is fattest city for 2nd year in a row 01/02/20
Matt in Vancouver's 2nd attempt, responds to Brad in Corona and calls Leff fat 06/22/18
Matt in Wisconsin - the refs make it were he doesn't want to watch football anymore, can't put the toothpaste back in the tube 10/15/19
Mauro in Santa Barbara used to call Rome when he first started radio, takes Jim down memory lane 07/03/20
Maury in Grand Rapids is a Michigan fan with a rant on Harbaugh 11/26/18
Maury in Grand Rapids is taking Rick in Buffalo in the Smackoff 06/03/19
Max in San Diego is a longtime listener, thinks Iafrate is the one to beat, gets on Watch List 06/01/23
Max in San Diego with haiku Smackoff predictions, Elk reset 06/28/23
May the Fourth Be With You emails plus a call from Chewbacca on Alderaan 05/04/17
Megan in Cleveland 03/20/08
Megan in Sacramento 06/20/07
Megan in Sacramento calls with thoughts on Chris Webber trade 02/24/05
Mel in Boca Raton repeats his name 04/05/06
Mel in Gulfport wants a yellow ticket without picking on the Smackmasters 05/24/16
Melissa in Charleston enjoyed her call last week, invites Jim and the TR14 assistants to dinner 05/24/21
Melissa in Charleston wants a shirtless pic of Rome, shouts out to the XR2-14 05/28/21
Melissa in Charleston wants Rome to show some skin 05/21/21
Melissa in Charleston wants to enter the Smackoff but doesn't want to send the other callers home to their moms 05/25/21
Melissa in Charlston was fired up but got run for dropping 4-letter bomb 06/14/21
Melissa in West Virginia is glad that hockey is back, wants to remind Jim who she is 10/13/21
Merv in SF on Del Demps 04/27/11
Mexico North-Rome cannot hear the callers 03/07/06
Mezrin in Orange County Sucks 06/18/08
Michael in Arizona talks Bryce Harper, Scott Boras is fat 11/08/18
Michael in Bakersfield says UConn doesn't go on scoring droughts 04/03/23
Michael in Pennsylvania questions Romes greatest sports movie list 08/16/23
Michael in San Antonio got run for repeating his name 08/14/23
Michael in Spokane gets run for glossing himself Cloney Carter - Rome mentions Stucknut 10/20/11
Michael in the Bay gets run for a Rob Manfred conspiracy theory 02/19/20
Miguel in Tampa tells a story about meeting and hanging out with Jose Lima 10/16/20
Mike Forbest 04/14/05
Mike in Albequerque has his own show on KNML-AM 610 The Sports Animal 05/30/14
Mike in Albuqueque started a podcast, had Rex Brown on his show and talked about the Rex Streak 01/25/19
Mike in Albuquerque - Has A Rome Tattoo 03/11/05
Mike in Albuquerque checks in to update us on his show 01/05/18
Mike in Anaheim met Rome at a CD signing event at Tower Records years ago, Rome was chippy 12/23/20
Mike in Ashland says Eddie George could run over him, asks Rome a question, gets run 04/29/21
Mike in Austin says their local sports radio has been horrible, glad Rome is back 08/16/23
Mike in Buffalo called pretending to be Rick in Buffalo's probation officer, couldn't attend CloneStock 12/19/18
Mike in Camarillo met MC Hammer at an airport bar in the 90's, chatted about Chris Webber 03/30/20
Mike in Clearwater claims the HOF results is a conspiracy - no way Jim would allow microwaved fish in studio 06/25/18
Mike in Clearwater FL gets run for saying he wants to fart in Greg Hardy's face 11/16/15
Mike in Clearwater FL with conspiracy theory that Flatu-Lance in Topeka and Parody Larry are creations of Kyle and Alvin; Parody Larry calls to refute this claim 04/19/16
Mike in Clearwater is going to the Astros Rays game tonight 10/08/19
Mike in Clearwater on Brian Harman winning the 2023 Open Championship 07/25/23
Mike in Clearwater on Tiger Woods car crash, just relieved that he survived 02/24/21
Mike in Clearwater said he is getting an Aries tattoo so he can Ram It 10/11/17
Mike in Clearwater says things are looking great in Tampa with Rays, Bucs, and Lightning 09/03/20
Mike in Cleveland calls about the Cavs, compares Draymond Green and Marshawn Lynch to Bert and Ernie, gets run for saying they snapped more packages than Liberace 06/15/16
Mike in Cleveland encourages dads to not look at c-section, bashes the Browns again 11/07/17
Mike in Cleveland is a long time Browns fan and is fed up, wants them to move to LA, he'd rather spend Sundays with his wife shopping at craft stores for wussies 12/07/15
Mike in Cleveland is hyped after the Baker Mayfield interview, updates everyone on Pat Catan's 01/30/19
Mike in Cleveland is now pleased with his local teams 10/20/16
Mike in Cleveland likes what the Browns are doing, but pump the brakes on Super Bowl talk 03/13/19
Mike in Encino is a Division I high school football equipment manager and wants to talk deflategate, clones react 01/26/17
Mike in Eugene wants to respond to Gavin but got run 02/26/21
Mike in Fresno talks about Rodgers and Wentz wanting to stay away from the AFC 03/10/22
Mike in Grand Rapids gets run for a horrible Ain't No Sunshine parody, Rome mocks his singing 05/15/10
Mike in Green Bay says the Jets are stalling to get under the cap 03/14/23
Mike in Hartford is laughing at the Jets fans, next man up 09/12/23
Mike in Hartford on Ed Cooley taking the Georgetown job 03/21/23
Mike in Hartford thinks UConn should be considered a blue blood 03/28/23
Mike in Huntsville 04/28/05
Mike in Indy 04/06/09
Mike in Indy 06/12/09
Mike in Indy 06/26/09
Mike in Indy 02/11/11
Mike in Indy (You Better Don't) 10/15/10
Mike in Indy - LaRussa was texting wiener pics to Brad in Corona 10/28/11
Mike in Indy - Najeh wants to potty all the time 03/14/16
Mike in Indy - PacMan Parody 01/21/09
Mike in Indy - Welcomes new affiliates, Manny Pacquiao smack, takes run at Chael 06/08/12
Mike in Indy also gets run for singing 06/17/13
Mike in Indy announces his retirement 07/18/18
Mike in Indy calls about J-Stew, gets run, Rome goes soft 03/12/13
Mike in Indy calls back for 2nd time, claims that Leff's championships were stripped and he's the current champ 07/19/18
Mike in Indy calls during the first segment, gets racked and run for an Aaron Neville bomb 02/05/16
Mike in Indy calls last minute about Savageland, University of Michigan athletics in debt, runs out of time 03/21/17
Mike in Indy calls last minute to respond to Mark in Hollywood 04/21/17
Mike in Indy calls on NationalDogDay to inform the clones that he's still the big dog 08/26/15
Mike in Indy calls the show and advises Rome to allow Rob and Lance to defend themselves 11/05/15
Mike in Indy calls to crack back on Jeff in Middletown, gets run for crude sexual innuendo; with Twitter and e-mail reaction 04/26/17
Mike in Indy calls to smack Brad in Corona, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/13/16
Mike in Indy calls to take a run at Brad, excellent womens soccer take 06/24/15
Mike in Indy calls with thoughts on the Ratt Partnership Agreement 12/01/16
Mike in Indy challenges Vic to put his tickets on the line 04/08/16
Mike in Indy claims that somebody paid the $5001 to be his tandem partner 06/20/19
Mike in Indy ends his retirement with a call, simply says I'm Back 07/19/18
Mike in Indy gets a phone call from the XR4Ti, talks about Smackoff and new t-shirts 07/27/17
Mike in Indy gets run for R Kelly golden ticket smack 04/14/17
Mike in Indy gets run for saying Mike Tirico should feel a cheerleaders belly-button from the inside 03/26/15
Mike in Indy gets run for singing Spur of the Moment 06/18/13
Mike in Indy has a couple of high profile clones interested in his offer, Rome warns Golden Ticket holders to call 06/05/19
Mike in Indy is thinking about following his 6th person on Twitter, wins another Masterbuilt smoker 08/30/18
Mike in Indy lays out the West Coast Mafia and their leader Mark in Hollywood 09/28/12
Mike in Indy on James Franklin, Texas football, gets out before delayed buzzer 09/11/15
Mike in Indy recaps the entire Smackoff, including his rankings 07/31/17
Mike in Indy responds to Leff and Smooth Joe, gets run 02/27/15
Mike in Indy responds to Leff in Laguna Beach, Rome conducts a poll from callers about better call 08/27/14
Mike in Indy responds to Mark and Brad about Smackoff Announcement 05/22/14
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Boston about best caller ever 07/22/15
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Boston, also says Rex Ryan's next job will be a foot job 06/16/16
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Hollywood's long call 09/22/14
Mike in Indy responds to Smooth Joe, takes a run at Brad in Corona 07/23/15
Mike in Indy responds to Walrus and Mark in Hollywood, has a take on BackInFriday 07/24/15
Mike in Indy RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/14/12
Mike in Indy RSVP's to the Smackoff, lays out his resume 07/07/17
Mike in Indy RSVPs 2011 Smackoff 03/21/11
Mike in Indy takes a run at Silk Brah, wins another Masterbuilt 01/29/19
Mike in Indy talks the Olympics and Jason Avant but gets run 02/27/14
Mike in Indy thinks the NFL should scout for elaborate dap and dances, sings a parody for Scott Weiland 12/07/15
Mike in Indy tries to take down Vic but has a poor phone connection 04/07/16
Mike in Indy wanted to prevent Vic from winning the smoker, Mike won the Masterbuilt smoker 08/24/18
Mike in Indy wants to sell the opportunity to be his tandem partner in the Smackoff 05/17/19
Mike in Indy with a disgruntled call demanding an apology from Rome for not awarding him and Chael Sonnen the Smackoff XXI championship 06/30/15
Mike in Indy with last minute effort to rip the gift card, gets run for Mangino corny bowel movement blast 12/22/14
Mike in Indy's last minute call about Jim McElwain, gets run 05/12/17
Mike in Kansas City gets BANNED FOR LIFE from show for racist call - "more black people than a Tarzan flick" 08/19/04
Mike in La Quinta also responds to Ryan in Sactowns WYB call 05/26/23
Mike in Las Vegas is a Dodger fan, thinks Dave Stewart should be commissioner 07/30/20
Mike in Lincoln loves how Rome appreciates and acknowledges veterans 05/13/20
Mike in Little Rock (the Nooch) calls to talk Marshawn Lynch, New Orleans Saints, NHL playoffs, crack on Mark in Hollywood, gets broken off at the end of Hour 2 04/26/17
Mike in Little Rock - The Nooch calls from Denver, calls out Vic, gets run while taking a hit 04/20/18
Mike in Little Rock called while baked, talks McGregor and takes a run at Josh in Detroit 08/25/17
Mike in Little Rock is repping Raider Nation, smacks on Josh in Detroit 04/14/17
Mike in Little Rock smacks Josh in Detroit and Cal in Vegas, wins Huge Call 01/19/18
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch discusses Tyler and Dan's bromance 06/16/17
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is excited about the Saints vs Cowboys, Matt in Van is a UUU 11/29/18
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is going to bake harder in 2019, talks about Philly fan in New Orleans 01/11/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is going to burn electric lettuce at his watch party, taking Mike in Indy in the Smackoff 06/19/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds back to Cal in Vegas 12/13/18
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Dan in Denver 02/08/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Jeff in SoCal and takes a run at Beaks 05/14/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Tyler, calls him a joke 11/30/18
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talking about Joe Montana investing in legal marijuana business, wins Masterbuilt smoker 01/25/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talking about the SoCal CloneStock, heading to Javiers 04/29/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talks about meeting Rome at radio row 02/05/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talks NFC title game, mentions Michael Franzese on WoodScopes 01/18/19
Mike in Little Rock tries to track down the brownies, takes run at Matt in Van 04/20/17
Mike in Little Rock wonders what happened to smack. War me. 02/14/17
Mike in New Hampshire thinks Belichick ratted out Edelman 06/07/18
Mike in New York was unprepared, had a take on Ron Rivera 01/04/21
Mike in NoCal brags about the Browns victory over the Jets 09/17/19
Mike in NoCal is from Youngstown, cried while watching the Browns win, said the game meant as much to him as his inline skating medal, drank Bud Light Orange 09/21/18
Mike in NoCal is looking forward to the Browns in the playoffs next year 12/13/18
Mike in Orange County calls to talk about the Paul Westhead interview, sounded like he was calling from a closet 10/29/20
Mike in Orange County had a cool Gaucho story that only Romey could relate to, clones react 09/14/18
Mike in Orange County is a Gaucho class of 84, talks about the 690am article on the Athletic 07/02/20
Mike in Orange County says nothing is more annoying than someone from the OC rooting for the Dodgers 07/24/20
Mike in Orange County talks about Santa Barbara and the Angels 07/21/20
Mike in Orange County talks about the old says of 690 with Rome and Hacksaw 06/29/20
