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JJ in KC on the Utah Hockey Club and their stupid name 07/10/24
Vince in the ATX talks about not being able to get on a boat while wearing a walking boot 07/10/24
David in Arizona gets run for repeating his name and self gloss 07/09/24
Vince in Houston talks about Elk, resets Mrs. Doubtfire at Enron 07/09/24
Ryan in Sactown on DeMar DeRozen picking the Kings over the Lakers 07/08/24
Vince in the ATX want to go before Jerruh so he can haunt him 07/08/24
Mike in Freedom WI talks about the rain in Eagle River, asks about Quinn the Car Fixer 07/08/24
James in Portland has Jungle Tourettes, Alvie has his weed guy next to him, Big Head thinks X is wear the treasure is 07/03/24
What's Your Beef? #189 - Calls from Matt in Green Bay, Travis in the Bay Area, Ryan in Utah, Dan in Kansas, Miles in Charleston, Vince in the ATX, Ed in San Antonio, Ben in Driftwood, Mike in Provo, Paul in Wisco, Scott in Minnesota, Mike in Hartford, Ken in Alabama, Anthony in Pomona, Josh in Solana Beach 07/03/24
Joe in Akron sends a list that has hundreds of Joaquin 'wars' 07/02/24
Chris in Clearwater talks about Berhalter and the USMNT 07/02/24
Matthew in Romona has a beef with his wife and her shoes 07/02/24
Nick Caserio calls to congratulate the X launch, talks about some of the interviews, wishes Rome a good vacation with the cats, wins huge call 07/02/24
John in Tucson asks Rome if he flies private or commercial 07/01/24
V in the Fee responds to John in Little Rock with a parody, gets run 07/01/24
John in Little Rock with a song about V in the Fee and Caleb Williams 07/01/24
Lorenzo in Cleveland is a huge Lebron fan, thought the Lakers made a horrible selection in the draft 06/28/24
Jim in Cleveland was at Tour Stop 34, lit a Yankees hat on fire 06/28/24
Mark in Boston responds to Silk, 1 year anniversary of his crown, Romes shirt, roasts the new crew members 06/28/24
Silk Brah invites Rome to the longest running 4th of July parade west of the Mississippi in HB, embarrassed by the Lakers 06/28/24
James in Portland says Romes shirt looks like Portland Womans panties without the bush pushing through, gets run 06/28/24
What's Your Beef? #188 - Calls from Ty in Boise, Dominic in Lockport, Matt in Green Bay, Larry in HTown, Mark in Savannah, Robert in Oregon, Dave in Tustin Ranch, Tucker in Norman, JD in South Carolina, David in Florida, Oscar in South Austin, Ben in Driftwood, Todd in Texas, Kevin in Wisco, Michael in South Alabama, Anthony in Pomona, Tim in Wichita, Peter in Erie, Boatie in Pearland 06/27/24
Ty in Boise tries to hit the Jungle Cycle, tried to use a Rome AI voice in a previous call 06/27/24
AI generated Jungle bumper music 06/27/24
Marshall in Orlando doesn’t like the Break Take music 06/26/24
Kevin in College Station had his heart broken twice in the last 24 hours by Texas A&M baseball 06/26/24
Vince in the ATX on the Aggies losing their baseball coach to Texas, they are the Longhorns little step brother 06/26/24
Geoff in Lincoln mentions that Ian Garry should've been run from his interview for giving his age 06/26/24
Reaction to the Florida Panthers winning the Stanley Cup, Rat Family 06/25/24
James in Portland on Choc’s honeymoon, says Scottie Scheffler is so dry that Alvie can’t even get him wet 06/25/24
Missouri football coach Eliah Drinkwitz wins a Golden Ticket 06/25/24
Ryan in Tampa is wondering why Lightning fans are calling and Florida rat fans aren’t 06/24/24
Josh in Solana Beach doesn’t really know the rules of hockey but does know that Florida is gross 06/24/24
Mike in Clearwater is a diehard Lightning fan, wants nothing to do with the Panthers winning, go Canada 06/24/24
Josh in Philly still believes that the Florida Panthers will win the Stanley Cup for America 06/24/24
