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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 27 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, Cal in Vegas, Jeremy in Green Bay, Tyler in Edmonton and more!

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 'Bruce Jenner' with the Sklar Brothers 05/28/12
 Aaron Rodgers interview 08/24/21
 Aaron Rodgers interview, Green Bay Packers Quarterback 07/31/12
 Aaron Rodgers interview, talks about bounty scandal and unfair criticism 10/22/12
 Aaron Rowand 08/22/06
 Adam Hawk gets formally introduced as an XR4Ti member 01/06/17
 Adam Sandler 05/24/05
 Adrian Moss-Florida 04/05/06
 Adrian Wojnarowski (NBA Reporter Yahoo Sports) 07/24/07
 AJ Pierzynski 04/08/08
 AJ Pierzynski 10/06/08
 AJ Pierzynski interview
 Al Michaels 09/16/08
 Al Michaels 04/17/09
 Alex Honnold interview - Free Solo Rock Climber 10/23/18
 Alfred Morris interview, Washington Redskins RB 10/15/12
 Alice in Chains Interview 10/16/09
 Alonzo Mourning only talks about kidney disease, Rome reacts 03/05/08
 Alvin Delloro in Studio 10/03/08
 Amobi Okoye reaction 03/02/07
 Amobi Okoye-Louisville 19 years old NFL prospect 03/02/07
 Andrew Bogut shouts out to Toby in Houston again 04/29/19
 Andrew Bogut Shouts Out Toby In Houston 12/17/10
 Annika Sorenstam and Dakota Dowd 04/06/06
 Archie Manning 09/11/06
 Arian Foster interview from Superbowl Radio Row 02/02/12
 Ariel Helwani interview, asks for Golden Ticket and gets it 07/26/19
 Ashley Fox-Philadelphia Enquirer 05/07/08
 Author Ben Mezrich on the pandemic, Billions, Bitcoin, his serialized novel in the Boston Globe, UFO's, and Toby in Houston 05/04/20
 Barrett Ruud 10/26/07
 Barry Sanders 01/31/06
 Barry Sanders 04/05/07
 Barry Switzer 11/29/07
 Barry Zito 09/11/08
 Bart Scott 09/08/08
 Ben Fransisco 05/16/08
 Ben Golliver interview - SI writer that covered Smackoff 23 01/18/18
 Ben Mezrich discusses his new book The 37th Parallel, clone reaction and conspiracy theories 09/07/16
 Ben Mezrich discusses his new book The Midnight Ride 02/22/22
 Ben Mezrich discusses new book, Sex on the Moon 07/25/11
 Ben Mezrich in studio to discuss new book Rigged: The True Story of a Wall Street Novice who Changed the World of Oil Forever 10/25/07
 Ben Mezrich in studio to discuss new book Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History's Most Iconic Extinct Creatures 07/19/17
 Ben Mezrich in studio to talk about his new book Bitcoin Billionaires 05/22/19
 Ben Mezrich interview about Busting Vegas: A True Story of Monumental Excess, Sex, Love, Violence, and Beating the Odds 09/18/06
 Ben Mezrich interview about his book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal 09/29/10
 Ben Mezrich interview for new book - The Antisocial Network: The GameStop Short Squeeze and the Ragtag Group of Amateur Traders That Brought Wall Street to Its Knees 09/07/21
 Ben Mezrich interview to promote new book Once Upon a Time in Russia 06/11/15
 Bernard Hopkins 05/17/06
 Bernard Hopkins 07/12/06
 Bernard Hopkins 05/22/07
 Bernard Hopkins 04/16/08
 Bernard Hopkins 04/05/11
 Bernard Hopkins interview 07/18/05
 Big Brown-with Chris McCarron interview 06/09/08
 Bill Cowher 09/04/07
 Bill Plaschke 01/29/07
 Bill Pollian-Colts GM 02/08/07
 Bill Romanowski interview about Junior Seau 05/03/12
 Bill Romanowski Interview and reaction 02/03/11
 Bill Romanowski Interview and reaction 02/04/10
 Bill Romanowski interview, Oakland Raiders MNF long snapper debacle 09/11/12
 Bill Romanowski on Radio Row 02/01/12
 Bill Romanowski on Radio Row 01/28/19
 Bill Romanowski on radio row, drops a new FAT soundbite 02/03/16
 Bill Romanowski talking about NFL bounties 03/06/12
 Bill Self 02/16/07
 Bill Self 01/25/08
 Bill Self 04/15/08
 Bill Simmons 01/29/07
 Billy Koch-Horse guy 10/01/07
 Billy Packer 04/04/06