Mike in Orange County wants to see Shaq and AD get a title for the Lakers 08/18/20
Mike in Orlando 03/15/05
Mike in Orlando 01/04/05
Mike in Orlando 01/20/05
Mike in Orlando 02/16/05
Mike in Orlando 04/02/05
Mike in Orlando 04/19/05
Mike in Orlando - Rome's Lesson Of The Day 02/24/05
Mike in Orlando on Starr Jones 03/25/05
Mike in Peoria says the Ravens are so good that they will make the 49ers look like scrubs, Bills are a win away from playoffs 11/26/19
Mike in Philly melted through a Jim Tomsula take 08/15/18
Mike in Sacramento calls with more stories about Boogie Cousins smoking weed 01/14/21
Mike in San Antonio owns a lawn service, will listen to get mind off heat 07/27/17
Mike in San Diego - Huge call of the day - March 06, 2006 03/06/06
Mike in San Diego - ShamWow flame out
Mike in San Diego - The call that put Mike on the map, Romey, Giants win the pennant 11/03/10
Mike in San Diego Acceptance Speech (CCA - Best New Caller) 12/23/10
Mike in San Diego gets run and racked at the same time 10/14/11
Mike in San Diego Huge Call and Smackoff Invite 11/05/10
Mike in San Diego HUGE CALL OF THE DAY 11/03/11
Mike in San Diego on the Squirreled Series 11/03/11
Mike in San Diego Reviews Moneyball 02/29/12
Mike in San Francisco is definitely voting for Rome 06/01/18
Mike in San Francisco on the Lamar Jackson contract negotiations 03/08/23
Mike in SLC with a cool story about Bud Bundy 03/15/18
Mike in St. Louis - all the Blues fans are losing their minds, wanted Rome to ask him questions 06/13/19
Mike in State College
Mike in the Bay answered Rome's call for new blood, used a bunch of gloss, run for 1906 SF earthquake smack 01/10/19
Mike in the Bay Area thinks his newborn baby is Dodgers karma 10/18/17
Mike in the Bay describes 'bay area luxury', gets racked 11/20/20
Mike in the Bay gets racked with takes on Mike in Indy whining after the Smackoff, Bay Area Weird, and Cody Bellinger 06/27/19
Mike in the Bay on the Giants Dodgers series, wants to hang with Rome 06/19/23
Mike in the Bay with takes on the Lakers, LeBron, and a Wacko impersonation 02/28/19
Mike in the Nati-Asian Snake Kisser Blast 01/13/06
Mike in Toledo calls and gets run for bum smack at the very end 04/04/16
Mike in Toledo calls and gets run, clones think he's disguising his voice 12/07/15
Mike in Toledo calls as Jerry in Sandusky Ohio, references Harambe 08/09/16
Mike in Vallejo calls about UFC and Dana White's private island 04/08/20
Mike in Vallejo is a vet, tired of athletes excuses for not playing 07/01/20
Mike in Vallejo talks Chick Hearn, UFC and Michael Bisping 04/02/20
Mike in Vallejo wishes he took Big Heads advice and bet on Gaethje 05/11/20
Mike in Vegas talks about the Dallas Stars fans 05/24/23
Mike in Visalia - Gets nervous and calls Jim 'Mike' 10/24/11
Mike in Wichita 03/07/07
Mike in Wichita 07/16/07
Mike in Wichita 08/10/07
Mike in Wichita 10/02/07
Mike in Wichita 10/16/07
Mike in Wichita 10/23/07
Mike in Wichita 12/19/07
Mike in Wichita 02/07/08
Mike in Wichita 04/07/08
Mike in Wichita 05/13/08
Mike in Wichita 09/14/07
Mike in Wichita 06/10/08
Mike in Wichita 08/05/08
Mike in Wichita 08/13/08
Mike in Wichita 01/14/09
Mike in Wichita 05/04/09
Mike in Wichita calls about the Jovan Belcher tragedy 12/03/12
Mike in Wichita cracks Corey in Ann Arbor 07/23/08
Mike in Wichita does not answer Jim right away, but then gets run for crude sexual reference 07/01/14
Mike in Wichita err Willie in KC 01/02/07
Mike in Wichita gets into the Smackoff; wars the reinstatement of Willie in KC 04/16/08
Mike in Wichita gets run 03/07/08
Mike in Wichita gets run for 3rd leg reference 11/22/16
Mike in Wichita gets run for saying 'must of been hitting the trees harder than Natasha Richardson' 03/31/09
Mike in Wichita Pretends to be Someone Else 06/18/09
Mike in Wichita RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/13/13
Mike in Wichita RSVPs to the Smackoff; Rome's promo for Smackoff 2014 06/16/14
Mike in Wichita says Amari Cooper saved Jason Garretts career 11/29/18
Mike in Wichita talks about the possibility of a new Tour Stop 01/23/20
Mike in Wichita weighs in on the Ray Rice situation and domestic violence in the NFL 09/11/14
Mike in Wichita wins huge call, invite to Smackoff 05/01/12
Mike in Wisco says Aaron Rodgers is washed, he won't like the NY media 04/25/23
Mike in Wisconsin brings up Jim Everett 05/13/05
Mike in Wisconsin says James Kelley makes the average clones sound like Frederick Douglas, fatheaded man child, Dr. Janet 09/15/23
Mike Tyson in Buffalo got run for a bad impression 12/14/18
MikeDForThree in Michigan makes the jump from Twitter, tries to win a Golden Ticket with a comprehensible call 03/01/19
Mikey in Fresno is a former prisoner that used to listen to the Jungle while locked up 10/05/18
Mikey in Fresno says bulletin board material matters 12/09/21
Miles in Greece wants to thank Rich Flores for making a volcano erupt so he can enjoy the view 05/30/19
Milk errr Steve in Detroit 06/11/09
Milton in Texas says who cares about having sex toys shipped to work 08/20/18
Minnesota college kids want to hear Mr Automatic 01/17/06
Mitch in Maine calls to talk about Tom Brady, most likely intoxicated, won't answer Rome's questions 08/16/17
Mitch in NC tries to make logic of Danines call, thinking she only knows Aaron and Clay from the commercials 12/13/17
Mitch in Wichita chokes and flames 03/09/12
Mitsy in Maine with a cool story about meeting Dan Marino 03/12/18
Mitsy in Maine with a story about how she met Tim Foley, former Dolphin 01/09/20
Mitzy in Maine gets run for singing a weird Tom Brady song 02/04/21
Mo in Kansas City follows up his What's Your Beef call about his wife 11/11/21
Momo in the 805 wants the 49ers to draft Kyle Pitts 04/29/21
Mona in Knoxville calls with a Rick in Buffalo impersonation 06/12/19
Mona in Knoxville responds to Lorenema, got run for saying BIC's package was so big that it has an elbow and that elbow belonged to Rich Flores, still won a Golden Ticket 05/31/19
Mona in Knoxville survived cancer, domestic violence, and a gunshot wound. Also an ER nurse, helicopter pilot, and was friends with Pat Summitt. Won a Golden Ticket. 06/19/18
Mona in Knoxville wanted to clarify a few things, responds to Lauren 07/11/18
Monica in Colorado called to pile on Jerome in Houston, it's not the Jerome Show, it's the Jim Rome Show, gets racked 04/30/20
Monica in Colorado is waiting for the Tour Stop announcement 02/07/20
Monica in Colorado smacks Cal in Vegas, Mark in Boston, and Matt in LA, really liked Brad in Corona's video 06/05/20
Monica in Colorado Springs explains how Alex Caruso is the XR4Ti crew wrapped up into one person 10/08/20
Monica in Colorado takes a run at Mike in Indy, Brad is Brady and Mike is Chris Redman 11/17/20
Monmouth basketball player George Papas sent Rome a signed jersey, call from George's mom Alexis, and a short call from Parody Larry 02/28/20
More 100th podcast guest suggestions from Susan in Sunset Beach, Kip in Denver, and Matt in LA 07/23/19
More 420 calls from Momo in the 805, Dave in Malibu, Patrick in Santa Barbara, Mike in Buffalo, and Matt in LA 04/20/21
More Bucks calls from Susie in Wisco and Brian in Fond du Lac 07/21/21
More old school resets, call from Mitch in Sacramento 10/16/20
More reaction to the Ben Greenfield podcast, calls from Morgan in San Diego, Branson in Ohio, Matt in LA 12/10/20
More reaction to Trapper's passing and a call from his sister Lorna 01/26/21
More tour stop announcement reaction, call from John in Buffalo 02/21/20
More Vin Scully reaction and a call from Irie Craig 09/30/16
Murph in Wisconsin said the state is grieving over the Packers loss 01/25/21
Nancy in Fort Lupton was upset that her AM alternative rock station picked up the Jungle because she hated talk radio and her car didn't have FM radio 1994
Nate from Omaha-USC Crackback 09/12/07
Nate in Augusta ME Gets Run 11/01/05
Nate in Columbia MO liked the broadcast team of the Super Bowl 02/13/23
Nate in Edmonton-portable buzzer 07/14/09
Nate in Grand Rapids can't stand that guy Jeff in Richmond 06/06/18
Nate in Pennsylvania says Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson situations are similar, both got their feelings hurt 03/07/23
Nate in Pennsylvania thinks that the holdup for Aaron Rodgers going to the Jets is the cap hit 03/14/23
Nate in Sacramento got run for saying 'whats going on?' 10/23/19
Nate in San Antonio Busts His Cherry 05/19/09
Nate in Wisco is a 2-time Iron Man finisher even though he ran with knee injuries, mind over body 03/19/19
Nathan in Richmond calls to talk about Dak Prescott but phone died 10/06/20
Neil in Cleveland calls to talk about the NBA Finals, gets run for reading 05/30/17
Neil in Cleveland smacks the entire Smackoff field 07/31/17
Neil in Cleveland vows to make the Jungle great again 01/20/17
Neil in Detroit talked about how great Wisconsin is 08/13/18
Nevin in PDX calls as a Portland woman, gets run 05/21/19
New call screener Wyatt gets trolled by a Lisa in Indy imposter, calls with a Larry Brown reset 12/04/14
Nezrin in OC calls about Titans fans booing Vince Young for throwing an interception; email reaction 09/09/08
NFL Divisional Round calls from Dave in Tucson, Steve in Omaha, Hawk in Clearwater, and Phil in Rochester 01/23/23
Nick Caserio calls to talk about the Smackoff and his interaction with Sean the Cablinasian 06/20/23
Nick from LA
Nick in Atlanta is a Patriots season ticket holder, wants Cam Newton 04/02/20
Nick in Austin mess up 04/25/06
Nick in Boise thought the Jamal Crawford interview was incredamazing 12/06/18
Nick in Bugaha on Nebraska fan and Rick in Buffalo, gets run for going too long 08/26/20
Nick in C-Town Gets Run 04/20/05
Nick in C-Town Gets Run Again 05/10/05
Nick in Chicago (Fake Nick Foles) wanted to give an update on his injury 11/17/20
Nick in Fresno is very disappointed with the Mets, run for 4 letter bomb 06/09/23
Nick in Houston AKA Iceman gets run 08/26/09
Nick in Iowa calls about Drew Brees and Michael Thomas 12/17/19
Nick in Iowa gives props to Marcus Williams 01/16/18
Nick in Iowa is on his way to Minneapolis to watch AP and the Saints 09/11/17
Nick in Iowa is representing 'stay at home dad' nation, talks about his tourney watching setup 03/21/19
Nick in Iowa talks about his plans for the Mayweather McGregor fight 08/25/17
Nick in Iowa went to Vegas, dropped Rome's name at Javiers and got a table right away 09/21/21
Nick in Irie apologizes to Kathleen for his brother calling her a hag, she's a milf, gets run for unwarring the Chicken Man 12/02/21
Nick in Maine loved the Greg Herenda interview from the other day 03/20/19
Nick in Modesto says the wildcard game should be a series 10/03/19
Nick in Newport Beach cracks on Rex Ryan with a Bad Santa blast and gets run 02/13/15
Nick in San Francisco calls about the Raiders possible move to Las Vegas, run for dropping F bomb 01/19/17
Nick in San Luis Obispo with a topical call about Albert Haynesworth and Lisa in Tucson 06/06/17
Nick in the OC 05/23/05
Nicki in H-Town has a message for Josh in Detroit and the rest of the ninnies 06/13/17
Nicole in Buffalo thinks Nathan Peterman will turn the Bills around 11/15/17
Nicole in San Diego liked JJ Watts tweet about Door Dash 02/23/21
Niems on Fathers Day (Pitching Micheal's Dad)
Nikki in Sun City says Jim Rome is Man Candy, gets lifetime exemption to Smackoff 06/06/07
Niz in LA thinks everything in sports is staged 04/23/19
Nooch in Alexander AR admits his name is self gloss, gets run anyways 07/09/15
Nooch in New Orleans wants to know how Ryan in Sactown made it on the Watch List, stoner friend awareness, wins a PPV 04/20/23
Norman in Norman picks Vic in NoCal to win Smackoff 06/26/14
Norman in Norman RSVP's for the 2012 Hackoff. Wars Stucknut. 05/07/12
Norman in Norman tried to get Golden Ticket, gets run for saying Full Retard 06/23/15
Norman in Norman's 2010 Hackoff Call 04/16/10
Old School-Bobby in Brooklyn 10/27/06
Old School-Cablinasian 10/27/06
Old School-Don in No Cal 10/27/06
Old School-Jim in Fall River 10/27/06
Old School-Kerwin 10/27/06
Old School-reaction 10/27/06
Old school-reaction final segment 10/27/06
Old-school caller Rich in Copyright Hills returns to the Jungle 10/28/14
Oliver in St Louis 03/22/05
Oliver in St Louis 03/29/05
Oliver in St Louis 04/06/05
Oliver in St Louis 04/27/05
Oliver in St Louis 05/17/05
Omar in Detroit 09/04/08
Opie in Detroit - Im going to hang up and drop a deuce 01/05/06
Oren in Denver 04/14/06
Oren in Denver 05/18/06
Oren in Denver 07/11/06
Oren in Denver 02/23/07
Oren in Denver 06/21/07
Oren in Denver 07/24/07
Oren in Denver 10/02/07
Oren in Denver 12/10/07
Oren in Denver 04/17/08
Oren in Denver - Huge Call 01/02/07
Oren in Denver cracks Jeff in Vancouver 02/27/07
Oren in Denver gets run-Joey in New Bedford blast 02/21/06
Oren in Denver heard about his call getting reset, chats with Rome and won a Golden Ticket 05/04/18
Oren in Denver says that if Rome gets inducted to HOF, the clones go with him 06/07/18