Reggie Jackson recalls racist treatment in Alabama, calls from Bennent in Carlsbad, Mike in LA, Boatie in Pearland, and Scott in Hawaii 06/21/24
What's Your Beef? #187 - Calls from V in the Fee, Mario in Phoenix, Vince in the ATX, Dom in Erie, Jeff in Omaha, Dan in Green Bay, Kyle in Pittsburgh, Miles in Charleston, Jeff in Pittsburgh, Rob in Michigan, Mike in Clearwater, Anthony in Pomona, Dave in KC 06/20/24
Silk Brah on Willie Mays, also talks about how awful Candlestick Park was, Coors Canaveral, it's another summer of Silk 06/19/24
Manny in LA talks about Willie Mays and the style he played, Candlestick Park was a dump, reads a story 06/19/24
Mike in Hartford said it feels good for the Celtics to pass the Lakers for championships, wants Rome to come to Boston 06/18/24
Jason in Harrisburg is glad that the NBA Finals are over, the product is unwatchable, snuck in AIC reference 06/18/24
Rex in ABQ on Rory, gets run for butt dumplings blast 06/17/24
Tim in Houston gives a history lesson on golf, Dechambeau is the new face of golf, glosses the XR crew Pete and Repeat 06/17/24
Bill in Knoxville returns, now in Ocala Florida, Luka needs to play D, calls out some old school clones 06/14/24
Irie Craig used to listen to Rome in Santa Barbara in the late 80’s, said he had a cocktail with Jerry West at a Lakers game 06/14/24
Mike in the Bay takes a run at V in the Fee, wants to be the LA correspondent 06/14/24
What's Your Beef? #186 - Calls from Matthew in Del Mar, Wesley in Bakersfield, Matt in Green Bay, Pauls dog, Matt in Atlanta, Eric in Henderson, Vince in the ATX, Ed in San Antonio, Ken in San Antonio, Ron in Corona, Jimmy in NC, Dom in Erie 06/13/24
It's The Summer Of The Hot Rodent Men 06/13/24
Chetan828 on X posts about how the show hasn't evolved, Alvie gives an explaination 06/12/24
Daniel in San Antonio tells a story about meeting Jerry West 06/12/24
KC in LA reflects on Jerry West's passing, KC was a Lakers ball boy in the early 70's 06/12/24
Sean in Wichita is bored with the Chiefs but is switching to the Raiders, gets run 06/11/24
Rick in Seattle calls from a bad connection, Lakers coaching job 06/11/24
John in Anaheim Hills congratulates Dan Hurley for not taking the Lakers job, then congratulates JJ Reddick for the money he’s about to make 06/10/24
V in the Fee is mad that Dan Hurley didn’t pick the Lakers, gets run for Rick Pitino alfredo sauce blast 06/10/24
Paul in Erie breaks down the contract numbers for Dan Hurley 06/10/24
JD in South Carolina thought Dan Hurley to the Lakers was a far fetched idea, wise decision for Hurley to not deal with Lebron 06/10/24
Ed in San Antonio sings a Gilligans Island song about the Jungle gets run 06/07/24
John in Little Rock gets run for a Wack Man song, still has a horrible phone 06/07/24
What's Your Beef? #185 - Calls from Dev in North Carolina, CJ in Oxnard, Drew in Wisconsin, Michael in Denver, Miles in Charleston, Bergie in Florida, John in Portland, Vince in the ATX, Rob in Portland, Mike in the Bay Area, Rob in Scranton, Mike in Snowbird, Dom in Erie, Larry in H-Town, Ken in Corona, Jay in Humboldt, Ben in Idaho, Ty in Boise 06/06/24
V in the Fee calls as James in Portland, says Cindy is not a Portland woman, she’s a Poulter woman 06/05/24
Will in Wisconsin talks about Rome's clothing style from the 90's 06/05/24
James in Portland with a V in the Fee impersonation 06/05/24
Jeff in SoCal is the WNBA expert of the Jungle, says he should get credit for its recent success, gets run for saying fans have short hair and drive Suburus 06/04/24
Mark in Detroit weighs in on the WNBA and Angel Reese, he's a gettable sports fan, usually becomes a fan because of 1 person, Caitlin Clark 06/04/24
Tyler in Edmonton on the Oilers making it to the NHL Finals, they hit rock bottom in November, Rome hangs up on him 06/03/24