 BJ Penn 08/06/09
 BJ Raji Interview after Packers - Bears Game 01/24/11
 Bo Jackson interview 09/01/11
 Bo Jackson interview and reset 01/12/07
 Bo Pelini 12/07/07
 Bo Pelini 08/28/08
 Bo Pelini reaction 08/28/08
 Bob Costas 05/16/05
 Bob Costas 01/18/06
 Bob Costas 07/12/06
 Bob Costas 08/03/07
 Bob Costas 09/19/07
 Bob Costas 10/24/07
 Bob Costas 11/28/07
 Bob Costas 09/30/08
 Bob Costas 07/13/09
 Bob Costas - Sandusky Interview 11/16/11
 Bob Delaney 04/04/08
 Bob Gibson 07/14/09
 Bob Huggins interview - West Virginia Mountaineers men's basketball coach 01/07/20
 Bob Lanier 05/30/08
 Bonnie Bernstein 02/02/07
 Boo Weekley 04/22/08
 Boo Weekley 09/23/08
 Boo Weekley email reaction - Make your butt-hole pucker up 04/17/07
 Boo Weekley Interview - Those last few holes will make your butt-hole pucker up 04/17/07
 Boo Weekley reaction 09/23/08
 Boomer Esiason drops another Toby in Houston reference; Rome resets the legend of Toby 09/26/14
 Boomer Esiason mentions Toby in Houston 09/19/14
 Boomer Esiason references Robin Thicke, for the clones 10/20/16
 Boomer Esiason starts interview with gas and crank reference, plus a shoutout to Lance in Topeka 11/06/15
 Boomer Esiason starts off his interview by talking about the Ratt Partnership Agreement 12/01/16
 Brad & John Hennegan-Horse Racing 05/01/08
 Brad in Corona Post Smackoff Interview 05/11/09
 Brad Lidge 05/19/08
 Brandon Lang-handicapper 07/25/07
 Brett Bielma 09/24/07
 Brett Favre 12/07/07
 Brian Banks interview - story of a wrongly convicted rapist who wants his shot at playing in the NFL 08/06/12
 Brian Cashman 06/18/07
 Brian Cushing interview 11/14/11
 Brian Giles 08/07/07
 Brian Urlacher NFL Interview 09/12/11
 Brian Wilson interview - San Francisco Giants 04/03/12
 Brian Wilson Interview and emails 10/15/10
 Brian Wilson Interview and emails 08/09/10
 Brock Lesnar 07/23/09
 Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield - Interview from Radio Row 01/30/19
 Bruce Bowen 06/15/07
 Bruce Jenner Parody - Sklar Bros 04/22/11
 Bruce Pearl 03/12/07
 Bruce Pearl 04/02/07
 Bruce Pearl 02/07/08
 Bruce Pearl 04/07/08
 Bruce Pearl-on Chris Lofton 05/02/08
 Bruce Weber 01/09/06
 Bubba Watson interview - 2012 Masters Champion 04/10/12
 Cal Ripken 10/10/07
 Cal Ripken 09/22/08
 Cal Ripken Jr 04/10/06
 Carlos Pena interview after the Dodgers beat the Rays in the World Series 10/28/20
 Carson Palmer 08/06/08
 Cato June 11/13/07
 CBS Sports Sean McManus talking about Jim Rome's new TV shows 01/11/12
 Chad Johnson 08/10/07
 Chael Sonnen in studio, talking Bellator 192 and the Smackoff 01/18/18
 Chael Sonnen talks about boxing and the Smackoff 06/11/12
 Chael Sonnen UFC 10/18/11
 Charles Barkley 02/17/05
 Charles Barkley 05/14/07
 Charles Barkley 06/01/07
 Charles Barkley 10/29/07
 Charles Barkley 11/29/07
 Charles Barkley 02/11/08
 Charles Barkley 04/22/08
 Charles Barkley 04/30/09
 Charles Barkley discusses the NBA lockout 10/20/11
 Charles Barkley Interview 04/25/11
 Charles Barkley interview - Some NBA fans should be shot 02/29/12
 Charles Barkley on LaVar Ball, Warriors, players resting, Grayson Allen, Boogie Cousins, and Zeke Elliott 03/14/17
 Charles Barkley reaction 05/14/07
 Charles Oakley interview and email reaction 02/21/12
 Charles Robinson (Reggie Bush story) 04/26/06
 Charles Robinson discusses The U of Miami scandal 08/17/11
 Charles Woodson 11/13/07
 Charles Woodson interview - Green Bay Packers Safety 09/14/12
 Charley Hoffman 01/14/08
 Charley Hoffman reaction 01/23/07
 Charley Hoffman-PGA tour pro 01/23/07
 Charlie Casserly 04/26/06
 Charlie Weis 05/17/07
 Chris Chelios 05/17/07
 Chris Collinsworth 02/03/09
 Chris Cooley 05/15/08
 Chris Fowler 01/03/06
 Chris Fowler 09/04/07
 Chris Kluwe interviewed by the Sklar Brothers 12/12/12
 Chris Lowery 02/22/07
 Chris Osgood on JRIB 06/12/08