Oren in Denver takes a run at Leff for the Fonz video, gets choppered for smacking Henry Winkler 07/19/18
Oren in Denver-Huge Call 01/26/06
Oren in Denver-Jeff in Richmond blast 02/24/06
Orion in Waterford - LaVar Ball should be on the show because of freedom of speech 03/24/17
Orion in Waterford calls with thoughts on Giants and Cubs series, gets run 10/06/16
Orion in Waterford calls with thoughts on Shaq and Javale McGee's twitter beef 02/27/17
Orion in Waterford calls with thoughts on Trapper 06/30/16
Orion in Waterford claims that cannabis is not a gateway drug, he knows from experience 01/04/19
Orion in Waterford gets racked with a take on Conor McGregor 03/02/16
Orion in Waterford has a take on John Scott and the NHL, wins huge call 02/18/16
Orion in Waterford informs the clones that he is a stay at home dad 09/16/16
Orion in Waterford is a huge Rammstein fan, but Du Hast is unoriginable 08/22/19
Orion in Waterford is a SF Giants fan, loves the Dodgers bullpen 08/14/18
Orion in Waterford is frustrated with the 49ers 03/10/15
Orion in Waterford is not a fan of Matt in LA, called him Israel 2.0 01/26/18
Orion in Waterford pitching prescription strength Smackoff 04/25/19
Orion in Waterford rambles about 49ers, gets run by sharks 11/03/15
Orion in Waterford says Bellator is garbage, gave Chael Sonnens fight a chance, doesn't change his mind 01/23/17
Orion in Waterford takes a run at Golden Ticket holders 10/20/17
Orion in Waterford thinks Rome is talking LA sports to lure Matt in LA to the chopper 03/04/19
Orion in Waterford tried to become 3rd straight caller racked, fails 10/24/16
Orion in Waterford with Cal in Vegas and Conor McGregor impressions 05/08/19
Orion in Waterford wonders why other running backs don't support Le'veon Bell 11/15/18
Orion in Waterford's favorite sport is when Rome trolls the clones 07/21/16
Orlando in Oakland responds to V in the Fee, says Warriors in 7 05/03/23
Oscar in San Diego talks about the Padres and 4 straight games with a grand slam 08/21/20
Oscar the Grouch in Detroit - The Grump parody 07/15/15
Otis and Tobin 04/12/05
Otis in Austin 01/06/06
Otis in Austin 04/27/07
Otis in Austin 02/07/08
Otis in Austin 06/23/08
Otis in Austin is pulling for Jeff from Richmond to win the Smackoff so he can use the money for Jenny Craig 06/03/22
Otis in Austin returns and wants to be part of the Smackoff 05/19/22
Otis in Austin takes a run at Jeff in Richmond, has excuses for people not calling 06/09/22
Packer Benny in Green Bay parodies Raider Mike, arfff andyouknow 09/17/19
Packers draft calls from Scott in Wisconsin, Colton in Boise, Dylan in Lincoln, Mike in Green Bay, DMo in the East Bay 04/29/21
Parker in Georgia says Monahan makes Goodell look like the Pope 06/07/23
Parker in West Covina - Raider Nation are cockroaches 09/11/18
Parker in West Covina is getting a prison tattoo during his Smackoff party 06/19/19
Parody Friday - Parody Larry in San Francisco, Lance in Topeka, John in Little Rock; with e-mail and Twitter reaction; Lance wins Huge Call 01/23/15
Parody Friday II - Lance in Topeka, Parody Larry in the Bay Area, John in Little Rock; with e-mail and Twitter reaction; John wins Huge Call 04/24/15
Parody Larry calls for 2nd straight day, asked Alvie to queue his music, gets run in 3.9 seconds (new record) 09/01/17
Parody Larry calls from the ER, impersonates Rex but nobody could tell 03/16/18
Parody Larry calls with a James Dolan song, Rome sets Over/Under at 9 seconds, Larry lasts for 12 02/16/17
Parody Larry calls with a Jungle Bells song 02/20/16
Parody Larry calls with thoughts on Warriors, Rome wants a parody, Larry goes with one from the late, great Steve Miller, but Millers not dead and he sang a Stealers Wheel song 07/06/16
Parody Larry claims that Ron Howard tasked him with writing a song for the Colts, Crappy Days 02/02/23
Parody Larry does a parody of Hope Solo's nephew, Alvie plays them side-by-side 10/05/17
Parody Larry does an All in the Family theme song about the 49ers, Joes were the days 09/17/15
Parody Larry does great impersonations of Aaron Rodgers and Tiger Woods 11/07/17
Parody Larry ends the show, Sittin on the Bench in LA, got run in 2.8 seconds 03/08/19
Parody Larry gets a red card for being Parody Larry 05/26/17
Parody Larry gets a second chance buts gets run again for talking 05/28/20
Parody Larry gets in with a 'Hit the Road Dak' parody 01/19/17
Parody Larry gets on the air because Josh in Detroit hung up, sang a Steely Dan song, got run 01/11/19
Parody Larry gets RACKED for a Narc Brah song, Hall and Oates Rich Girl 05/01/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Be Like Mike parody for Ritt 07/30/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Beatles Drive My Car parody 12/08/16
Parody Larry gets run for a Bennie in the Jets parody 11/23/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Cleveland Browns Jim Croce parody 01/08/21
Parody Larry gets run for a Come on Methleen song 06/23/23
Parody Larry gets run for a Country Roads song for staying at home 04/15/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Flintstones parody about Flight Deck 01/17/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Free Fallin parody 06/25/19
Parody Larry gets run for a late birthday song for Rome 10/17/19
Parody Larry gets run for a Mr. Ed theme song parody 05/07/19
Parody Larry gets run for a Mr. Rodgers parody about Aaron Rodgers 09/10/18
Parody Larry gets run for a Puke in Fort Collins reference 06/21/18
Parody Larry gets run for a Rice-a-Roni song for Danika 04/28/22
Parody Larry gets run for a Rick in Buffalo Google Dolls song 08/27/19
Parody Larry gets run for a Stray Cat Strut parody for Adam Hawk 12/12/17
Parody Larry gets run for a Welcome to the Jungle parody 06/17/20
Parody Larry gets run for an Adamms Family song about Choc, Rome talks to EP Tom about the callers 08/17/21
Parody Larry gets run for another Aaron Rodgers impersonation and Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood parody 10/02/20
Parody Larry gets run for having a hot take on LeBron James 04/18/17
Parody Larry gets run for his annual Christmas song 12/18/19
Parody Larry gets run for his What's New Pussycat song 09/22/17
Parody Larry gets run for not going directly to his song 05/16/17
Parody Larry gets run for not singing 01/09/19
Parody Larry gets run for Starman parody 02/21/18
Parody Larry gets run for Steve Miller 'Fly Like an Eagle', Rome and Alvin buzz him at the same time 02/01/18
Parody Larry gets run for talking instead of singing again 10/15/21
Parody Larry gets run with an Addams Family parody for the Dodgers 10/31/17
Parody Larry gets run, Lions calls from James in Detroit and Dave in H-Town 03/20/20
Parody Larry gives Rome a Hall of Fame introduction 11/08/19
Parody Larry got run by Alvie for a Fat Bottom Beaks song, clones want him to get a Golden Ticket, won Huge Call 05/15/19
Parody Larry got run for a Don McLean song for Adam Hawk 03/15/19
Parody Larry got run for a Lauren in Naples song 05/31/19
Parody Larry got run for Ike in Mindy smack 05/20/19
Parody Larry got run for Jeff in SA family smack 12/07/18
Parody Larry got run for not getting to his song again, Niems reset 05/28/20
Parody Larry in Oakland (not San Francisco) gets run for rambling and not going straight to his song, gets chewed out by Rome and clowned by the Clones 02/10/15
Parody Larry recaps the Smackoff, gets run for a My Sharona parody for BIC 07/24/18
Parody Larry reinvents himself as Smack Larry, still got run 07/06/18
Parody Larry shows up to radio row, sings a parody from the CBS Sports Radio set 02/05/16
Parody Larry sings 'Welcome Back' for Rome 08/14/18
Parody Larry sings 3 Blind Mice for the NFL refs, gets run 01/23/19
Parody Larry sings a belated eclipse song Here Comes the Sun, drops a Give Me Back My Sun!, gets run 08/24/17
Parody Larry sings a Casper parody for Barry Bonds, doesn't get run 03/11/20
Parody Larry sings a nice Thanksgiving song 11/20/18
Parody Larry sings a song for D-Bag LeBron, gets run for a scheduled interview 06/14/17
Parody Larry sings Journey, gets run 08/31/17
Parody Larry sings New York New York for John, gets run 11/20/19
Parody Larry tried calling as Pauly in Philly, got run 02/06/18
Parody Larry tries a Blue Suede Shoes parody called Teal Blue Beer, gets run 01/09/18
Parody Larry tries Romeageddon smack a day early, gets run 09/28/17
Parody Larry tries to rap as P. Larr, still gets run 10/02/15
Parody Larry verifies Rube's story, gets run for rhyming John in Little Rock with little cock 12/20/17
Parody Larry waited on hold for 15 days, sang Born to Be Wild parody for Kyle, never got to chorus 05/14/18
Parody Larry waited on hold for 6 weeks, got run for a Nooch CloneStock song 05/02/19
Parody Larry wanted to read his 'World Poetry Day' poem so he waited on hold for 2 weeks, still got run 04/05/18
Parody Larry with a candy song, gets run 11/04/16
Parody Larry with a diss song for Zach in SLC to the tune of Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead 07/25/17
Parody Larry with a Star Wars themed call, gets run while giving clones gifts 12/17/15
Parody Larry with an Autumn Wind poem 04/23/21
Parody Larry with another bad parody song, rambles for a while, then glosses Lance as FlatuLance, email reaction 11/04/15
Pasquale in Culver City wants the 49ers to take Trey Lance with the #3 pick 03/26/21
Pasquel in Culver City has been listening since 1996, appreciates the show 02/21/20
Pasquel in Culver City wants tp talk 49ers draft possibilities 04/21/20
Pastor Norris in Georgia is representing PastorNation and TruckerNation 02/26/18
Pat err Tad in Kalamazoo 05/24/05
Pat in New York - Compared Tiger Woods career to Jennifer Grey's, post nose job; Felix Bueller reference 04/14/14
Pat in SLO wants the Cowboy fans know that they can pick a new team 01/24/23
Patrick in Alabama says Lamar Jackson is not worth the money he's asking 03/07/23
Patrick in Chicago 10/02/08
Patrick in Chicago 05/11/09
Patrick in PA says the current team is not cut from the same cloth of a Pittsburgh Steeler 01/02/19
Patrick in Sacramento on Brian Kelly going to LSU 11/30/21
Patrick in San Francisco is a Bills fan, family knew not to talk to him after the game, wants a slumpbuster 09/12/23
Patrick in Santa Barbara is a Lyft driver, doesn't want riders to be DJ's 05/13/21
Patrick in Santa Barbara is in charge of the Christmas lights for the city, smoked with Irie at the Studio City event 12/18/20
Patrick in Santa Barbara mentions local bars near UCSB, unwar the foot patrol 10/05/21
Patrick in Wisconsin likes how Deion encourages the kids 09/05/23
Patty in Modesto - Roy Firestone Take 06/05/00
Paul in Austin - Boring read ERR call 03/01/05
Paul in Boulder pitches a reggae concert at Red Rocks 08/17/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog gets racked again with a Gin and Juice parody and haiku about Brad in Corona 02/25/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog gets racked with a Ringle Bells parody 12/10/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog gets racked with a RSVP call 05/23/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog gets racked with fat smack on Rich Ackerman and Bella Bee 04/28/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog has a merch store Petsy, sales extra small underoos for Brad 05/31/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog is glad that baseball is back for bark at the park, Passan vs Pauls Dog song 03/11/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog on Stucknut prop bets and Vic in Nocal's impersonations 06/26/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog on the Barks Madness, went heavy on Bulldogs, why so many cat teams? 04/05/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog on the Georgia championship 01/10/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog on the Milwaukee Bucks, wants them to go bark to bark 08/09/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog pretends to be Jerome in Houston, smacks on Jeff from Richmond 06/08/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog proves that he is not Jeff in Southfield 11/16/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog responds to Ernesto's dog, has a palindrome 10/07/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog responds to Jeff in Southfield, gets run 06/08/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog responds to Jeff Passan with a limerick 03/01/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog takes a run at Canada 09/30/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog takes a run at Stucknut, Pooldoc, and Steve in HTown 06/09/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog talks about Draymond's stomp, wins a PPV 04/20/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog talks about Romes problem with Gruss 07/13/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog talks about the Smackoff 07/26/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog tried to help find Alvie, B-Webb filled 3 empty chairs at once, Surf and Suds commercial 06/17/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog welcomes Jack Savage 03/03/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog with a take on Rex, wins huge call 08/27/21