Dave in College Park MD on Caitlin Clark getting bullied, it’s a horrible look for the WNBA 06/03/24
Brad in Corona on the hottest coach in NFL, Kaleb in Green Bay, Rome's R logo looks circumcised, WNBA salaries - Griner gets haircuts at SportsClips, the ladies in the back row 05/31/24
Jay in Humboldt on the Wooves Mavs game, gets run for mushroom stamp blast 05/31/24
Damian in Dallas says Rome is the GOAT of radio, it’s a good time to be in Dallas 05/31/24
What's Your Beef? #184 - Calls from Jeff in Omaha, Josh in Solana Beach, Duke in Boise, Josh in Iowa, Dominic in Lockport NY, Tom in Boise, Barkley in the ABQ, Boatie in Pearland, Dom in Erie, CJ in Sacramento, Aaron in San Antonio, Martin in San Antonio, Steve in Wisco 05/30/24
Matt in Green Bay talks about NFL coaches that fire people up, Demeco Ryans and Dan Campbell 05/30/24
Nick Caserio talks about Smackoff 30, predicts a repeat winner 05/30/24
Cj in Oxnard just signed up for X, his brother bought Old Trapper at Costco and another customer asked if he was a clone 05/29/24
Tom in Detroit talked about how the current state of Detroit sports, got run for giving his age 05/29/24
Matt in Green Bay on LeBron trying to control everything, let Bronny be a kid 05/29/24
Parody Larry calls with a Dream parody for Streams, gets run 05/28/24
PJ in Denver on Russell Wilson, glad he’s gone, gets run for asking Rome if Alvie thought they would be streaming on the sex platform 05/28/24
Lisa in Texas with a take on Kyrie Irving, he’s been balling all year, wants Rome to keep it real 05/28/24
V in the Fee on JJ Reddick and Sam Cassell possibly joining the Lakers coaching staff 05/28/24
Scott in Arkansas gets run for self gloss 05/28/24
Chris in St. Pete wants the new listeners to know that there are some cool clones 05/28/24
First X posts for the new X stream 05/28/24
Opening segment for the new X stream 05/28/24
Boatie in Pearland has been living in Mexico, not retired but enjoying life 05/24/24
Eric in Orlando thought he was banned, asks if Rome was too hard on Big Head, gets run 05/24/24
What's Your Beef? #183 - Calls from Milton in Georgia, Josh in Iowa, Ryan in Sactown, Lee in Syracuse, Ben in Driftwood, Jeff in Oregon, Lane in Claremont, Neiman in Montana, Mike in the Bay Area, Ken in San Antonio, Rob in the 570, Pete in Phoenix, Mark in San Antonio, Jack in Michigan, Steve in Wisco, Luis in Louisville, Scott in Arkansas, Anthony in Pomona, Matt in Green Bay, Mike in Provo, Mark in Kentucky 05/23/24
Eric in River Hills WI on the show moving to X, they allow free speech, Brad in Corona is washed and should hang’em up 05/22/24
Jay in Humboldt says he has 7 kids, trying to catch Alvie, gets run for unwarring pulling out 05/22/24
Russell in Austin talks about being at the Tour Stop, wars the Longhorns kicking the SEC’s ass 05/22/24
Mark in Birmingham on Red Lobster shutting down, wants to see how many Mark’s can call in on 1 day 05/21/24
AJ in Arlington on Kyrie Irving without LeBron, he can see LeBron being a player coach for the Lakers 05/21/24
Leff in Laguna with an X post about Javiers 05/21/24
Mark in Greenville went to Javiers in Vegas, best Mexican food he’s ever eaten 05/21/24
Bergie in Florida says the new X stream will create a loophole of JN names 05/21/24
Jim Rome on X starts Tuesday, May 28 2024 05/20/24
Mario in Phoenix says we shouldn’t be surprised about James Kelley arrest, he’s the Walter White of the Jungle 05/20/24
Vince in the ATX says the only thing more delusional than Cowboys fans is Knicks fans, stick to Sex and the City reruns 05/20/24
Dan in New York on Rick Carlisle, he’s a whiny piece of crap 05/20/24
Milton in Georgia says good riddance to the Knicks goofy ass fanbase, they haven't mattered since 1973, MSG is a dump, you're the Clippers East 05/20/24

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