 Chris Peterson - Boise State coach 01/02/07
 Chris Pronger 04/28/09
 Chris Scelfo Tulane head coach 08/28/06
 Chucky Brown 04/12/07
 Chyna 06/28/07
 Chyna reaction 06/28/07
 Cleveland Indians in Studio Hour 2 09/07/07
 Cleveland Indians in Studio Hour 3 09/07/07
 CM Punk interview, he calls Rome Mike twice 12/18/14
 Coach John Thompson tells his 9/11 story 09/12/11
 Colt Brennan 09/10/07
 Cooper Brannan reaction 03/08/07
 Cooper Brannan-Marine in Padre system 03/08/07
 Craig Biggio 05/21/07
 Craig Robinson-Ore St coach-brother of President Obama 01/22/09
 Cris Collinsworth 09/30/08
 Cruz Pedregon - NHRA Interview 11/03/16
 Cruz Pedregon in studio, talks Raiders, NHRA Finals, Smackoff, and Brad in Corona 11/14/19
 Cruz Pedregon interview 02/07/18
 Curt Schilling
 Curtis Granderson Interview 02/25/11
 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Interview 06/19/12
 Dallas Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons on free agency, the Rockets, Dirk, Dwight, and Twitter 07/23/14
 Dan Shannusey 03/25/05
 Dan Shaughnessey 12/06/06
 Dan Shaughnessy 04/05/07
 Dan Shaughnessy 10/18/07
 Dan Shaughnessy 05/20/08
 Dan Shaughnessy 07/31/09
 Dan Wheldon Indy 500 Last Jungle Interview 05/31/11
 Dana White 07/13/09
 Danica Patrick 05/03/07
 Danica Patrick 04/21/08
 Danny Granger 02/05/09
 Darth Vader
 Daryl Morey - GM of Houston Rockets 06/03/11
 Daryl Morey interview about Rockets playoff matchup with Blazers 04/17/14
 Daryl Morey interview, talks about disappointing opening night loss, Dwight Howards positive attitude 10/29/15
 David Duval 10/16/06
 David Feherty 01/23/08
 David Feherty 04/14/08
 David Feherty interview 08/22/05
 David Feherty reaction 08/22/05
 David Ferehty 04/07/06
 David Stern 11/06/06
 David Stern interview - Ends awkwardly after Jim Rome asks about lottery being fixed 06/13/12
 David Stern interview - Rome asks to shut down the WNBA 11/02/07
 Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott interview 08/17/12
 Del Demps - NO Hornets GM 04/27/11
 Delonte West interview 04/27/12
 Demetrius Hook Mitchell 02/25/05
 Deontay Wilder interview 06/02/15
 Derek Fisher 05/14/07
 Derek Fisher reaction 05/14/07
 DeSean Jackson 09/19/07
 Diana Nyad 02/13/09
 Dick Vitale 11/15/06
 Dick Vitale 01/15/08
 Dikembe Mutombo 03/11/08
 Doc Emrick interview - retired NHL broadcaster 10/29/20
 Doctor Harry Edwards 11/28/07
 Don Cherry 02/26/08
 Don King pre Johnson - Ruiz fight
 Dr Harry Edwards 08/24/07
 Dr. Celine Gounder interview on the coronavirus pandemic 03/13/20
 Drew Brees Interview 01/24/11
 Drew Rosenhaus and the king 02/01/07
 Drew Rosenhaus-lifesaver 07/20/05
 Duff McKagan interview - Discusses Guns-n-Roses and new book It's So Easy: and other lies 03/22/12
 Dwight Howard does the interview while playing NBA Jam, then does a Charles Barkley and Stan Van Gundy impression 04/15/10
 Earnest Graham 09/23/08
 Earthquake during John Calipari interview 07/29/08
 Eric Byrnes 10/16/06
 Eric Byrnes 06/19/07
 Eric Byrnes-Hour 3 10/24/07
 Eric Cole 10/04/06
 Eric Cole - Hurricanes 06/20/06
 Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry - Harvard Park documentary 04/11/12
 Eric Winston Interview (NFL) 05/17/11
 Eric Winston interview - War Stucknut explanation 11/16/10
 Eric Winston interview on Houston Texans and Cedric Benson 12/05/11
 Eric Wynalda responds 04/04/07
 Erik Compton Interview 06/29/11
 Ernie Johnson 05/12/09
 Ernie Johnson interview promoting his new book: Unscripted 04/07/17
 Evil Kenevil
 EvilKenevil - Full interview
 Fay Vincent 03/08/06
 Fay Vincent 05/23/07
 Fay Vincent 04/21/08
 Floyd Mayweather Jr 02/02/07
 Floyd Mayweather Jr 05/18/09
 Floyd Mayweather Sr and reaction 04/30/09
 Floyd Merriweather 05/02/07
 Forrest Griffin 07/17/09
 Frank Thomas 07/17/07
 Fred Couples 02/26/08
 Fred Couples-Elk deer reset 02/26/08