Paul in Buffalo's has a message for the Smackoff people, wins another Golden Ticket 01/28/22
Paul in Buffalo's loves his new odds, chases his tail round and round 06/24/21
Paul in Buffalo's sings a Replacements parody, smacks Ryan in Sactown, eats kitty litter 05/05/23
Paul in Buffalo's weighs in on the Barks Madness 03/14/23
Paul in Buffalos dog gets racked but Alvie ran him, reverse LT hammer 06/22/21
Paul in Buffalos dog gets racked with Jeff in Richmond smack 09/14/21
Paul in Cleveland calls about the upcoming Celtics/Cavs game and Cryrie Irving, gets run with Double LT Buzzer 10/17/17
Paul in Delaware gets run for telling Rome he made love to his wife in a port-a-potty 01/03/06
Paul in El Paso calls about UFC then flames out. 'Subject Manning' 11/14/11
Paul in Houston is excited about the derby, talks horse betting, flamed and got out 04/30/21
Paul in Houston talks about meeting Rome and DJ at the Sam Houston Tour Stop 08/17/23
Paul in NoCal calls about the Chargers 11/16/17
Paul in NoCal calls about the NY Giants, wants to add Hillary Clinton to the Rat Family 10/26/16
Paul in NoCal calls to talk about Jerry Jones, stumbles on Harvey Weinstein's name 10/10/17
Paul in NoCal thinks Jeff in Richmond is awesome 06/06/18
Paul in Orange County loves the NFL, hates Thursday Night Football, mixes in references to other callers 11/10/17
Paul in Raleigh 05/03/05
Paul in Raleigh 11/03/05
Paul in Rhode Island is not enthusiastic about the Antonio Brown signing 09/09/19
Paul in Sacramento gets run for self glossing as Funk Lord 11/22/21
Paul in South Carolina thinks the Steelers should bench Antonio Brown, I can't go for that, spawned Hall and Oates emails 01/17/17
Paul North of Buffalo wanted to talk horses and the Jets but his dog wouldn't stop barking, the dog won a Golden Ticket 12/07/20
Pauly in Indy calls Grant Napear with Olympic predictions, Grant gets flustered 08/05/16
Pauly in Indy calls with a bum, crank, and horseplay reference, gets run for singing 12/11/16
Pauly in Indy gets run for story about Stevie Wonder reading an eye chart, Blinded by the Light parody 06/19/15
Pauly in Indy rushes through a call about Bismack Biyombo 05/24/16
Pauly in Indy wins Guns-N-Roses tickets by playing 'Whats That Sound', Peyton Manning karaoke 04/06/16
Pauly in Indy with a story about child birth, followed by a Stevie Wonder inspired parody of She Blinded Me With Science 09/25/15
Pauly T Wall is going to hide in his basement, picking Mark in Boston 06/18/20
Payton in Grand Rapids addresses Jim as Alfa Romeo, drops a Mike in Undy blast, gets run; New crew member gets glossed Ross from Friends by emailer 07/06/18
Pentagon officially releases UFO videos, Blink-182 and Tom DeLonge, calls from Todd in Hayward and Dan in Michigan 04/28/20
Peppermint Patty 02/24/05
Perry in Colorado Springs talks about the Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark taunting 04/03/23
Personal appearance smack allowed for 11/11/11 - Kelly Clarkson haiku, Jim Tressel in rat family, Wayne in Houston drunk call, Andrew Bynum looks like Gary Coleman if he got his wish, Romeo Crennel Hershey Kisses nipples 11/11/11
PETA caller 05/05/08
Pete in Buffalo calls with story about how Fred Jackson visited him in hospital after breaking neck, then another story about a dream of Rex Ryan offering him a menthol cigarette but only beotches smoke menthols 09/01/15
Pete in Detroit refers to his team as SOL, Same Old Lions, but the Giants game surprised him 09/19/17
Pete in Detroit says Michigan man Harbaugh needs to put up or shut up 11/27/18
Pete in Detroit says people can no longer assume that playing the Lions is a W 09/08/23
Pete in Irvine recaps the Mission Valley BWW visit, Fabian got cut off by noon 12/17/18
Pete in Lake Michigan says the local guys are ripping off Rome 02/09/21
Pete in Long Island discusses the Giants coaching situation 01/11/22
Pete in Long Island has a WFAN honk call about the NY Giants 09/27/21
Pete in Phoenix is ready for the 0-17 season 09/20/23
Pete in San Diego calls with thoughts on the Padres signing Manny Machado 02/19/19
Pete on Long Island is a lifelong Giants fan, organization is a dumpster fire 11/03/20
Pete on Long Island is bummed about Florida losing to LSU 12/16/20
Pete on Long Island wanted to talk about the Jets but wasn't ready 11/10/20
Peter in Detroit gets racked with a take on the Lions 03/20/20
Peter in Point Loma wanted to set the record straight about Badger Mafia, clones wanted Alvie to run him for correcting the host 01/19/23
Peter in Sacramento 04/05/96
Peter in Toronto woke up one day with New Balance on his feet 11/29/18
Phil in Alaska thinks clones suck for wanting something in return for voting 05/23/18
Phil in Buffalo gets run and clowned 05/30/14
Phil in Fresno wants the free Lakers tickets, gets run 05/27/21
Phil in Maine thinks Adam Gase is a 1 year rental in New York 01/10/19
Phil in Panama City gets run for ignorant call comparing Jameis Winston to Ray Rice 02/23/15
Phil in Penn has an MRI scheduled but will not miss the Smackoff 06/24/21
Phil in Tampa calls to hype Brent 'Bones' Barry 02/15/17
Phillip in Pacific Beach has a message for Dodger fans, gets run 04/26/21
Picachi in SoCal is an old school listener that wants to talk Dodgers 10/18/17
PJ in the Mile High takes a run at Nebraska 12/07/17
Poindexter in H-Town 02/28/08
Poindexter in Houston called because he saw Rome on TV 01/02/18
Pooldoc calls to plug the Smackoff Wrap-up Show, Rome asks him questions about Stucknut 06/18/19
Pooldoc tried to win a Golden Ticket by calling Pauls dog a bitch 06/08/23
Pre-smackoff 28 calls from Zack in Philly, Matt in LA, Boatie in Pearland, John in Little Rock, Wes in Knoxville 06/23/22
Preston in Nashville is a football fan in Nashville that loved the Predators/Ducks series better than the Titans Super Bowl game 05/23/17
Professor Laurie from UCSB calls to talk about MLB during the pandemic 07/29/20
Psychic Caller
Quinn in San Diego loves the Bauer v Tatis storyline 04/26/21
Quinn in Valencia has a take on Mike Shanahan, Roseanne Barr, Merton Hanks, and Terence. Gets run. 09/28/17
Quinn in Valencia reminds San Diego that LA doesn't care about them 09/12/17
Quinn in Valencia talking about LA football 09/27/18
Quinn in Valencia wants to pitch in $100 for Hawk to quit the marathon 03/19/19
Quinn in Valencia was mad about the Astros karma 10/26/17
Quinn the Car Fixer 08/07/08
Rachel in Houston 01/27/05
Rachel in Houston 03/01/05
Rachel in Houston 03/28/05
Rachel in Houston 01/12/06
Rachel in Houston 09/22/05
Rachel in Houston 08/20/07
Rachel in Houston 01/05/06
Rachel in Houston 02/14/05
Rachel in Houston ("Dude" Emails Follow)
Rachel in Houston and emails 09/20/05
Rachel in Houston Gets Run 04/15/05
Rachel in Houston with emails and traci gold email 9-28
Rachel in Houston-Jay Stew Movie-JIm rome movies
Rah in the Bronx thinks the Yankees will beat the Indians, but still wants Girardi fired 10/11/17
Rah in the Bronx tries to win a Golden Ticket with a Floyd Mayweather rap 02/13/19
Raider Mike 03/03/06
Raider Mike 04/05/96
Raider Mike breaks down round 1 of the 2019 draft 04/26/19
Raider Mike called from Germany to talk about his team and the Smackoff 08/29/17
Raider Mike called to hype Andy Reid and the Chiefs 01/17/20
Raider Mike calls after the Raiders beat the Broncos 11/07/16
Raider Mike calls during flameout reaction to talk Raiders 12/15/17
Raider Mike calls from Kuwait with his take on the Khalil Mack trade 09/04/18
Raider Mike calls from Nashville to recap the Titans Raiders game 09/11/17
Raider Mike calls from Nashville with thoughts on the Raiders Titans game 09/26/16
Raider Mike calls with a fresh take about Derek Carr scouting, gets chased out by sharks 07/29/16
Raider Mike calls with thoughts on move to Vegas, Rome interrupts a few times 03/27/17
Raider Mike calls with thoughts on the old Sacramento Kings, Raiders vs Texans wildcard game, and mentioned after party with Stucknut 01/06/17
Raider Mike checks in after the loss to Kansas City 12/09/16
Raider Mike gets put on hold twice for interviews, but finally gets his call in about the Chargers 10/11/16
Raider Mike has a message for the Kansas City Chiefs 12/05/16
Raider Mike is going to have his army carry Rome to the finish line 06/04/18
Raider Mike is pumped about the future of his team and the new stadium 12/19/19
Raider Mike knows more about the Raiders than Jon Gruden 01/08/18
Raider Mike on his team and Hard Knocks 08/16/19
Raider Mike on the current state of the Raiders 01/09/23
Raider Mike on the Mark Davis presser, MLB check swing rules 10/15/21
Raider Mike on the MNF victory over the Saints, he likes blondes 09/22/20
Raider Mike on the win over the Ravens in overtime at the Death Star 09/14/21
Raider Mike recaps the Chiefs Raiders game, gives Mahomes props 09/16/19
Raider Mike recaps the win over the Chargers to get into the playoffs 01/10/22
Raider Mike returns after many years to talk about.... the Raiders 05/12/16
Raider Mike says you never know what you'll get with Carr, he will be tailgating with his Phil Villapiano throwback jersey 11/19/21
Raider Mike talking about his team, then predicts Dodgers over Astros 10/24/17
Raider Mike talking Steelers/Raiders, Phil Villapiano, Franco Harris 12/11/18
Raider Mike talks about Antonio Brown and the upcoming draft 03/08/19
Raider Mike talks about Richie Incognito, Fabian at the watch party 06/28/19
Raider Mike talks about the draft and Irie Craig 04/24/18
Raider Mike talks about the good ol days hanging with JT the Brick 06/22/18
Raider Mike was scouting the National Championship game for his Raiders 01/08/19
Raider Mike went to Houston for Raiders/Texans, really liked Deshaun Watsons game 11/04/19
Raider Mike with a Dodgers take, lives and dies by the homerun 10/10/19
Raider Mike with thoughts on the Raiders/Chargers game, wins huge call 12/19/16
Raider Mike's daughter just finished high school, Jerry Jones opened AT&T center so they could have a graduation 06/08/20
Raider Mike's take on Marshawn Lynch signing with Oakland 04/27/17
Raider Mike, first call of 2022, talks about John Madden and Hell Week 01/03/22
Ramon in Indy is a doctor chiming in on flu shots 11/15/18
Randall in LA calls Silk a piece of crap 10/24/05
Randall in Stockton - truck driver trying to make it into the Smackoff by rapping, Paul Revere parody about Brad in Corona 05/19/16
Randy in Ann Arbor wants advice on how to deal with his new-found fame 03/03/23
Randy in Bako is an old school listener, hyped about the niners 12/09/19
Randy in Orange County (Stucknut Reference) 12/07/10
Randy in Pleasanton calls about NFL safety, gets MyVi Wrecking Balled 11/18/13
Rat Cafe in San Francisco - Email from @TFPWillEat and call from @BennyInWisco 05/23/17
Ray in SA 06/20/22
Ray in SA gets run for self gloss - The Big Stingray in SA 05/01/23
Ray in SA is in LA meeting clones, Fabian was throwing out $2 bills 07/22/21
Ray in SA pretends to be Pooldoc, gets run 05/30/23
Ray in SA talks about the watch party at Beauregard's palatial estate, gets run for taint reference 06/29/23
Ray in St Louis AKA the Reverend Love Toy run for self gloss
Ray in Tampa 10/07/08
Ray in Tampa - Tom Brady will love it in Florida 03/19/20
Ray in Tampa is excited that the GOAT is joining the Bucs 03/18/20
Ray in the Bay Area has a cool story about Steph Curry at the airport, zone 3 08/18/16
Ray Ray in Tampa (Run of the Year) - Put it on your moms whatever 12/02/10
Ray Ray in Tampa informing the clones that he's been dealing with cancer and is in remission 02/03/15
Ray Ray in Tampa RSVPs 2011 Hackoff 03/21/11
Ray Ray in Tampa RSVPs for the 2012 Hackoff 05/04/12
Ray Rice caller - Charlie in San Antonio claims that 1 fight with a women doesn't count, the law states it has to be more than 1 time 09/09/14
Ray Rice caller - Dave in Michigan suggests that the spousal abuse is a form of erotic pleasure 09/09/14
Ray Rice caller - Tommy in Pennsylvania concerned about loss of income for family 09/09/14
Reaction to Alan in West Virginia, calls from Kenny in Missouri and Jerry in Phoenix 05/13/20
Reaction to Chargers callers, calls from Javier in San Bernardino (4th caller racked) and Matt in LA (run) 11/27/17
Reaction to Dodgers losing in NLDS, emails, calls from Alan in San Diego, Mark in San Diego, and Damon in Santa Maria 10/10/19
Reaction to Hawk not knowing Larry Holmes, Huge Call from Mike in Utah 'Canadians joined the mile high club by themselves' 02/22/18
Reaction to Jeff in San Antonio plus a call from John in Little Rock 10/20/17
Reaction to John in Little Rock, including Tweet from Leff in Laguna Beach and call from Orion in Waterford 07/28/16
Reaction to Lance in Topeka, including calls from Kasey in Pensacola, Boatie in Pearland, and Mike in Palookaville 06/12/14