 Freddie Kitchens interview - Cleveland Browns head coach 01/18/19
 Gary Pinkel 11/26/07
 Gary Vaynerchuk interview - entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internet personality 06/19/17
 George Brett 02/10/09
 George Brett interview and corresponding email
 George Brett pt 1
 George Brett pt2
 George Brett pt3
 George Brett pt4
 George Dorhmann-Michael Vick 07/18/07
 George Lopez (Comedian)
 George Lopez Interview
 Gilbert Arenas 10/04/07
 Grant Napear NBA Interview 04/14/11
 Grant Wahl Interview and Beckham Reaction 07/21/09
 Grant Wistrom 09/13/07
 Greg Hetson 08/24/07
 Greg Oden 06/28/07
 Gregg Doyle 05/13/08
 Gregg Doyle 09/29/08
 Gus Johnson NCAA Announcer 03/24/11
 Harvey Levin recalls the 1994 slow-speed chase involving O.J. Simpson 06/17/14
 Heath Evans on the Penn State scandal 11/10/11
 Herm Edwards 10/23/07
 Hines Ward Interview and Jim Romes bottle collection 10/13/11
 Holly Robinson Peete 01/31/07
 Holly Robinson Peete interview 05/07/10
 Hour 2-Pacman Jones an Cal Ripken 04/20/07
 Hour 3-Cal Ripken 04/20/07
 Hour 3-Jim Abbott 09/11/08
 Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander 09/20/19
 Houston Cougars QB Case Keenum 10/26/11
 Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale interview 02/10/12
 Houston Texans Connor Barwin interview 11/29/11
 Houston Texans QB TJ Yates 12/13/11
 Houston Texans RB Arian Foster interview 01/13/12
 Howie Long Interview 01/03/11
 Howie Long NFL Interview 10/11/11
 Hunter Pence Interview 06/17/11
 Iafrate in studio - Discusses Whitey's dad, his nickname, history of the Jungle 07/13/16
 Ike Taylor 02/05/09
 Interview with Alabama-Birmingham coach Jerod Haase 03/18/15
 Interview with Ariel Helwani, gets another Golden Ticket 07/30/20
 Interview with Ben Golliver; Rome's microphone falls during interview and prompts Twitter reaction from Clones 04/03/15
 Interview with Benny Scholl of rock band AVOID 03/09/21
 Interview with Bill Self 11/15/13
 Interview with Bill Self - Kansas opens against Rome's UCSB Gauchos on 11-14 11/12/14
 Interview with Boomer Esiason - Boomer trolls Rome with more crank references and a Jamal Anderson dirty bird reference 12/16/16
 Interview with Cleveland Browns running back Terrell Watson, with reaction from Clones, including Tweets from Sarah T in Providence and Mike in Indy 07/12/16
 Interview with Eastern Washington coach Jim Hayford, who confidently predicts an upset of Georgetown 03/18/15
 Interview with Guns-n-Roses band member Duff McKagan 05/11/15
 Interview with Indians manager Terry Francona 04/16/14
 Interview with Jeff Passan - Passan denounces "The Wave", prompting e-mail reaction from the Clones 06/09/15
 Interview with Jerry Stackhouse, reminiscing over the late Dean Smith 02/09/15
 Interview with Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford 12/15/16
 Interview with Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy 07/26/16
 Interview with Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self 12/16/15
 Interview with Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self 11/30/16
 Interview with Kansas Jayhawks senior forward Perry Ellis 03/21/16
 Interview with Landry Fields 06/13/14
 Interview with Mayura Dissanayake - gas station clerk & MMA fighter who saved co-worker from being robbed 07/29/14
 Interview with Nate Boyer, decorated Green Beret and former walk-on at U of Texas; followed by Clones' reaction on e-mail, Twitter and phones 04/21/15
 Interview with new UConn football coach Bob Diaco 12/18/13
 Interview with Paul Bragiel - Cross country skier 01/06/14
 Interview with Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman 01/29/16
 Interview with Southern Methodist coach Larry Brown 03/17/14
 Interview with Texans GM Nick Caserio, tells a story about Sean the Cablinasian 02/15/22
 Interview with UCSB Gauchos baseball Andrew Checketts - Rome's alma mater advances to its first-ever College World Series 06/13/16
 Interview with UFC president Dana White; says he will never allow weapons in MMA in response to Zach in San Jose, followed by Jim Rome and Kyle Brandt reading e-mail response from Joaquin in San Diego (Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row in Arizona simulcast on TV) 01/28/15
 Interview with Wake Forest coach Danny Manning 04/14/14
 Interview with Washington Wizards small forward (and former Kansas Jayhawk) Kelly Oubre Jr 07/12/16
 Irie Craig 10/11/07
 Jacobi Ellsbury 11/05/07
 Jake Rome in studio
 Jake Rome in Studio and reaction 09/05/07
 Jalen Rose 03/27/06
 Jalen Rose 02/08/08
 Jamele Hill 08/22/07
 Jamele Hill 09/24/07
 Jamele Hill reaction 08/22/07
 James Cameron 10/30/09
 Jane Slater interview - NFL Network reporter and fan of Toby in Houston 01/07/20
 Jason Gore 09/30/05
 Jason Gore reaction 09/30/05
 Jason McElwains mom 03/02/06
 Jason Peter 07/22/08
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 1 11/09/06
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 2 11/09/06
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 3 11/09/06
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 4 11/09/06
 Jason Peter-in studio-seg 5 11/09/06
 Jason Stewart In Studio 10/03/08
 Jason Stewart Interview - Weighson Sherbert Reaction 02/25/11
 Jason Whitlock 02/08/07
 Jason Whitlock 07/20/07
 Jason Whitlock Interview 05/05/09
 Jason Whitlock reaction 04/13/07
 Jason Whitlock reaction 2 04/13/07
 Jason Whitlock reaction 3 04/13/07
 Jason Whitlock-on Don Imus situation 04/13/07
 Jay Mohr 02/02/06
 Jay Mohr Interview 06/18/09
 Jay Onrait with the Sklar Brothers 05/28/12
 Jay Williamson call in 07/31/07
 Jeff Bagwell interview - 2017 MLB Hall of Fame inductee 01/20/17
 Jeff Banister interview - Texas Rangers manager 06/11/15
 Jeff Francouer 04/02/08
 Jeff George 07/30/09
 Jeff Gordon on Wrigley stadium 02/07/06
 Jeff in Vancouver 04/11/07
 Jeff Passan interview - references OJ, Bartolo being fat, clones ask if he can be invited to 2017 Smackoff 07/19/16
 Jeff Passan responds to Cal in Vegas' call during an interview 10/17/16
 Jeff Passan returns to the show, Smacks clones and Pauls Dog, reaction and Vanilla Ice reset 03/01/22
 Jeff Passan talks about baseball and his Smackoff experience 08/28/17
 Jeff Pearlman 09/17/08
 Jeff Pearlman in studio to discuss his new book 'Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL' 09/17/18
 Jeremy Lin Interview - Houston Rockets PG 07/27/12
 Jermaine Taylor 07/18/05
 Jerry Kramer Radio Row Interview 02/02/11
 Jerry West Interview 02/18/11
 Jim Boeheim interview 12/20/12
 Jim Harbaugh 10/08/07
 Jim Harbaugh 10/09/07
 Jim Johnson-Jim McElwain coach 03/01/06
 Jim Kelly interview 11/02/17
 Jim Lampley discusses Mayweather vs Ortiz 09/19/11
 Jim MacLaren full hour 01/25/07
 Jim Maclaren Part One 11/02/05
 Jim Maclaren Part Three 11/02/05
 Jim Maclaren Part Two 11/02/05
 Jim Mora Sr 02/01/06
 Jim Nantz 05/30/08
 Jim Rome and Dennis Dodd on the 10th anniversary of Pat Tillman's death 04/22/14
 JJ Hardy 06/01/07
 Joba Chamberlain 07/29/08
 Joe Borowski 10/16/07
 Joe Buck 01/10/08
 Joe Mauer 07/14/06
 Joe Montana 05/20/08
 Joe Talamo Interview 02/25/11
 John Amechi 02/10/07
 John Calipari 04/01/08
 John Calipari 02/04/09
 John Calipari hour 2 04/29/08
 John Calipari interview 12/07/11
 John Calipari part 1 04/29/08
 John Cook 06/14/05
 John Cook 08/06/07
 John Cook 01/08/08
 John Daly 02/13/06
 John Feinstein 03/31/05
 John Feinstein 04/11/05
 John Feinstein 01/25/07
 John Feinstein 08/25/06
 John Feinstein 03/29/07
 John Feinstein 05/08/07
 John Feinstein 06/14/07
 John Feinstein 02/06/08
 John Feinstein 05/07/08
 John Feinstein Part 1 02/10/06
 John Feinstein Part 2 02/10/06
 John Kruk 06/13/07