Reaction to Nick Caserio's call 06/20/23
Reaction to Ritt playing Horse, calls from Monica in Colorado, Dan in Michigan, Matt in LA, Johnny in Texas - ATP 04/17/20
Reaction to Vic's profile sparks Nice Radio, calls from Matt in LA, Orion in Waterford, Andrew in Des Moine, and Mike in St. Louis 06/11/19
Reaction to Well's segment, call from Parody Larry 12/04/19
Reed in North Carolina is excited for the Smackoff, shouts out to J-Stew on GMFB 06/18/19
Reegan Trips Up
Reggie in Ontario tries to redeem himself but fails 11/13/19
Reggie in Ontario wanted to let Rome know that he was calling from Canada, got run 10/23/19
Reggie in Orange County is sending Matt in LA to Buffalo on a Greyhound bus 03/02/20
Reggie in the OC on Kyle in Green Bays road trip and Cal in Vegas attempting to shotgun a beer, gets run 05/14/20
Reset of Jesus in Chicago's Monster Mash parody song for J-Stew followed by calls from Ray Ray in Tampa (claims to own a G5 jet) and Fabian in LA (racked and replayed) 10/29/10
Return of CJ in Oxnard 07/28/16
Return of Fake Silk 06/26/14
Return of Leff in Laguna Beach 07/18/14
Rex in ABQ - Hefty was in a hurry to sprinkle medicated powder on his undercarriage so he doesn't get swampass 06/18/18
Rex in ABQ - mall kiosk guy tried to sell knockoff cologne that smelled like anal gland discharge, got run 03/15/19
Rex in ABQ - much like Bryce Harper, Rex likes to launch frozen ropes from his gap right down the sewer pipe 02/27/19
Rex in ABQ - New year, new Rex - NOT! Got run for Ray Liotta smack 01/04/19
Rex in ABQ - the Dodgers should take their trophy to Pier 1 imports and bust a grumpy in it, gets run 10/28/20
Rex in ABQ - We are going to miss Keith about as much as a scorching case of herpes, didn't get run 05/17/19
Rex in ABQ and Jerome in Houston both call, both get their Golden Tickets ripped in the same segment 04/30/20
Rex in ABQ called as Ray Liotta 12/18/18
Rex in ABQ called with a straight take about NFL coaches not mattering as much to a team as the players 01/09/19
Rex in ABQ calls about Justin Thomas, Hefty has a BMI of gravy, gets racked 03/05/18
Rex in ABQ calls to talk Ryder Cup, gets run for asking to be put into the butthole montage 10/01/18
Rex in ABQ calls with his annual Masters preview, gets run for 'flushing a scud missile' blast 11/12/20
Rex in ABQ chimes in on the Smackoff participants fighting on Twitter, got racked 07/16/18
Rex in ABQ doesn't get all of the Kobe Bryant jersey retirement hype 12/19/17
Rex in ABQ doesn't like Joel Klatt and Fox's coverage of the US Open 06/17/19
Rex in ABQ gets his call dumped, Josh Gordon pawning his ring for drug money 02/05/19
Rex in ABQ gets racked for a call about the Warriors and the Cheesecake Factory, Rome talks about different types of cheesecake 05/29/18
Rex in ABQ gets racked for LeBron smack 05/02/18
Rex in ABQ gets racked with a call about driving etiquette and food 06/21/18
Rex in ABQ gets racked with hockey talk 04/16/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for 'lay cable' and 'grease the bowl' references 01/25/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for a Tiger Woods smack, wins Masterbuilt smoker anyways 01/24/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for being way too excited about Josh Gordons return 12/12/17
Rex in ABQ gets run for BIC soft junk smack 04/10/20
Rex in ABQ gets run for greasy hot snake reference 07/18/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for Justin Thomas personal appearance smack 02/26/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for mentioning that after Yogurtland he sits on the pot and watches the launch angle on projectile diarrhea 08/17/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for mentioning that he got the squirts after eating chocolate lava cake 03/09/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for more diarrhea sabermetrics smack, exit velocity 08/23/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for Rafael Nadal butthole reference 09/09/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for referencing Nick Chubb's snake holster 01/05/21
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying 'squeezing out a dwarf after my morning coffee' 01/15/21
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Bo in Nashville has a great time with a bidet 10/30/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Brad in Corona is a grower and not a shower 05/07/20
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Bryson DeChambeau rips anal audio all over the course 07/01/20
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Nick Foles is as thick in his head as he is in his junk 10/09/20
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying that if you took a black light to a pillow case at Circus Circus, you would see a map of Hawaii 03/01/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for Steve Belichick extra chromosome smack 12/02/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for take on DeChambag, uncut Euros 03/08/21
Rex in ABQ gets run for warring bums using discarded Parliament Lights as Apple earpods 03/21/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for warring Cinnabon with extra, extra icing and his 6ft blast radius 09/20/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for wondering if Stephen Hawking's estate will auction off his used colostomy bags 03/14/18
Rex in ABQ gets run on World Toilet Day for Alex Smith's 'inner vaginal pull' reference 11/19/18
Rex in ABQ gets run while talking about 'guy that uses Starbucks as an office' 11/30/18
Rex in ABQ gives a straight take about the NY Jets, the clones weren't happy 12/07/20
Rex in ABQ got run for a dongle blast 10/11/18
Rex in ABQ got run for a Javier's reference... lobster enchiladas go through me like cheese through a goose 04/25/18
Rex in ABQ got run for calling PF Changs sesame chicken 'sesame cat' 05/21/18
Rex in ABQ got run for Leff circumcision smack 08/27/19
Rex in ABQ got run for massive dong joke about Nick Foles and Frank Sinatra 01/07/19
Rex in ABQ got run for referencing Brad in Corona's giblets 07/11/19
Rex in ABQ got run for Santa Anita race park reference, said the injured Warriors should be put down 06/10/19
Rex in ABQ got run for saying Verne Troyer was buried in a Build-a-Bear box 07/09/18
Rex in ABQ has a beef with gym locker rooms, gets run for 'crossing swords' reference 11/06/19
Rex in ABQ has a decent take about the Raiders, then got run for Beatles Winston Churchill reference 09/13/18
Rex in ABQ has a take on Iries book, gets run for John Denver blast 02/20/18
Rex in ABQ has a take on middle-aged strip club guy, doesn't get run 08/29/18
Rex in ABQ has advice for Mark in Humboldts dad, call gets dumped 05/05/21
Rex in ABQ has advice for Tiger Woods - In order to play good, you have to look good. Time to sprinkle some chia seeds on his head. 05/14/18
Rex in ABQ has questions about mattress stores, run for asking about the protein stain by the headboard 01/22/19
Rex in ABQ has smack so hot that you'll need a rectal thermometer, gets run 06/18/20
Rex in ABQ is excited about an In-N-Out Burger opening 400 miles away 02/14/18
Rex in ABQ lets Hawk know that vegetarian Hot Pockets will give you explosive diarrhea 11/30/17
Rex in ABQ on Dyson products, gets run for coining new phrase 'residual fecal particulates' 04/15/21
Rex in ABQ on Greg Norman being an underachiever, only thing left to choke is the massive ostrich in his pants 11/24/20
Rex in ABQ parodies Reggie in Ontario, gets run 10/23/19
Rex in ABQ responds to Mark Richt's Hot Dog Delight, gets run, plus reaction 02/20/20
Rex in ABQ responds to the 2 Gloves story, white pants at the Presidents Cup are so tight that you can see the silhouette of Tigers crank 12/12/19
Rex in ABQ responds to the Brooks Koepka interview, run for 'Rory McIlroy rushing to the portajohn to build a log cabin' blast 10/11/19
Rex in ABQ says last nights game was ass, got run for mispronouncing anal-sis 09/07/18
Rex in ABQ says MMA is human cockfighting 04/26/21
Rex in ABQ says Phil Mickelson is playing well while Tiger is defecating into his bed pan, gets run 05/21/21
Rex in ABQ says the Bills are Americas Team, gets run for ruptured polyps blast 10/05/20
Rex in ABQ smacks Cal in Vegas for his golfing Periscopes 05/07/18
Rex in ABQ takes a run at fatass Chael Sonnen 07/12/21
Rex in ABQ takes a run at Rick in Buffalo, Florida, then gets run for another molten lava cake at Morton's blast 04/18/18
Rex in ABQ talking about department store suits 03/07/19
Rex in ABQ talks about Brad fatigue, call gets dumped 04/08/19
Rex in ABQ talks about Ray Liotta, gets run for another scrotox reference 12/11/18
Rex in ABQ talks about the Nathans hot dog competition and lack of bathrooms, gets run 07/05/18
Rex in ABQ talks about the Taco Bell promotion, 99 cent double decker leads to 99 minute double decker 10/25/18
Rex in ABQ talks Masters, gets run for 'hanging rope' reference 04/11/19
Rex in ABQ talks Masters, gets run for saying he doesn't want to see a clone squatting on the edge of the Hogan Bridge taking a giant curly growler into Rae's Creek 04/02/18
Rex in ABQ thinks Archie Bradley has AFMRS, gets run, sets up Rome's take on Archie 06/27/18
Rex in ABQ thinks Cal in Vegas' Golden Ticket is a charity case, doesn't get run 03/27/19
Rex in ABQ thinks Kershaw will choke, wars diabetic foot removal 10/23/18
Rex in ABQ thought John Elway had already ended Marty Schottenheimer 02/09/21
Rex in ABQ wanted Rome to rip Golden Tickets so he could have one, phone cut out, got run 05/29/20
Rex in ABQ wants Hawk to make brown slacks so he can release a mahogany slider and nobody will know 06/08/20
Rex in ABQ wants someone to document his scrotox 01/16/18
Rex in ABQ wants to add Rory McIlroy to the rat family, gets run 04/09/18
Rex in ABQ wins a Golden Ticket with a line about excreting a Chicago dog through his o-ring 02/06/20
Rex in ABQ with a take on the dork weekend, doesn't get run 04/29/19
Rex in ABQ with Nebraska smack, ScoFro or scrotox 11/30/20
Rex in ABQ with Pier 1 smack, gets run for saying 'rope a coiler inside that decorative vase' 05/20/20
Rex in ABQ with takes on Matt Kuchar stiffing El Tucan and Poop Johnson blowing mud on a linebacker, leads to Kuchar take from Rome 02/14/19
Rex in ABQ's take on the Popeyes chicken sandwich with spicy mayo 08/22/19
Rex in Albuquerque - Ric Flair in a coma is a better QB than Brock Osweiler 11/09/17
Rex in SLO first call in 25 years, talks about the Warriors of the 90's, wins a Golden Ticket 06/14/22
Rex in the ABQ gets run, calling as Richard in Japan 03/24/20
Rex in the ABQ got run for saying V in the Fee sounded like he was popping a forehead vein straining to lay a couple of mud bricks 02/28/23
Rex in the ABQ thinks the NBA sucks, gets run for Shawn Kemp illegitimate children blast 02/09/18
Rich Flores also has a train story, responds to Silk and Guido 06/24/21
Rich Flores calls to announce a exclusive golf tournament and barbecue, reads the list of invitees 06/05/20
Rich Flores calls to defend his Golden Ticket, reads the menu at Hennessey's Tavern 06/11/19
Rich Flores calls to discuss the Leff's call and spending time with Henry Winkler, Javier, and Ron Cey 07/24/18
Rich Flores is offering his services to book Henry Winkler as the 100th podcast guest 07/23/19
Rich Flores reflects on Randall's passing, reads a note from Crystal 07/22/20
Rich Flores talks about Silk Brah, Lithuania, and HB city council 06/12/20
Rich Flores talks about the Smackoff party, Jason in Harrisburg, takes credit for past Smackoffs, claims to be Mr. October, wins a Golden Ticket 05/29/19
Rich in Anaheim Hills calls to RSVP to the Smackoff, gets his Golden Ticket revoked 07/17/18
Rich in Anaheim Hills talks about the OU/Baylor game, wins a Golden Ticket 09/26/17
Rich in Anaheim Hills tries to make it into the Smackoff again, comes up short 07/27/17
Rich in Anaheim Hills wants Tom Brady to get injured, thinks the Bills will beat the Patriots twice this season 09/07/17
Rich in Calgary said there are Jurassic parks all over Canada to watch the Raptors games, hockey kids are picking up basketballs 06/10/19
Rich in Copyright Hills calls with an unusual topic, sports 10/19/17
Rich in Copyright Hills is picking the Bills over the Patriots, gets run for singing 09/24/19
Rich in Copyright Hills wanted to talk Oklahoma hockey 09/22/17
Rich in Detroit has so much straight fire that it triggered Alvins fire alarm 11/13/17
Rich in Fayetteville, Arkansas calls with thoughts on Greg Hardy and Jerry Jones, slips in an alzheimers joke 11/06/15
Rich in Indy 09/20/05
Rich in Monrovia is a retired sheriff, has seen officers take pictures with personal phones of traffic accidents 03/03/20
Rich in Sactown talks about the halftime show tomorrow, Shakira played Led Zeprin riffs on the guitar 02/03/20
Rich in the 970 talks about the home run derby and Zach in SLC, gets red card 07/10/17