 John Smoltz 12/17/07
 John Smoltz 02/19/09
 John Wooden 12/05/07
 Johnny Football Manziel interview 11/30/12
 Johnny Miller 05/25/05
 Johnny Miller 06/19/06
 Johnny Miller 06/18/07
 Jon Miller 07/31/07
 Jon Suchon (Mr. Automatic Song Creator ) 06/06/05
 Jonathan Stewart 11/02/07
 Jonathon Vilma interview, talks about bounty accusations, Greg Williams, cart-offs 10/22/12
 Jose Canseco interviewed by Kyle Brandt 11/02/12
 Jose Lima
 Josh Hamilton 04/16/07
 Josh Hamilton 06/02/08
 Josh Hamilton 10/31/08
 Josh McDaniels 01/20/09
 Josh Sitton interview - Green Bay Packers guard with thoughts on replacement refs 09/25/12
 Judge Andrew Napolitano 02/12/08
 Junior Seau 09/17/09
 Justin McBride 11/08/07
 Keegan-Michael Key interview 04/27/20
 Keith Foulke interview 09/28/05
 Keith Jackson interview 12/12/06
 Kelvin Sampson 04/06/06
 Ken Rosenthal 08/06/07
 Ken Shamrock 10/01/08
 Kenny Smith 09/09/05
 Kent Desormeaux 06/02/08
 Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara 07/28/07
 Kevin Durant interview, ends with a shout-out to Toby in Houston 11/11/10
 Kevin Hart interview 05/20/19
 Kevin Love 01/20/07
 Kevin Martin of the Houston Rockets 03/01/11
 Kevin Sumlin - Head Coach University of Houston 11/17/11
 Kevyn Adams - Hurricanes 06/20/06
 Kirk Herbstreit 11/13/06
 Kirk Herbstreit 11/16/07
 Kobe Bryant 04/07/08
 Kobe Bryant 01/08/09
 Kobe Bryant interview 02/21/07
 Kobe Bryant interview 09/28/12
 Kobe Bryant on JRIB 09/17/08
 Kobe Bryant on Odom trade, failed CP3 trade, and new coach 12/12/11
 Kurt Suzuki 04/16/08
 Kurt Warner responds to Sarah T's tweet 01/31/18
 Kyle Brandt In Studio 10/03/08
 Kyle Brandt in Studio 07/27/09
 Kyle Brandt in studio talking about life in New York, his tv show, transportation, and the clones 11/11/16
 Kyle Brandt interview - New show on NFL Network 'Kyle Brandt Football Experience' 09/14/18
 Kyle Brandt interviews Fabian in LA 07/18/12
 Kyle Brandt interviews Steve Carbone, who runs a Bachelor spoiling website RealitySteve.com 01/13/16
 Kyle Brandt Snipes Himself 03/21/11
 Kyle Brandt Trip Recap 01/24/11
 Kyle Busch Interview NASCAR 09/08/11
 Kyle Kingsbury full interview ended with shout out to Toby in Houston 08/31/11
 Kyle Wittingham 01/05/09
 Lance Armstrong 03/31/05
 Lance Berkman Interview - Talks about origin of Big Puma nickname, Jeff Kent, Stretch Suba, Brad Lidge, and eating a Twinkie during a game 05/15/08
 Larry Bowa 03/11/05
 Larry Bowa 04/16/08
 Larry Holmes called on listener line, Adam Hawk didn't know who he was, Jim Rome interviewed him 02/22/18
 Larry Merchant 06/12/06
 Larry Merchant 12/12/07
 Laurence Jackson-USC 09/12/07
 LaVar Ball interviewed by Marc James 03/24/17
 Lee Corso 11/28/07
 Lendale White 09/12/08
 Lendale White reaction 09/12/08
 Les Miles 11/14/07
 Lloyd Carr
 Lucas Glover 06/23/09
 Mack Brown - Coach of Texas Longhorns football 10/04/12
 Manti Te'o interview - Notre Dame linebacker, story about losing girlfriend to leukemia 10/17/12
 Mark Cuban 02/26/08
 Mark Cuban interview 12/11/20
 Mark Fainaru-Wada 12/14/07
 Mark Grace 04/06/06
 Mark Grace interview, how to get with big ol gals in Bugaha, discusses his free agency, Bulls and Blackhawks, Rome introduces him to the Rat Family 02/23/96
 Mark Hoppis of Blink 182 interview 09/23/11
 Mark Kriegel interview - Author of The Good Son, Ray Mancini book 09/19/12
 Mark Sanchez 09/15/08
 Mark Schlareth 10/10/07
 Mark Shapiro - ESPN producer
 Mark Shapiro and Rome discuss the Jim Everett incident 02/04/11
 Mark Shapiro-6 flags former espn producer 02/21/08
 Mark Texiera 05/31/05
 Martin Gramatica 02/02/07
 Mary Tillman 05/09/08
 Matt Barkley - NCAA Football - USC Quarterback 11/16/11
 Matt Holliday 10/08/07
 Matt Holliday 10/09/07
 Matt Millen Interview 12/16/10
 May 29 2007 - Hour 1 (Roy Mlakar) 05/29/07
 May 29 2007 - Hour 2 (Roy Mlakar) 05/29/07
 McElwain reaction 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 2 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 3 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 4 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 5 03/01/06
 McElwain reaction-part 6 03/01/06
 Michael Connoly-Hour 2 07/27/07
 Michael Franzese 07/25/07
 Michael Franzese hour 2 07/27/07
 Michael Franzese Interview 05/14/09
 Michael Mandt - Ice Sculpture 03/03/11
 Michael Oher part 1 11/29/06
 Michael Oher part 2 11/29/06
 Michael Strahan 10/07/08
 Mike Batesell-Fresno State coach 06/27/08
 Mike Bell 02/01/07
 Mike Belotti-oregon coach 09/21/06
 Mike Ditka 02/01/07
 Mike Evans interview with short answers 05/20/14
 Mike Flynt and Adrian Wojnaroski hour 2 09/17/07
 Mike in Indy interview with Kyle Brandt 05/25/12
 Mike Krzyzewski - NCAA - 903rd Victory 11/16/11
 Mike Krzyzewski in the Jungle 04/29/09
 Mike Piazza 02/10/06
 Mike Piazza interview 03/18/20
 Mike Sweeney 07/11/05
 Mike Tyson interview + reaction 04/04/11
 Mike Utley 02/02/06
 Ndamukong Suh Interview 09/08/11
 NHRA legend Cruz Pedregon in studio 11/07/18
 Nick Faldo 09/12/07
 Nolan Ryan 06/19/08
 Nyjer Morgan Interview 07/01/11
 Nyjer Morgan interview 10/04/11
 O'Shea Jackson Jr. interview discussing his new movie Straight Outta Compton 08/07/15
 OCHOCINCO 01/31/07
 Oregon offensive line 11/09/07
 Oregon Offensive Line reaction 11/09/07
 Orel Hershiser 06/06/06
 Oscar De La Hoya 02/02/07
 Oscar Robertson 05/21/08
 Paul Azinger 06/14/05
 Paul Azinger 09/24/08
 Paul Goydos 05/14/08
 Paul Shirley 06/15/07
 Pete Carroll 08/01/07
 Peter Jacobsen 09/05/07
 Peter King 04/30/07
 Phil Coke interview - Detroit Tigers pitcher 10/26/12
 Phil Simms 02/06/07
 Philadelphia Eagles QB Mike Vick 01/20/12
 Quinn Pitcock interview talking about his video game addiction 06/12/12
 Randy Couture-Andre Wadsworth-Mark Teixeira interviews 08/23/07
 Ray Buchanan 06/23/08
 Ray Ferraro 07/14/05
 Ray Ferraro 06/19/06
 Ray Ferraro 02/23/07
 Ray Ferraro 02/13/08
 Ray Mancini-Boxer Full Hour 11/27/07
 Ray Ratto 06/30/08
 Reggie Miller 12/11/07
 Reset of Evel Knievel interview - Do you know who the hell I am? 2001
 Rex Brown of Pantera Interview and Reaction 03/06/09
 Rex Ecarma-Rex #11 02/26/09
 Rex Hudler 02/13/09
 Rex Hudler Interview 08/26/04
 Rex Hudler Oct 1998
 Rich Rodriguez 01/08/08
 Richard Jefferson 11/05/07
 Rick Pitino 10/01/08
 Rick Reilly 02/02/07
 Rick Reilly 06/21/07
 Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin talking about his new band 08/29/05
 Rollie Masavino 03/31/05
 Rome offers to interview Clones who have achieved anything athletically, takes calls from Jake in Green Bay and Shannon in Wichita; Rome ultimately gets interview with Robert Lusetich instead 05/11/15
 Rome thanks Michael Jordan for being in his movie 08/07/96
 Ron Cey 03/18/08
 Ron Zook 11/14/07
 Ross Tucker 12/06/07
 Roy Milakar 03/04/08
 Roy Williams 03/08/06
 Roy Williams 11/02/07
 Roy Williams 11/09/07
 Roy Williams 01/09/08
 Roy Williams - North Carolina Head Coach 03/03/11
 Ryan Braun 06/18/08
 Ryan Garko 05/16/07
 Ryan Garko 10/10/07
 Ryan Garko 08/11/08
 Ryan Garko Interview 07/30/09
 Ryan Leaf Interview Part 1 10/06/11
 Ryan Leaf Interview Part 2 10/06/11
 Ryan Reeves can make a siren sound with his mouth, Denny Neagle train whistle reset 03/07/18
 Ryan Spillborg 08/10/07
 Ryan Spillsboro 10/05/07
 Sam Carchidi-Brett Myers reporter 07/02/08
 Sam Keller interview and reaction 09/12/07
 Sammy Hagar interview 03/23/11
 Scott Boras 06/14/07
 Scott Brooks References Toby in Houston 12/16/10
 Seg 10-Rex Grossman 12/04/06
 Seg 11-Lee Corso 12/04/06
 Seg 5-UCSB and Karl Dorrell interview 12/04/06
 Selena Roberts Interview 05/05/09
 Seth Greenberg discusses conference realignment 09/21/11
 Seth Greenberg-Head Coach VT 04/17/07