Richard in Sacramento takes a run at Big Head, Warriors Kings series, gets racked 04/21/23
Richard in San Diego is fired up for the Padres after the trade deadline 09/01/20
Richard in Santa Barbara was a professor at UCSB, taught Gabe Vincent and Brian Shaw 06/26/23
Richard in South Carolina is a 71 year old Vietnam vet, respects Rome for talking non-sports topics 06/03/20
Richard in West LA 04/05/96
Rick in Buffalo - Zay Jones, John Beilein, Ricks wedding, hostages 03/21/18
Rick in Buffalo bashes the Bills, mentions Jeff in Southfields sex change operation is complete, Rome gives warning about gender smack 09/14/18
Rick in Buffalo called his shot with the Michigan - Ohio State game 11/26/18
Rick in Buffalo calls after the Bills beat the Chiefs, doesn't like the new guy Choc 10/11/21
Rick in Buffalo calls out Leff, Mike in Indy, and Vic for not calling more often, wins huge call 04/16/18
Rick in Buffalo calls out Mike in Buffalo, responds to Mark in Hollywood 12/20/18
Rick in Buffalo calls to take a run at Vic in NoCal, gets on Smackoff bubble 12/20/16
Rick in Buffalo calls with his thoughts on the Bills going to the playoffs 01/02/18
Rick in Buffalo calls with thoughts on the Yankees and Cal in Vegas 10/11/18
Rick in Buffalo checks in after the Bills lose to the Chiefs, takes a run at Vic in NoCal 01/24/22
Rick in Buffalo checks in again to smack Vic in Nocal and Luke in Fort Collins, still on Smackoff bubble, clones react 01/27/17
Rick in Buffalo checks in before the Bills vs Ravens game, Bills are on the doorstep of something big 12/06/19
Rick in Buffalo claims that Josh Allen ended the 20 year wait for Bills franchise QB, Patriots dynasty is ending 09/24/18
Rick in Buffalo declares that it's Smackoff season, responds to Vic in NoCal 04/24/20
Rick in Buffalo doesn't trust the Bills process, wins huge call 11/20/17
Rick in Buffalo gives Lebron credit for fitting in with LA scumbags, Joe West smack, Matt and Tyler smack, unwars Rush 10/19/18
Rick in Buffalo goes after Dan in Denver and Vic in NoCal, Rome resets Jeff in Richmond again 11/06/17
Rick in Buffalo goes after Vic in Nocal and Mark in Boston, still on Smackoff bubble 01/09/17
Rick in Buffalo goes in on Josh McDaniels 01/11/19
Rick in Buffalo is excited for the Bills and young mafia, takes a run at Matt in Vancouver 01/13/21
Rick in Buffalo is fired up about the Bills starting 3-0 09/23/19
Rick in Buffalo is flying high after the Bills clinched a playoff birth, he's going to buy tickets to Miami 12/16/19
Rick in Buffalo is hyped for the Tour Stop, can't wait to party with the clones 02/26/20
Rick in Buffalo is pissed about the Bills loss to the Jaguars 11/11/21
Rick in Buffalo lays out the CloneStock itinerary 12/18/18
Rick in Buffalo loved watching the Patriots lose the Super Bowl 02/06/18
Rick in Buffalo on the Bills victory over the Patriots, campaigns for Silk Brah 11/03/20
Rick in Buffalo on the Bills, Jeff from Richmond, and declares the start of Smackoff Season 04/20/22
Rick in Buffalo on the Bills, won't let Jake into the mafia, Matt in Vancouver has same chance to win the Smackoff as the dog 12/09/20
Rick in Buffalo on the NFL draft, takes a run at Leff in Laguna 04/30/18
Rick in Buffalo opens Smackoff season by going after Matt and Tyler, Vic in NoCal, and Mark in Hollywood 02/19/19
Rick in Buffalo previews the Bills and Patriots game, compares Tom Brady to Gary Hogeboom 09/27/19
Rick in Buffalo puts his Golden Ticket on the line, gets it revoked 07/26/17
Rick in Buffalo responds to Dan in Denver and the 'Twitter frat party' 03/08/17
Rick in Buffalo responds to Jeff in Southfield, smacks Vic in Nocal 08/31/18
Rick in Buffalo responds to Josh, smacks Boston sports fans and adults that wear costumes 10/30/18
Rick in Buffalo responds to Matt in Vancouver, if Rick is a peen, Matt is the fupa chalupa 03/29/19
Rick in Buffalo responds to the Jeff in Richmond comparisons, gets promoted from a Golden Ticket to Smackoff exemption 05/04/18
Rick in Buffalo responds to Vic in Nocal, takes a run at the Bills 12/22/21
Rick in Buffalo responds to Vic's profile 07/17/18
Rick in Buffalo says that Hawk needs to quit running and LeBron is a fraud 03/05/19
Rick in Buffalo screams through a take about Dan in Denver, wins a Golden Ticket 04/27/17
Rick in Buffalo smacks Matt in Vancouver and Mark in Hollywood, announces that he is going to SoCal for a week 08/14/19
Rick in Buffalo speaks for the Bills Mafia, never had a doubt about Josh Allen or Sean McDermott 09/28/20
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Antonio Brown and Mark in Hollywood 01/04/19
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Dan in Denver, Josh in Detroit, and John in New York 06/18/18
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Dan in Denver, wins another Golden Ticket 10/09/17
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Jalen Ramsey, wants the oldschool callers to participate in Smackoff 25 08/17/18
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Michigan football, Jim Harbaugh, and Mark in Boston 11/19/18
Rick in Buffalo takes an angry run at Hawk's half marathon and Kaleb vs Beaks weight loss contest 10/16/19
Rick in Buffalo takes another run at Vic in Nocal 12/21/17
Rick in Buffalo talks about his SoCal trip so far, pimps the get-together at Kit's 08/23/19
Rick in Buffalo talks about Josh Allen and the Bills beat down on the Patriots, wins huge call 01/17/22
Rick in Buffalo talks about losing the Golden Ticket, takes a run at Dan in Denver 07/31/17
Rick in Buffalo talks about midget Mark in Hollywood, WoodScopes, Belligerent Nuck, and Buffalo CloneStock 12/17/18
Rick in Buffalo talks Julian Edelman, Super Bowl matchup, predicts Rams 41 - Patriots 10 01/24/19
Rick in Buffalo targets Stucknut, Cal in Vegas, Vic, and the draft - declares Smackoff season 04/14/23
Rick in Buffalo tries to take a run at Stucknut and the Smackoff Odds 05/13/19
Rick in Buffalo wants to give Hawk some last minute marathon advice 03/21/19
Rick in Buffalo wants to help Gavin, Jeremy in Green Bay has no right declaring Smackoff season 04/09/21
Rick in Buffalo was at the game, said the Taron Johnson pick 6 was the most electric he's ever seen at Bills Stadium 01/18/21
Rick in Buffalo with takes on John in NY periscoping the HOF and personal space, Matt in Vancouver, Rome and Hawk chat about HOF 11/25/19
Rick in Buffalo with thoughts on the Bills and Tiger, gets compared to Jeff in Richmond 08/24/17
Rick in Buffalo with Vic in NoCal mom smack, talks about the Bills game 01/16/23
Rick in Buffalo yells through a call, keeps Golden Ticket, gets compared to Jeff in Richmond 06/30/17
Rick in Detroit responds to Louis in Kansas, talks about the definition of clone 04/10/23
Rick in North Carolina gets run for a ridiculous Ask the Pros question 03/27/17
Rick in San Diego calls to talk about his love for the show, gets compared to Marty 05/24/19
Rick in Seattle - Drew Brees had a just-in-case workout 03/01/21
Rick in Seattle almost wins a Golden Ticket with a 'dad joke' 09/18/19
Rick in Virginia Beach - Former Prisoner 02/24/11
Ricky in Tampa calls in expected to get interviewed by Rome, talks about his professional coaching career 04/26/22
Ricky in Tampa checks back in after Coach Steve Nash loses in the playoffs, still wants an NBA job 06/21/21
Ricky in Tampa has been coaching basketball for over 40 years, Steve Nash getting a head coaching job with no experience or championships is ridiculous, clones react 09/14/20
Rip in Pittsburgh gets run for saying twat 02/11/21
Rip in Pittsburgh on the Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier fight, thinks Conor will win in first round 01/22/21
Rip in Pittsburgh says Taylor Heinicke is a football legend 02/19/21
Ritt doesn't have eyebrows, Andi in Rocklin called and wanted to talk to him again 11/06/20
RJ in Fullerton 02/07/06
RJ in Fullerton 01/11/07
RJ in Fullerton 09/02/08
Roach on Raider Fan
Rob in Arkansas says Eric Musselman is the hardest working man in Arkansas and doesn't want to lose him 03/20/23
Rob in Cleveland (The Grump) and Lance in Topeka (The Scorpion) attempt a tandem call and get run for incest and gay blasts; Rome and the Clones declare it the worst moment in the history of the Jungle and human communications; Rob and Lance win Huge Call 09/02/15
Rob in Cleveland (The Grump) tries to troll KB as Gisele Brady, responds to the name Rob, sparks #PrayForRob 08/06/15
Rob in Cleveland gets run for glossing himself The Grump, gets added to Alvins self-gloss mix 07/06/15
Rob in Cleveland Grump responds to Mark in Chicago 12/03/15
Rob in Cleveland the Grump (Rob G in CLE) tries to take down Larry with a rap, flames out, drops an s-bomb and gets run 11/05/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump gets run for 4th day in a row 07/09/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump makes it 3 days in a row, strikes out 07/08/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump, 5th call of the week, gives Rome ultimatum, accept the gloss or he won't call again 07/10/15
Rob in Detroit illegal alien smack 05/21/07
Rob in Houston with thoughts on JJ Watt leaving the Texans 02/12/21
Rob in Oakland takes TB12 drinking beer, says something to get dumped by every crew member 03/13/18
Rob in Oakland tries to be the 3rd straight racked call, fails 09/04/19
Rob in Portland thinks Blake Griffin is pulling a James Harden to get traded 02/16/21
Rob in Reno gets run with a Don't You Want Me parody 05/20/22
Rob in Temecula is a true Rams fan, says its the first real championship for them 02/14/22
Rob in Victoria on Tigers comeback, its more remarkable that he avoided vehicular manslaughter 04/08/22
Robert in Bay Area says Tom Brady is a 3-time loser, thinks he’ll go to the Raiders 01/17/23
Robert in Davis thought he had Smackoff material, got run 04/22/22
Robert in Denver is a trucker, couldn't find game on radio so listened through a phone call 06/13/23
Robert in Illinois is a truck driver that graduated high school with a 1.8GPA, high school was about chasing skirt 06/25/20
Robert in LA - Is this Jim Rome? 06/28/11
Robert in LA calls about Sacramento losing the Kings 04/14/11
Robert in Las Vegas - if you're not a 12 year old little girl, you should have nothing to do with soccer, got run 04/09/19
Robert in Oklahoma has a ridiculous idea for the Astros 01/14/20
Robert in Oklahoma is not a fan of cold coffee, prefers sweet tea 11/11/20
Robert in San Antonio is a private pilot, won good money on a 6 game parlay because of Amari Cooper's touchdown 12/10/18
Roberta in Indiana is a Steelers fan, AB was all about the money 03/11/19
Rocco in Youngstown - If you put your hands on a woman, you have no business being in the NFL at all. Now that's just my opinion and I'm not going to apologize for it. 11/11/15
Rod in Florida has been a Browns fan since '64, he's being tortured 01/04/21
Rodney in Emporium PA gets run for self gloss, Rockin Rodney 03/23/22
Roger Clemens calls 02/28/06
Roger in Minneapolis with an incredible story about losing his Kentucky Derby winning ticket 05/06/19
Roland in Pittsburgh talks podcast, takes a run at Mike in Indy, Brad in Corona, and J-Stew 06/27/18
Roman in Escondido tells a story about going to a Jim Rome live remote from a biker bar called Pounders, most likely in 1992 03/21/19
Rome allows callers to Self Gloss - Slash in Brentwood, Beaver Hunter in Portland, Crystal Methodist in Houston, Hacksaw in San Diego, Frosty Sasquatch in Missouri, Mikey de la Creme (Mike in Indy), Bobby Brisket in Kansas City 04/25/14
Rome and Hawk recap their fast, call from John in Memphis 01/22/21
Rome argues with callers about actors portraying James Bond 10/14/14
Rome gets a call from Human Resources about Alvin bringing all of his kids to work 04/26/18
Rome gives Myron a fake buzzer 05/23/05
Rome hit his head on the studio camera during a break, call from Tommy in Tucson 03/05/20
Rome recaps his 2 week vacation in Wisconsin 07/20/20
Rome retroactively runs Bobby in Cleveland for self gloss, more self gloss calls from Denver John, Bob in Calgary, and Christian in Maine 07/16/19
Rome takes 12 rapid fire phone calls from Canadians in 6 minutes. Dave in Edmonton, Matt in Calgary, Dave in Calgary, Jeff in Winnipeg, Sheldon in Calgary, Cal in Vancouver, Dirk in Calgary, Al in Vancouver, Dave in Edmonton, Kyle in Edmonton, Brad in Calgary, Kevin in Edmonton 06/14/11
Rome takes 14 calls in 1 segment, breaks previous record of 12. Peter in Washington, Jimmy in Boise, Jameson in Santa Barbara, Mike in NYC, Glen in Valencia, Brian in Buffalo, Perry in Gasport, Dan in North Dakota, Mac in Portland, Wade in ABQ, Jeremy in Grand Rapids, Rafael in San Jose, Bill in Foxborough, Russell in Lynchburg 11/12/15
Rome takes a call from Wayne, announces him as Todd in St. Louis, Wayne gets run for correcting him 02/09/21
Rome takes unscreened phone calls 07/22/11
Rome takes votes from Clones as to whether or not Lance in Topeka and Parody Larry should get on the air; Rome promises to let them on next day 04/23/15