 Shannon Sharpe - Man Cave 10/07/08
 Silk Brah 10/11/07
 Sir Charles Andrews - Ultimate Jouster 03/02/11
 Skip Bayless 02/16/05
 Skip Bayless 02/01/06
 Sklar Brothers interview Jerry Jones, possibly 07/03/16
 Slash 11/30/07
 Snake from Skid Row 1
 Snake from skid row 2 05/12/09
 St. Louis Cardinals David Freese interview 03/20/12
 Stan Brooks-Jay Stews agent 07/20/07
 Steve Elkington 02/16/05
 Steve Elkington 01/11/06
 Steve Elkington 08/15/05
 Steve Elkington 06/19/06
 Steve Elkington 02/15/07
 Steve Elkington 04/05/07
 Steve Elkington 02/12/08
 Steve Elkington 06/11/19
 Steve Elkington (Golf)/Resets 08/15/05
 Steve Elkington discusses bourbon, gives Silk Brah a shoutout 01/30/17
 Steve Elkington interview 02/16/11
 Steve Elkington interview 07/17/19
 Steve Elkington interview 08/22/19
 Steve Elkington interview 03/10/20
 Steve Elkington interview on Steve Williams 08/08/11
 Steve Elkington interview to talk US Open at the Oakmonster 06/15/16
 Steve Elkington interview, US Open, muff/hippie hair, new show on SiriusXM 06/12/17
 Steve Elkington on the Masters 04/12/16
 Steve Elkington Part 1 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington Part 2 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington Part 3 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington Part 4 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington reaction 02/14/06
 Steve Elkington reaction 02/15/07
 Steve Elkington reaction 02/12/08
 Steve Elkington reaction 1 01/11/06
 Steve Elkington reaction 2 01/11/06
 Steve Fisher - San Diego State Basketball Coach 02/22/11
 Steve Fisher - SDSU Basketball Coach 03/21/11
 Steve Orr NYFD 09/11/06
 Steve Smith 10/17/07
 Steve Spurrier interview 11/30/11
 Steve Wyche-Atlanta newspaper 07/18/07
 Stevie Johnson's Killin' Like a Holocaust 02/03/11
 Stewart Cink 07/22/09
 Terence in Sierra Madre 01/28/08
 Terence Moore 12/12/07
 Terry Bowden 09/19/06
 Terry Francona 11/01/07
 Terry Francona-11-18 11/18/04
 Tex Winter 01/22/07
 The Rock-Interview 09/15/06
 Theo Epstein 12/07/04
 Tiki Barber interview and reaction 01/05/07
 Tim Grover Interview 07/20/09
 Tim Van Patten interview, Salami from The White Shadow 03/25/16
 Tino Martinez 05/15/07
 Todd Helton 03/21/05
 Todd McShay 12/03/07
 Todd Zeile and reaction 09/11/06
 Tom Brokaw 07/23/07
 Tom Crean 04/03/08
 Tom Herman interview - Peach Bowl recap, new grill from Paul Wall, Kyle Allen recruitment, Elk 01/07/16
 Tom Izzo Interview 11/10/11
 Tom Osborne 10/17/07
 Tom Osborne reaction 10/17/07
 Tom Rothman - Die Hard Yippee Ki Yay Mr. Falcon 08/18/11
 Tom Tolbert interview from the station event in San Francisco 09/12/16
 Tom Verducci 06/25/07
 Tom Verducci 04/01/08
 Tom Verducci 10/06/08
 Tom Verducci 02/10/09
 Tom Verducci interview 01/08/07
 Tom Watson 07/21/09
 Tommy Lasorda 03/13/08
 Tommy Lasorda interview about baseball player Michael Jordan, reaction from Dave The Mayor of Poway 02/10/94
 Tommy Zbikowski 03/29/06
 Tommy Zbikowski 04/24/06
 Tony Dungy 10/08/07
 Tony Dungy 10/09/07
 Tony Dungy 02/04/09
 Tony Dungy and Adam Sandler in hour 3 07/17/07
 Tony Gonzalez 10/19/07
 Tony LaRussa 04/18/06
 Tony Romo 10/04/07
 Torii Hunter 11/30/07
 Torii Hunter MLB 12/08/11
 Travis Rodgers in Studio 10/03/08
 Ty Law 08/24/06
 Tyler Hansborough 01/24/08
 Vince Young 05/01/06
 Warren Bell-According to Jim 03/03/06
 Warren Sapp 07/16/09
 Warrick Dunn 03/13/08
 Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, interview with Kevin Frazier 03/28/22
 WWE Good Brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in studio, responds to callers and emailers 10/04/19
 WWE tagteam Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in studio, plus tandem call from Matt and Tyler 02/15/19
 Zac Johnson-Masters champion 04/09/07
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