Rome talking about Jakes college choices, U of Arizona president Dr. Robert C. Robbins calls the listener line to make a pitch 12/18/18
Rome talks about Brett Favre, then Brett in Mississippi calls in 06/23/16
Rome talks about the Clonestock riots at Mr. B's, Silk Brah calls to give his retrospective and wins Masterbuilt smoker 09/01/17
Rome with take on Yankees, Scott in New York City calls with Crapchester smack, Al in Knoxville gets BANNED FOR LIFE from show for saying he would "pull off some fresh, tantalizing fruit for the clitorious Clones to go orgasmic with." 10/31/01
Ron in Cleveland goes Bill in Syracuse 05/15/06
Ron in Montana is a Warriors fan, talks about Draymond's stomp 04/19/23
Ron in Oakland calls to talk about the culture of the show 09/10/18
Ron in Oakland is on cloud 9 because he watched the best looking quarterback last night and now he's watching the best looking sports talk host 11/01/19
Ron in Pacific Beach questions Ben Golliver's take on Steph Curry 11/09/18
Ron in San Diego is the self proclaimed grandpa of the Jungle, celebrating 25 years 04/12/19
Ron in South Carolina has been listening since 96, responds to Jordans call 08/15/23
Ron in Wisconsin says people were tired of Rodgers and Packers dysfunctional relationship 04/25/23
Rona routine calls from Brian in Cali, Chris in Toronto, Dean in South Dakota, Mike in Milwaukee, Matt in Vancouver, Justin in Appleton, Kelly in Nashville 04/09/20
Rona routine calls from Susan in Sunset Beach, Tony in Sacramento, and Jerome in Houston 04/09/20
Rona routine calls from Zack in Humboldt, Alex in Philadelphia, Keith in Cleveland, Dave in New Jersey, Brandon in Seattle 04/09/20
Rosemary in Houston 07/30/08
Ross in Gainsville - Teboners for Tebow 09/22/08
Rube in Richmond tells a story about meeting Parody Larry 12/20/17
Rudy in Topeka with a bad Matt in LA impression followed by a real Matt in LA call, then a reset of Mutt in LA 07/02/20
Rueben in Sonoma is a Cowboys fan, gets run for losing train of thought 09/12/23
Rufus in Ohio Calls from Prison
Rufus T Firefly Gets Run 02/20/09
Rupert in No Cal 01/23/07
Rupert in NoCal 02/15/05
Russell in Redding asks about Logans uniform, has a beef with construction trucks 04/06/21
Rusty in Bend Rounds Third and Gets Buzzed 05/17/05
Rusty in Cleveland got run for trolling as a Browns fan 01/12/21
Rusty in Cleveland is excited for the draft in his hometown, gets run for Danika pepperoni reference 04/29/21
Rusty in Cleveland is on house arrest, not as bad as watching the Indians 04/15/21
Rusty in Cleveland wanted to talk about Deshaun Watson but UPS interrupted with his girlfriend in a box 03/29/22
Rusty in Cleveland wants to prove to Johnny's girlfriend that not everything is bigger in Texas 02/17/21
Rusty in HTown 10/01/98
Ryan 'Ron' in New Mexico says Carson Wentz will take Eagles to promise land, didn't correct Jim with getting his name wrong, won Golden Ticket 11/20/17
Ryan in Albuquerque got run by Alvin because Hawk logged his name as Ron, he tried to correct him on air 10/24/17
Ryan in Austin talks about the latest podcast with Armen Keteyian 07/18/18
Ryan in Chicago is not a fan of Cody Parkey 01/07/19
Ryan in Green Bay calls for 420, call got dumped 04/20/18
Ryan in Green Bay likes the Aaron Rodgers contract, wants Khalil Mack 08/30/18
Ryan in Houston sings his take as a Creed song 12/07/16
Ryan in Indy was told to sex up his take by J-Stew - Parody Larry, 12 Days - Fabian, Happy Christmas - Trey in NC, NFL on CBS suggestion - Benny in Wisco, Silk and Rick are teachers? - Beaks in Studio City, Dan is the result of truck stop hooker bum sex 12/20/18
Ryan in KC says the Chiefs dated pretty girls before but never had the hottest chick, Pat Mahomes 10/22/18
Ryan in Las Vegas liked Jeff in Richmond's call, shouts out to Pedro at Javiers 10/02/20
Ryan in Maine missed work because he was so upset about the Gordon Hayward injury 10/18/17
Ryan in Nashville doesn't like how MLB opening day is trying to compete with the NCAA tournament 03/28/19
Ryan in Phoenix is a lifelong Rams fan, refs blew the game 01/21/19
Ryan in Pismo Beach loves the show, wants to wish the moms Happy Mothers Day 05/10/19
Ryan in Sacramento says James in Portland is the greatest stoner in the Jungle, Alvie bedroom audio 04/07/22
Ryan in Sactown announces a CloneStock Smackoff watch party in Gardena 05/23/23
Ryan in Sactown appreciates Rome talking about the Kings 03/10/23
Ryan in Sactown calls while hopped up on whatever is in his IV after hip surgery 05/26/23
Ryan in Sactown is driving through Fresno to get to a CloneStock 06/29/23
Ryan in Sactown lays out the championship game between SDSU and UConn 04/03/23
Ryan in Sactown responds to John in New York's call, gets run 04/11/23
Ryan in Sactown takes a run at Matt in LA 09/01/21
Ryan in Sactown takes a run at Silk Brah, gets removed from the Watch List 03/28/23
Ryan in Santa Barbara invited Rome to Harrys bar 05/15/23
Ryan in South Dakota saw Tom Morello wearing New Balance shoes, a piece of his soul died 11/29/18
Ryan in South Dakota says Kyle in Green Bay is making all Wisconsin fans look stupid 09/26/19
Ryan in South Dakota talks about the Celtics, wants Kyrie Irving gone 05/07/19
Ryan in South Dakota wants Three Cheeseburger McCarthy fired 11/16/18
Ryan in South Dakota won a Masterbuilt smoker with a Zack Smith call 08/20/18
Ryan in Tampa talks the Last Dance, Jordan makes teammates better 05/12/20
Ryan in Wichita gets run for 'Mindy McCready is in a box' blast 02/18/13
Ryan in Wichita gets run for cracking on Cleveland and Detroit 08/09/13
Ryan in Wichita gets run for J-Stew Cookie Monster impersonation. Only allowed to call during Hack-Off. 12/09/11
Ryan in Wichita gets run for Peppermint Patty reference 10/14/11
Ryan in Wichita gets run for saying Ronda Rousey has a penis, quickest run call ever 03/02/15
Ryan in Wichita gets run twice in one call, first for LeBrons crank reference, then for pitching Ron and Nicole Pez dispensers 06/19/15
Ryan in Wichita RSVP's for the 2012 Hackoff with a donkey show blast 05/07/12
Ryan in Wichita RSVP's to the 2013 Hackoff 05/31/13
Ryan in Wichita RSVPs 2011 Hackoff 03/21/11
Ryan in Wichita run for personal appearance smack 02/20/12
Ryan in Wichita triggers the new buzzer with David Carradine hangman blast 07/18/12
Ryan in Wichita's first call, Mangino I'm going to Burger King!! 05/19/09
Sal in Queens gets on the watchlist with a call about Mark in Hollywood and Beaks 06/20/23
Sal in Queens gets run for Reggie in the OC smack 06/23/23
Sam in Alaska talks NFL, gets dumped for 4 letter bomb 07/25/23
Sam in DC on the new owner of the Washington Commanders 07/21/23
Sam in DC says things are never going to change with the Redskins as long as Dan Snyder owns them 10/08/19
Sam in Detroit lists 5 possible guesses of the new guy 05/01/19
Sam in Houston drank a lot of RumChata with his boys while watching the Texans and Astros, clones react 10/30/17
Sam in San Antonio is an old school listener, shouts out Jeff in SA 08/15/23
Sam in San Antonio is Jeffs friend, reads an email he sent to Rome earlier, asked to get racked 10/20/17
Sam in Wisconsin listens all the time but he's not a clone, can relate to Tyson Fury 02/24/20
San Diego Charger callers, Tyler in Seattle, Conor in San Diego, and Jeff in San Diego, all got racked 11/27/17
Santa in Eugene OR 12/16/11
Sarah T emails about Randall Periscoping Romes horse at Santa Anita, Randall in the OC calls to talk about it 05/09/16
Sarah T in Providence on Silk Brah being a hall monitor, pandemic, Dr. Dave, and Tom Brady, wins a Golden Ticket 05/06/20
Sarah T in Providence sings happy birthday to Kurt Warner, Alvie is still opening Fathers Day presents, gets racked 06/22/21
Sarah T in Providence with a Bobby Brady take, smacks Matt in Vancouver and Bella, keeps her Golden Ticket 05/28/20
Sarah T. in Providence calls for Golden Ticket, gets run for Greg in Sun Valley smack 06/24/15
Sarah T. in Providence calls, wants to get into the Year in Review, clones love her chowd accent 06/23/17
Sarah T. in Providence on Robert Kraft, updates soundbites with chord accent 05/31/19
Sarah T. in Providence responds to Larry, goes after Cal in Vegas, and apologizes to Greg in Sun Valley through song 06/29/16
Scooter in Boise claimes that Carmelo and Cutler are the same guy, investigating radio HOF results 07/10/18
Scooter in St. Pete wouldn't mind the Dolphins signing Kaepernick because he hates losing 10/27/17
Scott Bakula call in 10/19/06
Scott in Bakersfield Hating on Tebow Time 12/12/11
Scott in Bakersfield responds to KBs call 03/06/12
Scott in Detroit 05/17/05
Scott in Green Bay is sick and tired of the plays that Aaron Rodgers doesn't make 11/16/18
Scott in Hawaii on Nick Chubbs injury, what's up with Chandler Jones? 09/19/23
Scott in Hawaii wanted a drug test on Dillon Brooks 05/01/23
Scott in Hollywood FL says the Panthers crowd was like a college football game 05/25/23
Scott in Huntsville 04/28/05
Scott in Kansas has a message for the Bengals, Cinci Nada 01/30/23
Scott in KC tries to pitch Kansas to Rogan Lome 02/03/23
Scott in Michigan is tired of the Lions getting bad calls against the Packers, flamed out but Rome racked him anyways 10/15/19
Scott in NoCal compares the Smackoff to the Kentucky Derby, he's bitten and nipping, takes a run at Leff and Brad, gets on the watch list 05/12/22
Scott in NoCal had an issue with cyber bully, ended up being a 14 year old kid 11/10/20
Scott in Nocal has a problem with Rome wanting to do meth 05/02/23
Scott in North Hills is an oldschool listener, horse racing fan, and has the gift of gab 09/06/18
Scott in NYC - Scotty Ferrall impersonator gets run 12/08/16
Scott in Ontario has a bad call from the get-go 06/09/16
Scott in Philly talks about the 76ers Celtics game 2 05/04/23
Scott in Phoenix asks if the NFL is going to stop a game every time a player gets a headache 08/28/23
Scott in Prescott - Caller has nothing to say, Rome does a J-Stew impression 09/06/12
Scott in San Diego is a first time caller, takes a run at Brad in Corona, gets run 06/29/23
Scott in Wichita rambles on about the AFL history, gets run 01/18/19
Scott in Wisconsin has an issue with Jeff in Richmond's return 05/22/18
Scott in Wisconsin understands Dave Roberts decision, but wanted to see a perfect game 04/14/22
Scott Sauerbeck to speak to kids 07/12/06
Scott Servais call in 07/16/09
Scotty in Boston calls to talk about Josh Gordon, gave us a supa soundbite 09/18/18
Scotty in NY doesn't believe Deshaun Watson ate Popeyes chicken sandwiches 11/04/19
Scotty in San Francisco gets run for self gloss, The Bartender 09/22/20
Scotty in San Francisco is a Cowboys fan, team is pathetic, wants to get rid of Pee Wee Herman 12/05/19
Screamin Mike in Vegas on Bugaha 08/12/96
Scrooge on Bugaha
Sean Cracks back on Willie
Sean in Alberta dreams about drinking coffee with Rome, still thinks Peyton Manning has 10 good years in him 11/30/15
Sean in Brooklyn has a question about the Kentucky Derby track conditions 05/06/19
Sean in Fall River is excited about the New Balance revolution 11/29/18
Sean in Oregon says the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident was choreographed 03/28/22
Sean in Reno 05/10/05
Sean in Wichita 06/23/22
Sean in Wichita gets run for self gloss, the Dong Father 06/29/23
Sean in Wichita is a first time caller trying to win a Golden Ticket, gets on watch list 05/27/22
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Call from Silk Brah 11/27/20
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Call from Trapper in Dana Point 11/27/20
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Tweet from @Twelvewood, calls from Vic in NoCal and Jerome in Houston 11/27/20
Sean the Kiwi 06/20/05
Segment 5-Bobby in Brooklyn replay 10/27/06
Segment of rapid fire calls from Parody Larry, Dan in Denver, Jeremiah in Colorado Springs, and Beaks in Studio City 07/31/17
Self gloss callers - Steve the Kentucky Cobra and Barry in Des Moines AKA Ohhh Barracuda 04/25/19
Self Gloss Segment - Hooters Sharpshooter, Lumberjack, Chicken Man, Bird Feeder, Kraftville, O'Reillys in Hollywood, Marky the Gooch, Andy the Dandy from Clevelandy, Canadian Beaver Savior, Big Papa, Helmet Scuffer 08/16/19
Seth in Toronto glosses himself the Zookeeper and gets run 10/14/16
Several callers try to respond to Mark in Boston but all fail 10/16/15
Sexy Rexy from New Mexi gets run for self-gloss 09/05/17
Shane in SLO congratulates LSU, wants people to ease up on the locker room cop 01/16/20
Shane in SLO thanks Jim for the show and getting him through the tough year, friends with Phil Coke 12/18/20
Shane in SLO was originally irritated when sports were canceled, now has free time to spend with family 03/13/20
Shane in Sonora doesn't get why Jimmy G gets hate 03/14/23
Shane in Texas is a professional magician that wants to perform in studio, hopes Rome recycles the email printouts, wanted to self gloss as Sideshow Shane 03/12/19
Shawn in Del Mar hypes the Alex Honnold interview 10/23/18
Shawn in Pittsburgh describes the 3 types of people during a pandemic 04/30/20
Shawn in Pittsburgh is a lifelong Steelers fan, frightened by the rest of the AFC North 03/13/19
Shawn in Sacramento worked for the Kings in their heyday, heard fans yell inappropriate things towards players 03/12/19
Sherman from LA Times calls the hotline to sale newspaper subscriptions 10/24/12
Sheryl in Austin 06/05/09
Sheryl in Austin - Nezrin-Jackson Song 05/12/09
Sheryl in Austin reaction 05/12/09
Sheryl in Austin takes a run at Nezrin, drops War Lady Clones 05/12/09
Shey from the Bay breaks down the Smackoff odds in the style of a sports update 06/29/16
Shey from The Bay calls about UCSB baseball, takes a run at Cal in Vegas 06/16/16
Shey from The Bay calls and gets run for poop references 04/11/16
Shey from the Bay calls to explain her video 02/16/17
Shey from The Bay falls short of the Golden Ticket 06/22/16
Shey from The Bay gets run for crude sexual reference about Gronk; and Fake Sarah T. in Providence gets run for vulgar word that has to be edited out of the broadcast 02/22/16
Shout out to Austin Huff - Dennis in Omaha, James in Myrtle Beach, Bobby in Houston, Jay in Houston, Matt in LA 03/23/17
Silk 01/14/05
Silk 02/10/05
Silk 03/14/05
Silk 04/21/05
Silk 05/09/05
Silk 04/09/07
Silk 06/29/07
Silk 12/19/07
Silk 04/05/96
Silk 04/14/08
Silk 04/23/08
Silk 06/17/08
Silk 03/11/05
Silk - Mark Freeman Reset 03/25/05
Silk Brah 04/27/09
Silk Brah bragging about being at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar Hotel 10/07/19
Silk Brah breaks down the drama of Game 5, might miss part of game 6 due to his Methods class 10/30/17
Silk Brah called from rental car shuttle in Seattle, recaps Chargers/Seahawks game and Iafrates call 11/05/18
Silk Brah calling from Mammoth mountain, encourages Gavin to keep calling, smacks the Padres 04/09/21
Silk Brah calls about the Raiders move, resets Al Davis conning Irwindale 03/29/17
Silk Brah calls after Lee Jenkins interview about the Chargers move to Los Angeles 03/01/17
Silk Brah calls from Big Bear Lake, excited for Chargers Raiders week 10/01/21
Silk Brah calls from Mammoth Mountain, RSVP's to the Buffalo Tour Stop 03/04/20
Silk Brah calls from North Carolina, has thoughts on Raider Mike 12/09/16
Silk Brah calls from O'Reilly Auto, doesn't like Zach stealing his brand 06/05/17
Silk Brah calls from Roatan, responds to Ryan in Sactown, asks for Sandstorm 04/13/23
Silk Brah calls from Silver Strand, celebrating birthday weekend, weighs in on Jeff in SA's call 10/13/17
Silk Brah calls from wine country to break down the Dodgers Brewers series 10/12/18
Silk Brah calls to clarify the Huntington Beach volleyball incident, Rome resets Brad's Narc Brah call 05/01/20
Silk Brah calls to discuss a CloneStock in Green Bay for the Chargers game 09/03/15
Silk Brah calls to talk about the Chargers and new uniforms 04/22/20
Silk Brah calls to talk about the Chargers playoff victory 01/07/19
Silk Brah calls to talk about the election and his plans to run in 2022 11/05/20
Silk Brah calls to talk Chargers after the Anthony Lynn interview, he will host a Clonestock in Pittsburgh 05/16/18
Silk Brah calls to tell Rome that an RSVP is coming from someone famous, then Fake Silk calls in to deliver the message 07/19/18
Silk Brah calls with thoughts on the Chargers move from San Diego to Los Angeles 01/13/17
Silk Brah checks in from Green Bay, talks about the Clone-Stock 10/19/15
Silk Brah checks in from school on election day, gets interviewed by Rome 11/03/20
Silk Brah checks in from school, his only Christmas wish is a Chargers playoff bye 12/20/18
Silk Brah does a Hacksaw impression, takes a run at the Padres and Angels 08/27/21
Silk Brah doesn't agree with Yogi Roth's assessment of Clay Helton 12/06/19
Silk Brah gives Rome props for the name recognition 10/09/20
Silk Brah has walk up music - Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, talks about the Matt Money Smith podcast 03/26/20
Silk Brah honors the Veterans including Raider Mike 11/11/21
Silk Brah informs the clones that he will be working during the show as a high school teacher 01/26/18
Silk Brah informs the clones that they can pause and rewind the show with the SiriusXM app 03/29/18
Silk Brah is going to host a tequila tasting event at Javier's, takes a run at the Angels fans, gets broken off by Alvie 07/23/20
Silk Brah is heading to a winery, calls the JTP scumbags 03/24/23
Silk Brah is heading to surgery, thinks the Dodgers were robbed by the cheating Astros 01/10/20
Silk Brah is on vacation in wine country, talks Lakers 04/13/22
Silk Brah is recovering for the 19, likes the new Chargers coaching staff 01/18/21
Silk Brah lays out Rick's itinerary, Rome resets Rachel's errrr, Rome talks about his relative Corey 08/23/19
Silk Brah lays out the plans for the Green Bay Clonestock 10/15/15
Silk Brah on the Dodgers, V in the Fee, and Raider Mike is heading to town 07/21/23
Silk Brah on the Padres and Dodgers, can't RSVP until talking to the Mayor 05/24/21
Silk Brah on Tom Brady, LA Chargers, Coach Lynn, and teaching students online 03/18/20
Silk Brah plans to run for Huntington Beach city council 07/31/20
Silk Brah ran into Kobe playing putt-putt 06/25/08
Silk Brah recaps game 1 of the Dodgers/Red Sox World Series 10/24/18
Silk Brah recaps Rick in Buffalo's SoCal trip and pool party with Cousin Cory 08/28/19
Silk Brah recaps the events since his feud with Alvin 07/28/20
Silk Brah recaps the Smackoff, including behind the scenes of the So-Cal crew 07/31/17
Silk Brah reminisces about the Green Bay trip in '15, bummed that the Buffalo trip got canceled 11/24/20
Silk Brah responds to CJ in the Bay, San Francisco smack, gets run for audio bit with Alvie 04/27/21
Silk Brah responds to Fake Silk, talks about listening to Fake Silk during the Smackoff while vacationing in Honduras and 4th of July parade in HB 07/06/18
Silk Brah responds to Green Bay's anti-San Diego email, also talks surfing and hockey 04/13/18
Silk Brah responds to Rome's bat signal for legends 01/03/18
Silk Brah responds to the segment about the council meeting, wants to be known as Premium Content Machine in HB 05/21/20
Silk Brah responds to the Udonis Haslem interview, front line workers are more isolated 04/03/20
Silk Brah RSVP's to the Smackoff with premium content, clones try to rile him up by saying his wife is successful and hot 06/12/20
Silk Brah RSVP's to the Smackoff, thinks the event is rigged for J-Stew to win 06/14/19
Silk Brah says the negativity from snitching is fake news, talked Jordan documentary 05/13/20
Silk Brah sent a whole montage of photos to the TV crew to show during his calls 04/27/18
Silk Brah takes a run at CJ and the Dodgers 07/23/21
Silk Brah talks about his smoker and the Chargers 08/29/18
Silk Brah talks about how Tito Ortiz became mayor pro tem, gets run 12/11/20
Silk Brah talks about Irie Craig but got cut off for The Week That Was 08/17/18
Silk Brah talks about meeting Rick in Buffalo and their plans for the weekend 08/22/19
Silk Brah talks about the ongoing Twitter beef with @elkpga during the World Series 10/27/17
Silk Brah talks about the Silks in Austin, Kaleb and the Dodgers, San Antonio needs 3 hours 08/17/23
Silk Brah talks about the upcoming Chargers Patriots game 01/11/19
Silk Brah tells a really bad train story, gets run by Alvie 06/24/21
Silk Brah wants Alvie to hit him with a Deca-Brah, he's working on the his Smackoff 25 call 07/27/18
Silk Brah wants to call his shot for the weekend, Chargers will not win 09/19/18
Silk Brah with a campaign update and take on the Lakers 08/21/20
Silk Brah with a take on Anthony Rendon signing with the Angels, city of LA is a disaster, puts Hawk on blast 12/13/19
Silk Brah's game 7 prognostication, Alvie injects 'Brah' soundbites 11/01/17
Silk Brah, mayor of HB, has a hotline to report clone violations 07/03/20
Silk in HB on Twitter and the JTP, breaks down the Chargers game 12/22/21
Silk in Huntington Beach 09/29/08
Silk in Huntington Beach 01/06/09
Silk in Huntington Beach 07/20/05
Silk in Huntington Beach 01/19/11
Silk in Huntington Beach (Mike Tyson) 04/12/05
Silk in Huntington Beach calls with a take on the Baylor scandal 06/01/16
Silk in Huntington Beach intends to make his Smackoff call from off the coast of Honduras 06/20/14
Silk in Huntington Beach on the Raiders, Lakers, and planning a Laguna CloneStock with Nooch 04/19/19
Silk in Huntington Beach on Tim Tebow 12/12/11
Silk in Huntington Beach responds to Willie in KC
Silk in Huntington Beach RSVPs 2011 Smackoff 03/21/11
Silk in Huntington Beach Welcomes Boston 07/25/05
Silk on desperate housewives
Silk praises Travis Rodgers after appreciation show 02/14/05
Silk says Kerwin will call 05/15/06
Silk wins huge call despite bad phone connection 06/17/13
Singer gets run 02/09/05
Singing suicide mission calls from Timmy in Cleveland, Warren in Portland, Dave in Scranton; Tweets from TommyFromNC and Stucknut 06/04/15
Skipper in Charlestown started to flame, Alvin buzzed him 03/14/18
Sklar Brothers take a call from Connor in Alberta 07/08/11
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) cracks on Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) but segues to yet another OJ reset and gets run at the end of the show 04/17/15
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) gets run for talking about celebrating the murder of Nicole and Ron 09/23/14
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) gets run for talking about murdering Ron Goldman 09/11/14
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) segues from a 49ers take to another OJ murder joke and gets run 12/10/14
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) segues from take on Sam Dekker's daggers to OJ using daggers to commit double murder and gets run 03/31/15
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) tries to get Rome to interview him and gets run 06/17/14
Slash in Brentwood advises Shelly Sterling to channel her inner Bobby Flay, Mike in SD reset for Giants 10/02/14
Slash in Brentwood asks about a greater accomplishment, then gets out before the buzzer 02/23/18
Slash in Brentwood calls after an interview with a legal analyst discussing OJ Simpson, gets out before buzzer 02/27/17
Slash in Brentwood calls during the Kyle Brandt dog attack story 03/03/15
Slash in Brentwood calls on day OJ's knife was found, gets out before the buzzer 03/04/16
Slash in Brentwood calls with thoughts on Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl, gets run 02/09/16
Slash in Brentwood gets run while discussing the OJ special 03/12/18
Slash in Brentwood sings a Nickelback parody about Ron and Nicole 06/19/15
Slash in Brentwood sings a Papa Roach parody, gets the shame bell 08/06/15
Slash in Brentwood talks about OJ's parole hearing, gets run for Caitlyn Jenner reference 07/18/17
Slash in Brentwood talks about People vs. OJ, has a message for Chad and Avril, gets out before buzzer 06/15/16
Slash in Brentwood talks about the 25 year anniversary of the chase and Smackoff, gets run 06/17/19
Slash in Brentwood talks about the OJ documentary at Sundance, then references The Juice filleting Nicki and Ron like Bama fan slicing up the family squirrel, ejects before the buzzer 01/07/16
Slash in Brentwood with a take on Mark Richt, then said Papelbon should of gone Wolfgang Puck like Slash did on Ron and Nicole 09/30/15
Slash in Brentwood with another sweet story about murder 10/31/14
Slash in Brentwood's take on deflategate 05/14/15
Slava in Russia talking about drugs, not sure why he got run 03/02/18
Smackoff 28 profile - Smackoff OG's 06/22/22
Smackoff eve 06/23/22
Smackoff watch party, Rich Flores calls to give the details 05/16/19
Smackoff XXI champ Brad in Corona calls to crack on Leff in Laguna Beach and Vic in NoCal; wins Huge Call 06/30/15
Smiley in South Central LA says baseball is the only sport you can't celebrate, wins Huge Call 08/16/18
Smooth Joe in Hollywood bashes Mike in Indy 10/03/14
Smooth Joe in Hollywood lays out his Mt. Rushmore of best Jungle callers 07/23/15
Son of 102 year old woman calls in 04/09/07
Sonny in Salem says the Kevin Greene death hits your heart 12/22/20
Sonny in Toronto gets run for male chauvinism smack on Sarah T 06/11/20
Sonny in Toronto gets run for saying his name instead of Jim's 06/03/20
Sonny in Toronto on Tom Brady and Mike in Indy, gets run for excess skin blast, told not to call back 06/30/20
Sonny in Toronto says the rest of Canada is butt-hurt about Toronto 05/19/20
Sonny in Toronto tries to win a Golden Ticket with another rhyming call, it didn't work 06/05/20
Sonny in Toronto with another Golden Ticket bid, comes up a bit short 06/16/20
Spencer in SLC hasn't listened is a while, fears Antonio Brown landing on the Redskins 09/06/19
Spencer in SLC is trying to elevate his city to Mediocre Take Lake, talks Raiders, gets run for going to long 09/24/19